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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 2, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Washington a everyone from Joseph Alsop to vice president Gerald Ford is pleading that the country should forget about watergate so the president can devote his time and efforts to such important matters As the Energy crisis. Or. Siegfried Siegfried. A psychiatrist who is writing a Book a How much can americans take a supports the opposite View. A i think it would be More advantageous if the country could forget about the Energy crisis so the president could devote his full time to a Why do you say that. Doctor a a the truth is that practically everyone in the country gets a fiendish Delight Reading about watergate while very few people get any fun Reading about the Energy crisis. My studies show that if you offer readers the Choice of a watergate article or one on the Oil shortage they will take the watergate Story 5 to i. I m afraid that if watergate had t happened we would have had to invent a but Why a i asked or. Siegfried a watergate is pure entertainment. It has comedy mystery and melodrama. I would prefer that it have a Little sex As Well but we can to have everything. People identify with the watergate characters. They Are All clean Cut Short haired americans caught up in a soap opera which each insists was not of his making. It also involves a new element which is the question of a presidential impeachment. The number two Man has been booted out of office and the number one Many a Job is on the line. Quot what More escape can you offer people who Are beset with inflation unemployment and transportation problems beyond their wildest dreams Quot without watergate you would have a mass mental depression in this country. I maintain that watergate is the glue that keeps the nation from falling apart. A take the controversy Over the tapes. What a pleasure it is to see the Battle being waged Between the White House and the special prosecutor. What fiction writer would have had the nerve to have written the Rose Mary Woods role in the erasure of the key tape americans May not want to admit it but they love every minute of watergate. The worst mistake would be to deprive them of this marvelous farce provided them free through the Courtesy of their Friendly Quot when you put it that Way watergate does have its role in american life a i admitted. Quot show me anyone who enjoys Reading about the Energy crisis. Produce one soul who gets pleasure out of seeing photographs of Long lines of cars at Gas stations. Find me a person who gets any pleasure out of watching administration officials give daily conflicting stories on the Oil situation in the a i done to know of anybody a i admitted. A when John Chancellor leads his program with a Story that the Cost of living went up another 5 per cent the country goes into the dumps. But when he starts the show by revealing the president has refused to turn Over tapes and papers to special prosecutor Jaworski everybody cheers up and Quot i wonder Why Alsop and Ford done to appreciate the psychological value of watergate a i said Quot i can to Analyse people i Haven to examined personally a or. Siegfried replied. A but i do know that the biggest mistake this country could make would be to put watergate behind them. A was Long As we can produce new evidence concerning the coverup and High administration involvement americans will survive secure in the knowledge that the news can to be All copyright 1974, los Angeles times Bond Issue this Flag is Green this in t the official Green Flag the one gov. Holshouser promised would be sent to each gasoline dealer in the state. But the Flag Here posted in front of the Exxon car care Center on n. Main Street serves the same purpose As the official version which should be arriving at most stations within the next few Davs. A Green Flag Means that the service station is pumping Gas a conclusion supported by the line of cars in the picture above. Beginning next monday the flags will be flown by most stations in town during pumping hours As part of the agreement local dealers reached on sunday. Staff photo by Mark Austin vandals thieves assault local Homes businesses burglars with apparently Only malicious damage on their minds entered a House under construction on Rollingwood Road by breaking out a window. Once inside they went upstairs where they threw paint on Walls. Damage was estimated at about $2,000. Raymond Shackleford of Vine Street reported that someone broke the Latch off his Back door. He said about $200 in Cash was missing and the thieves also removed a Shotgun Rifle and four pistols valued at $435. Someone knocked a handle off the Back door at j amp m curb Market on English Road and removed a $300 television set. Cecil Harold Griffin or. Of Terrell drive said his Home was entered by prying open the screen and Back doors. Stolen was some old Money with a face value of $90, a pair of earrings and some Beer. A window was removed to gain Entrance to Biff Burger on s. Main Street. It was not immediately known if anything was stolen. Shore cleaners inc. On English Road was entered by prying open a Back door. The Only thing known missing was $3 Worth of pennies. A break in was discovered at Ferndale Junior High school when three boys were seen running away from the building. Nothing was believed missing. The accused in Safe cracking Case Are bound Over several defendants were bound Over to Superior court for trial thursday after appearances in District court. Dewey Baldwin 25, and Michael g. Baldwin 17, both of it. I Sophia and Roger Lackey 24, of route 4, waived preliminary hearings and were bound Over on Safe cracking