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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 17, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Credibility of City Hall challenged officials defend need for electric Bond Issue by Forrest Cates Enterprise staff writer City officials admittedly Are uneasy Over prospects of getting High pointers to vote for issuance of More Bonds to improve the municipal electrical distribution system. They even concede that in Light of All that has happened the voter could have cause for being confused on the Issue. For one thing the City Council which has scheduled a Bond referendum is not unanimous on the Issue. Three of the nine members voted against putting the electric Bond Issue on the ballot. One other member voted for it. But acknowledged that he would have done otherwise had he not Felt committed. The administrative staff headed by City manager Harold Cheek professes solid support for the Bond Issue. Even they however have a hard time making a Case for the Bonds in View of the circumstances. They do not deny for instance. That two years ago when voters were being asked to approve a $5.6 million a a electric Bond Issue it was publicly stated that no More Bond funds would be needed for to years. Fred Swartzberg a former City councilman who was then chairman of the Council utilities committee is credited with making the statement. He does no to recall making the statement As quoted but concedes that he probably said something similar. A it was True at the time based on All the facts which had been furnished to my Swartzberg said tuesday. A if the situation has changed it would appear that another Bond Issue should be Given careful Cheek said the statement attributed to Swartzberg was essentially True a at the a that was before inflation had hit us and virtually wrecked our financing he added. At the time the citizens were being asked to approve a Bond Issue of $5.6 million for electrical improvements after first rejecting a similar bid. The vote the second time was overwhelmingly in favor of the Corttis. Of the total about $1.5 million was to go for underground wiring. The remainder was for upgrading the electrical transmission system mainly by construction of a new higher voltage transmission Loop. A on the basis of estimates furnished by engineers we thought that the Bonds funds would be adequate to Complete the entire project a said Cheek in an interview this week. A but since that time inflation has done just incredible things to municipal financing a he added. Skyrocketing costs of labor and materials for construction have had the effect of stalling the City Midway in the construction of the lines and sub stations Cheek said. A it is now necessary that we go Back to the people and ask them to approve the issuance of More Bonds to allow us to continue these vital improvements a he said. Voters Are being asked to approve the issuance of $2 million in electric Bonds. It is one of several items on a Bond program totalling $8 8 million on which voters will ballot on May 7. All of the $2 million according to Cheek will go for continued construction of the High voltage 100,000 volts transmission Loop which entails construction of new substations and expansion of existing substations. The project will pick up where the first Bond Issue project left off carrying the Loop around the Southern Sec Tion of the City up the Western Side to connect with the Hammer Street substation near state Street. The Money will not cover carrying the system from the Hammer Street station to the new substation on deep River Road. That Gap will have to be bridged later. Cheek said. A we considered including the total project in the Bond Issue but i made the decision finally to leave out a portion in an Effort to keep the size of the Bond Issue Down. I May live to regret Cheek said. A portion of the new Loop is in service but most of the City s electrical needs Are served by a 69,000-Volt Loop constructed Over to years ago. The higher voltage Loop according to Cheek will increase the capacity of the system to meet the demand for electricity. That raises the question of what if any effect the Energy crisis will have on the need to beef up the system. In the months since the Energy crisis developed City officials have reported that High pointers seem to make an Effort to conserve electrical Energy. The demand has not been reduced spectacularly but the system has not experienced the usual High increase in demand. Normally the annual increase has been about 15 per cent according to officials. Since last november the increase has dropped to near five per cent. Cheek has this to say on the possible effects of the Energy crisis in planning for the future of the electrical system a we can Only go on past experience. We must assume that the demand for electricity will continue at least at a Normal rate of growth. It could even accelerate in growth if there is significant shifting from use of other fuels to electricity because of the Energy crisis. We further must assume that our Power source Duke Power co will be Able to Supply our needs. Our responsibility is to assure that the people of High Point get electrical services As efficiently and economically As we can possibly make it there has been a suggestion that now in Light of the Energy crisis would be a Good time to forego increasing the City debt and sit out a Bond Issue or two. What would a two year delay mean0 Cheek reacts quickly to that one. A possibly brownouts and maybe even blackouts a he declared. A the 69 Kew 69, system is almost at its capacity because of the great increase in demand for electricity. The system cannot continue to adequately serve the the prospects of brownouts and Black outs were raised by City officials two years ago apparently to stir a