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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 13, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Weather Haiti tonight Ain thursday. I he High Point Enterprise vol. 56�?no. 75 member associated pros. He ii Point. N. Cd a w i i a sin \ftkrno0n. Mme la 13. Pm Complete Nea Selix ice High Poi ii i to outer of diversified manufacturing Enterprise Price Cive Cen righting ceases on Baltic Walfron a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a by i. C. St a he London Mart la 13. A j a a Rimland tor a i<>r-j111.11 debate on Britain so whole conduct of the War came from Leslie Hore Belisha. Recently dismissed War minister Las he made a bitter attack on the government in the House of commons today in a 1st Ormy debate on Finland capitulation to soviet Russia. I i Loir he Etui. Who ouster ism. Jan s never was fully explained but w hoj known to Nave advocated dispatch of a British expeditionary Force to Finland before he left office. A a riled the h r it in it refusal to Supply More help a based on a a pure prime minister Chamberlain refused to say immediately whether he would allow the requested full dress debate. Foe Low 8 la am Beria in Hore Belisha entered today discussion after Chamberlain had praised finnish resistance and both labor and Liberal leaders joined in expressing admiration for the finns and deploring what they called another Triumph for aggression. Continued on rage two Hoover denies wire tapping j f. In i. Heat asserts practice never i Salt a in civil liberties ase Washington Manti 13.�? put a a. Edgar Hoover said today that use of wire tapping by his a men have been Quot few and far Bei in Ervi Ewt d after the Senate interstate Commerce committee recommended yesterday a general inquiry into wire tapping by Federal and private police agencies. Hoover declared that he consistently had opposed the practice. In fact he Aid he originally banned its use by the Federal Bureau of investigation three month before a supreme court minority criticised the practice in in 2s. Re instated in i Oil i the system was re instated in i9j1, Hoover said on instructions from attorney general Mitchell Quot to conform to practices in the prohibition Mitchell had been questioned by members of co gees he explained As to Why one Branch of the Justice department used wire tapping and another did not. Since the re just arcement. Hoover added wire tapping has been limited to specific cases of such crimes As kidnapping extortion and Quot flagrant White not i Sld in Cix la. La Klich is i a Rush a ii ski. Own Lii la Lim War chief May Lead Finland drastic political change inevitable i till military to eminent Likely Copenhagen March 13 a in scandinavian political Quarter expressed the belief today that drastic political changes a pre Inezl table in Finland following conclusion of peace with Russia and that formation of a temporary military government was Likely possibly headed by Field Marshall Karon Gustaf Gar Mannerheim Finland War Leader it was reported Here that two finnish Cabinet ministers already had resigned. Finland it was said i now fat ins a troubled period of readjustment Aud re habilitation in a birth military r in would appear necessary. Swedes propose defense i Mon Stockholm. March 13,�? a a from the welter of swedish 1 press comment on the finish-1 russian War Climax there emerge j cd today a proposal that peace be i insured by a defense Union with i j Finland. Now. More than Ever the press said. Finns will need swedish help. The conservative Sven ska Dag i Blade called the Moscow treaty a Quot hard peace a and asked what the finnish people would a when they learn it terms sex i Dan to he Wie Quot Many will a that Sweden i to biome Quot the newspaper went on., Quot hut St least the peace now must he guaranteed by Sweden in a defense Union with Finland and possibly with the Stockholm t i d n i n Gen commented that without swedish material and help the finns could not have held out As Long As they did and added a a Sweden j must stand Side by Side with Finland with All resources in j eluding military. The Bagnes Nyseter said the out in licit on Page two by conclusion of Baltic War Hail settlement i As blow to allies plan of fighting by lolis i. Lochner i Berlin March 13, a i apr authorized German sources beamed with satisfaction today Over the russian finnish peace. Its terms they said were i a in just proportion to the a orifices made and in just proportion to the needs and necessities which certain states in Large a living spaces j have a right to these source also expressed opinion that the treaty As signed at Moscow constituted no danger to finnish living space. Authorized sources further held i that conclusion of the peace i marked failure of a so called British French attempt to extend the area of combat into Sean i i naval. Quot those buffoons Quot they spoke with greatest disdain of Quot those buffoons Quot who i thought at the last moment they j could use Finland Quot the same Way they used the added Quot the finns proved More sensible than i the pole. The whole affair is anything but honorable for England and France. Tilt i Powers totally authorized source again emphasized that Germany remained strictly Neutral in the Northern conflict and left it to the finns to Settle their affairs with the Shore Belisha attacks British