charges. A the three Are accused of entering the coca cola bottling co. On s. Main Street Jan. 20 opening the company Safe. They were apprehended inside the building police reported. Bryant b. Bennett 47, of w Lexington Avenue waived hearing and was bound Over on a charge of first degree burglary. He is accused of entering the Home of Mark Lynn Hoffman on Newell Street feb. To while there was someone inside asleep. Roger Bugg no address listed Ronald d Starrett 18, etto blushed 1884 up Mohed every afternoon ond sunday morning an Independent newspaper published by the High Point Enterprise inc j 210 Church Avenue High Point no 27261 member of the associated press rates by Mau Poy Oble in adv once i or. 6 to 3 to i to daily ond sunday s36 40 $18 20 $9 to s3 05 sunday Only $1300 $6 50 $3 25 is 15 a i of Academy Street and the High Point Enterprise James Chisholm. 23, of Greensboro All three were bound Over after waiving hearings on charges of breaking and entering larceny and receiving Debbie l. Hoffman of e. Lexington Avenue waived hearings on charges of uttering a forged endorsement and larceny after breaking and entering. Fred Malik no age or address listed was bound Over on two counts of uttering forged checks. Probable cause was found in a hearing on a charge of first degree burglary. Malik and Bennett Are co defendants in the Case involving the break in at the Hoffman residence. Charles Stephen 16, of Cassell Street charged with larceny by breaking and entering pleaded guilty to Misdemeanour breaking and entering. He was Given two years suspended and fined $25 and costs. By Carr wkly s 70 monthly $3 05 or $36 40-Moil subscription in n 0 sub la it to 4% soles to. La associated press is entitled to the us for reproduction of All local news punted in this newspaper of Well of Oil a news dispatches entered of second Doss matter at the Post twice High Point n c. Under act a i Morch 3, 1879. Second it loss postage paid at High Point n c. All carriers dealers and distributors Ore Independent contractors and the High Point Enterprise. Inc. Is not responsible Tor Odeonce subscription payments mod to them or their representatives. For Home delivery Rote Contact your local earner Ward Ghl Lith company notional advertising representatives Manuel m. Marshall 77, of Archdale charged with hit and run and driving during revocation pleaded guilty to a Misdemeanour and not having a Drivers License. He was fined $25 and costs in the first Case and Given 90 Days suspended and fined another $25 and costs in the second. He was found guilty of failure to yield the right of Way but did not get any additional Fine. Jimmy Wayne Motsinger of Northgate apartments was bound Over to Superior court Friday on a charge of simple Possession of marijuana. Although alone the charge would have been a Misdemeanour Motsinger can be tried on a felony because of three prior convictions on drug charges Earnest Lawson jr., 35, of Stokesdale and Larry Dean land 27, of it. 6, Wallburg both were Given six months suspended on charges of Drunken driving Lawson was tined $100 and costs and land was fined $150 and costs. A nol pros with leave were taken in a Drunken driving Case against Paul Andrew Haynes 48, of Randolph Street. Rena Goode 17, of Meredith Street got six months suspended and was taxed costs and Ethel Kiger Lemmons 59, of it. 4, Kernersville got 90 Days suspended and was fined $25 and costs. Both were charged with wrongful concealment of merchandise. Building was entered through a window. Sasha Morton of Whiteoak Street reported that someone had entered her Home by breaking out a Kitchen window. Nothing was believed stolen. Wayne Jacobs of ring Street said someone attempted to enter his Home but did not get inside. He said there was evidence of attempted entry at a door on his Patio and his basement door. Charles Randal Cochran of Roy Avenue said a radio tape player tapes speakers and a watch valued at $225 were stolen from his car while it was parked at Highland Cotton Mill. Or. John Farrington of cantering drive said a $120 bicycle was stolen from a Patio in the Back of his House. Carolyn Stratton of it. I Kernersville said a $35 tape player was removed from her car parked at Slane hosiery Mill. About 30 Gallons of gasoline were reported missing from a furniture Van at Hertz truck rentals on w. Ward Avenue. Police said someone broke the Glass in a Back door at Russell Street Grill on e. Russell Avenue. The incident was carried As a malicious damage. Fire damages Sophia Home Sophia a reports that a it. I Sophia family suffered a total loss of belongings in a fire last wednesday can not be substantiated the Enterprise has Learned. A caller reported an Effort was being made to Aid the Thomas Hutchinson family who reportedly lost All their belongings in the fire which struck their Home at 2.54 p m. On feb. 25. Firemen said the House suffered damages Only in two rooms. The fire did Burn a Hole in one floor and a bed was destroyed. Ronald Lee Johnson of Sharon Street reported that someone shot a Hole in the rear window in his school bus with an air Rifle while he was driving in the 800 Block of w. Green drive. Brady Vaughn of Everett Lane said three boys came through his Yard and that one of them picked up a Rock and broke a rear window in his car. A Cap off an Oil tank was thrown through a front Glass door at Macon dying on w. Kivett drive. Police arrested Johnny Michael Stutts 21, of see vandals on 3a Greensboro the Guilford county Board of commissioners will conduct a Public hearing monday on a proposal to Issue Bonds totalling $8.5 million. Officials said the hearing planned for 9 a m. At the courthouse Here will de for the Quot purpose of hearing citizens or taxpayers who wish to