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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 6, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Monday March 6. 1930i he High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry Fugh Point North Carolina Page the most critical week of session opens in general Assembly today Revenue Bill will arouse controversy 4 Early expected of measure g Al mixed without great changes Enterprise Bureau sir Walter Motel 111 til Vin xxx Mill Raleigh March 6. North Carolina s general Assembly today begins the most critical week of its 19 59 session. With the highly controversial Revenue Bill to be threshed out in committee of the whole House almost anything can happen Between now and saturday. The legislators can decide to enact a Money Bill about As it came from the finance committee and thereby put adjournment sine die on the Calendar for a comparatively near Date or they can kick Over the traces upset the precarious budget balance Ami turn the session into a go As you please and stay As Long As you like affair. Rebel there were faint but distinct Rumbler of impending showers of Wrath and indignation Over the Revenue Bill As last week ended and House refused to Trail Doc Lely along behind its leaders in racing through the 400-Page Hill without its members having had time to read and inwardly digest some of its provisions. Nevertheless there int now on the horizon any a such lowering Cloud As would presage a Tornado Cyclone or other disturbance of unusual intensity. There Are plenty of objections to plenty of Revenue Bill provisions but there does t seem to be any cohesive group of sufficient tenacity of purpose and strength enough to do More than snipe spitefully at individual sections. All of which indicates that before the week is Over the Revenue Bill will have been considered and reported by the committee of the whole. It would be somewhat though not stunningly Sui prising if there is time left thereafter to put the measure through the two necessary Roll Call votes needed to Send it to the Senate. My miss fight by a queer twist of circumstance the Assembly is Likely to escape what would in different Case be the toughest Battle of them ally the matter of levying a sales tax on Basic building materials. The committee leadership and the administration started out with firm steadfast purpose to enact this Section which ire estimated to be Worth $400,000 a year in Revenue but despite pressure of the severest sort of i chairmen were never Able to get the joint finance group to act Quiesce. As a result the administration leaders Are now not Only stopped from themselves proposing to put Back this provision in the Bill but they can t even to openly a a Nice to those who might pro pop it. It is now their duty to support the Bill they piloted out to the floor. It is. Of course conceivable that under outwardly tremendous pressure fro in Loc a i units the House might he prevailed upon to upset the go to division of intangibles now proposed by the committee in which Case the leaders might feel themselves free to urge again the building Materia Levy on the plea of Quot necessity brought about through upset of the Baline resulting from intangible changes a possibility this appears to he Little More than a possibility certainty not a probability. Elsewhere along the line the prospects for a pulse tingling Battle Are somewhat Remote Glamor is forgotten when a Deb crams for a Junior league exam terrible Nightmare slaying is revealed by suicide note Debutante candidates for the Junior league listening to one of the Many lectures they must attend before their final examination. La Ruth Millett year she takes a course attend maybe when you read that Al about 15 lecture going on Eanor Roosevelt Niece of the several Field trips to hospitals first lady was one of 75 to ton settlement Houseye Jjo a go a debutantes who recently took a i the three hour a Xam Lna iou to prove their fitness to become members of the Lin tier league you wondered what a Debutante was expected to know. I did. And so i put the question to the civic vice president of new York Junior league mrs. John else. Here How she save a Debutante int and Reading half a dozen Bookie with such titles As a youth in the a trouble i be seen a Quot Art of helping people out of troll m a it de the she goes about achieving league membership. Junior making her debut is Only the Start. Marriage and membership in the Junior league Are prob i Able result a though of the i the first is much easier for j to manage. For every Debutante does into the Junior league i a Long shot Helens How the new York hopeful it she apr 17 or is Goe about it. The Spring before her Debutante year her name is put up for membership with five friends writing letters for her t recommendations is the business word for it. In ins r. If aim of the course is is to teach the her City s problems How e being met and where a woman of Leisure eau the picture a writes three papers and then comes tile examination followed by Volunteer social work. There were three questions on the examination that new York s Glamor Debs of the past season struggled through. A he fifty three year he insurance Man blow brains it hit after w riling confession St. Joseph. To. March 6.