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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 27, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy and warm 92nd year no. 179 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation Kwh 1711 nazi fied and ms-2177 other dept. Ms-2161 High Point n. C., sunday morning june 27, 1976 11r pages daily i so. Sunday 35csun Belt to feel Northern Money Pinch Milwaukee api the nation s cities will continue to face severe financial difficulties unless the Federal and state governments assume responsibility for such things As education and welfare according to the president of the . Conference of mayors Moon Landrieu of new Orleans released a 136-c by conference report saturday showing that the financial crises which plague Many Large Northern cities Are spreading to suburban communities and to the nation s Sun in opening the 44th annual meeting of the . Conference of mayors Landrieu said City financial conditions have worsened considerably in recent years due to unemployment and inflation the new Orleans mayor said the fiscal traumas a Are now starting to affect the suburban Landrieu said states should pick up costs of education in an Effort to equalize the Quality of education Between wealthier suburban areas and some struggling Urban centers he also said the Federal president Ford in puerto Rico with Island gov Rafael Colon for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every on prison visits q. I would like to know if someone is several times in prison and they Are sick and have to be hospitalized Why can t their family see them of certain visitation times during this sickness Why does t governor a Holshouser have special visitation rights allowed to these people that Are in prison regardless of Man woman or what. I would like an answer. Anon woman. A the answer would depend on several things not stated the Type of prison the person was in what Hospital Central prison s Hospital or a private one for emergency treatment and also the sickness they have to abide by Hospital regulations and sometimes visitors Are not allowed for the Sake of the patient s health we asked Ken harms area program director for the North Carolina dept of corrections if there were any general visiting rules that might apply to any hospitalized prisoner anywhere but he said it depended too much on the individual circumstances he said you could Call him at his Greensboro office it 274-16831 and once he knew the details he would see if you had a Chance of visiting the prisoner ambulance Drivers q. I am kind of new in this country and i was wondering what would be the requirements Lur an ambulance Driver Over Here such As age and training. I am from Westminster in London thank you very much. M f. A some lady victims might like a rescuer with a British accent but the qualifications Are More prosaic applicants should have a High school education or the equivalent by Over 18. And weigh Al least 140 pounds lifting is an important part of the Job so Good physical condition and strength Are necessities. Their schedule is 48 hours on duty and 48 off All the training they provide assistant director Olin lord says they have 20 certified paramedics and another 15 to be certified soon although there Are no jobs available now they Are accepting applications you May apply at either of the Guilford county emergency transportation offices 1339 Headquarters drive in Greensboro or 201 Mon lieu ave in High Point qualified females have an equal Chance one of the attendants is Pat Smith also a registered nurse i of Greensboro darn we meant to ask the assistant director if he Ever answers the emergency line with his name. Quot of Laird Quot druggist denial q. I went to Mann drug store the other Day to have a prescription filled. The Man said it was an Eckerdt a bottle and he could t fill it. I would have to go Back to Eckerd s. Why is this i go anywhere in a the nearest at the time. Can they do this i thought it was a customers right to shop where he pleases. Anon. A the original druggist keeps on file the doctors orders and Date of filling. Some prescriptions can to be refilled without the doctors consent so it s for your Protection that you Deal with the druggist who talked to your doctor or has the written prescription. In a very unlikely circumstance where the druggist can t be reached and the store is closed for business another druggist could Contact your doctor for directions and approval to refill it. Government should assume full costs of welfare and medicaid lifting a huge Burden from some City budgets especially in financially troubled new York City. New York begins its new fiscal year thursday and its final City financial plan is being polished for the emergency financial control Board new York is the Only City now paying part of the Cost of its welfare Bill a 25 per cent of the total the conference reports say austerity City budgets Are be my submitted coast to coast by mayors struggling to Deal with the problems of spiralling inflation and the study indicates that such communities As Beverly Hills. Calif and Phoenix ari., Are confronting harsh financial realities that earlier had brought massive layoffs and cutbacks in cities such As Detroit and new York Quot it s unfortunate but predictable that suburban areas Are facing fiscal difficulties Landrieu said he told reporters that suburbs Are extensions of cities Quot and Are beginning to develop some of the same problems a Landrieu said in seeking a solution to their financial plight mayors should ask that a set percentage of the Federal budget be 9et aside for disbursement to state and local governments. He said the current Revenue sharing Bill. Now before the Senate provides funding of $6 6 billion a year for the next 34 years assuring annual cutbacks in City services As inflation cuts the Worth of each Dollar the mayors will focus this week on finances and party politics with Jimmy Carter. Gov. Edmund g Brown. Jr., of