favourable vote in the second Bond referendum after the first Bond Issue had failed. No major breakdowns have occurred in the system during the time since. Officials claim however that some areas Are experiencing Low voltage because of the overload on the transmission system. Some critics a including one member of the Council a contend that since the electric system produces Revenue even a it should provide for its own sustenance including capital improvements such As new transmission loops and substations. Cheek said this in answer to a question As to Why the system is not on a pay As you go basis a it is possible that Money from electric revenues could be electric on 10a Energy office set up for furniture Market by Forrest Cates when i was a kid there were two things which i absolutely detested a spinach and Uncle Dave Macon. Spinach in those Days was no big problem because Mustard greens were cheaper and just about As bad so parents made their kids eat that instead of spinach. But Uncle Dave Macon was very much with us. Like every saturday night. The family radio was turned to the grand Ole opry and As sure As taxes and just about As painful. Uncle Dave Macon eventually favored the nation with some tolerable picking but absolutely awful singing. I to Keri up this big dislike for Macon his twangy voice and likewise Banjo. I Drew mental pictures of him with battered dirty hat and tobacco stained Beard. It was t until years later that i understood fully Why i hated poor old Dave. What it really was was that i could t stand hillbilly music. A lot of music has run under the Bridge since then. I mean. Flat foot Foogie. Stomping at the Savoy Good of Glenn Miller and All that. There was Boogie which was just great while All the parts were still working and the danger of busting something on the dance floor was minimal. I he latin Era tilth the Ruumbas and congos and such was Okay. It Kinda made sissies out of a lot of Good Guys but did wonders for Xavier Cugat and his Damn Chihuahua. The Rock age came along and that was Okay too because by then i had not Only Given up dancing but was no longer even interested in Termi Sioning. I resolved the risk of having my ear Drums permanently damaged by refusing to go into any room in which there was a live radio. But. Music has now come full Circle. Defendants of Uncle Dave Macon abound on the airways. Nine out of to people who appear on television Are toting guitars. A few of them can actually play the things. The Hillbillies Are in command. Only they done to Call them Hillbillies anymore. The music is called country and Western and the people who sing play Yodel talk and otherwise mangle it Are artists. A a artists a even if they sing eight octaves off key and Wear Crew cuts with sideburns. There is another thing about this county and Western music. I like it i mean i like some of it which is sort of a cop out but when you have lived with an Uncle Dave Macon Complex since childhood it is hard to go All the Way on anything. I think the Best thing that has happened to hillbilly music is that somebody finally discovered How to actually get music and not just noise out of the guitar or Banjo. I nou feel about Good Banjo picking like i used to feel about Good marching bands before i turned against War. Of somebody with a real hot Banjo would Start marching i d follow him right on Down to the Recruiter and enlist. Of course when i say i like country and Western in a not talking about Loretta Lynn a Donna Fargo country and Western. And i done to mean Buck Owens and his duplicate son it i never figured the Good lord would do that to us twice singing like they Are in a hurry to go Home. Or Roy Acuff and his dumb Yoyo. In a just not that country yet. In a talking about Roy Clark singing by the time i get to Memphis or wherever and Kris Kristofersen singing anything he wrote himself. Someday unless the trend in music changes i May become totally committed to country and Western a even though if you listen real close some of that stuff is dirty As Heck someday even i May thrill to such lyrics As these Quot so Long country bumpkin i he Frost is gone now from the pumpkin. That to guitar music on the radio from a dying Mother to her bumpkin son f opposes proposed Bill an Energy office established to coordinate gasoline supplies and transportation for the Southern furniture Market in april has ended its first week with an optimistic report. A we can say that there will be no problems about the availability of gasoline or of rental cars during the april furniture Market a Frank Snyder said general counsel for Bassett furniture industries Snyder was named Energy coordinator for the furniture factories marketing Assn. Of the South which established the Energy office last week. The marketing association is an organization of furniture manufacturers who set the dates and other guidelines for the major Southern furniture markets in april and october. The Fomas set up the Energy office last week in response to concern about the Energy situation next month. The april Market is scheduled to open april 19 and close on april 26. The Market Energy office is located on the first floor of the Southern furniture Market Center in High Point. A we Are coordinating with them in what we Are doing in our preparations for the Jim Casey of the Simc said. In addition to Snyder the Energy office staff includes Boyd Smith manager of administrative services for Thomasville furniture industries. And Paul Curtis a customer service executive for Broyhill industries. Smith is to coordinate the offices activities in the High Point Thomasville Lexington Statesville area and Curtis in the Hickory Morganton Lenoir area. Snyder said the office has been collecting data about fuel supplies and transportation during the period of the april Market. A Gas will be no