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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 10, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 8b High Point Enterprise Friday March to 1972 television log Oklahoma Cowboy rides again by Cynthia Lowry a to a Villon re Dio writer new York apr James Whitmore s one Man show about will Rogers in which he has been touring for More than a year was brought to the lbs television audience thursday night. Rogers who died in a plane crash in 1935, had keen wit a diffident and gentle manner which combined with a Broad Grin permitted him to get away with almost anything on stage and radio because be was funny. His style and commentary might be too Sha p to handle in these thin skinned Days of television. Whitmore a material covering Many years was obviously edited for contemporary applicability and was smoothly pulled together. The hour wig filmed As Whitmore a red on the stage of los Angeles Mark 7 Mer forum. The actor first appeared on stage As himself a Gray haired Man in Slacks and sports jacket. After a few introductory remarks he removed his jacket displayed a Bandana around his neck and stuck a Cowboy hat on the Back of his head. He picked up a rope slouched and without any tricks of make up suddenly was easily identifiable As Rogers. The program probably contained the Cream of Rogers wit starting with grinning pokes at c33 a my or a Nebo to go a Btu Charlotte a Wunch University station of a Gap High Point d soc Charlotte it Wols Roanoke 32 Wujs Winston Solom 4 00 . News Feather sports scene tonight electric company Abc news eyewitness news 6 us clock news 4.30 . Lbs news you the deaf to Tell the truth Abc news 7mw j acc finals news evening Edi Ion v a d >93 is in t 43 9 % is j Andy Griffith ,8 to truth or consequences 32 news 7 30 . 3 it Mayberry red 4> Engineer review cd Hee Haw 35 to Tell the truth Green acres 1 00 Washington week the Brady Bunch Friday movie 32/ Sanford a son 1 30 . 4 film Odyssey d Partridge family g 12 Abc movies 9 . A room 222 12 go e to 12 chronology 4 30 . 8 Odd couple 10 00 . 8 love american style 10 30 . 3 Sanford amp son 15 this is your life 12 Nepi 11 00 . God night beat news it j scene tonight 8 3d eyewitness news to news 12 news weather. Sport 11 30 . 33cd movie 3 Dick Cavett show �3532 Johnny Carson 1 r 9 00 room 222 a Gap to i 9 30 the Odd couple Dor .10 00 love american style o 30 Ca t cd 9 4 30 . Now 7 00 Sun ise semester Kirby n friends Apt Noah Popeye 35 insight 32 farm report 7 30 j Tom and Jerry it 4-h tvs science it to science club 9 Abbott and costello 35 profile 12 cartoon carnival 1 00 . J bugs Bunny 5 15 u or. Doolittle it real Jerry Lewis 1 30 . 2 it Scrooby Doo 8 Road runner 9 to 12 Deputy Dawg 9 00 . It Harlem globetrotters Funky phantom Long. Wood Woodpecker 9 30 . 23 3 the hair Bear Bunch cd35 is Pink Panther 33 Jackson five 10 00 3l33 pebbles amp Bumm bamm 8 bewitched 2 35 32 the Jet sons 10 30 it cd Archie a to funnies Cut us Seville cd3532 Barrier reef 11 00 . X 2 Sabrina teen age Witch 33 curiosity shop cd3512 giant step 11 30 3 33 Josie and the pussycats 12 noon i the monkeys d Johnny quest d151x or. Wizard 12 30 . 2 a you Are there it i Lancelot link to outdoors x to 12 the Buga Loos 1 00 . 2 it children a film 8 reaction untamed world wrestling reflections 1 30 . Tvs basketball id 15 ii it d Simon Locke. M d. 12 Joe Caldwell 1 45 . 12 Bob Gordon theater 2 00 . 2 water world 3 saturday picture Dod Mcaa basketball 35 roller Derby 23 Stock car highlights 2 30 . 2 Arthur Smith it survival 3� Mcaa basketball 3 00 . 2 High Speed living 35 outdoors 3 30 . Id pro bowlers w Independent businessman 4 00 . 2x3 doral open it Porter Wagoner 4 30 . It wrestling 5 00 . 23 Golf for swingers it wide world of sports to Wilburn Bros. 5 30 . 