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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 6, 1939, High Point, North Carolina It i on the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of High Point North Carolina monday. March 6. 193 High Point Enterprise b. a. and treas. Emmett a. Cecil. Gen. Mgr. Published afternoons and sunday mornings my j v Rawley publisher Ami 1915 -1937_ _ pus m. Waynick editor subscription rates daily mid sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby towns live month a. I1 it months. 57&Quot Lee months. 5 month .5i, week carriers in nearby towns Ere not per matted to collect Tor More than one Eek in Advance. Otters in City Are not permitted to col for a period of More than five Teks n be option for a longer period is desired Ornt should be made direct to . E associated press is it Elu sively end to the use for republication of All s dispatches credited to it or not otheta credited in the if. Paper Aud Mso to i n w published therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation acred As second class matter at the. Office in High Point n. A. Under the pm Congress of March o. Us j National adv., reprise Uuie the John Blud co. 420 Lexington ave. New York City monday March to. 1939._ 0 j id Aal it meshed be the lord to of of our furs which hath put such a thing a % Iii the Kings heart to beautify House of the Laird which is in Tho Way to preserve the peace of Church is to preserve its Henry Xiii critical Days of an administration h i Iii a month the governor predicts the legislature will away from Raleigh. Probably and the levers set for the nation of the great machinery Public service for the remain of governor Hoey a term of flee. That is a consideration to Ike thoughtful any Man duelling his chair. Not again Short an emergency that would de did the legislators in special Ision will the governor be Able influence the direction and be of the state to the extent ran influence it in these in Diatel ensuing few Days. Rho state has been soothed ring the present administrate tile continuous contacts Beer n the governor and the peo have convinced the most Crit 1 of 193b that North Carolina voted a democratic and finely gaming Man to Quot a governor. End. Ralph Mcdonald de item candidate in the bitter Pri Irv pays a neat tribute to tile senior and has no word of Idem nation for his policies. A rest for even a Brief it it Ilmi the probing of the tax assail in new directions is a Gra us Relief. The administration is to be Bent upon getting a Ough to the close without such it Bing. There appears to be lit likelihood of a revolt in the neral Assembly against a pol of living beyond current in be. The reserves of general 1 Highway funds will permit a state to go two years longer this Way. But there is a Short greater than improving busies conditions and increasing venues from old levies Are Apt make up. The general As ably two years hence and the Rumor of that time Are to lace Oblenis complicated by the 1939 isolation. N government As in other of a of life perhaps sufficient o the Day is the evil and the no the thereof. Many troubles n ahead prove to be mirages t we Are unpleasantly aware he dependence of present pub service finance upon Malad Ted taxation heavily accented the diversion of Highway us from an obsolescent and Iii Road system. Will the next senior of North Carolina face it painful necessity others have cd of inviting Public Disfavour digging in new and old quark for millions More Money to up up the Public service Voith. Bankrupting the Road system. A Sti my in contrasts labor leaders on the Pacific ast closer to the japanese real than is tile East protest inst. The shipment of scrap in to Japan. They dislike its event use in tile chinese War gtd Are averse to furnishing the raw material for the making of a War Between Japan and Russia. An interesting study in contrasts is afforded by two pictures of the american scene the rapid loading of foreign registry freighters with scrap Iron bound for Japan and the stubborn refusal of the Secretary of the department of the Interior to sell Germany he Lium Gas for use in dirigible on the theory that the Gas might be employed for military purposes. Two opinions Are tenable respecting Germany a honorable restraint in the matter of using the Gas. There is no question whatsoever about Japan a use of the Serai Iron or its importance to the Empire at War. Iron is a japanese need which must he tilled if she is to fight a modern Battle. Helium Gas is an additional safeguard for air navigation Iii inflated ships. Even american military commanders question its Large importance in War. We will not help Arm Germany but we greedily yield to Japan s bidding for an essential War