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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 18, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather Chance of showers More data on Page 3a 90th year no. 77 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point. N. C., monday afternoon March 18,1974 22 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Oil embargo lifted says saudi envoy Vienna Austria a the Arab Oil producers decided monday to lift the Oil embargo against the United states saudi Oil minister Ahmed Zaki Yamani said. Yamani spoke on emerging from the 90-minute meeting of the nine Oil exporting countries. He said a formal announcement would be made shortly. A Syria did not agree with the decision and neither did Libya a Yamani said. He stressed his own country As the biggest Arab Oil producer would lift the embargo. He indicated Kuwait Egypt Algeria and smaller Arab Oil producers endorsed the decision. Syria and Libya were the Only two countries against the decision to relieve the Oil Supply situation in the United states Yamani said. The ministers from nine Arab countries met for three and a half hours sunday but failed to agree. Syria and Libya were reported blocking a unanimous decision to lift the blockade. However one unconfirmed report said syrians objections had been ironed out and Libya would abstain from the decision by the rest. Several of the ministers met until late sunday night in an attempt to draft a consensus document. Others contacted their governments for further instructions sources said. Earlier sunday 13 of the world s major Oil producing nations including seven of the Arab states concluded a weekend meeting Here with the announcement they would maintain their posted prices on crude Oil until july i the organization of Petro-1 e u m exporting countries open said its decision not to raise the artificial Price on which their share of the Oil Revenue is calculated was a Good will gesture toward the leading Oil Consumers a Western Europe Japan and the United states. The open countries produce 80 per cent of world Oil exports. Judge Sirica makes decision sealed report ordered handed to committee for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. No More junk q. How can you Stop getting this junk mail i heard there is a company in new York that you can write and they will take your name off the mailing list of companies that Send you this mail. . A. The direct mail advertising Assn. Offers a a email preference services for those who wish to have their names removed from lists. You can write the director of consumer relations direct mail advertising association inc., 230 Park ave., new York n y. 10017. They will Send you an application form to fill out and return. Bowser s Barking q. My Job requires me to sleep in the Day and we Are having an awful lot of trouble with dogs running through the Yard. Our dog is a House dog and naturally when a dog comes through the Yard he barks and i am not getting any rest either in the Day or at night. I called the dog Catcher three times and my neighbors have called. Is there something you can do to help me. I live in the Oakview area on Mary Wood drive. Help anon. A Loose dogs being the a now you see them now you done to creatures that they Are the Odds on catching one on the run Are slim. The Pound master says he checked the area again but they were not to be found unless you know who the owners Are or can entice the dogs to stick around while you summons the Catcher the Only thing left to try is a Good set of ear plugs to shut out the Racket. The out of towners q. Since the citizens of High Point have to buy City tags Why is it that the policemen that work in High Point done to have to buy tags for their cars mrs. B l. A. Officers who live within the City limits Are required to buy them those who Are not residences of the City do not have to get them police officers Are allowed to live anywhere on the North state Telephone Exchange which includes Thomasville and a Large portion of Forsyth and Randolph counties school holidays q. I have heard that we did not have to come to school on the 25th and 26th because of a teachers meeting and also heard it was the 21st and 22nd. Which is right girl. A. March 25 and 26 Are teachers workdays. Rod amp Bow q. Where can i find a reel to go on a Bow and Arrow where you could fish with it and is it against the Law to fish with it in fresh or Salt water e. Mcm. A. It is against the Law to shoot game fish but not Carp or any other rough fish. Almost any sporting goods store would have the equipment. Sound off the High Point arts Council will hold its second annual crafts fair at High Point College april 20. Anyone interested in participating should Call the arts Council or Rodney Quick. Last year some 25 craftsmen were invited to show and sell. Approximately 2,000 High pointers attended. Barbara Probert h p. Arts Council. Rep. Wilbur d. Mills Mills sees Nixon out of office by c. Barton Reppert associated press writer Washington a rep. Wilbur d. Mills predicts president Nixon will be out of office by november. Mills chairman of the powerful House ways and Means committee and vice chairman of the committee looking into the presidents taxes was asked in a televised interview sunday whether he expects Nixon will be in office by the november election a i do not a Mills responded. A Jbv resignation by impeachment a Mills replied a one or the other i do not know which at this appearing on the lbs program a face the Mills said he believes Nixon will come under increasing pressure from within the Republican party because of his tax problems and fears of lost votes in november. The Arkansas Democrat told one of the newsmen interviewing him a i would