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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 25, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather we kid mild More Dot on Pogo 14-a nth year a no. 177 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A sunday morning june 25, 1972 130 pages Call us circulation 112-1719 classified ado 115-2177 All Othor departments 115-2141 daily 10c, sunday 25epaper collectors 0. Pleas put in the paper who collects old newspapers and magazines Othor than the Jaycees. Will appreciate this As soon As possible. . A. Those who la pick up newspapers include a scout troop at 431-4630 a Church group phone 882-4946 and an individual at 431-4146. Two waste paper companies in Greensboro will buy magazines for 30 cents a Hundred Pound but we be heard of no one who will collect them. The two companies Are Piedmont paper Stock co. At 3909 Riverdale or. And Southern waste paper co., 503 e. Washington Greensboro. Of frogs amp warts q. Whan you catch a frag Daas it Giva you warts Bay. A. This is an old old superstition that probably persists because those breaking out in a Bunch feel like they re turning into a great Toad. Warts come from a virus infection and Are slightly contagious. Going barefooted is a Good Way to pick up the virus. If you have any cuts or sores it in t Wise to handle toads because their skin secretes a Poison that is harmless to a bruised skin but can inflame and bum if it contacts an open Cut or gets in your eyes and Mouth a not that you said you planned to walk around with a Frog in your Mouth. Of All the crazy cures Mankind has come up with the Best was offered by Pliny about 20 centuries ago when he wrote a a lie on your Back along a Boundary line on the twentieth Day of the Moon extend the hands Over the head and with whatever thing you grasp when so doing rub the warts and they win soon of course if you happened to grasp a grizzly or even a curious Skunk they might not think too kindly of the q. Titis invalid lady lives in Pugh a rest Home 1913 s. Elm and she cannot get out and go. She likes to sew and i would like to know if there is anyone who would like to donate a sewing machine a a portable or any kind that they would like to. They can Call 885-4526 or else 883-8351. . Trail of destruction is vast nature s rampage wrecks East for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every bad info q. As e concerned taxpayer i d like to ask about the three hot meals being Given to children tech Day by the Thomasville recreation dept this summer. I think Ether taxpayers should knew where their Money is going end that just anyone Cen get these meals. A. Thomas vice recreation director Clint Ingram says a we the recreation dept have nothing to do with the feeding program that a going on. This is a project of the Davidson county Community Hie a u in in e r hot lunch program serves Only one meal a Day to youngsters who come from certified Low income Homes. About 400 children will participate this year. An Extension of the free lunch program during school months the summer feeding venture is federally financed and administered through Community action. This year eligible youngsters will Dine in the cafeterias at Church Street and colonial drive schools rather than on the playgrounds As they did last summer. Hie children will also be afforded cultural enrichment programs which will be offered in the mornings from 9 15 until lunch and in the afternoons until 2 30. Pedestrian safety q. I wonder if something could be done to safeguard the pedestrians trying to crass the intersections particularly it Church end mein end it Westwood end main. Even when the Bulten is pushed in allow pedestrians to crass Tho turning traffic is aftan mind to Haapla crossing wha Hava Tho right of Way. Anan. A. The traffic engineers Are also concerned with the Safe crossing pedestrians at All intersections says r. V. Moss and although pedestrians have the right of Way in a marked crosswalk or at any intersection they still have to exercise caution. Motorists he says must also assume some responsibility in allowing pedestrians to Cross the Street with the Green Light. He believed this sharing of Green time is the most efficient Way to move both vehicles and pedestrians but it takes a cooperative Effort on everyone a part to make it work. Take another look q. When it the High Point my Low opinion poll going to to published it s Boon almost Throe weeks end nothing has Boon in Tho paper since that i Hove soon. Or. . A. In the thursday june 15 edition Section a Page i the results were reported. Of the 1661 acceptable ballots 914 favored repeal 747 opposed it. A by Arthur Everett associated press writer debris Laden Rivers crested at their highest peaks in years saturday and new sectors of eight Eastern states were menaced by the downstream surge of their angry Coffee coloured Waters. Behind a toll of death and destruction mounted in More than too flooded communities Many now threatened by pestilence. On a flight into the stricken area for a first hand look president Nixon was moved by the vast Panorama of ruin and misery to exclaim a a it a a devastated the death toll stood at 98. But As Waters receded in upstream areas More bodies were being discovered. Helicopters still were picking survivors from roofs and tree tops. The Sun peeked out Between the lowering Clouds for the first time in Days but week Long Rains still fell intermittently on some flooded sections. They began with the Advent of topical Strom Agnes. New crises continued to arise. State police relaying sketchy Telephone information said smoking was prohibited in downtown lock Haven pa., and electricity Cut off after two 10,000-gallon gasoline tanks were ruptured in some manner and their contents spread atop flood Waters. Explosions were feared. Damage estimates stood Well above $1 billion in one of the most extensive floods in the nation a history. In Virginia officials said it might take two months just to Clear away debris so rebuilding could begin. At least 