material. Only a seer who can penetrate the veil of the future could Tell us whether Germany with whom we have a definite Strong blood relationship or totally alien and aspiring Japan is the american enemy to be most truly feared. Deal quite openly a feeling of uncertainty respecting the City a hydroelectric project is general in High Point. To some extent this state of mind is attributable to and justified by the fact that a few Legal hurdles Aie to let of crossed. The Enterprise suggests to the City Hall that full publicity be Given All important Steps in this matter before irrevocable action. Particularly Are the More thoughtful business men and other citizens interested in the factual Ami Legal a contract to lie made the Bonds Are to in the r it Eop a have a spouts of the under w hich issued. Been assured that these Bonds will not be a full Faith and credit Quot Ohi Gaiu Revenue Bonds. Tile Plant stand or fall in its own s and weakness the City ii told. But if the City Counci ahead with the project pie will want As full a respecting that Point As be Given. The possibility Plant might in set up tis but would length is been is going the peos u ranges they can that j he o that it would be an indirect if not direct Drain on the taxpayers exists. S present Dis Tribu in unless the City t Ion system it in its Low w current and in income indirect i than would be simple dedication to an Ideal. Or. Hillman is demonstrably right in his assertion thai a labor movement cannot exist in a totalitarian state. Labors High responsibility is to promote efficiency and an increasing degree of democracy in government of both the country and its own organization. In the news Statesville daily a the state controlled Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad shows a loss for 1938, but it provided jobs for a number of political appointees whose business it was to make it Are we living in 1939 or 1938? Union Herald a Over 1,300 writers and labor leaders have been arrested in Japan within a Little More than one year for having spread a dangerous anti War thoughts Quot among japanese labor. It is estimated that 700,000 or 800.000 japanese workers will be out of jobs when the raw materials for making other than War materials Are so labor is in the a seventh heaven Quot in America if conditions Here Are to be compared with those in Japan. The arrest of the writers brings up that old saying of Napoleon to the effect that he feared one newspaper More than All the armies of his enemies. Lviv i As i Vav no. I with Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people Quot Wilki d into it Branch of Tho largest new York to buy a draft to be Cut was told at hic cashier s see the Branch manager ruling near his desk Liching. I thought he was Uno tarted toward him. Munfor land t observed that another was waiting to see him. Ached i was stepped by a orm. A two ways in which he 1 handled the situation. A better in might Hie you. But would you 111 let you 1 is free. In and so Kin it ii a you think it Man in unify it Rry to Trot Busy. A seat and soon Ashi that soon i 2. He u warn you be v of is ahead Hole a copy of the Ani j larded wholesale rate for its free use of its try the hydroelectric Plant could affect the local and Valorme tax rate quite As much As a full Faith and credit Bonds Quot would effect it. The people Are interested in a Clear understanding As to whether the Federal government will finance the Plant without any attachment on High Point pocketbooks. The effect of the indirect draft could be As punishing As the direct if an open Market rate for current were not assured. Let All the facts about the contract and the Legal questions respecting the safeguarding of the City lie made known and that Well in Advance of commitment by the City from which it cannot withdraw. Labor and the isms undoubtedly efforts have been made and continue to be made by communistic agitators to infiltrate and influence the Union labor movement. There have been times when they seemed to in making some headway in that direction in the United states. The Abler leaders of labor have declared their americanism from time to time and none in More impressive language i ban that used by Sidney Hillman. Or. Hillman said a the labor movement is More keenly aware than Ever before in my time of the necessity of opposing All the isms. There can be no existence of an organized labor movement in any communist fascist or nazi country therefore labor must fight any menace to democratic that is a statement of political principle much More convincing might have said Quot what 9 you can to break in like got to wait your turn. A i Here is another Cus of you. Sit Down there a which is the better Way old child could figure i do it Thi