problem in fact the Supply situation appears to be improving a he said. A was for transportation there Are about 3.000 rental cars in the Market area. And this figure can be boosted to about 4,000 without any Snyder said that the Energy office probably will be closed at the end of the april Market but that the information compiled by the office would be useful in the future. Raleigh apr breaking what he said was a longstanding policy not to comment on issues in the North Carolina general Assembly u s. Sen. Sam Ervin saturday he does not favor a newspaper a right to reply Bill now before the legislature a i done to favor the Bill. I think it s an infringement on salvation army sets chamber annual meeting Date Bond vote new officers of the advisory Board and the boys club Council will be installed during the annual meeting of the salvation army in High Point thursday. The dinner meeting is scheduled to begin at 7 p m. At the Tod of the Mart. Ben Haden of Chattanooga tenn., will be the guest speaker. Formerly an attorney and Newspaperman Haden is a minister with a nationwide weekly Vadio program that is heard each sunday in High Point. A number of awards Are to be presented during the meeting. The annual report will also include a review of plans for construction of the new salvation army Center just South of 1-85 and West of s. Main Street. Plans for the building which will House the boys club and Community service Center have been submitted to salvation army Headquarters in Charlotte for Haden final approval. When this is received bids for the construction will be sought. To be installed As officers of the advisory Board for 1974-75 Are William o. Kuhn chairman Charles m. Mendenhall sr., vice chairman mrs. Florence Allen Secretary and Jack Dunn treasurer High Point chamber of Commerce directors Are expected to consider the two Bond issues which will go before Guilford county voters soon when they meet tuesday afternoon. Executive vice president Calvin Rice said Board members will also consider two measures now before the general Assembly to permit Purchase of open space land for Park use. In other activities at the 4 p m. Meeting at the chamber of Commerce building members will study the civic group s program of work for the current year the Bond issues coming before directors for consideration include one for $8 million to replace the present evergreens inc., facilities in Greensboro and to provide a rest Home in High Point and one for $500,000 for a new sheltered workshop in Greensboro. Will g h p 0 i n t sunday morning March 17,1974 Page 2a occupancy Law looks doubtful in chair Citibank seminar a seminar on a Selling Bank services Quot will be held monday at 7 p m. At the High Point Owca on Gatewood Avenue. Sponsored by the High Point Thomasville chapter of the american Institute of banking a panel of speakers from member Banks will present the program. Elizabeth Ingram assistant vice president of Wachovia Bank Here will be Moderator. The meeting is open to All Bank employees from the High Point Thomasville area by Ven Carver Enterprise staff writer Thomasville City councilmen will grapple monday evening with the most controversial Issue yet to confront mayor Jim Johnson a Young administration a the proposed certificate of occupancy amendment to the Thomasville City code. If enacted to conform with similar provisions in effect in other cities the ordinance would require an inspection of a building or dwelling unit each time it is vacated before re occupation is permitted. There is some question however whether the ordinance before the Council would require such re inspection As presently worded will the certificate of occupancy ordinance pass on monday night the answer is probably a poll of All but one City councilman who could not be reached indicated Strong reservations about the certificate of occupancy draft currently under consideration. In addition the Thomasville Board of realtors has registered opposition to the proposal and Board president Jim Moser presented a statement listing the objections held by the members of the Board Moser who has been studying the ordinance draft along with a special Board of realtors committee indicated saturday that the position of the Board has not changed. He said he wished to defer specific disclosure of what the committee had decided until the Council meeting monday but he repeated part of the statement Given the Council last week a a we re for the theory of improved housing condition but we re against some of the enforcement besides the opposition expressed by the realtors and sequined Elvis getting better not older the Freedom of the press Ervin said in reply to a reporters question the measure introduced by sen Phil Godwin a Gates would require newspapers to print replies a immediately and free of Cost from All persons a a assailed in print it was cosponsored by 30 of the 50 state senators Isnit there some amendment saying there s no accounting for Peoples tastes or is it just something that someone thought up when he found it unexplainable Why a certain person liked a certain thing0 i d really prefer that it were an amendment so that i could plead it if anyone Ever asked Why i like that gyrating sensual. You aint nothing but a hound dog Elvis Presley. Let s consider the facts Here i am not the Little old lady school teacher that used car salesmen Tell you Only drove the car to school and Back but then again in a not the teacher who teaches by Day and enjoys the music at the Cougar lounge by night. I drive to school in a very sedate Chevrolet at about thirty three and three fourths Miles an hour and no one Ever dreams that for just one Day i d like to drive up on the Back of Elvis Presley a motorcycle his sequined Cape flying in the wind. And when i got off he would hand me one of his famous Blue scarves. It can t be that s the reaction of my two sons one la and one 15. A you like Elvis presley0�?