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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jun 27 1976, Page 2

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 27, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Retiring Lloyd Thayer believes integration is working by rav Iii Wiard Knurr prior sunday editor the fart that integration has taken place and is working is the most significant and traumatic happening during my or Lloyd Thayer associate superintendent of schools for instruction said last week Quot it school integration was a Normal predictable development i think it had to Thayer said during an interview in which he talk cd about his 45 years in Public education the last 37 of which were spent in the High Point school system Thayer is winding Down his career in Public education with retirement june 30 As he reviewed his career. Thayer remembered several other significant advances in education during the past 45 years and he also voiced concern about several problem areas that have developed in recent years on the plus Side of the Ledger. Thayer listed these advances a a vast increase in the amount of instructional materials a improved Quality of curriculum materials has been outstanding a reduced class Load has been dramatic a even More so than most people realize Quot i once had a seventh Grade class in Union county with 53 children he said a and one Day 52 of them showed up for class a he added now. There is one professional educator for each 20 pupils or so. He said improved salaries for educator has been important Thayer said that his first Job paid too a month and the following year he received a reduction in salary of More than $10 As the result of the great depression there has been great advancement in the preparation of educators to teach children there is More than a touch of irony in the fact that some of Thayer s major concerns have probably grown out of the most significant event in his career a school integration one of these is the practice of categorical Aid to education Thayer cited Here the practice of Federal dollars being granted in most cases for particular groups the practice of pressure groups gaining support for segments of the school population rather than a unified approach is unsound. Thayer said Quot it May be that this is the Only Way we can meet the needs of our society a he said Quot but it is of concern to me the categorical Grants have come about for the most part As the problems growing out of integration have been attacked from both the Federal and slate Levels the Drift and rift dividing the education profession into administrative and teacher Camps is of major concern to Thayer. Quot the Gulf Between administrators and teachers is going to get worse before it gets better a Thayer predicted Quot teaching and school administration is not the same thing and i have been in Thayer said Quot but they Are so intimately related that i think they Are going to have to work together i Don t believe we can make better schools As the result of teachers and administrators bickering a Thayer also scored the education profession for failure to recognize the wide Range of competencies within the profession and the insistence that a single salary schedule be maintained. Quot this Means of course Quot he said. That the teacher who does a Superior Job draws the same salary As one who does Only a passable Job to this extent. I guess we have been Union the absolutely absurd sea of paper work in Federal projects and the state exceptional children a programs Quot came under fire by Thayer he said that 19 separate documents Are required to get pupils into and out of the state sponsored exceptional children a programs although acknowledging that this documentation is designed to protect the individual Pupil. Thayer said that it see Intig tation on a p it cd or i. I u by forr St Cates to the casual and probably somewhat astonished observer of men s fashions it might appear that the male of today can Wear any darned thing he wants to and still be in style rut. Apparently there is a whole lot of planning and plotting behind those flared trousers Navel peeking shirts and High Heel brogans take heed of this fashion note a men s swimwear is going into High fashion some new designers have produced lines with a Western or american Indian Motif Quot a what Ever happened to the hayseed Motif a a pair of old overalls with the legs Cut off0 4 lady Denaer of men i r lather Laid Quot i d like to do away with ii Rte tin Brill Wail Coli and look lady have you Ever tried to hold your Britt bet up with nothing but your belly Button f Loather id design i Lay it Quot a woman ran Wear masculine Clothea and look feminine. 