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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, High Point, North Carolina A amp a two Sec. A the High Poust Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point. North Carolina sunday Mardi 19, 1939american foreign policy threatened by european unrest r. S. Neutrality0ne-tw0 aws receive decisive test state department at Cross roads must make definite stand for s statement recalled by Kirke l. Simpson Washington March 18�?f/p events of breath taking swiftness in Central Europe Are impelling an Early and decisive test in Congress on resident ftoos1-velt�?Ts reiterated desire for a re Ision of american neutrality Awa. In hts annual Massa january 4, or. Roosevelt called for a policy stronger and More effective than words but Short of wire to Hack up american protests against nations using Force or the threat of Force to expand territory or sphere of influence. He made it Clear then that this implied a revision of the neutrality Law and yesterday added fuel to the fire of debate Over this question by asserting that the Central european developments showed the need for changes in the act. The president s statement synchronized with a blistering and formal denunciation by Ender Secretary Welles of German aggression against Czechoslovakia. Opinion varies in Washington As to the effect that German engulfment of the Central european Republic has had on congressional sentiment toward a revision of neutrality statutes. An amendment could open american material resources More certainly to european democracies in the event of War. The president however gave no hint of the actual form or the revision he desires. Furthermore. He said he did not expect to make that subject the theme of a Lurry mortis Hughes Topson of i and or. Robert k. Hughes Hoo the sell Street Cele braid bus first birthday yesterday. Annam Ray la a Ito below son of or. And in. Ray Desento Suh East Lexington Avenue was two yesterday. A photos by Stone studio curative drug for la germ special message but counted on working out neutrality policy a in pneumonia is hailed conferences. If Eausaw it a noted that the formal As great discovery condemnation by the state department of German absorption of con. On Page 2 see. A Czecho Slovakia As a Wanton lawlessness exactly synchronized in opinion of j1� with similar denunciations of the even Tho deadly to it a German liquidation of Czecho cannot survive when exposed to Slovakia from Paris and London. The drug. A there appeared at least a posse and herein lies one n he vilify that some interchange be most pronounced a m of the tween the three govern Mats had drug. Sui Fay Rune is effective lied up to Thia coincidence. Their the Quot Trenum it of each timing gave a semblance of con the 32 Typ of pneuma Nia. A carted action to the French move a no other chemotherapeutic to extend decree Powers of pre agent has shown such beneficial Blier Daladier to prime minister effect on the course of the dts chamberlains Birmingham and reduction of mortality peach to recall of the British a i the statement of the pharm a Cassador to Berlin a to report a s acetic Al Laboratory which puts my the Wellen statement. It a the drug for Sale in Thia two possible direct motives for country. Stance of the Welles statement j insofar As is known doctors discernible. I say the value of the drug lies it again gave to Washington essentially in its ability to in and president Roosevelt the Lead Hibit the growth of Neu Modoc a hip in the Campaign to arouse Cut irrespective of Type orld sentiment against the Ger-1 the Kindred diseases Menin Man a Force it also kept he record Clear As to american policy in meeting problems raised y an Ever changing International a. There is a direct fresh notice to Berlin Rome and Tokyo in that statement that there will be o american recognition of flanges in sovereignty brought bout by outside Force or threat f Force. There is even a suggestion that a new government in a pain May stand outlawed so far s Washington is concerned linens actually free of italian or her an domination. The president added to that implication by a press conference comment that royalist Spain was still the Spanish government recognized in Washington. A further possible motive for he issuance of the Welles state ent however May lie in the administration judgment that the Quot i Echo slovakian liquidation has enacted on american Public option and Iii Congress to Clear the Ray for remaking neutrality policy. The declaration added Little to,.