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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 2, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather warm and sunny More data on Page 5a 90th year no. 61 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 8821719 High Point n. C., saturday afternoon March 2,1974 14 pages classified ads 8852177 other dept. A 8852161 daily 10c, sunday 25c is his Story version accurate indictment questions president s role Washington a the new watergate indictment indirectly challenges president Nixon a version of his role in the wiretapping cover up. The grand jury said Friday that former presidential chief of staff h. R. Haldeman lied when he swore Nixon rejected the idea of raising hush Money for the watergate burglars. Nixon had said Haldeman a testimony is accurate and had Given a virtually identical version himself. The grand jury also said that the cover up continued even after March 21, 1973. That is the Day the president said he received new information about the burglary and ordered his aides to a get the Story the presidents chief accuser former White House counsel John w. Dean Iii was not among the seven men indicted despite Public accusations by Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott that Dean lied under oath. Dean previously pleaded guilty to a single conspiracy count in the cover up and is awaiting sentencing. He is expected to be a key witness in the coverup trial. Scott declined Friday to comment. A key element in Deans testimony at the Senate watergate committees hearings last summer dealt with Nixon a reaction to demands for additional Money by e. Howard Hunt. Dean said Nixon told him raising the Money would be a no Haldeman and Nixon both said the president told Dean it would be the grand jury said Haldeman lied. Hunt and the other six burglars remained silent through their trial in january 1973. Fridays indictment said that a total of $327,500 was raised by the presidents men and paid to the wire tappers and their lawyers through february 1973. But As Hunts sentencing approached he passed word to the White House that he wanted $120,000 More. Dean said Hunt threatened to Tell about the wiretapping and about other a seamy things he had done earlier while on the White House staff. These included the 1971 break in by Hunt and others at the office of Daniel Ellsberg a psychiatrist. Dean testified that he told the president about Hunts findings on Nixon involvement continues to remain a secret demands and estimated it could take As much As $1 million to keep All the wire tappers quiet. He testified that Nixon a Only reaction was that raising $1 million would be a no Haldeman and Nixon both said Nixon had gone on to add that it would be wrong to pay hush Money thereby rejecting the scheme instead of condoning it. Haldeman testifying before the Senate committee last july said a the president said a there is no problem in raising a million dollars we can do that but it gift a would be he swore he had listened to a tape recording of the conversation and that he was a absolutely positive Nixon had told Dean it would be wrong to raise the Money. The grand jury said Haldeman committed perjury when he quoted Nixon As saying a it would be wrong and when he said he heard those words on the tape. The grand jury also listened to a tape recording of the meeting. This conflicts with Nixon a own endorsement of Halde Many a testimony. At a news conference last aug. 22, Nixon said a this statement is the president went on to say that he told Dean a John it is wrong it wont the grand jury indicated that Dean had been mistaken about at least one aspect of the meeting. Dean said the $1 million matter was discussed March 13. The grand jury after listening to the tape put the Date at March 21, the Day Nixon says he first received new facts about the wiretapping. Although the president said he immediately ordered his top aides to a get the Story out a on March 21, the grand jury said the cover up continued with a delivery of $75,000 to Hunt. Haldeman attended the last part of the March 21 Nixon Dean meeting. Half an hour after it was Over Haldeman telephoned former atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell who in turn authorized payment of $75,000 to Hunt the indictment said. The following Day Mitchell told presidential aide John d. Ehrlichman that Hunt was a no longer a a problem a a the indictment said. Ehrlichman then told his aide Egil Krogh see indictment on 5a Washington a the watergate grand jury kept one tantalizing secret As it indicted seven associates of president Nixon its findings about the president himself. Those conclusions were contained in a Large envelope handed to the judge As the grand jury indicted h. R. Haldeman John d. Ehrlichman John n. Mitchell and four others for conspiring to derail the watergate investigations. . District judge John j. Sirica glanced at the report ordered it sealed and kept in the courts custody a until further aides said the judge had not decided whether to turn the report Over to the House judiciary committee which is studying possible impeachment of the president. A briefcase bulging with grand jury evidence also was Given to Sirica and there were reports the jurors had asked that it go to the impeachment committee. Sirica banned any statements by prosecutors defendants and their lawyers and grand jurors. The jury which had been hearing