200,000 acres of farm land was destroyed in that state. Hardest hit of All was Pennsylvania where 250,000 persons were driven from their Homes in what the state government called a undoubtedly the worst disaster in the history of the a when i opened the second floor door and saw water just one step away i knew it was time to get out a said a grandmother who was evacuated from her apartment in Pottstown a. Drinking water was rationed to Many including 228,000 Resi dents of the Richmond va., area. In other cities entirely without uncontaminated supplies water was being trucked in. Meanwhile typhoid serum was flown into flooded areas threatened by epidemics of the disease. Fires flared and there was no Way to fight them with apparatus flood bound. A fireboat was flown from Philadelphia to try to quell a Blaze at Wilkes Barre that raged through evacuated Homes and business buildings. Ham operators red Cross Mobile radio units and radio station transmitters were the Only link for Many communities to the outside world with Telephone service knocked out Over a wide Patchwork pattern. Nixon tries out cot during visit to flood refugee Center a wire photo he took plunge with half million Fri searching for Hijacker Peru ind. A the Fri mounted a massive manhunt in North Central Indiana saturday for a Young Hijacker who parachuted or fell from a jetliner with $502,000 in Ransom Money after having to be shown How to use his Parachute. Although the Day Long search was still fruitless Early saturday evening Jim Martin agent in charge of the Federal Bureau of investigation in Indiana said it was being expanded and would continue a Rock by Rock if Martin spoke briefly with newsmen after calling some 150 Law enforcement officers into a meeting at a school a few Miles Southeast of Peru. At that meeting information and leads were exchanged and Martin lined out an extended area of search based on reports from Farmers that their dogs a were Active in the area to which the search was being extended. Some too Fri agents from Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland several Indiana cities and elsewhere were assembled Here for the search Martin said As Well As state and local officers. However there was some speculation that the Hijacker might not have bailed out of the american airlines Boeing 727 safely. The Hijacker had switched planes in St. Louis after a late Model automobile mysteriously crashed through a Fence at the Airport and collided with the first hijacked plane As it prepared to take off under the control of the gunman. The Driver of the car was hospitalized and authorities were investigating. When the second plane took off from St. Louis the Hijacker and six hostages three male flight Crew members two stewardesses and a male passenger were aboard. The other passengers had been let off at St. Louis and the Hijacker had received two parachutes and the Money in a Burlap sack. After the Hijacker plunged from the plane in the Peru area and the plane flew to Chicago there was one unconfirmed report that pieces of clothing were found near the exit ramp of the Jet. This triggered speculation the Hijacker might have been sucked from the plane by air currents and fallen to his death. One Law enforcement radio report Early saturday said a we May be looking for a dead in addition the Hijacker apparently was a Novice at parachuting. In St. Louis he had trouble with explanations on use of the parachutes and an airlines Engineer was sent aboard to instruct him spokesmen for the airline said. Complicating the search was the possibility the Hijacker dropped into the 31-mile-Long missis sinew Reservoir part of the flood control system of the romantic Wabash River. Object of the search was a Man described As about 30, five feet to or la inches tall 170 pounds a Large round nose and pock Marks and open sores on his face. The Hijacker reportedly was armed with a .45-caliber sub machine gun of the lightweight wire Frame Type commonly called a a grease gun and a hand grenade state police and the Fri said. He also had a shovel provided along with the Ransom Money and parachutes. State police asked themselves Here whether he wanted the shovel to Bury the Parachute hide the Ransom or dig a narrow foxhole to cover himself with foliage. There were no an Swers. The flight had started in new York City and after it left St. Louis was bound for Tulsa Oklahoma City los Angeles and san Diego. The Hijacker turned it around after it left St. Louis where he apparently boarded and ordered its return. Inside Reading radiology updated Cates digs Sand. Page 2a women campaigners. Page 2a editorial. Page 4-a women a news. Section b sports television. Page 3-d entertainment pages 2-4 d obituaries. Page 14-a classified. Pages 5-20d the ebbing of fetid upstream floodwater bared a crazy quilt pattern of destruction. Debris Lay everywhere with Homes a tilt or in collapse cars upended Mobile House trailers twisted and smashed lumber strewn about. More ominous was the possibility that the receding Rivers might expose an even greater loss of life. In the Corning n.y., area Rescue workers found eight previously unreported bodies and pressed on in search of More. A this is the worst in be seen a said Pennsylvania a gov. Milton j. Shapp on a helicopter flight Over his stricken state. For some the passing of the River crests brought blessed Relief. Pittsburgh escaped largely unscathed by the might of the flooding Ohio River. A sandbag Dike Between Washington a Lincoln memorial and Washington Monument stood As a Symbol of a successful fight against the historic Potomac a floodwaters. But downstream along the Ohio the Susquehanna and other Rivers that lace the Green and Fertile East there were portents of new Travail As residents evacuated their Homes in Advance of the crests. Residents of new Cumberland ., spent the night evacuating their Homes As the Ohio Rose to 43.2 feet. Also in the path of the Ohio a cresting Waters Lay the City of Wheeling Residents of a densely populated Island in see nature s on 7a red attack