-., revious american excoriate on of j says government will Barman italian and japanese Force the adm Nistra Lon May have deemed the time Jpe however to say it again not Only for the purpose of hacking p French and British resistance o the dictatorships hut also to crystallize Home sentiment for centrality revision. Except for the neutrality Angle he Welles pronouncement would e an example of the a Mere ords he president scorned in is annual message. Backed by he new moves toward neutrality a vision it becomes part of those acts Short of War hut stronger and More effective than Mere a Olds for which or. Roosevelt As now called anew. Gills and peritonitis Are combated with Sulf pyridine the same a pneumonia and with its Parent. Sulfanilamide doctors Are treating septic sore Throat Erysipelas Scarlet fever gonorrhoea. Tonsillitis and Many other diseases. Sulfanie Umidi is a Coal tar derivative discovered in Germany in a chemical Laboratory of a vast Dye Trust and Given the frightening name Para amino Benzen sulfonamide later contracted to sulfanilamide. Its curative effects led to wide research and the development of Many compounds out of it. Chief of which is the Sulf pyridine. Though sulfanilamide has been used widely in High Point for the past year doctors Here say Sulf pyridine has just arrived to prove its Worth. One big Chain drug store owned said he had stocked the counters of All his stories with the bids to be discussed gain on monday night continued from Page i he a. By Hough the City a engineers gave positive recommendations to the to Low bidders Allis Chalmers for generators and accessories and the Maxon construction com any for dam spillway and Power ouse. Murray and floods resident Engineer h. A. Martin a care us to Point out. However that the sport of the tabulation was Mere a recommend tory. Though the acceptance of the ids will Mark the passage of a Milestone in the Progress the Acton will leave several other Signi cant events to he achieved before he project nears reality. Notable among these is Pway acceptance of an amended Bond solution. Both the rate resold Ion and the Resolution accepting License of the Federal Power commission must receive govern a Jyh endorsement also. S. Attorney general says government Wili stay on top of crime March actor jacks Wille. Fla., 18.�? pm John m. Daniel Ney general of South Carolina told the Southern interstate crime conference today a we Are seeking to Tell the criminals Here and everywhere that we mean business and that the government will stay on a if we translate what has happened Here so that the citizen who is not accustomed to Reading will understand then and Only then will we be getting somewhere Daniels declared at the closing session of the two Day meeting. Federal judge Gaston l. Por Terle of Louisiana president of the National association of attorneys general said the passage of cooperative crime Laws by the states would enhance rather than Cut into Sovereign rights. The conference was sponsored by the attorneys general association and the interstate commission Oil Man killed by train As n. Fugitive Morristown tenn., March 18.�? pm one of two men killed by a Southern railway passenger train near Here thursday was identified today by Federal Bureau of investigation agents As Clay Dalles said by the Fri men to be wanted in North Carolina As an escaped convict. The identification was made by fingerprints. Ballow Federal agents said Only recently escaped from the prison at Raleigh his Home was near Marshall n. He and his unidentified companion were Burie Britain and France Send bitter notes Coil from Page i Sec. A in both Berlin and Bucharest but the press association British news Agency with excellent government sources carried a report that the rumanian minister to London had informed the foreign office of the demands and of the rejection. Rumania was understood to have asked Britain Ami c Ranee particularly How far they were prepared to go to protect her in any stand against Germany. The British and French ambassadors to Berlin who both Are to come Home a to report but Are expected to remain Home for some time in diplomatic Rebuff to Germany were instructed to deliver formal notes to the German government describing a Negr in any a military action in Czechoslovakia As being a without Legal basis and a a Complete repudiation of the Munich Downing Street was Back in a a crisis atmosphere a tonight re mindful of the fearful Days of last fall. Cabinet ministers were instructed to remain within Quick Access of London although no further Cabinet meeting was called in Advance of the regular session next wednesday. Chamberlain however was expected to have a Long session with i foreign Secretary Viscount Hail i fax tomorrow and perhaps Call a meeting of the inner Cabinet. In Downing Street where the prime minister s Home is located several Hundred people stood around in the cold waiting for a glimpse of the ministers As they appeared for Tho meeting. The atmosphere was tense. Even the foreign office which is usually vacated promptly and completely every saturday noon was brightly lit and Active late tonight. Informed quarters expected no spectacular move immediately on the part of Britain although British policy was expected to veer definitely toward Russia and away from Germany. There were conjectures among trained observers that Chamberlain might open his Cabinet to such dissident conservatives As former foreign Secretary Anthony Eden and former first lord of the admiralty Alfred Duff Cooper who both resigned in protest against Chamberlain s now