think that probably you and i both May Well be surprised when the vote occurs on the articles of impeachment Over the number on the Republican Side who May vote for those articles of Mills added Quot of he stays in office As president members of his own party know that lose seats in the commenting on Nixon a income tax problems primarily involving a deduction for donation of his vice presidential papers to the National archives Mills said a there is a possibility if the investigation proves that the deduction of the papers Given to the archives was improper that there would be fraud on the part of he said about the capital gains Section of the presidents taxes Quot i be seen no evidence whatsoever of Mills added a now in a not saying the president under any circumstance but there could be some fraud in connection with the preparation of his return if he included a deduction for the gift of those papers to the archives in the instance where the papers were Given after the cutoff Date of july 25, 1969.�?� Mills said that the decision about whether fraud was involved is up to the internal Revenue service. Mills said last weekend he expects that Nixon will not finish his term of office mainly because of pressures resulting from his tax difficulties. A White House spokesman later called the Mills statement a a dirty Low political i whats inside i amusements.7b bridge12b classified ads 7-11b comics6b crossword12b editorials .4a financial2a obituaries.2b sports.3-5b television .8a women a news 6-7a weather.3a by Donald m. Rothberg associated press writer Washington a -. District judge John j. Sirica ruled today that a secret grand jury report on president Nixon s role in watergate should be delivered to the House judiciary committee for its impeachment inquiry. Sirica said in his 22-Page opinion that Quot the person on whom the report focuses the president of the United states has not objected to its release to the committee Quot a other persons Are involved Only indirectly a Sirica said he also said the report a draws no accusatory conclusions. It renders no moral or social judgments. The report is a simple and straightforward compilation of information gathered by the grand jury and no Sirica who Steps Down As chief judge of the . District court in Washington on tuesday delayed implementation of his order for two Days to enable interested parties to file appeals. The judge wrote that a1 Hart replaces Sirica As top District judge by Donald m. Rothberg associated press writer Washington a before he became a Federal judge in 1958, George l. Hart or. Spent More than 20 years As a Republican party worker. In those Days Long before watergate Hart often raised As much As $500,000 a year As cop chairman for the District of Columbia. Quot every contributor of $100 or More was listed by name and address. Every expenditure of As Little Asio cents was listed individually a Hart recalled in an interview. A a that was the Way i thought Campaign funds were handled. A i must have been a babe in the Woods a he added. Recently Hart has begun learning about watergate style Republican politics in his position As a . District judge. And. Starting tuesday Hart takes Over As chief judge of the District court succeeding the Man Given much of the credit for exposing watergate . District judge John j. Sirica. The change will be marked today by a luncheon ceremony at a meeting of the judicial conference. Sirica turns 70 tuesday and must step Down As chief judge though he plans to remain on the Bench and already has assigned himself the watergate cover up trial. As the new chief judge. Hart will receive any future watergate indictments and assign the cases. Because of the administrative duties of his new Post Hart said it in t Likely a a i would assign one of the Long and protracted judge George l. Hart or. Watergate cases to myself while i am chief in september 1972, Sirica assigned himself the Case of seven men indicted on charges of burglary conspiracy and wiretapping in connection with the break in at democratic National committee Headquarters in the watergate office building at the trial in january 1973, five of the defendants pleaded guilty. The other two g. Gordon Liddy and James w. Mccord jr., were convicted by a jury. Throughout Sirica made it Clear he did t believe All the facts were being brought out. Finally in March Mccord wrote the judge a letter in which he said the defendants had been pressured into pleading guilty and also that involved in higher were the break in nearly a year later a grand jury indicted seven former administration and Campaign aides on charges of trying to Block the watergate investigation. A Good Deal of the credit was Given to Sirica a dogged determination to get at the truth. How does Hart feel taking Over As chief judge from the Man whom watergate made into a Folk hero a it s just another he said his voice still carrying a Trace of the Tidewater Virginia drawl of his native Roanoke. A i frankly done to consider from a judge s Point of View that a watergate is different than any other Case see Hart on 2a though it has not been emphasized in this opinion it should not be forgotten that we Deal in a matter of the most critical moment to the nation an impeachment investigation involving the president of the United a it would be difficult to conceive of a More compelling need than that of this country for an unswervingly fair inquiry based on All the pertinent information a he said. Sirica said the grand jury a strongly recommends that its report and a Satchel filled with evidence should go to the impeachment committee because a having carefully examined the contents of the grand jury report the court is satisfied that there can be no question regarding their materiality