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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 10, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The Jacobs on Bridge preference suits defense North Ltd it As Voss a akq872 a 742 West East a a82 a 63 4k10832 vaq7 43 4j95 a kj96 4q10853 South a kqj10974 v64 41064 a a both vulnerable West North East South 34 pass 44 pass pass pass opening Lead a 3 by Oswald a James Jacoby South a jump to four Spades is one of those All purpose preempts. He does no to know if he can make it but he knows its a Good Gamble. West leads the three of diamonds. South goes up with one of Dummy a High diamonds and leads a Trump West wins with the Ace and has to decide Between a heart or a club Lead. If he leads a club. South will collect the rest of the tricks and make a slam of he leads a heart East will win and give West a Ruff whereupon a second heart trick will set Declarer at his game contract. In an expert partnership West will have no problem with his Lead at trick three. East will have dropped the Jack of diamonds at trick one. West will know that his partner Isnit showing Diamond strength. He will also know that he Isnit giving a count. All East can be doing with that Jack play is giving a suit preference signal to say a partner if you do get in Lead hearts the higher ranking As a matter of fact a very expert partnership might set the hand two tricks. West would Lead his fourth Best heart the three. East would know that under these circumstances West would not Lead fourth Best from a suit headed by nothing at All. Hence West would be showing the King of hearts by his Low Lead. Hogfish expert East would win the first heart with the Queen give his partner a Diamond Ruff get in again with the Ace and give him a second Ruff. Movie mt1n6s for f Arents Ano Tomo Perrie to of at no of h ii ofom Kew fit to i Kwh it Fey a a a a ack admitted Omni in Ca ail Ages admitted pore Flat g Luff hid i of r restricted under 17 to Vii i Parry or a Faro a Adair Gerton g no oni Unm 11 am Fotio a toil May vary in Mitri nil b of a he meet a a m. O a a a Kim in a am the above is published As a Public service by the highpoint Enterprise Wong s a Muse restaurant 2872 n. Main Tel. 885-8862 open 7 Days week serving the finest in chinese and american food orders to go Call 885-8862 to your Good health High Point Enterprise Friday March to 1972 7b wants to up bleach into a Well by a ofed c. Thosteson . Dear or. Thosteson is it harmful to pour bleach into a Well and How Long should you wait before drinking any of the water. A . I done to recommend pouring bleach into a Well but i do encourage precautions against using polluted drinking water. The Active ingredient in a bleach is chlorine a the Label will show if it is in the form of hypochlorite. To be effective in destroying germs you need a concentration of 0 2 to 0.5 parts per million parts of water but since you have no Way of knowing accurately now much water is in a Well you would have to go by sheer Guesswork and might put in too much or conversely might not put in enough to make the water Safe. So that s Why i simply do not recommend the attempt. I do most decidedly urge that you have your private water Supply whether at a summer Home on a farm or in a locality that does not have City water Analysed. Contact either your local or state health department. They will Tell you How to collect a Sample for analysis and usually will provide a suitable Container. Next step is up to them a to test to see whether the water is Safe and if it is not to Tell you what needs to be done. Meantime As a temporary measure with drinking water there Are several methods of purifying. One is to use eight drops of a household bleach containing sodium hypochlorite per gallon of water. While the chlorine is released quickly and works rapidly i would suggest waiting an hour after the water has been treated before drinking it. Might As Well play Safe. Some drug stores and sports stores have tablets that can be used for the same purpose a when dropped in the water they release chlorine. These tablets come with directions for use. Usually it will be four tablets to a gallon of water. Still another method is to use Ordinary 2 per cent tincture of codeine. Which is chemically similar to chlorine one of the so called Halogen elements. Use 12 drops per gallon. But i repeat use these purification methods Only in temporary circumstances. For Wells have the water tested dear or. Thosteson please do not laugh but i am thinking seriously of going to a Tattoo artist and having my legs done from the tips of my toes to the very to of my thighs in one Shade of course i to Camou it the barn dinner theatre with new York cast on the magic stage now playing. Ned Simons Quot last of the red hot lovers live music every wednesday night by Bob. Hazel and the Wolf pack Pepsi kiddie