33 Here a Lucy 23 animal world 10 Arthur Smith passageways answer to Pirim Prado his favorite target the politicians a the local Bandit sent to Washington to raid it was a tour de Force for Whitmore and a interesting program for the viewer. The program was the first of three hours of specials on lbs. It was followed by a Cool and temperate report on school busing for purposes of integration. Roger Mudd handled reports on the programs in school systems in Richmond where tempers have been running High in Pontiac mich., where trouble broke out in the fall and in Pasadena calif., where it seems to be working out Well. Pros and cons of the subject were examined carefully and the program maintained As its Central Point that the purpose of such busing is to provide Quality education for All children. It was a helpful program that showed the problems but was unable to offer much of a general solution. The network wound up the evening with an informal round table discussion by four correspondents on their impressions of China during the eight Days of the presidential visit. Walter Cronkite Erie Sevareid Dan rather and Bernard Kalb went Over some now familiar ground discussed chinese american politics debated the reaction of the chinese and speculated on the results of the visit. They were most interesting when they talked of their personal reactions during the visit. Sanford amp son 8 00 p. M. I narrow Road 5 Sid a for pad Triana a Panaca was behind buildings to Kuna disconnected Mach 12 Irish a Aport 13 approached is Point a weapon i Vega is Quot Blue Eagle a it brother of Jacob bib 21 conceit 22 regiment a 23 for fear that 24 boys nickname 25 Olive Genua 26 preposition 28 f Rench Coin 30 epoch 32 by 33 former russian ruler 36 hint 39 being latin 43 lawyers he 44 gift. Of mercy 45 masculine nickname 46 make lace 47 Way travelled a 48 fourth islam Caliph 49 important Street 52 showered 55 growing out Legal notices announcements i. Announcements 3 Maiden name Symbol 4 embroidery 31 chosen Hole 5 charming 6 fruit drink 7 College degree a 56 showy Bowen 8 Gist Coll 9 get up 57 one who la suiting changes Coloni material 12 chinese Coin 14 fact 58 Congers Down 1 South american ruminant 2 entire 17 past 20 Speaks 22 courses 27 conjunction 28 Calcium profession 2 words 33 Farewell Coll 34 barrel part 35 be present 37 ultimate a 38 corns Forth 40 remains erect 41 bargain events 42 Okli Dioma City 50 negative vote 51 Utah Indian 53 pub drink 54 adjective suffix notice to creditors i North Carolina Guilford county the undersigned having qualified As administer matrix c. T. A., of the estate of Frank r. Hearne late of the City of High save big do your own Rug and uphold Point county of Guilford state of North Story cleaning with Blue Lustra rent Carolina this is to notify All Parsons elected Shampooer is. Huffman paint amp firms and corporations having claims wallpaper against said state to present them to the a -57735= undersigned on or before the 3rd Day 0f / new appliance september 172, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons firms and corporations indebted to said estate will please make immediate payment to the undersigned this the isl Day of March 172. Phyllis h. Morgan administer matrix c.t.a., of the Estat of Frank r. Marne of 2-Box 343 c Hgt go Point. North Carolina 27260 Sprinkle Coffield amp Stackhouse 201 perpetual building High Point North Carolina March Jio 17, 24 ser lets and of pairs 15. Septic tank service Archdale septic tank service. Installation amp repair custom ditching. Call 431-3421. Dealer Norge by Fedders. Showroom sales and service at Moore electric repair located at bin Wood Park. Is 22421 or 8117144___ stolen Mustang to the party that took our Mustang see our and in sundays paper for a special message. Archdale motor co. De Smith s septic tank service pump ing repairing custom ditching. Office and Plant 431-111? Home 431-4724. Septic tanks installed is repaired. Call Robart Batson 475-3411 or 867131 septic tanks cleaned Sandrock a gravel Call a. L. Reagan 431-4304 septic tanks Cleah hed Banks septic tank service 431 471 or 431-4373. Notice to creditors North Carolina Guilford county the undersigned having quailed As administrator of the estate of Roger Gilliam Mcallister deceased late of Guilford county North Carolina this is to notify All persons firms or Corpora 3. Lost and found missing wire haired Fox terrier White from parking lot Flea Mart High Point Road february to a a Bonnie Quot no questions asked. Reward Hoo of Day 272 116 g night 474 547 i. 7 p. M. 2 acc basketball the Semi final games live from 12 Greensboro coliseum in one of the most exciting acc basketball seasons of Many years. 