evidence for 20 months was not discharged and was told its presence might be needed in court in two weeks. The grand jury charged a total of 24 felony violations against the seven men. Each carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and fines ranging from $2,000 to $10,000. All seven were charged Golan Heights disengagement peace meeting okayed Riyadh saudi Arabia apr Israel and Syria have agreed to Send military and diplomatic representatives to Washington within about two weeks to negotiate a first phase of disengagement in the Golan Heights . Officials travelling with Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger said today. The two sides will Send their representatives separately and work through Kissinger in what was described As an a inverted the israelis Are to arrive first about March 16. This probably will cause Kissinger to put off a trip to the soviet Union where he intended to Speed negotiations on a new nuclear arms limitation treaty. He also May delay a fifth tour of the Middle East. A senior american official disclosed the setup As Kissinger came Here to see King Faisal about lifting the Oil embargo imposed against the United states and the Netherlands for their support of and Friendship with Israel during the october War. Kissinger sealed the syrian israeli negotiations process during a four hour meeting with syrian president Hafez Assad in Damascus Friday night. At one Point in their talk senior officials said the chances were about 50-50 that Kissinger a efforts would fail and he would have to go Home to Washington with nothing to show for the trip except delivery of a list of israeli War prisoners that he had in his pocket anyway when he set out to the Middle East last monday. The senior official said the israelis and syrians Are still very apart in their negotiating position. Other sources said however that Heath planning to keep Power despite loss London a prime minister Edward Heath has advised Queen Elizabeth ii to let him keep his Post despite the conservative party a loss of its majority in the House of commons. He met with the Queen for 50 minutes Friday night at Buckingham Palace and a Palace spokesman said a emr. Heath certainly did not tender his resignation to her majesty Harold Wilson a labor party polled More seats than any other party in the National elections thursday but he too fell Short of a majority. Wilson claimed the right to govern but the Queen was expected to approve heaths request to try to form a new government. Tory officials said heaths decision to remain in office was based on the conservatives Edge Over labor in the popular vote a 11,916,319 to 11,657,461 at last count. With All but one seat decided the conservatives held Only 296 seats in the 635-seat parliament 22 Short of a majority. The labor party the chief opposition held 301, while Jeremy Thorpe a revived Liberal party claimed 14. The scottish Irish and Welsh nationalists and independents have a total of 23 seats. To remain in Power Heath must line up support from the smaller parties particularly the liberals. He can invite members of those parties to join his Cabinet in a coalition government or solicit their support for a minority government a the first since 1929 a composed Only of conservative ministers. Of the smaller parties refused to go along the conservatives would be vulnerable in parliament and a defeat on a major Issue could Force a vote of Confidence and new elections. Parliament convenes March 12. Thorpe said on the last Day of the Campaign that if his liberals held a balance of Power when the votes were counted he could not support a government headed by either Heath or Wilson. But he held out the possibility of working with another Leader in either a conservative or labor government. A we will not go into a coalition unless it has a Leader who can unite the country a Thorpe told newsmen. A neither or. Heath nor or. Wilson can unite the labovites claimed they could count on the backing of at least to nationalists and independents on most issues. Israel is willing to give up almost All the territory it gained after being attacked oct. 6, provided a United nations Buffer zone is established and the syrians thin out their Armor and troops in the Golan Heights. During his meeting with Assad officials said Kissinger brought with him israelis first proposal on a disengagement of forces after 6vfe hours of talks with israeli Premier Golda Meir in Tel Aviv. A syrian spokesman said a a the thoughts Kissinger brought with him were not accepted by Assad who presented his own views. After meeting with Faisal Kissinger flies to Amman to meet with King Hussein of Jordan and on sunday he is to leave the Middle East for Bonn West Germany. Tel Aviv officials said is a a e is preliminary disengagement proposal Calls for a reduction in armed strength on the israeli syrian front and establishment of a Buffer zone patrolled by United nations troops. A similar arrangement is in Force on the Suez front Between israeli and egyptian forces. Syria has demanded a full israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights territory it captured in 1967 and from 300 Square Miles More it took in the october War. Israel has expressed willingness to withdraw from the land it captured in october and perhaps some of the Golan territory but has ruled out Complete withdrawal from the Heights. With conspiring to obstruct Justice from june 17, 1972 