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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 27, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Disenchantment with . Life spreads widely disenchantment with the state of the country has now reached such massive proportions among the american people that a record High 59 per cent now feel disaffected up from 55 per cent in 1973 and More than double the 29 per cent who Felt that Way Back in 1955 y in aes v sri Louis Harris so pervasive is the current Down feel ing that no less than a majority of every Tingle major segment of the population is turned off by politics the fairness of our economic system and the role accorded the individual in our society. For the find time since the Harris Survey began measuring disenchantment in 1965. A majority of the College educated and those making 115.000 and Over As Well As enrolled republicans. Are reacting negatively. The biggest individual rises in alienation since 1955 have taken place among suburban residents. Up from 22 to 58 per cent and among Young people under 30. Up from 24 to 62 per cent. Over the past 8 years the Harris Survey has asked these questions periodically of nationwide Cross sections of the adult population most recently in Early june among 1.413 households. A i want to read you some things some people have told us they have Felt from time to time. Do you tend to feel or not fed read ust ? 1974 1973 1972 1944 % % % % the Rich get Richer and the poor get poorer 79 76 68 45 special interests get More from the government than the people do. 78 74 x x the tax Laws Are written to help the Rich not the average Man. 75 74 74 x the people running the country Don t really care what happens to you 63 55 50 26 most elective officials Are in politics for All they personally can get out of it for themselves. 62 60 x x what you think does t count much anymore. 60 61 53 37 you feel left out of things going on around you. 32 29 25 9 x a not asked the sharpest Rise in the past year has taken place on the item a people running the country Don t really care what Hap pens to agreement with that sentiment is up from 55 per cent to 63 per cent since 1973 and up dramatically from 26 per cent in 1966 almost without exception however the trend has worsened on nearly every statement tested better set of wheels your wheels use twice As much Energy per passenger mile As with less fuel available and higher costs for that fuel your wheels May turn slower and slower. 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