7 30 p. M. 8 Mayberry red 1 Howard becomes the Host of a local television literary programs which features poetry readings and becomes attached to an Anonymous fan named becomes a court Case for Carol Brady. Sanford and son with Redd Foxx As Sanford and Demond As his son Lamont. 1 30 p. M. 12 Green acres the dreaded a Bing bugs invades Hoot Erville scorn crop the Partridge family the family learns a great Deal from a visit to a Navajo reservation a including the reason that the proprietor of a desert garage had mysteriously delayed their departure for two Days. Creating an emergency situs 12 Friday movie a a How Tion for Oliver townspeople. 8 p. M. And the i the Brady Bunch a minor parking lot Accident to Frame a Figg a with Don Knotts Joe Flynn Edward Andrews and Yvonne Craig. A City accountant is set up As the fall Guy by the City Council. 9 p. M. I room 222 a school Board member donates a radio station to the school. Then when the students tape some satirical remarks he made he threatens to close the station unless the tapes Are turned Over to him. 9 30 p. M. Too couple Oscar and Felix Are faced with the Prospect of having to attend to a a a delivery when oscars pregnant Niece drops into the apartment and announces she intends to have her baby by natural childbirth. 10 p. M. Love american style three a love and a episodes with Ken Berry bid Melton Eddie Quillan Harriet Macgibbon and others. Vicinity of downtown Holiday inn or Collar Eishi amp co. Sun. Night feb. 27th 50 Reward offered for it return if found Call Collier Eim amp co. 813-4141. Lost female Perwien Kitten 7 month old Tortoise a hell color. New Section Oryx Mph 883-4727 _ lost in Andrews High Vicinity Small Black Puppy part Beagle of found. Please Call m3-9641 l Ost 7wh of a pin y with Black head below Trinity school. Call 411-1044 4. Personals marriage ave gement Complete within 2 hr., 8 a in. To i pm. Monday through Friday. Call for a postmen 812 2454, c. C. Hughe. Dana Fern reduce Eyce a fluids with fluid. A 6 lose weight safely with de a diet 8 cents. At Menn drugs. I he Mem ask Andy Andy in do a 20 volume of of Tho world Book encyclopedia to Laurence Lopresti 090 to of Tempo Arizona for hit question Why does t water Burn this popular question pops into our Heads when we learn that water is composed of Hydrogen and oxygen its two ingredients Are gases that bum yet water is famous for putting out fires. This mysterious situation is one of the miracles of chemistry. It takes us Down Down to the invisibly Small world of atoms and the extraordinary changes that occur when atoms Combine to form molecules. Chlorine is a Yellowish poisonous Gas and sodium is a soft poisonous Metal. These two elements Combine to form Ordinary table Salt Hydrogen and oxygen Are flammable gases and a mixture of the two is dangerously explosive. When the mixture is ignited with a spark it shatters a Glass Container into fast flying fragments and produces a fierce Flash of heat. The foolish Experiment also produces a drop of water. The two gases lost an enormous amount of heat Energy to Combine their separate atoms into liquid molecules. They also lost their separate characters and the water molecules must obey a very different set of rules in i somewhat the same Way atoms of chlorine and sodium take on a different character when they Combine i n molecules of Salt. The behaviour of an atom depends upon its numbers of particles and How they Are arranged. In chemical reactions the outer electrons Are rearranged. This rearrangement of Electron particles changes the nature of Hydrogen and oxygen when they Combine into water molecules. Hydrogen is a restless atom because its Lone Electron needs another one to Complete a Shell around its nucleus. Oxygen is restless because it has eight electrons. Two