bundt year appear wan wrong is of i Way do y cd you be Way. That thousands of suppose the guessed it Bank spends of dollars each advertising for business but it Nutly does t spend a Penny in training its Doorman to be gracious and kindly and make customers glad they came in. Tho manager of this Branch sits All Day Long within fifteen feet of this bungling Doorman in uniform and he does no to do anything about it. Instead of condemning the Doorman. Let s try to understand Why he acts As he docs. First we can be pretty sure that he has never thought the mat Tor out with himself. Second he wants a feeling of importance and Higi to it by lording it Over the people who come in. If they unknowingly break a Rule to shows them who is Boss and. In doing so. To makes them regret that they did no to go in the Hank across Tho Way. To does what every fool does. Rut he get a far More satisfying feeling of importance if he said to himself Quot i am going to i1 above fools. I am going to use diplomacy and i Ani going to he polite. I am going to do something that requires a cultivated brain. When someone has to wait for an appointment 1 11 make him Admire my ability to Deal with which method do you use the one that drives people from you or the one that draws people toward you your ability or inability to make people like you in every Day situations will have a marked effect on your in trend hips your happiness your prestige and perhaps your income. It is up to you to decide which method you Are going to use no one else can decide for you. A come in come in Bruce Catton in Washington by Bruce Catton a 11 it i w i ii a a ii cd i on hoodlum. Its Ade urk reentered cup Tik amp to. In. 0u� Mirror int. Man about town Ina Middle West Schrim ens of Nying i Boca us want a la ire is tossing coins about Aisling with William Wallace a coast barrister the Max Lings will definitely become Chi the u s Dick Merrill is dais secret merger to Toby Vav ing e Eastern airlines his Boss him to stay a a glamorous As Long As possible Margo and Francis Lederer twitched up matters a Ter their first serious Brawl last week. Col. Lindbergh and or. Alexis Carrel Are experimenting with telepathy trying to connect we Ith each other at specific times wherever they May be,.the Hines conviction was an embarrassment and Relief to certain biggies. Embarrassing because Hines was the closest Leader to of d. A. And a Relief because a brain Truster an old pal of Hines was not mentioned at the trial. Both Sigmund Freud. 82 and Alex Freud 74. Are desperately ill in London and will be operated on next week the former Princess Laura Murat and her Groom Are experimenting in separate Pees. Kelly Isnit going to marry Tommy Reilly As Many scribes report Peggy fears and Lupe Velez dear pals have Phi fat a Over John a a Shipwreck Kelly the heart Juggler. Rubinoff and Frances Stutz his used to be. Are again ing. Yugoslavia is straining at the Rome Berlin Axis a May break away in a few weeks because the dictators have not kept certain promises a 52d Street a a scotch merchant is in another time it concerns too Long credits to dealers and night clubs a big sin. Whatever happened to the Case involving the a killing by shooting Quot of a Capitol hotel n. A employee by a cop on new years eve insiders say the cop took the blame for a big shots son. Another pie mag a photo review Quot will be dangling from the Novas continued on Page la this minuted some Typo of weighted or selective suffrage system will be required whereby the Vole of an Able and Well educated person will count for considerably More than j hat of an illiterate Moron. Harry Elmer Barnes historian before the american educational research association. A Cleveland master of ceremonies gut married in a night club. At least Gin is could sit Down at the reception instead of balancing Demi Tasse cake and ice Cream while standing on one loot. Several boy in Brenda f a set Are under investigation in those robberies of Swank hol dayers in Nassau. New York coppers Are co operating with Dicks Carnegie foundation is making a secret Survey of the film Industry. Eleanor Roosevelt. Mrs. Presidents Niece starts As a designer at Arnold Constable today. Ambassador Kennedy a boy Jack is that Way about the heiress to the Cannon Towel millions. For the first time in Ages foreign Coin is Corning into the Market buying u. S. Securities. March and april should be big. Last months front cover on red Book mag Margaret Johnson and her Groom expect a bundle of Ted stewarts Elizabeth Ryan the Chesterfield girl Are denying rift rumours the wags Are saying that Dorothy Thompson is the second woman in history to lie thrown out of a a Garden Quot after listening to a Serpent. Cecil Beaton sent a specially bound copy