4 Man can Wear feminine looking cloth i and Nill look very Murk a Man. Iou Guy better be careful Boul likening to thai kind of Bluff Thole lady Dei Igneri might be trying to gel it in mini Kirti to they can laugh Al our or i a psychologist claims that a Man who likes red neckties is talkative one who likes Brown is stubborn and the Man who prefers Blue lies is romantic. Ii like red ties with Blue stripes and i always get Brown Gravy stains on mine. So what does that make me besides Sloppy this from a British designer a male who sometimes wears Chiffon scarves. Quot i love trappings on men they Are not effeminate i see the Day when men will return to a single earring like pirates and gypsies Quot he s not talking about me i quit keeping up with fashion when they made it All right for men to smell like women it 4 anther designer Lakei note of the Hunget in the Width of the trouser Bottom Over the wan recalling when Al one Point it Wai practically net enary for a a Hap to remove hit Locki to get hit Panli off. He Tugger thai it May be time for another change the Bottom having remained relatively liable for a few Yean. Mollie maybe this could mean that we re going to gel our cuff i Back a to we can empty the dirt out on the living room floor and give our u Lin something to yell about again. It bothers me a Little that men seem to have lost respect for the Penny Loafer i personally think a lot of my Penny loafers of course. I would t want anybody to think i am cheap enough to put pennies in those Little slots on top of my loaders i keep whole dimes in mine shucks once when i went to the country club i put a Quarter in one shoe it comforts me some that although Down through the years men s styles have changed the basics Haven t nothing upon Man is showing now that was t showing so or even he years ago unless you count the aforesaid % navels. Call it. If you will. Retaining our mystique or. If you must Call it hiding our shortcomings want to a or tote curb is. Yard garbage site by eur rest Cates Enterprise City editor which would be better have your garbage picked up in your backyard and pay for it through taxes or tote your own to the curb for pick up and pay less taxes High pointers May soon be asked that question As the City Council explores the merits of switching from backyard garbage pick ups to curbside pick ups the Council is initiating a study after being advised that the City can save $400.00 1 annually by requiring residents to haul their own garbage to the Street High Point is one of a few major cities which still have backyard garbage service Crews pick up garbage twice a week in residential areas business and commercial waste is picked up More often recipients of this service. However Are charged fees while residential pay nothing the Council s study is to determine if residential service should be switched from rear Yard to curbside As an Economy measure whatever plan the Council devises it probably will not be implemented until the Start of fiscal year 1977 78 warm Days Cloudy skies the forecast for the High Point area reveals Little change in the weather scene Cloudy skies and warm temperatures continue to prevail t under Cloudy skies today the temperate should Range from a High in the upper 80s to a Low in the upper 80s tonight the Cha be e of precipitation today and tonight is 20 per cent two methods of curbside service await consideration by the Council one involves equipping each residence with a special cart which would serve a a 90-gallon garbage Container residents would have to wheel the carts to the Street on collection Day Crews would lift the containers hydraulically and dump their contend into trucks the residents would then be responsible for returning the carts to their backyards this procedure according to officials would save the City $400,000 a year a but starting Only after the three years it would take the City to recoup its investment in the carts the carts would l Ost an estimated $900 too another procedure would be for residents to use the usual 30-gallon cans and use their own devices to get the cans to the Street and Back twice a week that would save the City an estimated $225 000 annually with no major initial investment to recoup the question from the citizen might Well be Quot How much would it Cost me to keep the backyard service0&Quot he can find the answer with a Little arithmetic one Penny on the tax rate yields about $85,000 in Revenue on that basis it takes about 4 4 cents in taxes to bring in the $400 too which officials say Thev can save by switching to curbside service with cart purchases thus for the Man with a $30,000 taxable properly valuation far above the average i 4 4 cent on the tax rate costs Hun $13 20 a year in taxes that conies to a Little Over $1 a month to have hts garbage picked up at his Back door As opposed to Wheeling it to the Street tax officials estimate the average property valuation Here at Between $18,000 and $20,000 mayor Roy Culler reports that he already is getting a Little response from the Public on this matter. One person told me to keep the taxes and keep the backyard he said he is not committed to any Adion but tends to favor the idea of using garbage cans rather than the carts Quot i can see a lot of trouble in issuing the carts and holding the customer responsible for he observed. It will Cost the taxpayers of High Point an estimated $1 i million to handle residential commercial and Industrial waste during the coming fiscal year starting july i a income of about $220,000 is expected from the dumpster service it now takes 72 men Tor the 17 Crew s w hich comprise the City sanitation division of the Public works dept officials claim that personnel and equipment can be reduced by Quot going to the curb High Point a sunday morning City june 27. 