abandoned appeasement policy and j Winston Churchill outspoken vet i Cran of Many government and Many Crisses. There were conjectures too i that Chamberlain was ready to i Hack conscription and that he was prepared to give a Guaran a tee to Rumania provided France and Russia agreed to do likewise. The disillusioned has abandoned his appeasement policy As he made Clear last night in his Birmingham speech. Now he is replacing it with a a a Stop Hitler movement acting particularly with France but also with other nations wishing to cooperate. The immediate question before the Cabinet today was at what Point to erect a Barrier again at nazi aggression rumanian a precarious position was in the forefront. Chamberlain in Birmingham declared he was not prepared to a engage this country in new and unspecified but in an obvious reference to Rumania and Poland among others he said that such countries a knowing that we Are not disinterested in what goes on in Southeastern Europe will wish to have our counsel and Viscount Halifax the foreign Secretary represented As the Leader of the a stronger foreign policy group in the Cabinet engaged in a series of consultations with foreign diplomats. Callers at the foreign office included Joseph p. Kennedy United states ambassador Charles Corbin French ambassador and Ivan Mai sky soviet russian ambassador. Lord Halifax also saw Anthony Eden whose possible return to the government formed the chief subject of speculation in political quarters. Now that Chamberlain has discarded his appeasement policy some conservatives urged that reshaping of the government to include him As a method of impressing Germany with Britain s firmer stand. Eden is regarded As a Symbol of the collective Security system which was abandoned by Chamberlain in favor of appeasement and is perhaps the most distasteful British statesman in German and italian eyes. In the realignment of foreign policy it became More evident that soviet Russia Long virtually isolated from British and French councils now was receiving important consideration. Overseas Trade Secretary Robert s. Hudson left today on a Trade visit for Warsaw Moscow and other Northern capitals. He was to have gone to Berlin first but that Stop was cancelled. Hudson whom ambassador Mai sky saw off at the station remarked significantly that a political events of the last few Days have tended to overshadow the primary purpose Quot of his trip. A what i am going do try to persuade my hearers Quot he said a is that despite events of the last few years there is still plenty of kick left in the old horse t Britain a. Col. Joseph Beck. Polish foreign minister meanwhile saw the British ambassador in Warsaw about final arrangements for bus visit to London which is fixed for april 3, immediate Steps to Speed up Britain rearmament program even further also were before the Cabinet along with a growing demand for National conscription to hasten military imports hit with Tariff boost con. From Page i Sec. A Micals toys Medicine paper and China. Imports from Germany declined in 193 8 to $64,537,000, compared with $92,468,000 the previous year. Private Trade experts estimated that St least $30,000,000 of the 1938 Trade was carried on by barter. United states exports to Germany totalled $107,588,000 in 1038. Cotton and other products which Germany cannot readily obtain elsewhere have constituted the Hulk of Reich imports from this country. The Treasury also ruled today that goods produced in Ruthenia car Patho Ukraine would be treated As hungarian made goods. They will be entitled however to the benefits of the Trade agreement with Czecho Slovakia. Under this governments most favored nation policy Hungary received the benefits of the czech Trade treaty. Not to recognize in View of Welles expression yesterday diplomats Here were convinced that this country would not recognize the nazi absorption of Czecho Slovakia. The administration authoritative Sotires said will give Complete moral backing to the determined fight by Vladimir s. Hair it an the czech minister to prevent i dismembered country a legation Here from falling into German hands. Hurban said he would not turn Over the legation until the czechoslovak National Assembly by a three fifths majority approved the merger with Germany. Since the National Assembly no longer exists it appears the Doughty czech May continue to hold on for some years to come perhaps coming to preside Over the Only bit of Independent czech territory in the world. Germany g Only recourse would be to sue before the United states supreme court which by the Constitution. Is Given original jurisdiction in cases involving ambassadors Public ministers and consuls. At the state department today Sumner Welles acting Secretary. Said the United states was preparing an answer to Germany a formal notification of the developments in Central Europe. The German note was delivered last night by r. Hang Thomsen German charge do affaires. Welles said the Exchange of notes probably would be made Public Early next week Aud that at about the same