War polio finns lose heavily in peace agreement foreign minister Tanner reveals terms in broadcast tells nation government was tiring of waiting for outside help treaty still subject to diets ratification finnish peace nazis pleased causes ousted War minister to ask debate British sympathy extended to finns by Chamberlain trip asians a but they could they insisted that Finland went into the fight Only because he relied on the Western Power for Aid. Is soil while the Berlin pres front aged the term of the russian finnish peace without comment. The papers unleashed an attack on great Britain and Fra Nee. Charging they had attempted to prevent an armistice. Tile re liner Zeitung am m it tag s treatment a typical. In a three line Streamer Aero Page one it mated Risso finn Hsii Black terms a with the conclusion of the treaty ending the three and one half months old Western Baltic War the soviet was Given the territories shown on the map above i the karelian isthmus including Vii Puri 2 port of Hanko and Hanko Peninsula 3 All the shores of Lake Ladoga and an area North of the like 4 an area around Petsako in the Arctic Circle. Other concessions gained by Russia included several Small islands not shown on the map. Moscow March 13�? in apr soviet Russia j gained Broad territorial economic and military footholds in Finland to i Clay with a treaty ending Iller costly 105-Day War in a fashion which the Kremlin regards As the greatest defeat of the British in a Century. The undeclared wars Conlu a Aion was looked upon at the soviet seat of government As a Quot splendid contribution to world f Britain and France at War with Germany Russia s Friend offered yesterday to Send an army to Aid Finland but the finns act ceded to Russia s terms last night j and said they had lost Faith in j foreign promises the treaty a terms indicate that Russia a achieved her Long sought Security for Leningrad from assault by any Power by land or sea Over finnish soil or Waters. Vii Puri. The finnish City which goes to Russia under the treaty has been called the key to Lenin i Baltic War Cost lives of 285.000 my tin two it commons shouts Down communist in in in in Vin Reb Iii.ijp a in tile mid of heated debate in the Sioum of no limn to Dat on the Fini Itaho Rulan peace William a Barber the unix communist mein Ber declared that a settlement of tin finnish question would have Heel reach Iii november Quot without bloodshed if it had not been for outside Iii implication that of Britain and France. Shouts of Quot no came from various sides of the House. Kallio asks thai . Aid continue Finland a president wires Hoover belief is that help will be sent Helsinki March 13. Map a president Kyosti Kallio of Finland sent a Cable to Herbert Hoover today asking that american help for Finland he continued. He thanked Hoover for the Aid Xii ready sent by hoovers committee. The cablegram said a i Hope with All my heart that you xviii continue to alleviate the lot of those suffering on account of the War. For the population of Tho ceded areas will be moving into the territory of the Republic. A Quot a it have signed a compulsory peace Sci we Hope hat our is Rug Italy to get Coal by rail die for right has gained us the sympathy of Tho civilized world and Trust we shall not tie loft to our own resources in Tho work of thirteen killed when Tornado hits Louisiana new agree intent owes out of von Ribbentrop w Eek cml \ kit Rome. March 13.-and Germany today agreement whereby agrees to Supply Italy by rail in View of the belief re fax ids that Relief xxx ill re kept i p Washington. March 13,�? mtg Tho belief prevailed in Tho capital today that Russo finnish peace would not affect the recent $20,000,000 loan to Finland by he sex port-1 in port Bank but would enable the Money to be used in reconstructing the War Eoal needs torn country. Allied Ca formal comment on to 4 a Italy signed an the Reich March 13. A thirteen a v i Shreveport la., a wiretaps civil persons were killed at least 37 injured and hundreds made used in any ease liberties a a he said Quot never in any investigation involving labor or subversive activity and never has the wire of a senator or member of c on Green been tapped a senator Norris ind neb expressing the opinion that a congressional investigation of wiretapping was not needed As far As the Fri was concerned and voiced concern that an inquiry might be used for political purpose. Runaway balloon threatens air traffic in Pennsylvania blockade against shipments by sea. Details of the agreement were withheld but ii was announced soviet announcement of a treaty ending the Baltic conflict was withheld by officials until the state department could study Complete homeless by torn adic winds w hich struck hardest in Shreveport late yesterday and then moved across the Border into Texas. Fire chief Sloan j. Flores tip tit j t mated that damage Iii Shreve j child of Bat Mckinney. 38, be port alone a More than $1, ii and unidentified negro. 