a the Day of the break in at democratic party Headquarters a to the present. The charge said they tried to impede the watergate investigation by lying a Craft trickery and dishonest the grand jury charged a the conspirators would at various times remove conceal alter and destroy. Documents papers records and it sad they planned and gave false testimony raised Money for the break in defendants offered them executive clemency and leniency and tried to get inside information from the Fri about the Progress of the investigation. Mitchell was charged with six felony counts Haldeman and Ehrlichman with five each. At the time of their resignations april 30 last year they were chief of staff and Domestic adviser respectively. The grand jury also indicted Charles w. Colson former special counsel to Nixon on two counts Gordon Strachan formerly Haldeman Stop aide on three Robert c. Mardian a reelection committee official on one and Kenneth Wells Parkinson lawyer for the re election committee on two. Nixon said in a statement issued by the White House he hoped that trials would move a swiftly to a just conclusion a and that people should recognize a those indicted Are presumed innocent unless proof of guilt is established in the courts. A in one of his last Case assignments before he Steps Down As chief judge March 19, Sirica took the Case himself since he will continue As an Active judge. The trial is expected to last 4-5 Mont. Lawyer s remarks could end trial John Mitchell Maurice h. Stans new York a the governments criminal conspiracy Case against former atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell and sex Commerce Secretary Maurice h. Stans May have crashed on Takeoff due to a prosecutors opening trial statement. The judge is considering a mistrial. Judge Lee p. Gagliardi of . District court cited a apparent excesses in the opening of asst. . Atty. James w. Ray Hill who launched the governments conspiracy obstruction of Justice and perjury prosecution Friday. Gagliardi directed Rayhill to document in writing any Legal excuse he can find in Case Law for his remarks a that the trial jurors should place themselves in the shoes of the grand jurors who indicted Mitchell and stans. The defense in turn was Given an Opportunity to bolster in writing to motion for a mistrial Mitchell and stans Are accused of accepting a $200,000 Gas lines ease but prices Rise i what s inside amusements.6b bridge.6b classified ads3-5b comics8a crossword.5a editorials4a obituaries.3a sports.1-2b television .5a weather.5a by the associated press first the Good news gasoline lines in North Carolina Are Shorter. Its because of new March supplies and part of the emergency allocation left Over from february. Now the bad news prices have gone up As much Asio cents a gallon. The Federal Energy office had allowed an increase of two cents beginning March i at stations owned or leased by dealers. But one station in Charlotte added to the two cents an additional eight cents to offset a Price increase from its supplier. It was charging 53.4 cents a gallon for regular and 57.4 for Premium not of a major Brand. Dealers in Charlotte and in Greenville s.c., plan to Start on monday a $3 minimum for regular sized cars. But the internal Revenue service says this would violate Federal Price regulations. Gov. Jim Holshouser said he was encouraged by the initial response to the Odd even voluntary system. He said that whether this Supply system works would depend on the voluntary spirit of citizens. He made the comment in Raleigh Friday As he told of a another plan tied to the Energy crisis. Blue and White bumper strips which say �?�50 drive 55�?� Are being made available by the North Carolina Jaycees at Highway patrol stations and Driver License examining station. The governor said the message is to remind people in All 50 states to drive the Legal limit of 55 Miles per hour. A we experienced a decrease in speeding violations when the new limits went into effect a he said. A but since the first of the year violations have increased. This indicates that motorists have slipped into some bad secret contribution to president Nixon a 1972 reelection Campaign from International financier Robert l. Vesco. The two defendants had left the Cabinet at the time to run the Campaign. The government charged that in return Mitchell and suns sought to impede a securities and Exchange commission fraud investigation directed at Vescor a multimillion Dollar financial Empire. During the Day Mitchell was indicted by the watergate grand jury on identical charges of conspiracy obstruction and perjury in connection this time with charges that he played a role in the cover up of the Washington scandal. Rayhill a 35-year-old Yale Law school graduate began his statement routinely before a newly sworn trial jury of eight men and four women. He called the purported Deal Between Mitchell stans and Vesco a scheme a to sell political influence for $200,000 in a a it a cheaper than paying a lawyer a Rayhill quoted Vesco As telling a business cohort. A the influence exerted by Mitchell and stans was Subtle and sophisticated a added the slightly built dark haired Rayhill a government prosecutor for four years. Rayhill went on in that vein for the better part of two hours As the jury paid him rapt attention. So did Mitchell and stans dropping their gaze from Rayhill Only to Jot notes on pads in front of them. Then As he was winding up