time a decision Likely would be announced As to the status of Wilbur j. Carr the american minister to Prague who Lias remained at his Post despite the German Transfer of czechoslovakian foreign affairs to Berlin. The acting Secretary told reporters there was no basis for speculation that this country might join with great Britain. France and soviet Russia in a conference on checking nazi a Force funeral is held for miss Praigg rites in Indiana for daughter of Noble t. Praigg funeral services for miss Kathryn Praigg daughter of Noble to Praigg of this City were conducted at Bloomington iud., yesterday afternoon. Miss Prang go a death occurred yesterday afternoon at Lexington. Ky., on Board a Southern railway train. Ill when she began a contemplated trip to Manteno 111., miss Praigg a condition grew worse in route Ami at Danville ky., her nurse miss Hazel Johnson of this City summoned a doctor. The doctor recommended that the patient he taken to a Hospital in Lexington but death intervened. Miss Praigg waa born in Indianapolis May i 1912, the laughter of Noble t. And Katherine Blakely Praigg. She was educated at Indiana University Bloomington ind., and took training As a nurse at St. Vincent a Hospital in Indiana. She was engaged As private nurse in Greensboro until recently when her health failed. Her condition became serious ten Days ago. Her father Noble t. Praigg and step Mother Are the Only survivors of the immediate family her Mother having died several years basis absent for condemnation Minneapolis minn., is half Way Between the North pole and Tho and Britain seek soviet Aid to halt Hitler ton. From Page i Sec. A sir Erie Phipps and Jacob suits soviet ambassador. The Chambers final vote cd approval on the decree Powers which would give Daladier dictatorial rut until nov. 30 was the fifth vote of Confidence received by the Premier in a single Day session. He posed the question of Confidence for the fourth time when he asked the chamber to reject a leftist amendment to a Bill which would have prevented interference with a Public Liberty to decree. The amendment was rejected 321 votes to 261, senator of Daladier a own party which holds a majority in the Senate already have voted to approve the stringent decree powr is. With Senate adoption tomorrow a virtual certainty it appeared that by monday Daladier would be in a position to Wield More Power than any Post War Premier of France. By the terms of the Bill he could dissolve political parties bail Public meetings Aud newspapers prolong parliaments life or dissolve it. Or virtually put France in a state of mobilization without obtaining parliamentary approval. Daladier refused flatly to give the chamber any definite information on what he proposed to do with the decree Powers. He said they were military measures and could not be debated openly. Through his ministers and through statements he made to deputies of the finance committee however thu much of his program seemed certain 1. Reinforcement of Frances armed forces by calling the specialists to the colors for the army Navy and air forces. 2. Speeding up production in arms Aud other War industries by Treasury Loans and by increasing working hours. 3. Buying War stocks abroad to meet gaps in French production of supplies of War materials. 4. Increasing working hours beyond the 40-hour a week limit imposed by the people s front government social Laws in industries other than those producing War materials. In addition to these primary Pointe the deputies reported that to satisfy his rightist majority. Daladier would prolong the life of the present parliament for two additional years until 194 2 and Institute a plan of electoral Reform advocated by the right. Besides the far reaching action taken in tile chamber of deputies the Day s Swift developments included the dispatch of a Denun Chatory note to Berlin in concert with Britain which declared Germany had violated the Munich foreign Cotton cuts attacked Washington March 18. A up a senator George i Ca announced today he would ask the Senate to go on record in opposition to Selling american Cotton to foreign buyers below coat to the government. The Georgia senator said he would introduce monday a Resolution declaring the Senate s sentiment to be against foreign sales at reduced prices. Secretary Wallace has been reported considering Export subsidies for Cotton in an Effort to retain this country s foreign markets and reduce current surpluses. President Roosevelt at a press conference Friday said the administration was seeking some Way of disposing of the huge Cotton surplus in this country. More than 11,000,000 Hales of this Are under government Loans with $500,000,000 Leader will speak at Hill Winston Salem. March 18. A a Volt Gilmore of Winston Salem. President of la Carolina political Union said tonight that John d. Hamilton chairman of the National Republican party would speak at Chapel Hill wednesday night at 8 30 of clock. A state Republican delegation will attend. It will include National committeeman Charles a. Jonas of Lincolnton