1976 amp Enterprise Page 2a area a v or and mrs. Robert Harris their Burden is too heavy by rav Hubbard Enterprise sunday editor Alice and Robert Harris Are a deeply a troubled couple they talk about their problems in quiet desperation candidly acknowledging that they Are at the end of their rope of endurance. They Are plaintively seeking help from anyone who is Able and willing to help them for about six years now. Or and mrs Harris and their three other children have tried to help their youngest son. Robbie become a part of their family. They were doomed to failure from the beginning and now they know that. Bobbie is autistic and severely retarded it is virtually certain that he will have to have almost constant care for All his life in Overly simplified terms the autistic child is unable to communicate with the world around him his eyes and ears and other sensory organs May function normally. But the autistic child is unable to make sense of the messages which reach his brain some of them May be Normal from an intelligence Point of View others Are retarded Only during the past 15 years has the very existence of autistic children become widely known Bobbie is a typical autistic child Quot he was a perfect baby Quot mrs Harris said during an interview last week Quot he was a wonderful child he did not want to be cuddled or held he would just lie quietly in his crib a but even at seven months of age. It became apparent that Robbie was not Normal. He ddn t begin to sit up until he was a year old and he was two before he began to crawl. He Learned to walk at 3 a All of these achievements were done on his own. Mrs Harris said by this time it became evident that Bobbie was retarded to some degree about that time the Harris family began a Long search for an answer to his problems he was examined in numerous medical facilities and received special therapy at such facilities As the Kendall Center in Greensboro and the kindergarten for the handicapped Here. It was not until last August that he was diagnosed As autistic by the dept of psychiatry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. When he was diagnosed autistic Robbie was enrolled in the special program for autistic children in High Point schools called the treatment and education of autistic and related com Robbie Mun cations handicapped children i Kauch the Harris family live at Summerfield Ami they drove rubble to school Here each Day for the teach program until about two months ago that is when the family became convinced that they could no longer care for Robbie at their Home there Are two daughters a one 12 and one 19 a a and a 17-year-old son in the family Quot we neglected the other children to care for rubble and they had to help care for him. mrs Harris said this was a critical time in the lives of the older daughter and the other son she said Quot we should have been giving them More of our time. But we could t Bobbie is hyperactive he cannot talk he is not toilet trained he is a poor eater and must be assisted in eating he needs constant care he wakes up in the mornings and lies quietly for a Short while but soon begins screaming and running around the House throwing things opening doors and even running out of the mrs Harris related that about two months ago one morning As she was preparing to take her Young daughter to school and then drive rubble to High Point for the teach program Bobbie began screaming. Quot Christy the younger daughter i came to me and said a mama How much longer can i stand this Quot i knew then that we could no longer go on the Way we had Beer. I took him out of the teach program that Day it was a matter of choosing Between Rob Bie s care and the neglect of Christy be inuit or a miss Ray tells Only one Side of Story the High Point Enterprise t Publ two in pipi>r#0 f had pundit my Quot a a an it it k it not n t a is a at la Mufti left a b. The Pont Nten pm inc 11# a Ltd h a Paini n c in it St i co int associated Phe is mates by Mill pm a at it a in a i or to i to i to calf an so Var pc in pc wow of in pc i to m a t w Etc a a no a Iso Voa blow or mijo a to to r , ii n c �0>c to i. A it Iii t no Amia Avo p a to the i to cup nov Otto a of a a of a a a a it pc r the i a a it Ai at a1 at All a Brett to vol at Moho att tit to a at the pot Ott nth to Iii n c of Lotf att o a i it i in or. Too. Att pm i to a j at m Ahpo my n c a Ca Roi t a a t an 4 str Tutor t Arlt a a a Flo i it i of Flor Ai tort a"0 the High Point font u a inc it not rtt Pont a Tor Tutti it of on a r Mcnutt mad to to a or thir r apr Tori # t. It i of How or a ale i on Iaci it of local i Arr or a a Compaq Nat it a i a a sep of tall social Security raises slated the social Security administration Here is hoping this year to avoid confusion that resulted Over last years Benefit increases last year about 300 elderly pensioners