protest the issuance of the also plans Call for officials to read the two proposed Bond orders a one in connection with $8 million for new facilities for the evergreens inc., operation in Greensboro and one for a new sheltered workshop a for officials to introduce a Resolution directing that a referendum be held. The $8 0 million Bond program would provide if approved a rest Home facility and Day care Center in High Point along with new nursing Home facilities new rest Home facilities and a Day care Center in Greensboro. The sheltered workshop Bond program to provide $500,000 in county funds will help to pay for a major facility to replace a present operation in Greensboro. Officials Are hoping an addition when the first unit is completed can provide space for the High Point operation As Well. In other activity commissioners will hear a request of the High Point Rescue squad for funds and a request from representatives of the Whitsett and Sedalia unseasonably warm. When the weather Man says that unseasonably warm temperatures abound he is not telling mrs. Pierson of Kensington drive anything new. The grass in her Yard has already told her and she took the hint. Friday she was out in the Yard with her trusty Lawnmower clipping the growing grass. Self photo by Sonny Hedgecoth slim Chan be for change communities for support in going before the state utilities commission for help concerning services in these Eastern Guilford communities. They will hear two requests concerning injuries to children no were bitten by dogs and a request from or. Luther Medlin president of Guilford technical Institute. Commissioners will also conduct regular county business and they will hear matters to be brought by county manager John Witherspoon and his staff. Saturday afternoon March 2,1974 Page 2a winners in Art contest named Archdale a winners from the Archdale Trinity area schools were announced today in the Art contest sponsored by the North Carolina zoological society. Winners at the schools and their Ages Are As follows Archdale elementary Wendy Stafford to Wade Patrum to and Keith Tolbert la Erindale elementary Dawn Stephenson to Suzanne White 9, and James Hay Smith 9 and Trinity elementary Greg Longuillo to Billy Ander son 9, and Dale Hedrick to. Trinity Junior High winners included Barren Laster la Danny Gulledge. 12, and Jay Poole la. The winning entries will now be placed in the Randolph Asheboro Public Library in Asheboro and will remain on display for the month of March. During the month the Board of directors of the zoo society will select three grand winners and present each a $25 savings account at the first National Bank. Spanking seen part of life Quot Kaleigh a spanking is just a part of american life and everybody says it in t serious says or. David v. Martin a member of the National organization on Legal problems of education Martin gives a slim Chance to any changes in the Law permitting school spankings for a Long time to come. At least As Long As the schools Are More oriented to a a custody of children than to education the Duke University professor believes. Society has forced North Carolina schools into that custodial role because schools Are expected to look after Large numbers of kids while the parents work a at Best the Pupil is a voluntary client a at worst and often an involuntary one a Martin said. By Bill Noblitt afternoon doilies this sets up tensions demands rules for movement in the building creates an authority problem and if the rules Arentt followed a the whole apparatus comes tumbling until values shift from custody to education schools will continue to decline the professor believes a signs Point toward continued insistence on Corporal punishment As a minor Means of controlling students. Everybody says it Isnit serious a ifs done at Home Quot but the big difference is that the balancing factors present in the Home Are not present at school a the hugs and kisses and love that make up for the spanking a exerting control is simply a Quot necessity Given the numbers of students compared to teachers and the physical facilities a he said. Perhaps some change will take place if parents were to attend school All Day one Day each month to observe the Quot archaic conditions a Martin said. Of you tried to think up an appropriate name for a Young lady to serve As a representative in keeping abreast of activity in the general Assembly on the coastal land management Bill it would be hard to beat the person picked by Secretary James e. Harrington head of the dept of natural and economic resources her name is Sandy Beach people invariably do a double take when she introduces herself As the legislative Liaison officer on coastal legislation and hands Over a calling card with that name. Is it possible that some of the Lack of activity in the general Assembly so far was related to the filing deadline which past this week there Are those who think so. With Over six weeks gone by in this session substantive issues still hang fire. Most of the attention has been on the heated issues of medical school expansion at East Carolina University tax cuts and the rejected proposal for appointment of judges. Some observers say the logjam will now break that those who Are running for reelection Are signed up and no new opposition can enter the fray for the May primary nomination. One legislator candidly confessed that one of the reasons a showdown was delayed on the East Carolina question was the fear by some lawmakers that if they showed their hands opposition might file for election. The same could be True in some other controversial areas that lawmaker said. Doctor says reverse issues hearing set on county i 4 a

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