of that a Vogue Quot Fin which he kicked himself out of the country to Goebbels who arranged jobs for Beaton with a Berlin o Neill and Tommy Guinan after All those years Are Quot dead. Intimates argue Rinnie Barnes will wed Rudy mate. A Goldwyn cameraman.,. George Victor of Yale and nary Iselin the Deb Sho a nuff Harry Hopkins will Tho 1910 census to determine american resources and put hundreds of thousands of people Back to Woik. The Rumor spreaders insist gov. Lehman will order a probe of the n. office. Tim mags ii. B. Churchill has perfected a new Type of radio beam especially useful for govt communications they insist Paul Whiteman will succeed Burns and Allen who have been advised to take a Holiday from the air. T h e Peter Arno Siminic Lansing mashup a year old and longer item Here la the silliest division yet both Art Knutz about each Low Down is that Amo afford the expense Amitie makes a mint. The Hines attorneys Are planning a spectacular move claiming they be unearthed a new Are use by Howard Merrill the word you Are about to look at in the spilt seconds that they hit your Eves form a new kind of reporting. This will take Slaty seconds to read. While you Are Reading these facts the events they describe Are actually taking place. What happens in one minute on rat the a world is in motion. Destiny unfolds itself Start Reading in Hamburg. Germany dealers collect rags from various parts of Europe which Are shipped abroad. These rags sent mostly to the United states for paper and paper boards Are gathered at the staggering rate of four Hundred pounds a minute there s a Bell in the census Bureau at Washington d. C., which rings every time a baby is born in America. This minute it is clanging five times. The reason television works is because of an Electron Spray that moves across the screen seven Hundred and eighty thousand times a minute do you Wash your eyes with boric acid the u. S. Produces eighty pounds of it every minute of every hour. Oxygen is the Gas whose life giving Quality makes it the world s most important element. It is often used medicinally to help pneumonia or combat asphyxiation and is manufactured in the United states at a rate of 9.-000 cubic feet every sixty seconds two children in a needy family contracted a serious disease while you read this Stop Reading. Paging father time ten years ago local new a the City is assured of a new baseball Park and grandstand for the coming season. High Point w ill have a Community fair next fall. A past grands of the re Piton Lodge no. 63, roof were honoured last night by their fellow members in a colourful ceremony at the Lodge Hall on East Commerce Street. Rev. Roy i. Farmer spoke. About people w. L. Edwards is ill at his Home on South main Street. Or. And mrs. Brice Bennett have returned from Washington d. C., where they attended the inauguration. News Brief a Calvin Coolidge before releasing the reins of government to Herbert Hoover was told. Quot we hate to lose or. Coolidge replied. A to still be in the country the 39th annual Baptist missionary Union got underway at High Point this morning at to o clock heavy fighting is in Prospect in Mexico. Twenty years ago local new a James n. Thompson for the past two years head clerk at the Elwood hotel has resigned hts position in order to enter another line of work. On Friday evening the ministers of the City and their wives the sunday school superintendents and their wives will have a banquet St the Elwood hotel. Local men who have been honorable discharged from the army since april 6, 1917. Will receive a Bonus of 160. About people mrs. W. A. Underwood of Asheboro is the guest of mrs. A. M. Rankin. Born to or. And mrs. A m. Bryant a daughter Margaret d. A. Stanton has returned from Spartanburg. S. A where she visited her daughter mrs. W. A. Sherrod. News briefs a peace conference commission in Paris has fixed moral responsibility for the Start of the world War but it failed to find Legal responsibility because of the Lack of a a report says that business is getting Good. The movie Industry has been built on the a a escapist film but a new Hollywood is appearing on the Walter Wanger Hollywood producer. Washington March 6. A t h t Man who delivers your special delivery letters feels that he is the victim of a Peculiar kind of injustice and he wants something done about it. The Crux of his complaint is that although he works for the Post office de part men t he is not technically a Post office employee. He was one. Once a just Long i enough to lose a Bruce Cattou Good part of his pay out he Isnit now. Head like to be one so that he can got civil service status and retirement pay. There a a Chance that he May be taken care of at this session of Congress. There Are