Complete an inner Shell and two More Are needed to Complete a second Shell. Atoms spend a lot of frantic Energy trying to arrange the Correct number of electrons in their shells. Neon Gas has no such problems because its Normal quota of ten electrons Complete a first of two and second Shell of eight. It is reluctant to bum and refuses to form chemical compounds with other elements. Hydrogen and oxygen solve their Mutual problems by sharing a pair of electrons two Hydrogen atoms each provide a single Electron for the second Shell of one oxygen atom. The two restless Hydrogen atoms find a Home and the frantic oxygen atom takes Down its vacancy sign. Tile three atoms Are bonded together in a stable molecule however if the temperature soars to 2700 degrees centigrade the in o i e c u in s separate and the ingredients become flammable gases again. Another dramatic change occurs because the ends of the water molecule Bear opposite electrical charges. The Hydrogen atoms attached to the oxygen s outer Shell Bear slight positive charges. The oxygen end bears a slight negative charge. These opposite poles attract each other a negative pole attracts Lions having arms against sad astute to lost Olive Green briefcase. Lost in present them to the undersigned on or before the Lith Day of september 172 or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery ail persons firms or Cor por at ions indebted to Salt a state will Oie Asa make immediate payment to or undersigned this the 3rd Day of March 1972 j c. Mcallister or. Administrator of the estate of Roge r Gilliam Mcallister. Deceased 1483 Westchester drive High Point 27240 Haworth Riggs Kuhn and Haworth attorneys p 0 Box to. High Point . 27241 3 to 17, 24, 31 notice for Southern broadcasting company pursuant to the rules and regulations of the Federal communications commission notice is hereby Given the an application flied a a it Southern broadcasting company for renewal of its License to open at on Channel 8, Wop to. High , North Carolina and an App Licate tiled by furniture City television company inc., for a construction permit for a new television broadcast station to opera on Channel 8, High Point Norm Carolin have been predesignated for a Cor Oli dated hearing to Gay a comm Ion the application it Southern Broad casting company for renewal of its or in to operate this station in the Public interest was Tan dared Tor filing with tha Federal communications com in Salon on september 2, 4 the Apo i ration of furniture City the Levels on company inc Tor a construction permit for a new broadest station was mod on october 31, 14 att a considering those Appl rations the commission bes de train a that it is necessary to hold the hear in to decide the following questions 1 to determine which of the proposal would better serve the pub c interest. 2 to determine in me Light of thav dance adduced pursuant to Tho foregoing i sue Inch of Tho applications should be granted 3 to determine the attend Mode by furniture City television company into ascertain the Community needs and interests of the area to a served and the 16. To radio repair Archdale to Center radio and to service. Next to Archdale school. Pm. 431-2315 Day 431-3743 Llew 5r a Diot v service 512 English re. Expert service at reason Abie prices pm. 815114 Day a 431-5178 night. Palphy a radio and to a a Voca 502 e. Washngton. Expert Marvica on color to pm 882 3422 or 882-402?. A Lect s radio a to Servici 1376 ring St. 883 0835 or 885 414_ upholstering a umpiring re upholster now Quality fabrics a Low prices interface fabric outlet 2020 w. Green or lower level phone 885-0424 re upholstering. Many patterns to select hem. Free estimate. Also new sofas Racli Nars amp swivels. Gilbrath a upholstery Hwy 42. 