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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 2, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 6a High Point Enterprise saturday March 2,1974 week s Church Calendar Graham film the Billy Graham film a is no to it Good to know a will be shown in several High Point churches sunday. Released through world wide pictures producers of a time to run a the new film Abandons traditional Story lines to involve the viewer in life experiences of real people according to local churches. The churches and the times the film will show include Albertson Road and Oak View Baptist churches at 7 30 pm., and Central Alliance Church and Christ United methodist Church at 7 . In each Case the showing is open to the Public. A happening musical groups from five area churches will take part in a Quot happening sunday at 2 30 . In Hayworth Wesleyan Church. During the event the Rev. Paul Allred president and the Rev. Don Conrad vice president of the Piedmont Christian holiness Assn. Will introduce the indoor Cam meeting to be sponsored by the organization and which will be held March 11-17 at first Wesleyan Church. Six denomination with 50 individual congregations will participate in the Cam meeting. United Ushers Trinity the United Ushers will observe an anniversary sunday at 3 . In first Baptist Church Here. The Rev. John Mason is to be the speaker. Grace lutheran Thomasville Quot the Cross for modern Many is the theme for a lenten series of dialogues Between pasters and laity of the Davidson county lutheran churches. The Rev. Charlie Hoyle will Lead the discussion to be held in Grace lutheran Church on wednesday March 6, at 7 30 . Mount Olive the sons of David and the metro liners both from Charlotte and the voices of Harmony of Wadesboro will sing sunday at 2 30 . In mount Olive Baptist Church. Oak Grove a gospel train is planned for Oak Grove Church on sunday at 3 several groups Are expected to take part in the afternoon program. David Poling . Korean christians take firm stand by David Poling Nea just last year we witnessed one of the great gatherings in Church history when More than one million people swarmed into Seoul Korea to hear evangelist Billy Granam. Today a significant number of korean christians Are putting their Faith into action a confronting the dictatorial policies of president Park. Historically christians have known that Freedom of religion and Freedom of speech belong in the same bag. Pastors and prominent churchmen Are facing squarely the repressive policies of or. Park. There is now the realization that the suspension of National elections Means an attack on the press on academic Freedom and on the rights of Public worship and Assembly. Korea in 1974 reads like America 1776. Korean christians at great risk have channelled their deep personal pietism into intense political activism. Reports received in this country indicate that pastors College students seminarians and ecumenical councils Are prepared to go to prison rather than endure the Occidental tyranny that now grips Seoul. Faculty and students at Hanbuck Seminary a presbyterian theological Seminary and Tea gun Seminary a Catholic Seminary have shaved their Heads in Public protest against government repression. Major complaints Are varied but generally follow these lines 1. Freedom of Faith speech publishing Assembly. 2. Academic Freedom on Campus. 3. Ending police surveillance release of imprisoned students. 4. Practice of free democracy. 5. End to dominance of japanese investment. The korean Council of churches summarized the aspirations of Many christians when it stated a human rights Are the most valuable thing Given by god. God who created Man in his own image released Mankind from All kinds of restrictions and he intends a society in which human rights Are not infringed upon. A following his activity the Church believes the establishment of human rights to be its supreme task and the Mission of the Church in this generation is to be the establishment of human rights which is the basis of the survival of the individual and the foundation of the development of for More than a Century christians in Korea have looked to american churches for support guidance and Fellowship. The Early patterns of korean democracy arc traced to our vision of Freedom under a Constitution and Bill of rights. Let us Hope that As korean christians Are faithful to their tradition that our voice will not be silent but affirmative of their courageous stand. A new Simmi r no Nim. S Ano the illustrated Bisie Esther accuses Haman then the King asked. Who is he and where is he who Durst presume so and Esther said. The adversary and enemy is this wicked Haman. A Esther 6 5 6 Mordecai Cousin and Foster father of the orphan Esther who became Queen to King Ahasuerus lived a within the Gates of the Palace and overheard a plot to assassinate the King. This he revealed in his daily record of services and the King sleepless one night scanned the records. He was furious of course but grateful to Mordecai piled Many honors upon him. This infuriated Haman Mordecai a rival for Royal favor so he was surprised when Esther invited him to feast with the King and herself. There she pointed him out to the King As instigator of the plot. Next week Esther saves the jews by police state governments moral pressure needed to end suppression by George w. Cornell a religion