approximately 3500 special delivery messengers in the various first class pos offices of the country. They Are paid on a fee basis 9 events for each letter delivered to cents for packages weighing less than two pounds 15 cents for packages weighing from two to to pounds and 20 cents for larger packages. They have to provide their own autos and buy their own gasoline and Oil. Here is their Case they Are making their complaint through George w. Warfel legislative representative of the National association of special delivery messengers an a. F. Of l. Union. Or. Warfel sums up their complaint thus in the fall of 1932 a government pay Cut was put through and the comptroller general ruled that the special delivery messengers were Post office employees that the Cut applied to them. So the messengers took a reduction in their fees amounting roughly to to per cent running through three fiscal years. All in All says or. Warfel this Cost them a total of from $1,500,000 to $2, 000,000. In 1934, then the messengers asked that retirement benefits be made available to them. Other Post office employees contribute some 3 1-2 per cent of their pay to build up a pension und at this Point however the department ruled that the messengers weren t Post office employees at All said they were contractors engaged by the individual postmasters and hence could not get in on the retirement fund. That was that. The messengers went along under the status of contractors hoping that some Day they would be Able to get reclassified. Last year they thought they had their Chance when president Roosevelt issued his civil service classification order. Another ruling was sought but it came out the same Way attorney general Cummings held that they still were contractors.,not employees. This Winter they tried again asking a ruling from attorney general Murphy. They had High Hopes because of or. Murphy. They had High Hopes because of or. Murphy outspoken desire to get As Many government workers As possible under civil service but Murphy ruled that let a cause of precedent and common usage the messengers were contractors Willy Nilly unless and until Congress should reclassify them. Beek refund congressman John dinged Michigan Democrat is trying to get Congress to do exactly that. He has brought in a Bill we hich w Ould put the messengers in a body under civil service status make them definitely pm Jil Oyes. And enable them to come under the retirement fund provisions. He is about to introduce another Bill to refund the Money which was taken from them under the old Economy Cut. A if these people Are contractors and not employees somebody owes them some Money a he remarks. A a it a High time it was paid. These people have been kicked around Long enough. Under the Economy act they were employees when it comes to civil service. They re contractors. Incidentally they re the Only group in the Post office department that Isnit under civil Warfel remarks that the common Conception of a special delivery messenger As a youngster just out of High school is a Way off. The average messenger he says is around 30 years of age a family Man. With considerable length of service and with a Gros it annual income of from $1500 to perhaps $2600 a year out of which he must pay All costs of his automobile which on an average he will drive 2000 Miles a month in the course of his duties. A Baltimore magistrate ruled that an onion could be considered As fruit. A decision which was not in odor. Hydrogen peroxide sales Are steadily increasing. Along with blonds. One of these Days some Boxer is going to lose a Glove in Tony Galento a stomach. All is confusion in Hollywood now a Nancy Carroll appearing on the new York stage. I thoroughly believe it is the duty of the child possessing great wealth to support a Parent possessing be funds or Salm. Vohn wants his-14-Ycar-old son to support him. Trowt Mua to Esquire features Lac when a traffic officer in an Ohio town noticed to showgirls Riding in a bus. He ordered the Driver to take out More liability insurance. That show should be Worth seeing. New York schoolgirls say a woman can dress smartly for a year on $111.80. Reduced to scale this should bring the male clothes budget to about $1.80. Without struggle no growth. Without struggle not even life itself. A Winfred Rhoades. The amazing truth is that insurance companies assets Are increasing faster than insurance of a Honey summing up hearings on the insurance business. Those who have to do he fighting make the supreme sacrifice and or the end pay the staggering Cost of War Are entitled to make the Viia decision for peace or War senator Bob la Follette in debate on the pro posed Ludlow amendment

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