431 ult. Craftsman furniture co. Completer uphold Ste my or custom built turn fur. Free estimate 30 year experience. C h Taegu 885-0721 or 892-jut. 1234 n. Main St no upholstery free estimates All fabric wholesale ail work guaranteed. Call after 5 pm. 431 4438 wedding photographs to cherish Tor. Do re oar no a lifetime Call Don Tew a a tue a photography Attar 3 pm. A evenings. Is 20257 dial a message 88-5412 5. Instructions private guitar lesson phone it 139 Attar 4 pm. Men 0ver21 Troin now to earn $12,000 per year tractor trailer jobs wide open train to Driva tractor trailers a prepare yourself to earn 12,000 year there is no need to quit your present Job while training Ravo tractor trailer training school a openings for 3 men from the Piedmont area to train on weekends saturdays a Sun and refill Hing color. For information it All 41 4991 re upholstering a repairing free estimates nil work guaranteed Leggett furnltwr570t614angunrv it. Bookkeeping a income l a income tax service Bill Harris. 104 e Washington. Call 88 2214 income tax returns prepared individual a business. Personalised Marvica or Mary prov 1221 Carter. Call 18-21230 for appointment tax returns prepared Federal a state Roger Jefferies 1840 Blain St. 81 534t3 after a pm. _ income tax service Federal a sat a tunes. Reasonable Raes pm 684-4088, Warren Parris. 1210 n. Cen the Natl St 23. Miscellaneous Days after 6 weekends of training on Gay Rry Concrete finishing a diesel equipment Revo will Guaran tee immediate Job placement assistance in local. Short line a Shiv . Or Iong distance driving for in by which tha applicant proposes to Armolt to in a err rat of by Call win lion a Lam 722 5284 meet those needs and interests 4. To determine on a comparative basis Greensboro and clings to the positive pole Tho sign Vicant differences Between South instrument ground Anni Hor Mlp Nln Franr to a in broadcasting company and furniture Start March 17th of Anomer molecule four to Oty to Al 0n company my with Palmer at Chi a eight molecules link together in a Chain. This Structure creates a liquid substance and gives water its wet Quality. School at git instructor or a i Call 443 3141 services and repairs to ask a question of Andy address postal cards a not totters a to ask Andy Caro of Tho High Point Enterprise. To sure to ind Udo your Nam ago Noma of your parents and address. Valuable prizes Are Given to those Whoso questions Are selected for Tho column. Legal notices respect to Tho efforts mad by each applicant to ascertain the needs. Interests and prob Tam of the Community ii proposes to serve 5 to determine whether Southern broadcasting company to lad to carry out repro Tamascosr made a a docket no 13072 j3# landscaping Asta programming staffing stud of and equipment in operation of a Gap to High Point North Carolina and. Of to. The affect of such conduct on Tho requisite and comparative qualifications of Southern broadcast no company to to a commission Licensee and 4 to determine whether by the sub Mission of its witness list. Furniture City television company inc., abused com Mission process. And of so to determine a effect of Suen action on tha basis and comparative qualifications of furniture City Taio Laion company inc. To to a commission Means the hearing will to held at Washington d c. Com mane i no on april 24. 172. It 10 09 a in member of the Public who or re to o Ovid act concerning or foregoing issues should writ to the fed Oral communications commission Washington. D c 20554, no later than March 77. I72 letter should set Forth in detail the specific Foueti concerning which the writer wishes to give evidence of the Fop commission believes that the Vida no is legally combatant material and relevant Yard work Tringale landscaping Yard sowing loader work. Lots cleared foundations ate. 431 2424 or 431254 Call Robert Beeson Tor Gad no Sand. Rock gravel fill dirt Call 475-14 807-0111, landscaping. Driveways Yard malt inca. Garden blowing a mow no vacant lot. Coll Albert Hunt 613-4341 will Load truck a Sandrock. Top soil t in dirt second Road on left a cd to hopi drive in 431-7350 tractor work turning dishing gush nog work driveways scraped Buck Brown. 