�? i7p> a rambling of word suicide note partly typed and partly scrawled on scraps of paper told tog Lay the a terrible Nightmare of the killing of 13-year-old Haselteen i Lack Oklahoma City Junior High school girl. Coroner b. W. Tad look said William p. Purkhiser 53-year-old insurance Man signed the letter yesterday thou put a revolver Bullet through his brain. Haselteen s Mother mrs. R. W. Sharber found her beaten land strangled body in her Oklahoma City Home when she returned from work thursday with her husband Haselteen s Stepfather. Purkhiser partly Clad body was found by the proprietor of a Rooming House Here. Purkhiser bad registered saturday a night. He had been sought since saturday when it was Learned he bad rented an Auto in Oklahoma City thursday and had not been seen since. The Auto was found Friday in Topeka a. The letter referred to financial disagreements Purkhiser had had with mrs. Sharber whom it said he had known since 1932. Quot i went out thursday because t did not think anybody would be it read. A is i i we Ould be there when the Schar Bors came Home and i was going to have a talk with them and try and get things straight. Quot when i found her Hasel Teon there and that she had been turned against me too i lost All reasoning and soothing but a terrible Nightmare Haselteen was Home Only by Chance having returned Early from school where she became ill. The letter addressed to Purk Hiser s wife mrs. Sue Purkhiser. Coni need a Quot you have classed me As a j butt Al killer of what you saw j in the papery is what actually i happened perhaps i am. Yet there Are extenuating Circum a stances that could he taken into the letter obviously written under crushing Strain seemed at times to direct itself toward mrs. Purkhiser. Sometimes to police to . Detective chief Charles Ryan of Oklahoma City who arrived movie scrapbook a amp a amp Ltd it a amp Southeastern surgeons Are told appendicitis death toll in America is National disgrace capital shorts pleads for Peke in highest court a ast came <0 Holly cop As ujinp4�,r of a 0 Lauty contest appeals a Row am Scalls a mad la <30 school to Loe Hea soul Hirm a gift has eyes e�0\wt4-Haiao 5fe�t5#f use ions Fly Iii la Porter and George six Aho Helen Wood s Home town was Clarksville Tenn. When she graduated Sam Tiol Dwyn gave tier a contract. Appears weekly on a coast to roast radio show. Now working in Quot sorority one of the most Beau a Home on Friday Fri obviously concerned Ove Cress of the Asse Melv. Hoites. Wiful complexions in pictures picked by photographers As having one of the to most photogenic new fates in of the most popular girls on the rho lot. Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel by Henry a Erill mid Lynn is ret Raleigh March to. A there i has t been time since its introduction to make any positive predictions of its Fate but there Are indications that the teachers retirement measure dropped into the House Law making machinery Friday will Start a real Battle in the general Assembly. There Are several facts too. Which make its enactment not at All beyond the Bounds of possibility. To begin with. It has the right sponsors to give it a Chance. Such legislators As Victor Bryant Gregg Cherry and Hugh Horton do not just casually up and introduce Bills i they know Are doomed to defeat. Any Bill that bears their stamp of approval starts with something in its favor. Then it is recalled that some weeks before the Assembly convened Joie Warren Hie shot of the n. C. Education association said that of All the things for which the teachers Are contending. Retirement is the most important. The Cape fear Valley author i it proposed by representative Lacy Mcbryde for his projected Hydro electric giant i Eastern North Carolina would be rather unusual in its members terms. There would hell of them appointed to serve for one two three and so Forth up toll years thus the term of Only one member would expire each year. Every congressional District of the state would be represented on the authority under the Hill. Speaker Libby Ward did no to go mrs Mabel Jones of Birmingham ala., does no to want the pekingese she holds above vaccinated so she has asked the u s. Supreme court to restrain Birmingham City officials from impounding her dog and having it vaccinated. Two. Girl Young a Baldy just this one of them will give you an idea of Why it takes a girl three hours to finish Quot there Wen Droit brought last night said Purkhiser once had been associated with the so Harbers and recently had tried to borrow Money from them Haselteen was dressed in Pink about 10.000 Chil j pyjamas and a Blue Houseboat to the children a Quot Ben her Mother stumbled Martin seeks to ban communists several motions Kilter tamed by he faction t of Auto i orders i Ilion a. He ii of or seven killed in three car crash opinion differ As to Ben the general Assembly will adjourn. But representative Forrest Pollard of Durham knows very Well Yagin n <4 he May die. What the deadline is for him. Oth j three Automo i or Folk guess at adjournment \ ran on bus dates All the Way from March 25th Here. To May 1st. Forrest is quitting on five Mart j april 14. He Isnit contrary about j Home from a it. And he does t mean to run out basketball on his Job. But he has a Date with j two of the a girl and a preacher on april 15th. And he is going to keep that Date even if the budget remains forever unbalanced. Some of his colleagues Are framing up to have him named on conference commit Ron. An March 6 even men were dead today and four Hurt one