000,000. Libby Owens Ford Glass my. Banks Roberts. A was Plant officials counted their loss j killed at Elysian Fields when her at $200,000. The state fair House collapsed Lier daughter. I a t my a t i a of into let it that negotiations for it were dispatches started by German foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop and continued on in age i to Premier Mussolini Over the week end. Lodi 18 signs it was reported in political circles that German Coal would 1 continued on a two j Grad s defense since Peter the great founded Leningrad As St. Petersburg. The Price paid by the russians in three and one half months of fighting undoubtedly was a heat one. Hut it was pointed out that the soviet Union was a Rich country. Able and willing to pay Well for its gain. Hostilities ended at noon today 4 am est the announcement said. With the finnish government allowed three Days to ratify the treaty. There was no indication in Helsinki that the finnish diet had ratified the treaty or would do so. In fact Helsinki Dis Pateh by havas French news Agency said overthrow of the finnish government might result instead of treaty approval. As quoted by Reuters. British news Agency it said the finnish min continued on in age two bulletins ii ago paper reports Dean has been signed Chicago March is. A up a the Chicago daily new reported today that dizzy Dean had ended his holdout Campaign against the Chicago cubs and would join the team in los Angeles next sunday. The big Pitcher speaking Over the Telephone from his Home in Dallas Texas declined to reveal the amount for which he signed. A Ginger Rogers granted interlocutory divorce los Angeles March is. Apr screen actress linger Rogers was granted an interlocutory decree of divorce today after she testified Lew Ayre deserted her May 4, 1936. The hearing took but a few minutes miss Roger sued under her married name of Virginia m. Ayer and named the defendant As Frederick Ayer. They were married Here nov. 14, 1934. Round damage was estimated at i $100,000. Barksdale Field one of the nations major army Airport j suffered Only slightly. The storm accompanied by Hail and rain caused most damage in a Shreveport residential Section mrs v. A. Hightower and or Hightower in month old daughter were injured. Two negroes were reported killed Between Elysian Fields and Bethany. Guardsmen called olt National guards Mere called Weaver to seek re nomination Wagner declares House proposals would be oppressive to labor Washington March i Akron it March 13.�? up a a runaway Quot balloon per led Airway traffic four hour last night a it drifted 200 Miles finally mantling at Kittanning. Pa., 50 aides Northeast of Pittsburgh. Airliners scurried to High Multi r a Leigh. March 13. Rep Zeb Weaver. Before striking across the Border j out immediately to prevent loot Iii the area Between Elysian Field j ing of Homes they were joined i congressman from the Lith Dis and Bethany Tex. Five Hundred j by acc Camp enrollee and vol j tract filed with the state Klc a Shreveport Home were damaged. I in tee is in the search for victims tons Board today for Reno Inina capitalist killed the red Cross stepped in to Aid Don in the May 25 primary. Among the dead was t. K. Gid the needy. Representative Weaver was the Dens 71. Shreveport capitalist mrs. H. P. Robinson who. With Toth Democrat to pay fees to the tildes through fear of a Skyway and property owner who was vis her husband escaped serious in j stable elections Board. Four re pub colitis Iii. Commercial airlines. Bing a negro tenant House when jury As their Home collapsed said Beans have filed warned of the unmanned bag had the storm broke. A tree crushed she did no to know Quot exactly How it fifteen or More democrats and instructed pilots to remain above j him a he sought to enter his a a dozen republicans including 10,000 feet to Mobile. Quot it was just like Midnight and congressional convention Nonilon the 75 foot torpedo shaped nine other persons killed in the lights had gone out and we a a it have announced but not filed j balloon owned by the Goodyear Shreveport were John m. Batt a see anything Quot she said. Filing time close saturday night. Blanket opposition aircraft corp., ripped away from rums. About 35 mrs. John m Many communications lines Sam m Cathey and m. Earle but he expressed Blanket of a ground Crew Here while being Bai Igus or he t in Armstrong were Down. Light were Extin Donna Hue. Both of Asheville have position to the amendments drawn brought Down from an Altitude 15 e. G. Woodyard. 62, the j gushed and a Mains broken announced they would oppose by a pee to i House committee teat. J wife two stepchildren and gland a open. J Weaver but be Luiei has filed. I headed by rep. Smith of it apr senator Wagner any Champion of the labor Board declared in a Senate speech today to j that amendments proposed by the democratic i Smith committee would turn the National labor relations act into Quot a delusive remedy for the worker and a Concrete weapon for the oppression of Wagner who sponsored the Law in the Senate said he was ready to support any a sound Quot changes proposed by others and was seeking himself to Advance ter weeks of inquiry into the labor Board. Probability that the House labor committee will recommend some changes in the National labor relation act in the near future was indicated by chairman Norton a no. Labor Laws functioning without impairing ifs collective bargaining principle. Press Parley suit act mrs. Norton said of her talk with the president that she gained the impression the subject of amendments Quot will come up in the suggestions w hich would Quot Lead to 1,1 1 possible in informed quarters a still better National labor pol j that at least some of the committee proposals might have administration