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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 25, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Parents Anonymous is for child beaters by Ana Honig women s nows service new York what a a Mother to do when she resents her child enough to maim or kill it she can join parents Anonymous an idea dreamed up by an abusive Mother that does for child beaters what alcoholics Anonymous does for drunks. It saves them from themselves. Sound far out then consider the statistics tens of thousands of child battering cases Are reported in the United states yearly. Two or three children die from such beatings daily. And Many cases Are hidden and unreported. Parents Anonymous originally called mothers Anonymous is the brainchild of a 30-year-old California Mother who recognized her rages would one Day destroy her Little girl. She was vehement about the child describing her As a the Little slut i brought into this yet she periodically made the rounds of social agencies crying out for help. The professionals failed to respond probably aghast at her pathetic preparation for motherhood a she had lived in some too Foster Homes and 32 institutions was raped at age la became an exotic dancer and a prostitute failed to go beyond the fifth Grade in school had two disastrous marriages. Finally she conceived the idea of mothers Anonymous and found a Lone social worker to help her set it in motion. Today there Are six chapters of parents Anonymous the name was changed to include battering fathers. Two Are in California one of them in a women a prison near los Angeles. Others Are in Detroit Minneapolis Binghamton and new York City. Membership now tallies about 400 and is growing. Or. C. Henry Kemp who coined the phrase a battered child syndrome a decade ago to focus attention on the appalling phenomenon and his colleague or. Ray e. Heifer hailed Paas a a Bootstrap Here and now operation that deals with the mothers problem at her he discusses Pitfalls and profits by Joy Stilley new York a it takes More Effort than going into a store with an open Check Book but buying at auction can be exciting profitable fun and rarely disappointing if you know what you re doing says Michael de Forrest for whom auctions have become a Way of life. A a it a the kind of shopping that makes certain demands on the buyer a he explains. A you have to investigate be responsible for looking at the lots ahead of time know what you re getting. You can to depend on the auctioneers Spiel or on your friends you be got to Trust your own preparation is the difference Between Success and failure for auction goers says de Forrest who has written a Book a How to buy at auction a that details the Why where and How of buying at such sales. A bidding is simple you just hold your hand up. What you do before you bid is what matters a insists the author. A you must go and examine the lots before you go to the auction. Once something a knocked Down to you ifs yours. A the auctioneer is going to want to see your Money up close so you have every right to see his things up close a he adds. A most auctions have a preview but if you done to have ample inspection privileges i think you should have full return he suggests taking a pen and Steno pad to pre auction exhibits in order to list lot numbers with comments observations and descriptions of anything that will help you determine your bid. It is also Handy to carry a measuring tape to make sure furniture will fit the place you have in mind for it a Magnet to test whether an object is Bronze or Iron and a magnifying Glass to help see such details As signatures and Hallmarks. Quot then you decide on the basis of your inspection and on the basis of your own needs what Price you Are willing to pay a de Forrest continues. A if you have la of something and see no. 12 coming up at an auction it would be Worth much More to you than to me. A we All exceed our predetermined limits at times a the author concedes. A if you go one bid or so Over the Max to err is humanizing if you re the right sex by Johanna Grimes Chapel Hill some psychologists say that people Are More attracted to a highly competent official who blunders than to one who does not. But an article in Uncas journal a representative research in social psychology a Sheds new Light on the mater. The Blunder attraction is True it seems Only when males Are judging males and to a lesser extent when females Are judging females. Women Are not attracted to blundering males nor men to blundering females. In her article a to err is humanizing but sex makes a difference a Kay Deaux of Purdue University presents data on male female evaluations of male female pratfalls a study significant because both male and female reactions were included. She also warns psychologists against the practice of using Only male subjects in personality and social psychology studies. A particularly in the area of social behaviour it would seem that any Assumption that the sexes respond in identical fashion is hazardous a she says. Miss Deaux obtained her data from 193 students who watched filmed interviews of a male and a female applicant for an important University position. Each subject watched one of eight possible tapes representing All combinations of competence level High Low pratfalls absent present and sex of the Job applicant male female. The students then answered questions that determined their attraction to the applicant whose interview they watched. Results indicated that each sex will prefer the person who blunders Only when that person is a member of their own sex. And this effect is True for men primarily within the High competence level while it is sharper for women within the Low competence level. Why it could be says miss Deaux that an individual More readily identifies with a member of the same sex that a person May be less tolerant of error to the extent that he cannot As fully empathize with the opposite sexed person or that a person holds higher expectations for the opposite sex and that these idealized images cannot incorporate evidence of Blunder. She then comments