so badly As the result of a a lie collision in the in. S. Road 50 near the try to it then shot the and in l look her t spec Hon. Is Al member fun in a into of no debut Ted to a to of in it tee she passe in a prove i Well it in the fall her Dot your needed what Are some things you would do t prevent delinquency a if she gets a passing Mark on i the test she becomes an acting i so member. Her name appearing in j can society columns is privileged to ill Bear the Seal a member of the Ion Junior was the Debutante who gets both a i j husband Aud that stamp of Sot Tai j i acceptance has made Good Utah the i copyright 19m> Nea Bruce inc i Detroit March 6. <4b the United automobile workers Union convention called by Hom courts of this City last year if across her body cried Quot my you had All the Power and Money baby a at your command that you or. John Roddy City physician said she had been killed by or Martin today entertained re 22 blows on the head and that so ution which would among a Cord knotted about her neck had not contributed to her death. He said the girl had not been raped. Election Reform Fervour subsides Mountain shooting scrape kills two and injures one Asheville March 6 two Muat were killed and though there still in t any get under injure rightly in j affray at Walnut Gap in tint it hat around Hie the surface there is abundant opposition to the proposed taking of $7, gasoline tax proceeds to balance the general fund budget. Of by any Chance this sentiment should Ever crystallize under really competent leadership so far totally lacking then storm warnings could be hoisted and ail hands piped on deck to Man the pumps. Strongest efforts to insert new and better Money raising sections in i he Revenue Bill Are Likely to be made by those who would hike to a bigger appropriations for departments agencies or activities in which they Are interested. For instance those who want bigger salaries for school teachers will be practically forced to fight for bigger revenues than the current Bill provides and the same thing goes for those who oppose any Cut in the state advertising fund reduced from $125 too to $90,000 for each year of the coming biennium and for those who would like to to a a third hooting Madison practical politicians hold on to present system of a markers la Henry xxx Elk i la Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel Raleigh March most religious Fervour Ste Day afternoon. Miller. 34, and county Oscar Miller. 34. And in h. Buckner 54, both of Woodfin died Iii a Hospital Here. Madison county officers announced Herman Thomas of Malinit Gap. Who received a Scalp wound was being held at i he county jail at Marshall it connection with the shooting. E the $70,000 slash in health Board appropriations restored to j figures recommended by the advisory budget commission to meet Ari. I Mials on every band opponents of the Bill Are going to lie met by j the argument that there s no j Point in increasing Revenue because the measure provides enough to. Meet proposed approx j privations. Then when the appropriating Bill is reached it will work the other Way you can t increase these appropriations be j cause we Haven t voted enough 6.�?-an Alfet election Law Reform in evidence on All sides some weeks ago. Seems to be Cooling off quite perceptibly As the necessity of transforming some of the Good intentions into practical action faces the current session of North Carolina s general Assembly. If is trite that the House has passed and sent to the Senate a measure which abolishes the Absentee voting Law for primaries and which throws multiple Quot lifeguards around the Absentee for general elections but there seems no wild Rush on the part of Appet Chi my r leaders and members to carry through with the tither halt of the legislative action needed to make this Law. The House tinder the spell of very practical politicians who want to cling to every possible advantage Given by control of election machinery has so far refused to Pas a measure designed to Cornet abuses of the nor. H Carolina system of official the Bill was rescued from Quick Aud permanent death Only by demand reports submitted at legion meeting Shelby March 6 <41�?com Mittee and Board reports were submitted today at the first general business session of the annual Post officers conference of the North Carolina department of the american legion. The conference opened yesterday with some 1,000 legionnaires from All parts of the state attending. Hut most of the Day was devoted to committee meetings. A memorial service was held last night. Stephen f. Chadwick of Seattle. Wash., National commander and mrs. James j. Morris of Bismarck. N. A. National president of the auxiliary will speak tonight. A High school hand contest and a Parade will he held this afternoon. Police seek relatives of Herbert Mundin movie Star fatally Hurt in collision Hollywood. March 6 <4b police attempted today to locate relatives of Herbert Mundin. 