trekked through the Sis office asking Why they had not received the same increase of eight per cent other pensioners had received Many of those same people will not receive the 8 4 per cent Benet it increase that is will extend beginning saturday. According to operations supervisor Gary Norris the raise will Only go to pensioners whose benefits Are based on contributions to the is fund from their lifetime earnings a Large number of pensioners in High Point fall into a special category created in 1973 for retired workers whose lifetime earnings were too Low to allow sizeable contributions to the is fund for them pensions based solely on contributions to the fund would be too Low to sustain them after retirement still special minimum pensioners payments Are almost As High As some pensioners in the Standard category in addition they May get an increase if they receive supplemental Security income from is that raise amounts to up to $10 to per month North Arolina has produced Many prolific writers a Thomas Wolfe Doris Betts. Paul Green. Marion Hargrove Reynolds Price to mention Only a few my vote for the writer the state can by least proud of though goes to our own Elizabeth Ray not even considering the subject matter the writing is amateurish contrived and lacking in sentence construction of course at $1 75 per paperback edition and in View of the expected spectacular sales neither Elizabeth nor the publishers Are worried about the literary Quality of the Book reportedly she had a ghost writer who was paid $20,000 to write the Book a As told by miss Hay now the ghost writer says that the Book has teen changed and edited to the Point that it s not the Book she wrote. I Don t blame her for not claiming it even with the $20,000 safely tucked away. But Why is the Book Selling so Well i suppose it s for the same reason i bought it people Are not just medium curious about scandals especially those involving government officials the cover advertises Quot when Elizabeth Ray came to d c and found work As Secretary receptionist to famous congressmen and lobbyists she never guessed that her duties would include paying off her Bosses political debts with a Little hush hush Hanky Panky Quot the title Page describes it As Quot a no holds barred novel that tells it All about sex and Power in Washington Quot then a Page or so later you read. Quot this is a work of fiction All characters except my own and certain celebrities that i be met Are composite people made up out of various bits and pieces of real men and women. Although readers May think they recognize actual people. There is no intended no libel suits for Elizabeth. Curious people like me will buy her Book though whereas one like senator Mark Hatfield s Quot Between a Rock and a hard place Quot probably has gone compar timely unnoticed the cover of Hatfield s Book relates. Quot you Are a United states senator. You hold Strong Faith in Jesus Christ and his gospel what do you do when you see your country s actions running counter to the teachings of that faith0&Quot is it really possible to follow a career in politics and be faithfully committed to Christ at the same time a sen. Hatfield describes in the Book some of the agonies and frustrations of his career he examines the truth a and often Absurdity a of who has influences and Power Over our nation s policies the parts of his Book that were particularly interesting. Though in Light it miss Hays amazing a a Success a in Washington were descriptions of what makes men seek Power and become involved in politics Quot any honest politician he says Quot would have to admit to the ambition and ego that motivate his or her journey in Public life Quot he truthfully admits that it is rare to see a politician truly jeopardize Bis or her career because of a commitment to principle compromises Are required for gaming greater Power and a better Opportunity for achieving ones ideals but in that process says Hatfield the Means seem to become the end Quot the allurement of Power and Honor subtly tut malign Antly grows within the politician often gaining control of one s whole Bewig before it is discoverer writes Hati a eid thus the fail of Richard nixon0 he tells How for a senator every move through the Senate perpetuates an ego Massage he tells of special smiles favors a a groupies who follow politicians around waiting for a personal word no profession except perhaps the metropolitan opera nurtures the Prima Donna Complex As does successful political life a says Hatfield sen Hatfield s Book is an account of a politicians struggle to remain in political life yet remain firm to his conventions it is not Likely to be a Best seller yet perhaps we should examine such a Book More closely than Elizabeth Ray Quot expose there s another Side to the Story of Washington political life the Story of it a Gressmen and senators who go there newly elected am full of idealism and later Brume victims of their own Power drenched in their own egos some fall from Powei they have a Chance to prove their real Worth in the political Arena

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