toward Hue is repulsed Saigon a North vietnamese forces struck toward Hue again saturday but fore warned South vietnamese troops drove them Back across the Northern defense line and inflicted heavy losses Field reports said. A we anticipated the attack and moved about three dozen artillery pieces North to be within Range a an Allied officer told associated press correspondent Michael Putzel. A when the attack hit we opened Allied air strikes and South vietnamese tanks also helped beat Back the assaults at four locations South of the my Chanh River defense line about 25 Miles Northwest of Hue. Nineteen enemy tanks were reported knocked out. Early reports from Saigon said enemy forces lost 20 men killed and put government casualties at two dead and 16 wounded. Field reports said however that two government reconnaissance platoons were overrun with 23 men missing. And one Allied officer predicted sweeps would reveal too enemy dead out of an attack Force estimated at up to 1,000 men. A the enemy threw everything they had at us tanks missiles tear Gas artillery infantry but the airborne stayed and killed them left and right Quot the officer said. He referred to South Vietnam a Lith airborne battalion which was virtually wiped out in fighting in the Central Highlands two months ago. Hie reorganized government Force repulsed the enemy troops which were backed by soviet built heavy weapons and tanks. The Norih vietnamese were reported withdrawing under cover of their Long Range artillery. One retreating platoon apparently stumbled onto a South vietnamese Marine unit triggering a secondary fight in which 21 North vietnamese troops were reported killed. The marines suffered two dead and three wounded government spokesmen at Hue said the fighting was in rolling Brush covered terrain where tanks Are easily visible from the air the same area the North vietnamese assaulted two Days ago. There was speculation the attacks on the Northern line May be aimed at tying Down Large numbers of South vietnamese troops at my Chanh while the main communist command Force hits Hue from the West. One attack from the West was reported near fire base Bas Tonge 12 Miles Southwest of Hue. Spokesmen said the North vietnamese were driven Back and lost 27 men killed and three prisoners captured. The South vietnamese said they suffered five talks possible in Paris Washington a president Nixon Stop foreign policy aides held out some Hope saturday for serious peace negotiations in Paris while agreeing that North Vietnam has shown no Clear interest so far. Security adviser Henry a. Kissinger in his first Public report on his just concluded peking trip concurred with Secretary of state William p. Rogers embarking on a round the world tour that a there is still no Clear sign that the other Side is interested in serious negotiations. Kissinger told newsmen at a White House briefing on his 34 Days of meetings with Premier Chou in Lai and other chinese leaders a i would agree we have not yet had any Clear indication. A but we Are pursuing the subject. And when we do have any Clear indication we will resume negotiations and it will then be Rogers setting off for Australia on a 16-Day, nine nation swing spoke of Hanoi disappointment Over Lack of Success in its major Spring offensive against South Vietnam and of effectiveness of . Bombing and mining of the North. He said these factors a and some indications in the diplomatic Community give us some Hope that the North vietnamese will be wanting to get Down to serious bargaining. Kissinger said a policy review appears to be under Way in Hanoi. He noted that the chief North vietnamese negotiator at Paris Xuan Tui and politburo member be due Tho both have returned to Hanoi. He anticipated they would soon be coming Back to Paris. Monetary crisis still unsolved Paris a top european Bankers and Treasury men ended Daylong talks saturday apparently without full agreement on plans to Stop the floating of Britain a Pound from touching off a wider world Money crisis. Olivier worrier governor of the Banque de France told newsmen after two separate rounds of intensive discussion that the Money markets of the to nations involved will not open before tuesday at the earliest. This suggested that an Exten Sion of the shutdown that began Friday May yet be ordered unless full agreement is reached by finance ministers who meet monday in Luxembourg. A the British decision will have important consequences Quot Wormser declared after presiding Over a committee of the governors of to Central Banks in Europe. The to participating countries were the six of the european common Market Belgium France Germany Italy the Netherlands and Luxembourg and the four applicants for membership Britain Ireland Denmark and Norway. Although Wormser did not spell out what the a important consequences of floating the Pound Sterling might be. It was Clear they would not be confined to Europe. In Malaysia for instance officials of that British Commonwealth country scentral bark said it had been a kicked out of the Sterling Money area. This was a reference to the introduction of new British curbs on capital movements to most countries that traditionally have pegged their currencies to the Pound. And in the Rich Oil producing state of Kuwait financial authorities reported the Sheik Dom might a walk out of the Sterling area because of the British decision. Although Kuwait in recent times has drastically Cut Back its big Pound deposits in London its withdrawal from the Sterling area could spell the end of the system sooner than London would wish. Wormser summed up the purpose of the emergency meeting of Central Bank governors examine the consequences of the British decision to float the Pound and to try to make up one of several recommendations about future the French banker speaking in the 17th-Century Golden gallery adjoining the governors conference room added a we listened to the views of each other and we now have recommendations to convey to our

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