66-15313 Atter 4 p in Quot tit b tree service tree trimming removal to landscaping a of rubbery work 15 or up Bianca firewood 4i1?4l grading and Lawn sed fit. Aim Sana Rock or gravel. Call Holland 431-1454 North Carolina Quot h.lvin0g%du.fmuednt.i administrator of Tho pow Quot in Gal More s lending a a conv of the Southern broadcasting company application and amendments thereto and related material Are on fit for Public inspection at the studio of ton North mein Street High Point. North Carolina Philip j Lombardo general manager a Gap to 3-10, it la 15 state of Lona a am. Deceased Tat of a he county of Guilford. North Caroline. This is to notify All Parsons firms and corporation having claims against the Estat of said deceased to present them of cup Ryha under goad administrator n or before the 25th Day of August 172, or this notice will to pleaded in Bor of them recovery Al persons firms and corporations indebted to said estate will Steese Moxa Ommert at payment to the undersigned a Kitt a feminism of or adv rth mints for bios the s 23rd Day of february i72 j 11 a he to Yod by John w Langford Maryfield nursing Hove. Inc administrator of Tho est # a Quot a North Carolin Tor various of Lena Baldwin. Deceased pro Quot of the work include All labor 715 East Washington drive in or it Al and Aqui pm to entering a a High porn. North Carolina the construction of an addition and 2-zj a a to 17 renovations to the Maryfield j nursing Hove. As follows jul. Summons set a me bids for plumbing electrical heating a air state of North Carolina conditioning will to received until co in to of d 11 00 March 28. 172 and general court of Justice immediately thereafter publicly opened grading Backhoe tractor septic tank service Sandrock gravel dirt sow grass Carn ant driveway patios. 472-h48 basements carports drives walk and floor Cal 882-20h. Topping pruning Etc. Lot Clearing free est mete w a snowed or. 431-5532, 43 5122 Atter 3. Vill make draperies. For information Call 80-30b35 will sew for you. No alterations Call 431-4076 heating repairs on All makes a modal 24 hours i Day service. Westchester heating a air conditioning Are vice Coll 88-44772 will do upholstery sowing in my Home phone 683472. Electrical repairs wiring additions electric heat a air conditioning Homo appliances by Norge be doers the most useful necessity in your Horn. 88 22421 or 04-67144. Expert sowing Machina tar wet in Nom 32 or with Singer. J. A Michael retired. 644413 Maxie s Asphalt paving or Vaw ays Park no let 431 Soos. Custom made drapes slip covers a bedspreads phone 662 0873 a 82 3205 anytime reasonable a Tei. Tree work trimming pruning a Taka Downs free estimates reasonable prices Phon Gret Sooro 47-1434. ,-___ Braunle seamstress Machina a hand tailored fashion Tor Sprng also hand knits a crochets or Hammond 475-4524. Will move junk cars Call 431 1412 or 454 154t. C. Will plow a disc lots phone 431-4281. E Abbott amp son landscaping rentals s. Roo Fig District court High Point division Wanda Lee Mcneil plaintiff is James Bryant Mcneil. Defendant to jamf5 Bryant Mcneil defendant Ana read the successful bidders for these portions of Tho work will to assigned by to owner to the general construction contractor and will become a pert of the Genera construction control ads for the general construction work will to received until it of a Mapril a 172 and immediately there after publicly opened end read compete drawings specification and contract documents will Bood Quot for inspection in the office of George c. Toke notice that a pleading seeing a Connorjr. A associates. Arch it against you has been tiled in the tits 458 j North main Street High Anova entitled action Tho nature of the Point. North Carolina and in the offices it reef be no sought i at follows associated general contractors and f w that the p aint Quot has brought an o de corporation in Greensboro. Char on against the defendant Tov an bsh a let Quot and Raleigh North Caroline it d Vorce on the grounds of on year s b d documents May be Obi Neq from for Senara on the architects Oft Ca by bidders upon re r so Are required to make a defense to door if of 50 00 per set Tor general con Mab 66 30873 such pleading not later then april of term Quot auction contract 25 00 per set for move building amp no and upon your failure to do so. The party plumb no. Electric and and air a remodelling