40, English film comedian who was killed saturday night in an automobile collision. His widow the former Ann Shaw actress from whom Halvas estranged was reported living in new Yolk. Officers said Mundin. Riding w Ith a Friend was thrown out when the car struck another. I other things ban communists from the Union alter the unions name and set up machinery to push organization in the aircraft Industry. The convention called by mat i tin. Elected Caw president in Defiance of a majority of the Union s elected executive Boer which is supported by the Cio is in its third Day. The opposing group s convention is set for March 27 in Cleveland the credential committee Tenor at Martin s a Convent Ion indicated the delegates represented a maximum membership of 62,500 in 120 locals official represented seating of a rank and file Quot delegates from locals which have voted to support the Cio faction was expelled to increase the convention strength today. Exact membership of the a Xiv prior to the factional split has not been disclosed but Martin estimated yesterday that it did not exceed 225 locals and 200, too members Quot in Good standing a fifty Thiee resolutions had been i t pared for a presentation to the session. A number of these dealt with establishing the cleavage Between the Union headed by Martin and the Cio. In county men going sectional High school tournament Here and fort Knox. Ky., soldiers homeward bound for the week end were killed in the crash late saturday or died afterwards. The dead Are James Tranter 77 John King 45, town marshal and Carl Cou Lees or something if the Assembly be 32. A1 of Shoals Connell is still in session. But the Only father Fred. 6o, Halbert town reason Forrest won t keep that ship Martin county trustee Date on april 15th will he for the Charles e. Willis is. Of Loo goo girl to change her mind. There i tee Everett Lessing. 22. Of Hick Isnit much likelihood of that. The Quot unfair sales act which a Sandy Graham put through the Senate without a murmur of opposition in t getting by the House so easily. In fact some House in tubers say that senators have asked them to vote against it. Axing that they passed if just to please a former president of their body. If it Wasny to for Quot playing politic with human misery Quot the mouse boys would pass it too. And Vave it up to the Senate to do the explaining. Present indications Are that the representatives Are going to take the responsibility seriously and apply the Well known axe. Just what can be done about it nobody knows right now. But the chances Are that a commission will he appointed to study the problem of Swain county the county had More than half of its taxable Val j ties taken off the books w Hen it was included in Ujj Monte National Park the tax list dropped from $13,000,000 Down to $5,500,000. But there was no corresponding decrease in Cost of j maintaining courts county officers and the other general expenses of a county. Swain needs some Relief and a Bill has been introduced authorizing the governor to name a commission to figure out what to do about it. Nell and Robert Walton 21 Vincennes both soldiers. Of a highest death hate it it any a Ili Zed it a intr in i he world by Stephen j. Mcdonough associated press science writer Atlanta. March it.�?1th Loath rate from to j not i ii it was declared today to he a great a National scandal As la death rate i rom automobile at a dents. In a discussion before ii Southeastern medical Congo Here. Or. Mont it. Reed of the in varsity of Cincinnati declared the american death rate from Appe Licitis is a a National disgrace \ View of medical know ledge an Public educational measures Avail Able. �?�-i.1 to 30,000 deaths a the annual toll from this ass lease is Between 25,000 and 3<m too people and the victims a mostly Young healthy adults a Tim i have the highest death rate fro appendicitis of any civilized com i try in the addressing More than 600 Silt Gens from Southeastern Souther and Many Northern states of to opening of the Annua co gees or. Reed said More than half a annual death rate from append cities could he prevented while in Sweden the death Tai from the disease has been Cut to �3 persons per 100,000 and to death rate in America has jump from 8 to 16 per thousand Dur i the last 30 years he added heal education work in Atlanta. Cd Einnatz and Philadelphia has h it Ted their death rates by on third compared to other Industry cities of the nation. Sad umm a recent flood of medical lit it attire on cases of ruptured App Licitis a is a sad commentary up our National i Reed declared Quot with an Intel gent medical profession and intelligent Public it should not it apparently the problem checking the appendicitis Dea rate must be drooped into the it of school children he eclat Quot since a Campaign among Cinel Natl Public school children h proved More effective than All t clinics conducted for adults. Along with their abcs the children have been taught Throe lectures stickers on their ache books and demonstration to pains in the Abdomen should not be treated with purgative that a physician should be a Al it in to treat any stomach paint or. Reed add d that mental of the medical proves Ion to nut trained More thoroughly to a it Nile the signs and symptom appendicitis earlier and i thoroughly and contribute i Quot Hare to reducing the death Federal government speh 6 billion in eight months will place evidence in deaths of Winston pair in hands of Coroner s jury tomorrow Winston Salem a 4b police chief a Derson said today his was working toward evidence in the death old Maxie Lee Stanley Vear old grand Uncle. Stanley in the hand Mal f. A n in in t de a plating All of 11-yeat and a her 69-Henry p. Of a Coro Wabbington March 6 a Treasury figures showed to the last eight months Cost Federal government More to $6,000,000,000. The Dally Treasury Statem disclosed