state chairman Jake Newell of Charlotte and attorney Odell Sapp of Winston Salem. Agreement by absorption of Czecho Slovakia. At the i ame time Daladier called Home ambassador Robert Colondre from Berlin partly to get a personal confidential report of what the next Berlin Home Axis move might be partly to match Britain a action of yesterday in calling her Berlin envoy Home. He ordered foreign minister Bonnet and foreign office experts to inform Rumania soviet Russia. Yugoslavia and Poland of Tho French note to Berlin and of his new plan to move As fast As the dictator both at Home and abroad. Sources close to Daladier said that the emergency Cabinet session called for tomorrow would decide How far France and Britain could go in supporting Rumania against hitlers Eastern drive. Bonnet received Georges to Barescu the rumanian ambassador who was reported to have brought a request from King Carol for information As to what Britain and France planned to do. At Home Daladier put experts of All ministries to work on measures which he had planned for months although he lacked the Power to put them into Force. Busiest were the defense ministries army Navy and air. They whipped together plans for buying War stocks a production schedule for War industries and military orders calling additional specialists into the army to control such measures. There was resistance inside France to Daladier so Strong Many program hut it was the resistance of a minority. The general confederation of labor called an extraordinary meeting of its administrative Council to fight Premier Daladier a dictate ship demands but Premier had stripped organized labor of mud. Of it is former by breaking its big general strike of last november. Daladier won his first chamber vote 33 4 to 258, on a rightist motion that the chamber refuse to discuss Daladier a decree demands. The second vote an opposition motion that he be refused the decree Powers he won 316 to 262. And the third on a motion to limit the Powers 328 to 254. Daladier a decree Powers Bill would give the government Power to Rule France eliminating its responsibility to parliament until i nov. So of this year. Con. From Page i Sec. A against the Reich Quot the paper continued a Germany draws this conclusion a against the entirety of threats. Germany places the entirety of her Voel Kischer Beo Zachter also spoke of documents found in Prague which it said would play a a significant role in the history of these moving it declared that British diplomacy had a supported Benes former czechoslovak president Eduard Benes in his deranged course from May to september 1938.�?� and added a we Are acquainted also of letters from Benes to important czech personalities which indicate it was the idea nourished by England to bring about on Day. In the course of european complications re establishment of the Versailles pre Munich tonight the returning British envoy sir Nevile Henderson took a train to London to report on developments in Central Europe. Leaver sunday in London it was said von Durksen ambassador to Britain since last april i was expected leave sunday. In addition to reporting on Britain a reaction to Germany s invasion of Czecho Slovakia. It was said the envoy probably would he asked to report on an incident involving mention of Hitler in the House of commons thursday. This incident was the description of Hitler by Alfred Duff Cooper former first lord of the admiralty As a a thrice perjured traitor and breaker of oaths. German circles in London resented the fact that the speaker of the House made no objection to the remark. They expected the nazi government to protest against it while All Europe anxiously watched the lengthening Shadow of the Swastika Adolf Hitler Rode from Vienna amid tumultuous a a Hells to a secret stopping place on his Way to Berlin. He left to lieutenants the task of imposing the nazi will on Bohemia Moravia and ironing out relations with Slovakia Germany a new protectorates. The fuehrer was expected to make a triumphal entry into Berlin at 7 30 p. In. 1 30 p. Rn., e. S. To sunday. He named Baron Konstantin von Neurath. Former German foreign minister and president of the secret Cabinet Council As Reichs protector of Bohemia Mora via. Von Neurath responsible Only to the fuehrer will have supreme Power Over 7.000,000 czech who have become German subjects. All ask my meanwhile Rumania feared for her Fertile wheat Fields and Oil Wells alarm was reported in Lithuania concern was shown in Poland suspicion amp Rew of a coup d eat in Danzig and the possibility was mentioned of German aggression against Hungary. Helmuth Wohltat adviser to Field marshal Hermann Wilhelm Goering nazi economic dictator was in Bucharest apparently attempting to tighten Germany s economic Sway in Southeastern Europe. A government spokesman however described As a warrant nonsense reports that Rumania and Hungary were slated to follow Czecho Slovakia in hitlers Book of conquests. A spokesman for the rumanian embassy in London said his government had received and rejected a German