on the practice of using generalizations from one sex for both. A while numerous areas of re search Are probably not subject to Sharp sex distinctions it is suggested that such areas As interpersonal attraction Are highly influenced by interactions of sex of subject and sex of that a phenomenon found to be True in one sex May not be True of the other sex does not necessitate a total upheaval nor a Witch Hunt by crusading liberation lists. On the other hand it is Clear that questions should be posed separate for the two sexes before assuming equivalence. A representative research in social psychology a edited by graduate students at Uno is the Only social psychology journal in the country edited by graduate students. The journal is published Semi annually. All correspondence should be directed to a representative research in social psychology a department of psychology. Davie Hall ump Chapel Hill ., 27514. Mum you be set its not too bad. The dangerous situation is where you get locked in on the Price and say a i must have it then you really get Hurt. A you learn to avoid this after awhile a he goes on. A if you find you be overpaid for something you May become suspicious of the whole auction scene and quit or you begin to bid with caution and de Forrest a freelance writer got into the auction scene entirely by Chance in 1965 when he Learned that furniture from the new York worlds fair was being sold. A we had a big empty House and were tired of the Orange crate bit a he recalls. A we wanted to get real furniture but we did no to have any real Money. My wife Betty and i went to the auction and bought a sofa and two great pairs of drapes that we paid five Bucks for and that Are still hanging in our living room. Then we went to a car auction and then got involved with Antiques and that really did now he attends As Many As three auctions a week and the couple have furnished their entire House that Way. But de Forrest says the chances of making a a a killing a Are slim. He also warns there Are unscrupulous auctioneers who will squeeze an extra bid out of a buyer and a enough dishonesty to make everyone be on their guard but not enough to be Hurt too terribly if you keep your wits about the tales about auction goers becoming owner of an item by inadvertently scratching their nose Are e a Aeger ated de Forrest says. A no auctioneer is going to foist something off on you if you weren to seriously bidding for it a he says. A but the auctioneer is working fast and unnecessary hand movements cause confusion hold up the Sale and can be very embarrassing. An auction is a Good place not to wave to your in this country about one household in every six is a one person household. Pre inventory Sale of famous Brand shoes a sandals were $16 to $28 7.97 to 17.97 dramatic draperies draperies carpets accessories r free estimates shop at Home dial 886-7311 # 1409 w. Groan or. 5 High paint . 27262 a sport casual dress shoes were $16.00 to $28.00 �?�11.97 to 17.97 handbags were $13 to $28 9.97 to 19.97 Ujiki a. Shoe Salon in their new Book a helping the battered child and his family j. B. Lippincott Cothey Point out that a members Are not uneducated or crude despite their violence and vicious language during child beating tirades. A they Are real mothers who Are frankly expressing their innermost feelings about someone they cannot tolerate a the doctors noted. A members use each other for support and guidance. A since All Arentt a up tight at the same time they can Rescue each other during their More stressful moments a drs. Kempe and Heifer say. A they share each others first names and phone numbers and Call Day or night. The look of anticipation and satisfaction is really visible upon their faces when they state How much they look Forward to the time when they will be called by another a puts out a brochure that describes itself As a a crisis intervention it condemns the usual procedure of Foster Homes for the child and possible counselling for the Parent in a child beating Case As antiquated and inadequate. A your organization asks no fee of its members a the brochure says. A we offer positive behaviour alternatives in a do it now approach to alleviate critical problems. We believe that this method can curb the slow but painful Day to Day deterioration found in Many family those interested can get More information f r o in in parents Anonymous 2 0 09 Farrell ave., Redondo Beach Calif. 99278. Lifeline or. Kempe who is chairman of paediatrics at University of Colorado medical Center and or. Heifer associate professor of human Medicine at Michigan state University think All battering parents need a lifeline round the clock a he it a a member they can Call or a Hospital emergency room staffed with specially trained people. A the use of a Telephone lifeline has has worked Well in the prevention of suicide in the United states and great they said. A clearly the battered child syndrome deserves a similar approach for those crisis which do not occur Between 9 a. In. And 5 p. Rn., monday through another Kempe Helfer suggestion crisis nurseries where parents can Park their children for a few hours while under stress. A while it is readily possible to Park a car for a modest fee in All parts of the United states it is extremely difficult to have without much explanation or preparation a place where a Mother might leave her child for a few hours in moments of great stress a they said. A we have known Many mothers who would be quite Able to Cope with their two or three children if they had some Relief even of it were Only for two or three hours a How Many child abuse victims Are there nobody really knows. Some 60.000 cases were reported in the United states last year a and Many other battering parents often account for bruises cuts and Burns suffered by their children As being the results of Falls and accidents. High Point Enterprise sunday Juno 25, 1972 Isi summer storage lowest prices Ever effective May i to july i Plain pants skirts sweaters Mem blouses Vav Quot regular pries 75 is. To Plain suits dresses overcoats Robes re Lii. 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