see no Artic against you apply to conditioning work. This Deposit will be a court for the Relief sought returned to bidders submitting Bona de f j. Of March 172 bids provided Pion and specifications Art Morgan Byerly Post a herring returned to architect in Good by j. V Morgan Aii thin five Days efter Date sat for a of Tortoys for plaintiff calving bids contractors and Materiel 21? East g Een dry suppliers May obtain individual sheets and High Point assisted specifications at a rat of i of oar Sheet Nen ret Dabie. Am bidders a hereby notified that they a Senija 0rlc must have proper licenses under the Stet Topi to a desk it a. Underpinning a a Quot its Law a army their a by pc tip trades at 43, so cd yet 4j, a2359 a of submittal of Cid Complete Lawn care seeding or it a Oeding. Tuning a Turtil Ljung shrubbery top so t fit Airt Sand reek a Gray. Can 882 14. Remodelling a painting Don Rickert Pant cont #c3 ter Tor. Exterior Home comme Rief in by Oriel free ast mates 882-3198 Carpenter work 20 years experience doors windows room ado a on pane ing ate Larry Proctor 431 5227 Raynor paint amp aluminium 35 2 s main St Archdale dealer of Alcoa a rav nolds alumni us Sid no storm doors. W Hows a awnings 431 5480 will do Bride a Block work All kind fix Chimney tops underpinning Walls a walks. Foundations fix sagg Rig flog put in Drain Ilia 68< 4�?T4c 812 8321. I .4umc Buu Ding remodel no a Tattler a Kitchen Carmett Repin of roof v repair work Point no j a Whit 853 7204. Mike Whit. 88 7545. King s Cabinet shop Kitchen Ibeth. Room cab Oats homa carpentry work. Painting 47-�?Tmi_ porch repair rapt work. No no Ond House painting Call Homer room of rent. By ninth reasonable rates air Cen honed. Sheraton ho4#l, 8b2 2511 3-�?T0 17, 24 a Dak r Tise me it for bids s?Ai?"1 ads for furniture end equipment Tor the reids Vil Branch pock Menam a t v aunty Library win be received at the a Nesoal building 220 Morehead Street Reidsville North Carolin 27320 until 2 no on Friday april 7. 172. At which time they will a publicly opened and read information for bidders bid forms piers specifications and old Bond and performance Bond requirements May be exam nod at the following location room additions i carports repairs Etall hires Call to Hartly 454 1 005 or 68> a roofing a porch Quot repair Small carpentry work. Call 6 9334 Glenn Mab painting exterior amp Interior. Free estimates James Mitchell m7-52h close in steam heated room Kitchen or a pm orly sieges paring 82-404? men room amp Boord no or Mars. Apply 225 w. Ray for working or retired lady Low rent in pc vat Home would need car. Homa orig lag phone 88-434l, 9 in to i pm. Furnished bedroom Tor rent Clos to teen gentlemen Only Coll la 4440 rooms Fop rant to settled Mph or wait keep elderly people in my Home. Call 431-4848 gentleman furnished Lapp i a a bedroom living room. Clos in. Parking. Call 18 4490 furnished upstairs bedroom for an be con Clos in. Reference req Rad. Call 88 7044. Furnished of drool for lady convenient location i _ Call is 14069 room for rent to lady in or vote Nom references required. Cai >82-0254 26. Apts., Houspi a furnished furn Apt 111 Park St. 3 erns 817 53 we 4 is Nous 412 Cliffside Sis we. I to Huey 410 Cliffside a1? 50 we. 8 is Hose 505 mount pm s20 we Hooton realty co 200 e. Washington or. Furnished apartments working couples Only. Clos in locations phen 882-3844 3 room 209 Morgan St 2i Quot Organ St furnished apts. Spa Kurra to Usawa a jn5�i alac0a Ai Minu a is a Sebbi Ai rn., m in co it pock Gnam county Library �?~27 Boone Road Eden . 