proposal that Rumania accept virtual German dictation Over her economics in return for nazi guarantees of rumanian territorial integrity a German spokesman denied there had been any ultimatum to Rumania. Of British and French charges that the Munich Accord of last september 29 had been disregarded in German occupation of Bohemia Moravia a foreign office spokesman declared a we can Only say that it was done legally this in summary was Tho azi stand expressed by informed German quarters in answer to the condemnation thai Prague had violated the spirit of Munich that the manner of incorporating the protectorates was within hitlers policy of pan Genua ism that Germany never had renounced her right to a dominating role in Central Europe and that there was no More cause for Hitler to consult Chamberlain in Advance than there would he for British statesmen to consult Hitler on matters within their own sphere of interest. The basis for justifying the inclusion of Bohemia Moravia within the Borders of Germany was that it re established 1,000-year-old hy6eine program of red Cross goes Forward rapidly continued from Page i rec. B ily and to provide the ways to meet simple illnesses and Home emergencies with safety and efficiency. In order to make such courses available a committee composed of representatives from every school District in the City was appointed by the red Cross. Members of the committee Are mesdames f. M. Lambert j. W. Saunders it. S. Cox j. S. Forward j. Bruce co4trane, j. A Johnson. Chairman Lawrence Council j. Norman Harney. Mrs. Cox and mrs. Winslow organized the group which met at the Home of the latter last Friday. Another meeting of this group will he held in the same Home next wednesday. Similar courses have been offered by the local chapter of red Cross heretofore. Since last october two classes have been Given at the High school to girls employed on the n. Y. A. Program and a class is now in Progress at Highland Mills in the lend a hand club of the y. W. A. The work of the committee is financed by the local red Cross chapter. The courses a open to All women and Young girls in the City who May desire to arrest n. Couple and daughters for larceny Aiken. S. C., March 18�? pm police chief j. A George said today his department arrested a North Carolina couple Aud their iwo daughters on Petty larceny charges after they were found in the cloakroom of a store Here. A Short while earlier th3 Chiel said clerks pocketbooks containing about $20 had been stolen from the cloakroom of another store. The chief said a search of the couple disclosed $1,160 in currency. Chief George said he booked the four As t. H. Hutchinson alias Hudson Aud his wife Jennie and their two children Hazel Lee. 12, and Margaret to. He said the Hutchinsons told him they lived on the Statesville Highway just out of Charlotte. N. # his iwo a a. Members of parliament have a special jail situated in the clock Tower of the House of club this year to include 25 cities continued from Page i Sec. R clubs visit to Durham. Gas Toija will display probably the widest Ranee of types of gardens informal Large cottage gardens. Sunken Gal Dent outdoor living rooms wild Bowers bulb gardens. Municipal gardens and the Kings mount n National Park. In addition to Floral forays club members and others will this year have the Opportunity to browse through a number of colonial Plantation Homes and Ante Bellum houses with historic pasts that have never before Heen opened to the general Public. The historic towns of Bath and new Bern on the Eastern coast contain the lion s share of the state s authentic Century old Homes. New Bern founded in 1710 by so dog colonists under Baron de Graffenreid boasts Mote pre revolutionary and antebellum Homes and gardens than any town in North Carolina. The John Wright stanly House built in 1770 and now used As the new Bern Public Library Cla ins the distinction of having had George Washington As a guest in 1791. The 115-year-old Jenkins Duffy House was a a Captain s walk Between the two chimneys built As a Vantage Point to watch for incoming ships the Bryan Ashe Ford House with its real Rosewood doors and Sheffield knobs the Hancock House built in 1777, with it outstanding collection of Antiques and rare China and the 1812 Donald Hughes House Are All included on the itinerary in new Bern. At Bath stands St. Thomas episcopal Church oldest Church building in North Carolina built Ini 734. Whose bricks Are said to have been brought Over front England. Some of the proceeds from Small admission prices charged during the Garden fortnight will be used to further restore this historic Church and the formal gardens that once surrounded it. Bath itself the oldest town in the state contains Many other homesteads steeped in historic lore. During the two week Spring tour club members will gather pictures and authentic data about the old Homes visited for use in a forthcoming volume devoted entirely to North Carolina s outstanding and noteworthy historic Homes. The opening of Many of these Homes for the first time this year is a direct result of the clubs drive to search out and bring to the attention of the Public some of tile unexploited and hitherto unheralded historic spots in the state. An attractive pamphlet con Taining the Complete itinerary of the Garden tour with Dales and with much additional information about the Points to be visited is now being prepared by the Garden club and will soon be ready for distribution. Washington. March 18�? aim a weather Bureau records of temperature and rainfall for the 24 hours ending 8 p. Rn., in the principal Cotton growing areas and elsewhere station h. L. Rial Alpena. 