that on March 3 phases of the of Scal year w b Gan list july i totalled 029, 286.637, this was $2.3 2x7,866 Mote than the t s income in the same pc end resultant Bort owing pus the Federal debt to a new to of $39,927,798,705. A via which turd $1,5 47.5 7?6 during the period was major spender. Nerds jury by tomorrow. The girl and her grand Uncle were found burned to death in the High Point boy receives by father of the girl and questioned j to n. C. State honorary Era him Over the week end Anderson said there were a Many disc repay Iesu in the fat to Medicos to ply my that Tri county composed of Phy meet 6,-t4b. Cal society ians in mar Suhui a a 6. C. Quickly relieved my headache Money to take care of them. J Frt. A Rojy it Hajj ote on a motion to its a wonderful setup for table. It we kept alive 65 to 14 w to Are sat tied with i and went Hack to committee from work of the two big commute j Chich it has again emerged in and Hie leaders Are going 1 a it somewhat modified form. Will also quickly relieve muscular aches neuralgia simple nervousness and functional periodic pains. 10c amp 25c sizes make the most of it. From the news commentators Point of View this is a difficult legislature to cover for the Rea son that off the door declarations of undying opposition or i unwavering support for this and it May get through but if it does it is Likely to he in somewhat the category tis the new Absentee Law which is to stay if will be really effective Only so far As primaries go thus taking the East to the dry cleaners while i Aviter i that measure co often turn to the Wes i object surrender when the Point up their doing something pm politicians to laugh Deeves and. To tis a very 18 i mild f nubile a tin. Quot Man Euver Quot the rets out Iii general election is one no a ally the e i of actually i reached. Which makes it Likely that threats of frightful and ferocious battling Over the Revenue i Nill Are so much hog Wash Aud letting off of steam. Of a sudden this Tould change of unit Alumina previous actions to be typical of the Hon. O. Ii now j a a i looks like the Revenue Bill As re Park it instruction j ported xviii come through the j Lenoir. March 6.�?<4b�?con- committee of the whole without i struck in of an extensive Muni More than minor scars. Cipal Park will begin March 18. A Hind. Oil Mea King. The letter i v cd pc it Iez Ilia tort from the no Means outsmart a a guns from Highet Dallas negro Dies in chair after reprieve by odaniels Huntsville. Tex March 6�? t.4 a Xvi Niell Williams 19-year-old Dallas negro reprieved by gov. Lee of Daniol in a fight against capital punishment was electrocuted at state prison Early today for the murder of an aged Dairyman. Of Daniel stayed Williams execution a month ago Quot in order that Winzell Williams May suffer this dreadful run she it. Certain death staring i Mitt the face Day and night for 3<t Days before he Quot relieved by de att in the electric criticized widely o Daniel said he had made that it Tatem to to arouse Public opinion against capital Puni lament. He asked the legislature to abolish the Alternet penalty. New product Iron fireman described by a Redford an entirely new prod int a announced at the recent convention of Iron fireman dealer at Atlanta. A. Thi was the Quot unit heat maker Quot a self contained self Coal firing Heater for rooms or groups of rooms c. G. Redford of Bedford sales company authorized local Iron fireman dealer who has returned from the convention says that features of the Quot unit Hoat Tea scr Quot Are automatic temperature control forced circulation of warmth and humidification. An intensive National advertising and Selling program is to be put behind the new product announced or. Bedford. Borneo is the third largest Island in the world with an area of 280,000 Square Miles. Tin. Tyrell and Washington counties will meet Here Friday. In o. S. Of Drix e Statesville. March 6. 4b a Hugh g. Mitchell National president., said today the patriotic order son of America planned a nation wide membership drive. R Lei Gil Mitre 6. Elf freshmen at state College a it signally honoured by being inv to join Phi Kia Sigma scholar fraternity which extends bid Only those freshmen who a exceptionally High Scholastic a togs. L. J. Ingrain. High Point but wit among those receiving t coveted Honor. The freshmen will be initial next month at the fraternity i Nual pledge banquet. England a railway casualty i work out at one death Iii Eves i 89.ouu.uoo passengers t at t red it thanks i do enjoy a mild cigarette Weh Here it is _ let up Light up a a watch 9 is inches in diameter i is exhibited in the National museum at Washington in c. It is said to be the largest watch in the i world. Nervous weak Ankles swollen much nervousness is caused by an excess or acids and poisons due to functional kidney and bladder disorder which mar Aho cause getting up nights burning passages swollen joints backache circles under Eves excess acidity be pains and Doz iness. Help your kidneys purify your blood with crates. Usually the very first dose starts helping your kidneys clean out excess acids and this soon May make you feel like new. Under the Money Back guarantee crates must satisfy completely or Cost nothing out crates Siss tax it today. It costs Only 3c a dose at drug guts Aud the guarantee protect you. A Quot ram camels never jangle the nerve

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