writer new York a South americans daring Church Battler for human rights roman Catholic archbishop fielder camera of Brazil spoke recently of police state suppression in his Homeland and added a if the religions of the world do not bring moral pressure to Bear upon those responsible for such crimes humanity will no longer Trust them to speak in the name of the archbishop presented in Norway with a a a people a peace prize of $264,000 for his struggles in behalf of Justice and nonviolence used to be virtually alone among Church leaders in his outspoken clash with military regimes. But that is no longer the Case. Mounting opposition of catholics and protestants to oppressive government tactics in South America particularly in Brazil and Chile is showing up both there and in the United states. In the first action of its kind the administrative Board of . Catholic Bishops has charged repression of human rights in Chile and Brazil and urged the . Government to condition its economic Aid on changes in those policies. The . Bishops said they acted a in Solidarity with pretzel was originally a Symbol of Lent season new York a that curious convoluted chunk of bread the pretzel was in its origin a Christian Symbol. And there s a move afoot to revive the custom. Quot pretzels for god a is the name of the drive generated in Phoenix. Ariz., to put the pretzel Back into the Observance of Lent the 40-Day period of penitence and spiritual renewal preceding easter. A the idea has caught on tremendously Here among Young and old and catholics and prote stants a says Marlene Mccauley Leader of the Effort to Point up the real meaning of the pretzel and restore its religious use. Quot it s a holy Symbol of prayer and penance a she says. A a it a a sign of Christian the group urges families at the Start of Lent on Ash wednesday next week to explain to children the religious origin of the pretzel to serve it on each plate each Day of Lent at the evening meal opening with a Quot pretzel the prayer recalling Early Christian use of the pretzel goes in part a Grant us we Pray that we too May be reminded by the daily sight of these pretzels to observe the holy season of Lent with True Devotion and great spiritual the pretzel push comes at a time when lenten observances Are More open to innovation now that roman catholicism has lifted its former rules of mandatory fasting and abstinence from meat All through the period. Instead of focusing on fixed routines of dietary limitations the stress now in catholicism a and also in protestantism a is on positive programs for spiritual growth such As Spe Cial Bible study and religious Reading and on generosity to Aid those in need. As for the pretzels origins the Rev. Francis x. Weiser of Boston a Catholic scholar on the history of Christian customs says a it sounds surprising but the pretzel has a deep spiritual meaning for in he says the pretzel was made by christians first in the fifth Century As lenten bread since it consists Only of water flour and Salt also yeast nowadays but without eggs or milk forbidden Lent in ancient times. The pretzel originally was called latin for a Little arms a because of being shaped in the form of arms crossed in prayer. In Germany it became known As a a Brezell or a it still shows the form of arms crossed in prayer reminding us that Lent is a time of prayer a says father Weiser. He applauds the idea of reviving the pretzel custom Quot since we still have these breads around Blue Laws a Quot Blue Laws were so named because their originators the puritans published them in 1650 in a Book bound in Blue paper covers. Gnrytryyytttot8 8fl�?ogttytrirytyyyrrf�?~i mrw two Rac to i Zaz pm str a or Ferndale drive and Locke streets View a a disciples of Christ Stanley c. Gibson pastor ii ii churches both in Chile and Brazil meaning that the protest had the backing of Bishops in the two South american countries. Panel decision May determine indictment vote Fayetteville . Apr the majority Leader of the . House tip i o Neill or. Of Massachusetts says that if the House judiciary committee recon mends impeachment a the president will be impeached overwhelmingly by the house., a i done to know if he will resign or not a of Neill said in Fayetteville thursday i think it will be in the Best interests of the nation if he resigns. The Man has lost his credibility. Vice president Ford has the ability to Lead the of Neill spoke at the first of a series of congressional forum meetings set up by congressman Charles Rose of Fayetteville. For havens Baptist Mission 200 w. Springdale Sari sri 9 to am. Miming him am. Emiitt hard up 7 1 m. Priser me Eltag do. 7 34 pm. Rev. . Secures pastor Welcome a it was a historic action a says the Rev. Frederick Mcguire of Washington d.c., head of the . Catholic conference latin american division noting that the . Hierarchy usually maintains a diplomatic silence about foreign regimes. Father Mcguire who recently made a fact finding trip to Chile and reported widespread arrests torture intimidation and other persecution foresaw rising protests from the Church leadership there. He said Cardinal Raul Silva president of the chilean Bishops conference previously has kept a a flow profile a hoping the problems could be worked out quietly but information now is that he is changing his View and soon will take a a stronger care ii Street Fea list a Ltd Rcpt Corner Carrell Street a playground to. Archdale North Carolina 27263 i where everybody is somebody Quot George h. Wallace. Pastor 1723 Bolingbroke Road High Point. N. C. 27200 telephones res. 883-1056 Church 431-5647 a first Vav Wesleyan u Hugh 1915 North Centennial ave. Quot serving the whole family 1 phone Church-882-1117�?Day care-885 0712 nursing Home 886-5051 9 9 Tun 9 45 . Sunday school 10 40 . Worship hour Gideon representative will be speaking 6 00 . Worship hour Rev. Clarence Williams will be speaking color film a like a mighty army 7 30 . Wednesday prayer and Bible study for us tit Pratt we tools to Tom. Off Emu Irry Lopes carts gospel Book store in Armele Neit to perpetual Tel 431-i424 ctr unit Cau Urca amp a Al it and. Dlu4 Church of cod Archdale . 