12 �?4 Asheville. 40 30 Atlanta. 56 40 Atlantic City. 40 32 Birmingham. 58 40 Boston. 36 22 Buffalo. 18 12 Burlington. 24 to Charlotte. 55 39 Chicago. 22 12 Cincinnati. 34 22 Cleveland. 20 is Dallas. 68 44 Denver. 58 26 Detroit. 20 12 Duluth. 16 8 Al Paar. 74 50 Galveston. 8 54 Havre. 56 18 Jacksonville. 68 44 Kansan. City. 54 28 key West. 80 70 Little Rock. 56 36 Loa Angeles. 68 so Louisville. 36 26 Memphis. So 36 Meridian. 60 44 Miami. 76 72 Minn St. Paul. 26 0 Mobile. 70 46 new Orleans. 72 54 new York. 26 Norfolk. 52 38 Pittsburgh. 26 16 Portland. 70 48 Richmond. 46 30 St. Louis. 38 26 san Antonio. 74 56 san Francisco. 56 50 Savannah. 70 46 Tampa. 78 52 Vicksburg. 62 46 Washington. 38 29 Wilmington. 2 44 .00 .00 oooo of 00 .09 01 .00 oooo .08 oooo of ,00 .00 la .00 oooo of .00 oooo of .00 .00 .00 of .00 .00 of .02 of .00 .04 .00 oooo .00 .00 of Rotax Revenue to determine Fate of Compromise plan con. From Cage 1 Sec. A advertising greater University o North Carolina North Carolin College for negroes at Durhan and health department. The representatives approve the increases and then went of to boost some appropriations of their own initiative. There boost were for vocational education the department of weights Ani measures and the Industrial Farn Colony for worn ii at Kinston. Thus the appropriations Hll was raised to about $1 55,000. Too and it was at that arum when it passed the House tues Clay and went to the Senate. The Senate promptly referred the Bill to its appropriation com Mittee. And the com Mitt Temei made it Plain that they did no like the increases. The appropriations and Revenue Bill were some $300,000 out o balance As reported out of join committees they said and the new increases three the pro posed budget More than $800. Too out of balance. Finally without dissent the Senate Coni Mittee voted wednesday to Oppolt the increases. Thursday Revenue commis Stoner a. J. Maxwell report that income tax receipts Are running Well ahead of estimate this meant he said that a larg general fund surplus than orig Nally estimated might be Avail i Abl to Start the 1939-41 period j he warned however that i Clear picture of the income to situation would not be Avail Abl i until monday. He will Appet j before the Senate appropriation committee at that time. And the Bill May reach a vote in the Senate tuesday. Income tax receipts for the current fiscal year bad been est mated at $8,775,000. Receipt for 193 7-38 set a High record o la 1.298,381. The other principal develop ment on the budget front the week was the final passage of a continuing Quot Revenue Hill Whir will become Law after cares proof Reading. Heretofore an entirely new Revenue Law has bet enacted by each legislature. The current Bill however will remap on the statute books subject t amendment by future legals Tures. Both houses held Brief roil tin a sessions today taking up on total Block rumanian in use of roads 0 on. From Page i Sec. A the pacification of car Patho us Laine. Tills was interpreted As a Ign that they would be urgently needed on the rumanian Routier. Large patrols of hungarian infantrymen were scouring the rumanian Border. It was Learned that Hungary recently hat received More than 5.000 trucks from Germany and Italy. She is Short of motor vehicles. Thousands of pack horses have been requisitioned Trout farms and numbers of peasant carts Are moving up to the take Sharp significance a on from Page i Sec. A needs of the Southeastern eur Pean states. A joke current in the balks. Is that each Fanner has to Carr eras because cameras Are All a can get from German econom system. They want Gold and free currencies which Germany cantus Supply. Substantial indications that both France and Britain would buy More from the Balkans have stiffened Balkan resistance to economic domination a Gar Many. The Crown Council in a me a. Inc last night found that Quot Mill tary and diplomatic measure taken so far by Rumania were satisfactory and advised their continuance. Government quarters acknowledged that Border Points had been strengthened and military leaves cancelled. R in Massachusetts it is against the Law to lounge on the shelves of a bakery. Abbott Proctor ii Paine members new York Stock Exchange new York Cotton Exchange new York curb Exchange Chicago Board of Trade and other exchanges 304 South main Street Telephone 3461 Otis d. Phillips manager Richard f. Lawrence asst. Mgr

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