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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 14, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Mardi i i. 1010ti Iii i him late l1 Quot i or Noat i a err no i ii Luj Rye la Imi in ilk i us i Lulu Iii Jet Page three Sec a a boat sinks 24,600 tons Cross word Puzzle the War today Husic Section of n. C. E. A. I Rev. Goodnight continues to open meeting tomorrow j revival at Church of god etre is reviving blowing nil i Plain of Sui hich Sank courageous report successful Campaign Rah Lin March 14. A the submarine Captain who Sank the British aircraft Carrier courageous sept. Is reported sinking 2 1.600 tons of shipping on his second cruise the German High command announced today. Its communique said a on the Western front no special events. A South of Strasbourg one French plane of the Sureaux Type was shot Down by German anti aircraft artillery. Quot Lieut. Capt. Schuhart returning with his l boat from horizontal 1,7 author of a Uncle Toms Cabin a Beecher -. 11 Prima Donna. 12 sugary. 14 marries. 16 state of Bliss. 17 suspicious. 18 to Load. 19 by Means of. 20 Over. 21 very High Mountain. 23 fabulous Bird. 25 electrified particle. 27 blood Money. 30 occasion. 34 secret information. 35 Small Mark. 36 to discuss. 37 Capuchin Monkey. 38 noun ending. 39 is undecided. 40 blood. 41 to scan. 43 meteors. 47 to add up. 50 and. Answer to previous a Tizzie 13 age. 15 mysteries. 22 Kettle. 24 Uncle Tom. A slave known for loyalty or whether distrust or caution Italy is arming up to be ready for the jump she May have to take in Spring num _ 51 Brown bats. 2 to vouch. 53 South Africa. 54 awkward person. 56 stratum. 57 sheaf. 59 she was a last Century writer of 60 her Book a Uncle Toms Cabin a is still a Best pm. Vertical i to secrete. 3 hastened. 4 Island. 5 Pitcher. 6 pipe connection. 7 literary critic 8 Bird of the night. 9 to have on. 10 Taro Root. 11 her Book a a life of Southern slaves before the civil War. 26 one who names. 28 Inlet. 29 to think. 31 neither. 32 roman Calendar Day 33 fish. 39 to attitude Inize 40 category. 41 slave. 42 toilet bog. 43 to exist. 44 part of a Shaft. 45 Money Leat at interest. 46 pet Hes. 48 consumer. 49 god of War. 51 rigid. 52 Sun. 55 before Christ abbr. 58 myself. By Dewitt Mackenzie of highest importance especially with All Europe in ferment Over the Russo finnish a peace a and its potentialities is italian Coler Secretary so Dies announcement that Italy is ready to defend its Liberty of action with a million trained men under arms Ami with a fortified bulwark across its Alpine fron-1 Iees. The general added that the Frontier defences rating both Der Many and France had been strengthened. 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In the Ourse of two cruises against the enemy has sunk a total of 66.566 sinking of the 3.303-ton German Steamer a Bersheim yesterday two Miles from Rudberg rude Light off the Jutland coast in the North sen was reported by dub. Official German new s Agency. A report from Copenhagen said the ship apparently had been scuttled and that 22 crewmen were saved inmates of London goo consume 24 4.649 bananas 23,08, oranges and 196 pounds of Jam annually. Automobile spark plugs occasionally should be removed from the engine and inspected for such defects a cracked porcelain. Trust or caution Cut both ways. This supplements accidentally or otherwise the straight from j the shoulder message which nazi foreign minister von Ribbentrop is understood to have taken Back to fuehrer Hitler from Signor Mussolini earlier than week that Italy will stay out of War so Long As the fascist chief considers it advantageous. Dick l Lukk Laming what these two announcements amount to is that la Duce who is a very practical Many is freelancing. And he will fight to maintain his prerogatives. You ask for a More Blunt definition of policy though you probably would like More details. Mussolini a message May have had a rather formal and dubious ring in hitlers eats. Unless perchance Herr von Ribbentrop also tarried to his Leader a private Wold of affection and ass rate from ii Duce which i take the Liberty of doubting most decidedly. It Isnit that Hitler wants his partner in the berm Rome Axis to come into the War. For i done to believe he does. But there must be an anxious question in the fuehrer s mind As to which Way the italian Leader will go if and when he does get into the conflict. The dines statement of policy Stop Short of Clearing up that Point so fat As the Public knows. And it is a vital Point tor Hitler As he rapidly Appl caches a moment when the Drums of War May Start to Roll out a summons to bloody conflict. Fretty smart Max Signor