� to them its like a Mother who would still Wear White rolled Bobby sox to fat. The 15-year-old, in particular. Thought i must be a putting him you could t have gotten him to Elvis s concert in Greensboro. He said. If the ticket was free and Elvis came by to pick him up. But i reminded him people were advertising in the newspapers for tickets to the concert. One even stated a name your Price for a ticket to the Elvis Presley another was a please if you want to save my marriage sell me your two tickets to Elvis tickets were not available at any Price the concert was a Complete sellout in a matter of Days after it was announced Elvis was coming it was pretty comforting to me to know that Over 16,-000 people besides me like that lock of hair falling Over his eyes like that incredible around Energy and Charisma like his singing he is a performer first last and always. He gives the audience what they want a feeling that right then he had rather be with them than anywhere else. Whether you like him or not he has a magnetism that can to be denied Why do i like Elvis i like him because As a College student and even after i was married i saw every movie he made. He was a terrible actor the plots were usually those Kooky things designed so that the Star can break into a song Over almost anything but i was spellbound. I like him because my College roommates and i actually called our suite a Heartbreak hotel a after one of his hits. I think that it was because we had a huge room and everybody seemed to Drift in there to talk about broken romances a but it was mostly because of Elvis. I bought All of his records then a i think that a Heartbreak hotel a and 4 Blue suede shoes were my favourites. If there was a Choice Between food and his latest record the food took second place so much for Why i liked him then i like him now because in spite of spilling Over into the a Over 35�?� group a the group the television advertisers make you think would be dead or in a nursing Home but for the graces of Gentoo she takes it and so does he a Elvis can still rotate More Muscles than anybody in the 20-30 age group. He can look masculine in sequins a Chiffon Scarf and High heeled boots. He travels in High style secrecy that would make the Kremlin Blush. It is almost impossible to find out when he arrives or where he Only onstage that he becomes All yours. I like him because he likes children he genuinely likes them a and not As a publicity gimmick i like him because he voluntarily gave his a wife a handsome divorce settlement More than she expected or asked for. Many things he has done have shown that in spite of All the hoopla in spite of the glitter of All his sequins in spite of his continuing Fame and Fortune he is a kind person at heart he s still that Mississippi boy who a made Good a s i just picture Elvis glittering and gyrating forever on up into his 70s. And truthfully that a Why i like him most. He can look at the hard Rock movement that should have demolished him ignore it and still pack in Over 16,000 people and have others begging for tickets. He a the Best proof going that there is life after 40. He a not getting older he a getting better some landlords in town a source close to the City Council has reported heavy lobbying against the certificate of occupancy provisions within the City administration itself. Though the City Council will consider Only one amendment monday the proposal would actually regulate housing in Thomasville in two ways. Besides the certificate of occupancy provisions the ordinance draft also contains a revamped minimum housing code with procedures for enforcement spelled out More explicitly than in the existing code. According to this highly placed source the councilmen Are being advised to dispense with the certificate of occupancy provisions but to adopt the minimum housing sections of the proposal. Contacted saturday councilmen Ken Huffman and Charles eanes agreed that the Council might choose this course a to enact the minimum housing sections and omit the certificate of occupancy provisions both men expressed concern about the possibility of encumbering local landlords with too Many restrictions should the certificate of occupancy pass. A i done to want to see us put a hardship on the eanes said. He also wondered whether tenants could afford the repairs necessitated by strict enforcement of the housing code. Huffman said the Council wants to solve the substandard housing problem in Thomasville and that he and other members of the Council must take a whichever route is Best to eliminate slum housing conditions. One member of the Council Bill Poole has already formed a Strong opinion of the certificate of occupancy proposal. A i think it would be More harassment than it would be helpful a Poole maintained his conclusion is based upon the relatively Small percentage of housing that would be classified As assuming that All property must be re inspected each time it is vacated he feels that there a occupancy on a the High Point Enterprise Ett Ablahed 1884 published every afternoon and sunday morning an Independent newspaper published by the High Point Enterprise. Inc. 210 Church Avenue High Point n c 27261 member of the associated press rates by Mah payable in Advance i or 6 to. 3 to. I to. Daily and sunday s36 40 Sib 20 $9.10 $3 05 j sunday Only $13 00 $6 50 s3 25 $1 15 by Carrier wkly $ 70 monthly s3 05 or. $36 40 mail tube caption in n c. Subject to 4% Sale tax. The allocated Pren it entitled to the uie for reproduction of All local news printed in the newspaper Ai Well of All a Newi dispatch i. Entered Ai second Dan matter of the poit office High Point n c. Under act of March 3, 1879. 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