10 00 . Sunday school 11 00 . Morning worship 7 30 . Sunday night located a 1700 e. Fairfield Hoad jct. Of . 610 and . 62 w. Herman White a pastor Cut visitor or. J. Winston Pearce writer in residence at Campbell College will be the speaker sunday in Reavis memorial Baptist Church at the la . Worship service. Or. In Earcey a local visit is in connection with Reavis memorials 22nd anniversary. He is presently writing the history of Campbell College. Poor to this he served As professor of preaching at Golden Gate Baptist theological Seminary in Mill valleycalif., and was a guest j professor at Baptist Seminary in Rusc Likon j Switzerland. Calvary Assembly of god i Soo Guyer Street holding the word above the world Daniel r. Duncan pastor 2-144 Springfield Baptist Church 1322 Baker Road Bobby Loving pastor 9 45 . Sunday school 11 00 . Warship service 7 30 . Evening worship midweek service 7 30 pm. A for bus scr ski 431-341 teaching and preaching the fundamental doctrines and gospel of Christ Jesus. H s 4 Short on Gas there is lots of heavenly fuel from god s presence to warm your heart and bring Joy to your Home. Available first Church of god 1921 s. Main Street come worship with us first Church of Christ 301 East Lexington Point . To a Friendly Church. Revival fire. 7 36 Abb. A scriptural Church. Sea toy so Doo Aja. A Mission minded Church Mendel a i. A soul saving Church. Of deem. Sjo per. A spiritual Church. Ive Meg nerds. 0 30 per. A serving Church. A youth heur. 30 pea. A Christ entered Church wedge they Tibia study 7 Joppa attend our great services tomorrow. You la be glad you did a non denominate tonal Church on the move you can be a Christian without Ever joining any denomination Quot for information fall u2-i247 or im-739s Hoyt i. Johnson minister 3we a Church of Jesus Mendenhall re. Off w. Fairfield High Point . And when Paul had Laid hands upon them the came on them and they spake with tongues and prophesied. Acts 19 6 test your Bible knowledge answer True or false answers at Bottom i. Sincerity in religion is All that is necessary to please god. 2. Men can predict when the lord will answers 1. False a sincerity though on essential element of Christian living it not a guarantee of salvation. The african woman who May throw her infant to the Cor Codire of a Heathen sacrifice it obviously sincere yet sincerely wrong Paul wot unsaved when a i persecuted this Way christianity unto the death binding and delivering into Pisons both men and women Acle 22 4 but he testified of his linearity saying. I have lived in All Good conscience before cod until this Day Quot acts 23.1 Paul was saved not by sincerity done but by obedience to Christ commands. Act 22 16 Tho today linearity i admirable yet without obedience to truth it i not Oble to save. Met. 7 21 2. False a a Mony men preach about when the lord i to return. They speak of sign which they maintain will determine even the a oct Day. Many men have even encouraged other to sell their poem oni at Given time to prepare for i return Only to Odly discover a this were wrong the Bible plainly says Quot but the Day of the lord will come of a thief in the night i pet. 3 10 does one know when a thief it coming a whether Oon or not no the Bible further toy that neither chm nor Angels nor ony Mon knows when that Day will be my. 13.32 since even Christ Doten t know the Day How can men preach Tho they know there is not a Man on this Earth who know one thing about when the lord Jesus will come again Send for free tract a the 2nd coming of Christ Quot m Yew Erie. Tend i in i tit h 9 Fer Yew cum. Yew. Tutti opt ten a aready been paid visit the churl of Christ 1f34 Eastchester or. Lox 17l9 my go Point pm. 113-4972 services study. 9 30am Sun -worship10 30 am 4 6 30 pm study. 7 30 pm program mfr. 9 1 Sam no a in mental a a a Haring Mew it lament cow tenant Rye Jim Stutts minister every facility of this Church is dedicated to providing you and your family the spiritual uplift for a Happy life. First pentecostal holiness Church too Kenilworth drive 9 45 . Sunday school 11 00 . Worship hour 6 15 . Lift liners 7 00 . Worship hour Blu study 7 30 . Wednesday per bub service 431-39bb 431-3161 113-2020 8 35 messages of Faith 9 40 sunday school Quot Jesus the judge of life Quot or. Price mfr 1230 on am. A place of Bible stud for everyone. Special classes for the deaf and retarded. 10 55 morning worship Quot lord bless my brother too or. Price 7 00 evening worship Quot in t it Good to know hour of Power wednesday evening 7 15 . Main Sanctuary Green Street Baptist Church 2-16 4 Rev. . Spargo pastor Green drive at Mangum Street e. W. Price the. D. Pastor 13 2 4

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