Mussolini is a pretty smart Man he May not always go in the do tettion he wishes to take hut he generally goes in the direction which common sense dictates under his Rode. Com non sense impels him to neutrality or. As he prefers to put it. Non belligerency. That expression a non belligerency is a Concession to his affiliation with Hitler and to his avowed determination to resist any bolshevism invasion of the Balkans the most Likely was for Italy to Bec ome involved in War would be if Russia invaded the Balkans. Thai possibility has been in creased the release of the i i at a a a Ama. This delicious ice Cream pie with oven proof Glass plate j a value for Only taste this tempting combination of luscious Sun Ripe strawberries and Vanilla ice Cream. 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Chi Matt a my set Kern do Tea 0�?�nm Amer a St least forty my tat town in so Sec a lids from the finnish Conquest although Moscow Hasni to made any move in that direction. Mussolini intend to keep the bolshevism out. In such a it conflict he would be i tinning True to form As the Arch foe of communism he would t he challenging Hitler. Unless the latter chose to take la that Way. He would have the blessings of the allies but actually be affiliated with them. Thus he might engage the m a Ovitie without getting into difficulties with either the allies or Herr Hitler. Italy chief is. As i have remarked a Clever Man. Gotti i it Fly Reary having a weather Eye to such a clash with the red and not i overlooking other potentialities the fascist Leader is continuing to get Italy set for feats at arms if it is necessary or Silvan a lagoons to engage in them he is stocking no with guns tanks. Air planes and War supplies of All sorts. Nor overlooking the hard Tush which he is collecting by his thriving Trade. Of he has to face a showdown Between joining the allies and going with Germany he undoubted my will be governed by the ctr i Cums Tamea of the moment. However. If developments continue As they Are headed now it i be surprising to see him choose the Anglo French brotherhood. It j Isnit that he loves the allies the More hut that he likes the germans and their bolshevism affiliation the less. People s la epic re he Stockholm. March 14.�? a a a Moscow dispatch to the newspaper afto bladet today said Russia intends to establish a so called Quot Peoples Republic in the a a of Southern Finland ceded to the soviet Union. It said Vii Puri would be the capital. Center Clark Gable in strange cargo with Joan Crawford. Features at i 00-3 04-5 08-7 12-9 16 Broadhurst Quot High school with Jane Withers and Joe e. Brown. Or. Features at 12 51-2 36-4.21-6 06-7 51-9 36 Paramount a Quot dancing coed with or. And mrs. Artie Shaw Lana Turner. Features at 5 17-7 15-9 30 on stage Quot stars to come Quot j 30 Carolina Quot prisoner of Zenda a with Ronald Colman and Madeleine Carton. Features at 5.26-7 72-9 18. In leu inf., Ana it mrm her i no fit t flow i a suss the new Strait est radio show featuring Undy it fair under Fine Rumm Ltd Rumen aet Valier every thursday. Sas p m. K b c. Red network Chicago. March it a 4> a butter 7 1 4.807, firm prices unchanged. Eggs 18.330. Firm current receipts 16 other prices unchanged. Chap Al Hill March 14.�? a meeting of the North Carolina music teachers which comprises the music Section of the North Carolina education association will he held in Raleigh Friday March 15, it. Was announced Here today by or. Glen Haydon head of the University music department and president of the association. In addition to members private music teat hers from every Section of the state Are cordially invited to attend. All sessions will he held in the Poindexter memorial building of the Edenton Street methodist Church except the Organ forum which is scheduled to meet in Christ Church. A series of lectures on the Rev it elation by Rev. H. S. Goodnight j Are being conducted at the first j Church of god. 1012 Oshe Horo j Street. He has shown by scripture and by a Large Chart that the Book of revelation concerns the spiritual conflict which begins at the birth of Christ and continues on to our Day. Tonight Rev. Goodnight a subject is to he Quot the thousand i years what it really kidneys must remo excess acid americans Are reported to Bel operating chivas secret air plane \ factory. To address traffic i b Charlotte. March 11.�?bp a colonel Henry Xiv. Anderson of Norfolk. A. Seaboard air line railway receiver will speak before the Charlotte traffic and transportation club March 28. Al Salvadore is starting several Public works projects. Help 15 mile of kidney tul Mush out poisonous a if you have act exr. 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