to the House judiciary committees rep. Peter Rodino jr., d-n.j., chairman of the House judiciary committee told newsmen he could not comment on the substance of Sirica s order until he had More time to examine it and consult counsel. But he indicated that he welcomed the release of the grand jury papers to the committee. Asked whether he was pleased with Sirica s order. Rodino said a Well we wrote to him requesting rep. Edward Hutchinson of Michigan the senior Republican on the committee said he was Quot very a the grand jury report was obviously intended for the committee and the committee should have it a Hutchinson said. Both men indicated they do not expect undue delay in obtaining the papers because of the Sirica a provision for a stay while his order May be appealed. A i think the Appeal can be speedily disposed of one Way or the other a Hutchinson said adding that he does not think committee counsel should take any part in the Appeal proceedings. A the committee should not subject itself to the jurisdiction of any court he added. Rodino said that Quot it would seem to me that the judge s stay of two Days requires expeditious at the White House Deputy press Secretary Gerald l. Warren said Nixon had been informed of Sirica a decision but gave no presidential reaction Jordan buried at Burlington Burlington no. Apr former . Sen b. Everett Jordan has been buried in a family plot in Burlington a Pinehill cemetery. Jordan died Friday at 77 after a three year struggle with cancer. He had a simple funeral service in the austere White Frame methodist Church in his Home Village of Saxapahaw before his remains were taken to Burlington for interment. Several Hundred people crowded into and around the Church on the Banks of the Haw River. Sen. Sam Ervin d-n.c., a boyhood Friend of Jordan stood in the rear of the Church. So did sen. Jesse Helms r-n.c., who replaced Jordan in the Senate after Jordan was beaten in the 1972 democratic primary by N.C. Galifianakis who attended the graveside ceremony. In the congregation was former gov. Luther Hodges who appointed Jordan to the Senate in 1958. So were a Host of congressmen legislators and state officials. Across the River from the Church could be seen the Brick buildings of the Sellers manufacturing co., which dominates Saxapahaw Jordan who was connected with the company through his mothers family eventually became the owner of the Mill and much of the Village. His wealth was his first entree into politics. He helped finance the successful campaigns of several democratic governors and served As state democratic chairman before his appointment to the Senate. Jordan a Eulogy was delivered by the Rev. Howard Wilkerson president of Greensboro College and former chaplain at Duke University. A a great tree in god s Forest has fallen a a Wilkerson said standing behind the Flag draped coffin. He praised Jordan for his Quot child like religious Faith his staunch Friendship and the services he and his family had rendered to the state and the nation. Wilkerson recounted that while he was at Duke he sent some anti War students to Washington to see Jordan. A the believed in youth and while he Wasny to ready to agree with some Long haired protestor his office was open to them and he was willing to listen a Wilkerson said. Jordan s body carried from Church of wire photo judge Sirica Warren noted however that Nixon s chief watergate lawyer James d. St. Clair had told Sirica the White House had no objection to sending the grand jury report to the committee. House speaker Carl Albert said that a offhand it seems to me it was a very Good House majority Lead Thomas p. A a tips o Neill. D-mass., said Sirica s ruling a will help expedite the the judge said it would be up to the House judiciary see sealed on 2a tourists threatening High Peak by Bill Martin associated press writer Bishop. Calif. A the . Forest service has been forced to limit Public Access to it. Whitney. The Solitude of the highest Point in the Continental United states is being threatened by trampling feet. First climbed by three fishermen in 1873, the Peak is now one of the most frequently climbed in the world hundreds Are on the Trail daily during summer months. A it s a Tough thing when you have to restrict the Public from Public land a says de Waldapfel Public information officer for Inyo National Forest. A but we Haven to found another under a plan being announced today the Forest service will allow Only 75 persons per Day onto the 10.7 mile it. Whitney Trail described by hikers As Quot just a Long because it is so readily accessible to the Public the Trail to the 14,495-foot Summit has been beset by problems brought on primarily by the sheer numbers of hikers. Last year 15,700 people used the Trail including 1,164 during the labor Day weekend. During summer months it s not unusual to have More than 250 people on the Trail in one Day. A three major problems have developed from this intense use a Wal Appel said in a recent interview. A inadequate sanitation loss of wilderness Solitude and damage to the he paints a sad picture of litter and waste lining the Trail vegetation destroyed and a Quot loss of wilderness the most serious problem area is at Trail Camp a popular overnight Stop for hikers on the Sierra Nevada Peak. A you literally can to find a Square Yard of ground without human faces on it a Waldapfel said a the smell is just because the area is designated a wilderness Inyo National Forest officials Are restricted from what might be rated logical remedies. For example officials ordered removal of a fibreglass toilet a few years ago ruling it failed to blend with the environment As required by the wilderness act of 1964. F

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