California and two Republican Cabinet members speaking to the City officials this week while about 400 big City mayors convened mayor Abraham d Hearne dido t. He remained in new York polishing the financial plan the City will implement on thursday when the City s new fiscal year begins Beanie faces an imminent crisis with labor contracts covering 120.000 workers about to expire the con Ference report indicates Ford sees growth of world Economy Sanjuan. Frap. President Ford said saturday he Hopes the seven nation economic Summit conference opening Here sunday will give a new impetus to the growth of our worldwide Economy and improve International cooperation a Ford also warned against outside intervention in the affairs of puerto Rico following a Promise of demonstrations by pro Independence groups aides said he was clearly referring to Cuba although he did not name it Ford said interference in the Quot freely determined relations Between the United states and puerto Rico will be an unfriendly act which will be resisted by appropriate Ford read his statement after being welcomed by an Honor guard a 21 gun Salute and the playing of anthems at san Juan International Airport he was the first Summit participant to arrive the leaders of Britain. Japan. Italy and West Germany were scheduled to arrive later saturday prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau of Canada had planned to come Satur Day but delayed his trip until sunday to Deal with the air traffic control dispute that has closed most Canadian airports for a week president Valery Giscard d Estwing of France also is to arrive sunday shortly before the two Day conference opens at the Plush Dorado Beach hotel Complex 17 Miles West of san Juan after the Island s few Independence groups promised demonstrations. White House officials decided to transport reporters from san Juan to the meeting site by helicopter rather than bus. As earlier planned Ford also flew to Dorado Beach by recommends carpools Senate takes away officials limousines Washington a. The Senate on saturday approved $53 billion in spending measures including one that prevents some top officials from using government limousines to get to and from work the main target of that provision appeared to be Russell train administrator of the environmental Protection Agency it was contained in a $43 3 billion funding Bill for the Epa. The department of housing and Urban development and other related agencies the Senate appropriations committee in a report accompanying the Bill said it is Quot particularly alarmed at the Epa s administrator s refusal to relinquish his Lehi pupils give teacher lesson san Diego a when Donald Parker urged his filth Grade pupils to write a state legislator about a measure they disagreed with he thought he was promoting a Good exercise i civics that civics lesson might get him disciplined Parker said saturday the kids mostly la year Olds at Sequoia elementary school took Parker at his word and used their own words most of them foul a in chastising state sen David Roberti of los Angeles for his vote against a coastal Protection Bill that proved to be the measure s demise Parker said he urged the kids to write Roberti Quot in their own words a because Quot form letters Are usually discounted Quot by the legislators in retrospect Parker thinks that might have been a mistake. When sen h. L. Richardson of Arcadia got wind of the barrage of letters and their contents he demanded that Parker be summarily fired Richardson is a member of the Senate s education committee to make matters worse san Diego City school District supt. Thomas Goodman was in Sacramento when the letters arrived lobbying for passage of a school financing Bill. Cie and Driver in View of his recent Public suggestions that government workers should join carpools take Public transportation or walk to work during the congested Bicentennial season Quot sen William Proxmire. Dis the author of the provision who has a reputation for jogging to his office each Day from his Washington Home said there is no excuse for government officials Riding to and from work at taxpayers expense the measure would apply to All officials of agencies under the Epa Hud appropriation Bill except Hud Secretary Carla Hills who ranks a limousine because of her Cabinet status Proxmire said the legislation would apply to the Epa administrator and three others who still use government limousines for such purposes he listed them As the administrator and Deputy administrator of the National aeronautics and space administration and the administrator of the veterans administration the committee report. However went on to note with pleasure the decision of the head of the Council on environmental Quality Russell w. Peterson to give up his government vehicle and Driver and join a car Pool Quot the Over All measure was approved 53 to 2 it will be reconciled in a conference committee with a $42 9 billion version passed by the House that does not contain the limousine amendment tile Senate also passed two other appropriations Bills in its rare saturday session a one providing $6 3 billion for Interior department programs and $3 4 billion for military construction these also must go to House Senate conference committees to work out differences Between versions passed by the House and Senate the military construction measure reflects a Sharp reduction from previous spending majority Leader Mike Mansfield d mont., said it contains the smallest number of projects in my memory a More cities than Ever also May be facing personnel and spending cutbacks a for the first time cities of every size and representing every geographic area including the Sunbelt Are being forced to review budget and Finan Cia positions to determine if they have sufficient revenues to avoid financial crises said the report mayor Donna Al i Man asks Quot can Small cities like Beverly Hills continue to survive As separate High level service Quot communities a noting a $2-Millton City Quot Revenue spending Gap Over the past two years in her City of generally Well to do residents she says simply we must either pay our Way or accept a lower Standard of living Quot the conference surveyed budget statements or state of the City addresses in 136 communities with populations of More than so goo and said Only 21 mayors did not discuss fiscal problems or said their City had none mayors in cities where finances Are not now a problem also called attention to City Money problems helicopter As had been planned White House press Secretary Ron Nessen said. Quot nothing is anticipated beyond peaceful demonstrations Ford s top economic adviser. Alan Greenspan told newsmen the nation s Gross National product probably will be lower in the april june Quarter than originally estimated he indicated cup growth May be below 5 per cent at an annual rate Down sharply from the Economy 8 7 per cent annual growth rate in the first Quarter fighting continues in Beirut Beirut. Lebanon i api a right Wing christians launched fresh assaults saturday afternoon against two palestinian refugee Camps in the biggest Battle of the civil War and fighting continued with Quot unprecedented Beirut radio reported the five Day Battle Over the refugee Camps on the Southeastern fringe of Beirut has left the Hillside zone littered with decomposing bodies moslem controlled Beirut radio said palestinian guerrillas and moslem leftists. Trying to relieve pressure on the Camps attacked Christian positions in the mountains eight Miles East of Beirut and there were artillery mortar and machine gun duels it reported that libyan Premier Abdel Salem Jalloul met with leftist leaders and was making other contacts to try and arrange a new cease fire an overnight missile Duel set dozens of apartment buildings afire elsewhere in the City a rightist radio report said Quot casualties Are High spirit of 76 balloon journey holding course Lakehurst. No a. A fickle winds and a faulty radio hampered Kart Thomas As he floated toward Europe on saturday but ground support workers said the problems did not jeopardize the flight of the red White and Blue helium tiled balloon after 21 hours aloft. Thomas was about 600 Miles East of the Lakehurst naval air station where he took Oil. According to friends Manning a communication Center in a new York City apartment Thomas was said to be about 200 Miles South of Cape Breton. Nova Scotia for about five hours saturday the southwesterly 33-knot winds that had quickly pushed Thomas Over the Ocean unexpectedly slowed to about to knots and shifted to the Southeast according to a spokesman for the Federal aviation administration s office in new York but As night began to fail on the Atlantic. Thomas relayed a message to his anxious supporters which said. A of moving estimated 35 knots indicating that a new westerns Breeze was powering him closer to his goal at about the same time the winds failed another problem developed with the High frequency radio aboard his Craft Quot spirit of 76 Quot instead of direct communication with new York. Thomas began relay ing messages via passing airliners it s not a big problem Quot explained flight director Paul Johnson in Lakehurst balloon leaves on sea journey a a in Idaho Cali Leisl Reagan picks up delegates by the associated press Ronald Reagan campaigned on saturday in Montana and Idaho for More Republican convention delegates while president Ford moved Over the 1.000-Delegate Mark with support from Minnesota republicans Reagan picked up All four Idaho delegates chosen saturday and was expected to do Well in Montana and new Mexico where a total of 41 delegates were being Scle oed this weekend Ford has a total of delegates according to the associated press tally inside Reading their Burden too heavy. Page 2a Thayer looks Back. Festival week begins. Editorials. Women s news. Sports. Television. Entertainment. Pages 13, 14, i so obituaries. Classified. 5-20d that s 129 Short of the number needed to win the Gap presidential nomination with Only 139 delegates yet to be chosen Reagan has 933 delegates and there Are 184 uncommitted delegates Ford had passed the 1,000 Mark a week ago. But his total dropped below the 1.000 when some de Gates previously numbered among his supporters declared themselves uncommitted in Montana where bitter disputes have developed Between Ford and Reagan factions Over How they would Divide the delegation 20 delegates were at stake and 21 delegates were be my chosen in new Mexico with Reagan expected to get most or All of them Reagan won All four at Large delegates chosen saturday in Idaho giving Hun 17 of that stale s 21 delegates the other four support Ford Ford won All but one of die 18 at Large delegates chosen leap from car kills girl Kaleigh a while Riding to the local swimming Hole Friday in a Friend s car. A High school girl Flung open the door of the car and jumped to her death Maxine Davis 18, of Youngsville died of head injuries at the scene of the Accident she rolled 102 feet after jumping from the car. According to the Highway patrol Driver Donna Ray Jour Gan 17, of Wake Forest told patrolman Isiah Green that As they were Quot Riding along. Maxine began to say Quot it s no Good its no Good and then jumped from the car Quot Donna was lying there Early saturday at Minnesota s state Gap convention Reagan addressed the Montana convention at Helena to saturday and then hew to Moscow Idaho Ford flew from Washington to puerto Hico pm saturday Lur a six nation conference on global economic problems first Laidy Betty Ford stood in for him at the Minnesota convention and Interior Secretary Thomas Kleppe was to represent him in Montana with her head on Maxine Green said Quot she cried the whole time i was there she kept saying she did t know Why she jumped the friends were travelling to a swimming area at the Falls of the Neuse River on a Rural Road North of Raleigh when miss Davis jumped

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