approval. The president was represented in word circulating at the Capitol As being willing to accept amendments designed to improve the Quot i think it is indicated that the president s pres conference Fri Conin Pittee will report something Quot Day a at least it mrs. Norton said. Since she had a or Roosevelt was represented conferred yesterday with Prest As being opposed to the slate of Dent Roosevelt. It was consider amendments drawn recently by the special House investigating committee headed by rep. Smith a a. They Call for creation of a new labor Hoard limited to judicial function delegation of administrative functions to in Independent officer and numerous changes in Board procedure. Copenhagen March ply Eon Iii military observers today estimated the finnish Killian War had com at Iram a i too casualties half of them de my. These sources divided the Lospoc this Way russian approximately Siso uni dead Ami wounded. dead and Hamio wounded. The abnormally High percent age of War dead was attributed to the hitter cold weather in which most of the War fought. I any drat ii were from freezing after wound which otherwise would not have been fatal one danish newspaper correspondent today reported finnish casualties Ltd the karelian isthmus i ont alone were Mai including 2, Mio Young finnish officers High britishers shot to death Indian gunman fires fatal shots a sir Michael i Weer London March 13�? pm sir Michael o Dwyer former lieutenant governor of the Punjab was shot to death and lord Zetland Secretary of state for India was wounded at a meeting of the India association tonight by an Indian gunman. Sir Louis Dane Aud lord Laming ton also were wounded the meeting was held in London. A sir Michael an official of Britain Indian civil service from 18�> 5 to 15 20, was known a an advocate of Strong measures in handling the Indian problem. He was 75 years old lord Zetland has held the Indian portfolio in the British it Cabinet since 193 5. Lord lain Inion is a former governor of Bombay and sir Louis like sir Michael is a former lieutenant governor of the Punjab. The Indian gunman shouted Quot make Way Quot and dashed toward the door. He a seized and taken away a fire Breaks out on Western front Paris. March 13. A artillery fire broke out on various sector of the Western front today. French military quarters reported. Accompanied by the usual scouting activity. Nevertheless the regular morning communique of the French High command said merely j a nothing to a. He tile dogged Emir he Psi ski March map a weary Killian lacking weapons and see 11 Teal of foreign offers i i help ended her Bitt j t Hryce and on half Nion thl struggle against so Vii Russia today by yield it Imore soil and econom and military Independent than demanded before to i War. At la a. In 4 St agouti finnish army Stop Ped fighting and a Gigot i peace settled Over the hat t in Fields from the corp piled karelian isthmus to it icy Lapland beginning Friday tin finnish troops xviii ctr the a ate of seven in it meters about 4.5 Miles Day to narrowed Frontier fixed by the treaty Signet at Moscow night. The treaty still was subject t formal ratification by Tho Finnis dict within Fri pfc Day. It a officially announced thi afternoon that War minister Juh Niue Damn and minister of Edu Canon i ution ilium it i had resign cd from the government be earn i Liry opposed scr upling the re in terms. Dis loses terms foreign minister Vamo tan tier disclosed the terms to flu finnish people in a broadcast to Day. Declaring Finland was forced to capitulate. The head of that finnish army Field marshal Baron Carl Gustaf Mannerheim a scheduled to speak to Thna Ion tonight and president Kyo Btl Kailio tomorrow. Finland was forced to yield to Cali a the marked Arni and Quot hat no Faith in the promises of other to Aid in the unequal Struj a against a foe 50 time her size Tanner declared. Immediately after the foreign ministers broadcast All fat Public buildings were lowered to half staff. Helsinki a newspapers appeared with heavy Black mourning Border. News of the peace brought a continued on Baar Wui death Valier Scotty reveals i measure Cache death Valley �?Talif., March 13. A i pm there $loo,-000 in Gold certificates buried in the mountains. Death Valley Scotty has told he Federal government. A visit of a couple of is. Internal Revenue officers to the Castle a few weeks ago set the old mystery prospector to thinking. He had satisfied the income tax investigators who Hail been on his Trail for years with a signed statement in january that he had no income for 30 years or so and had been getting All of his funds of loan from his partner a. M. Johnson. His Quot Lort Knox Quot Quot i got to thinking about my yellow backs t hat i planted More a Twenty years before Uncle Sam started digging his Hole to Bury Gold in Down at fort Knox Kentus said Scotty. Quot so i just sat Down and wrote a letter to the old gentleman with the Here is the letter Quot United states collector of internal Revenue Quot i had a Bunch of Money amounting to one Hundred thousand Dollar in Gold replicates and i buried it in the mountains about the year Nineteen Hundred and nine. Afterwards cloudburst came and covered it up and maybe sometime i will be Able to get it and maybe i will never get signed i Walter Scott death Valley Seoti a

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