show sat. To a. M. Admission 15 and 3 Pepsi Caps Namu the killer whale g i Pepsi cola Register for Kmart super Bike bizarre beyond belief and inspiring rated x bom late show Fri. And sat. I i 30 39 Southgate shopping Center a Thomasville a Blessie beasts Ftp to run ski i daily i to 6 9 of a 6 Tun i 40 3 to j 70 7 106 too late show f l a sat la is pm coming Kinch conduction inflight a Cine theatre Zaire shopping Center ?200 Westchester drive cum 88s 4j?7 acres of free parking he paid the Price of room am Rhoad adults Only Martin twin ii a now playing touch of Melissa Martin twin i a to fac Iaci witty Mystia oat i Aas Goa backing chair theatre is South main stall today a a cd. Center a i i a Iris poor Georgic one Day Georgic Soloway jumped off a Penthouse fell in love raced Down a ski slope. J Quot one of the bist times the Nad at the movies this year a Cran Shavit Loo Magan sat. _9 30 it s our Mcdonald s saturday morning movie party free with a ticket from Mcdonald s or 50�?~ a a Quot i Quot a yours mine ours prizes too Flage the Many awful spider veins i have. Is there any reason i should not try this a mrs. M. R. L. In a not laughing in a shuddering. I done to think you be thought it through. Some reasons for not trying it the pain of such an extensive Job the risk of not getting uniform colouring infection ranging through anything from skin infections to tuberculosis syphilis or hepatitis risk of being allergic to the dyes regrets afterwards. Anyway what color would you use red Blue Green done to do it. Dear or. Thosteson is there an organization for people with a colostomy if so. What is the address a mrs. C. E. B. Try United ostomy association inc., ii Wilshire blvd., los Angeles Calif. 90017. It is a non profit organization. Or the colostomy ileostomy rehabilitation association p. O. Box 121, Philadelphia a. Note to mrs. J. M. A allergies Are Seldom helped much by Epsom salts Baths or anything you put on the skin. The important thing is to avoid Contact with whatever is Caus iss a ing the allergy. Are you having a Gall bladder problem to find out How the Gall bladder works and what types of trouble to look for. Send for or. Thosteson a Booklet a you and your Gall write him in care of this newspaper for a copy enclosing a Long self addressed use zip code stamped envelope and 25 cents in Coin to cover the Cost of printing and handling. Or. Thosteson is interested in All his readers questions and whenever possible uses them in his column but because of the great number received daily he regrets that he cannot answer individual letters. I try our. Working Many a lunch 1 Good Home cooked meals. Served cafeteria style Krpic a no waiting cafeteria Soi til712 s main St. 888-7242 place a want and today am charge it toking chair Tho of i Center a children a matinees is South main Smit dragons and demons Ami i Grhff Aid Kings and noid comedy musical Limos. Academy Amadou i Winn nit Camm color of saturday sunday 1 00 . Only j Edgar the evil spirit must choose evil the Black mass. The spells. The curses the incantations the ceremonial sex. Leis morgue. O Ris Colon 4 All new first big outdoor run at 7 06 amp a Ltd amp a plus thrill feature super Argo Ano the faceless giants buy Madison me trocolor a starts at 10 17 come out Tomte and see Why the Midway a no i a Ftp cartoon at 7 pm Joe Solomon a adults Only i 25 All rids under Aci 12 admitted also Iutuk fill witches me trocolor us a first run starts 8 50 Dora in Thaar Pointer it i of Himoto Road a big lure open 6 30 show at 7.00 ,1 female half Breed who is too White to be Black. Too Black to be White m Cross the a Jan Trie High yellow a prescription for something you la never believe1 Dustin Hoffman who is Harry kill Kennan Ana Why is he saying those terrible things about my Dom de Luise Jack Warden at 3 20-5 1 5-7 10 9 05 a soon a John Wayne in Quot cowboys Quot High yellow shows twice tonight Jim mourn Lee to clue Barbecue for 4 Barbecue Slaw hush puppies All for $2.50 take out Only a in nah shows 7.25 9 00 reclining seats or Tow be theatre r 11 i i m re in a w t today smoking loge one week Only new 3-d process cannot be shown on television. Done to miss it in flute realism umps off Thi screen into tour map i the sensational new third dimensional film process you have been Reading about. Vincenti Price in his most terrifying role has a tin Quot a Ullin in to 4 re. Tim Nicoson a mind bending adventure House of Wax is a howling success1&Quot time now showing hour horror Thon the screams Start at 7 00 the dead return to life living and lusting for bizarre pleasures Terrorizer no. 2 at 8 30 of you re still alive in color shocker at q. A no. 3 my blood Gusher no. 4 at 11 20 . A Toloei am nor att Nui Ihm null in Ion this program rate it _ parental guidance suggested color Box office opens at 6 30 show at 7 Fin 3,c

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