his statement Rayhill told the jurors Quot. As you listen to the witnesses testifying before you put yourselves in the place of the grand jurors who investigated this Case citizens like swiftly to his feet Rose Walter Bonner head of stans Legal team. A i object a he said in a controlled voice. A sustained a snapped Gagliardi a Jurist who evinces a firm control of his courtroom. Rayhill finished his statement and the jury was sent out to lunch. The last one had barely cleared the courtroom when Bonner was on his feet again. This time he made no attempt to control his emotions. Pointing a Finger in the direction of the prosecution table he cried a i move for a mistrial. I move for a mistrial because it was stated by or. Rayhill a few moments ago. In which he indicated contrary to your instructions to this jury that because people just like this Petit jury had indicted these two men that they should draw a natural inference from that fact that these men were guilty. A this is an outrageous thing to do in this courtroom and this Case should be Delegate selection rules approved feeling Energy Pinch bordello business Down Reno Nev. A now the Energy crisis has hit the worlds oldest profession. Nevada bordello owners say the states thriving prostitution Industry is feeling the Pinch of the Energy problem As gasoline and diesel fuel shortages keep customers away. Most of the three dozen houses of legalized prostitution contacted in an associated press Survey said business is generally Down and they blame the Energy shortage. Brothel owners said the recent truckers strike which kept Many trucks off Nevada a highways deprived them of some of their regular clientele. A business has dropped to nothing a said the owner of francs Star ranch located about 115 Miles North of Las vegas on . 95. A a we be had very few trucks since the she said Gas is available for potential customers but a they just done to know about the ranch has its own Airstrip for customers flying in on private planes. A a we be had one plane maybe two since right after Christmas a said the owner who asked that her name not be used. Asked if she had to Cut Down on her employees because of the shortage she said a i did no to have to let them go they left another . 95 Brothel the Cottontail ranch 165 Miles North of Las vegas also has been affected by the gasoline shortage. A business is nowhere near Par at night but during the Day and Early evening we have a Little bit of traffic a said owner Beverly Harrell who said she depends on the Highway a the main route Between Reno and Las vegas a for much of her business. The owner of the Hacienda a 26-year-old establishment in Elko a Northeast Nevada Community of 8,000, said a the crisis has affected weekend business but not really daily like the owner of francs the Hacienda operator said Many persons stay away because they Are afraid of running out of Gas. She said the town has about 40 stations but people done to realize they re open. A we miss a lot of our truckers and Haven to had More than a dozen in a months time a said the owner of Bettye a one of seven brothels in Elko located on interstate to Nevada a main East West route. Washington a the democratic National committee has approved new Delegate selection rules that could Lead to a wide open presidential nominating convention in 1976. The new rules the result of a years work by a party commission that compromised on most major issues were approved Friday by an overwhelming voice vote of the National committee in the form recommended by the party a executive committee a Day earlier. They retain Large portions of the 1972 rules that reformed party procedures but make several important changes the most important being a proportional representation system throughout the Delegate selection process. This Means that 1976 delegates will be awarded according to the relative strength of the different candidates a change Over the system under which a candidate often got virtually All of a states delegates by finishing a few votes ahead of his nearest rival. Every candidate with at least 15 per cent of the vote could receive delegates in 1976. Most party observers think the new system would Benefit Alabama gov. George c. Wallace who demonstrated in 1972 he could get some support in All parts of the country. However it would Force most candidates to expand their efforts into More states since they could no longer count on winning a Large chunk of delegates in just one primary As californians which gave 1972 nominee George Mcgovern nearly 20 per cent of the needed delegates. New postal rates now in effect Washington a postal service costs you More today than Friday but maybe not As much As a year from now Basic rates went up two cents at Midnight. First class letters Are a dime. Airmail is 13 cents and postcards Are eight cents. Rates for parcels and some classes of bulk mail went up slightly and will continue to Rise for the next few years. At a news conference Friday postmaster general e. T. Klassen said letter and postcard rates could continue to Rise too if current Strong economic pressures continue. Gasoline for example is costing the postal service $38 million More this year than it expected. Each Penny increase in the Price of a gallon of gasoline costs the service $3.5 million Klassen said. He noted Oil companies recently announced that More increases Are coning

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