2721 Telephone 1-427-11c4 Martinjr a Buren inc. P o Box 4124 #20 Jamestown drive Quot a a Motte Jorth Caroline 28207 the phone 704-376-5008 May certified Chack drawn in and certified by some Bank or Trust company insured by the Federal Deposit insurance Corpora t on. In lieu of making the Cash Deposit a provided above such bidder May file a old Bond executed by a corporate surety licensed under the Laws of North Carolina to execute such Bond. Conditioned that the Shutti a storm windows and door financing available Huffman paint a Jonah paper 72 n main St. 882-0147 Ceramic tile work new amp remodelling work. 431-1657 ofter 5 . Surety will. Upon demand forthwith make Patch cracks in plaster and f pm 3-10 of Ament to the oblige upon said Bond of the bidder fails to execute the contract in accordance with the bid Bond and. Upon Arluro to forthwith make payment that surety shall pay to the oblige an amount equal to doubt tha amount of Tho said and. This Deposit shall a retain if the h. is successful bidder fails to Ora Cut Tho Tissl to Quot a a. Award or fails to Giva satisfactory surety is required herein sprayed ceilings. Interior a exterior phone 813-0035 or Randleman Quot Otice to creditors North Carolina Guilford county the undersigned having qualified textured painting. 48-7370, will do Small carpentry work Call 88-5537. Hamilton paint co., inc. 1013 Porter Street pm 113-023 or 813515 Horton realty co 200 a Washington St. 6 room furn so Home newly painted Wall to Wail carpet Copper Washer a Ory a Avocado Kitchen Central air a heat fenced in backyard Deposit a i years la required Imi e Green or phone Mi-7173 or Ila 854 5 room House with Carport Bath Large cabinets located coloured Section of Trinity partially furnish. Be to 88-23445 nights Call 11901 e Green >24 old boy j sex performance Bond will be required now Otter in addition to paint contracting for commercial Industrial and Home in the amount too per cent one the Sand blasting la our Plant or your location. Home building a remodelling also masonry work Brick a Block phone 474-4577. From All bidders Hundred percent As contract Price. Administrator of Tho East Ato of Lula ran a separate payment Bond will be ring pm Powers late of the City of High required from All bidders in the amount Pont Guilford county state of North of one Hundred per cent too per cent re Rolina this is to notify All persons of the contract Sal. Firm Ana corporations having claims payments will be made on the basis of Aga not said estate to present them to the ninety per cent 90 per cent of monthly und re Ned on or before the 25th Day of estimates approved by the architect end september 172, or this notice will be final payment will be mad within thirty cleared in bar of their recovery. All per to Days Atter completion end acceptance sons firms and corporations indebted to of the work said estate will pleas make immediate no old May be withdrawn after the payment to the undersigned. Scheduled closing Tim for receipt of bids this ?9th Day of february 197? for a period of thirty 30 Days High Point Bank a Trust co bids received tier the hour named administrator of the estate of above will not be considered Lula Randolph Powers the owner reserves the right to act Post office Box 4?8 any or All bids and to waive i formalities High Point North Carolin 27261 Maryfield nursing Home inc. Herman and Herman i High Point North Caroli Naby is of vary or a a install a repair septic tanks dig too High Point 27241 a administrator Ings a hauling. Can Gerald Lam Art ,3-j, to 17, 24 13-4, 7, i 9, Joll 12. I 431-4416 or 454-1401. 4 room furnished opt Soi we clean sober party. Harris. 3 room Apt furnished. Private Entrance a Privet Bath. No children no pets Call m 53332 excellent downtown location furnished efficiency Apt. I bedroom. New paint. $22.50 week. Dallas furniture store 215 n. Centennial. 88-22654. Partially furnished 5 room apartment. Heat piped to each room i Quot so in but m Nice fixation. Phone 82 9831 a anti Tjho usog a unfurnished Ito most Nom pair work Interior a Elfei Lor of Eluting fix Chimney tips a sagging floor clean lots. 431 6933. Painting roofing a All kinds repair work Large or Small Job. Call 88-71498 gel that Leaky roof fixed for Small carpentry roofing a paint to busine5sp professional hoi ban pm 74433 or Quot Quot no pm Quot a Quot Clos. In locate a Hoiosen 81 4 >3 new 4 room Brick Apt. Automatic heat. Back apartment Soo s Elm St Horton realty co too e. Washington or. For rent 2 room Apt private Bott front a Bock Entrance 717 n. Elm Call 113-171 or 885 2233. 15. Septic tank service

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