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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 23, 1972, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise Friday june 23, 1972 san Orth Viets feel boxed in break in stalemate possible by William l. Ryan soon in the Long deadlock Over a special correspondent peace terms. North Vietnam s communist the pressure could be getter. Ated by worry in Hanoi that a regime has been Grouchy All changing world a mate might along about High level . I Force it to consider terms Well Plo Macy in red capitals and Short of its goals. Now it seems worried that it is the effectiveness of presi being boxed in Between allies Den Dixon s diplomacy now could depend on the extent of and foes. I soviet and chinese belief in the the emerging picture is one presidents ability to be re of a regime under pressure and the impression is created that some movement is possible elected. Washington sources say the initiative for Henry Kissinger a latest trip to China came from peking. Premier Chou in Lai May have been anxious to hear what the White House thinks about the presidents chances for re election. He would also be anxious to know what went on Between Nixon and the russians in Moscow and what Are the absolute minimum american terms for an Indochina settlement. Whatever the russian views Viet president Nikolai v. Pod Gorny did make a hurried trip to Hanoi and his Welcome seemed to have been something less than Hearty. His Mission undoubtedly involved explaining the Moscow Summit and promising that the Kremlin would remain faithful to its a internationalist duty in Indochina. Still that would not preclude some forceful dutch Uncle talk. If Nixon looks like a Winner might be on such matters so in november it could make sense for Hanoi to take what it can get now. A re elected Nixon could be much tougher to Deal with. The Outlook can hardly be pleasant for the Hanoi regime. The United states has mined its harbours Cut off or drastically reduced its supplies from abroad and greatly increased attacks on its transport communications and Power plants. The North vietnamese Offen people a to put every available has captured Quang Tri prov warns against Black marketing suggesting perhaps some Des Ince but North Vietnam has1 in food concedes that . Re operation. Suffered some severe material spouses to the offensive the official press has been and psychological damage even a created Many difficulties for re us an to Tell the North Viet apart from an enormous Cost inns and warns of strict Meas Quot Nav of now peking8 from ures to maintain a Public order Plains without naming the Aland a prevent opportunists from us taking advantage of wartime to g sources in Southeast infringe on the property of the Asia express belief that both state and China and the soviet Union such complaints and warn want to see the Indochina War Ings Are not new but today ended each for its own Rea manpower. Hanoi a internal propaganda pictures mounting problems. The press demands total Effort to a produce sufficient food and Grain to feed our troops and political pressure applied Irish violence escalates despite cease fire Promise statewide development proposed election to delay Senate action Belfast Northern Ireland people must act for them apr the Irish Republican army a new cease fire Promise in Northern Ireland came under pressure today on both the political and military fronts. British army Headquarters the Rev. Ian Paisley said if the army stops Hunting Down a murderers and other lawbreakers a the protestants will not tolerate it. Raleigh a a pro posed statewide development policy for North Carolina Calls for increasing the growth of that a reciprocal response is forthcoming from the armed i s a Jer Urban areas in the forces of the British Eastern and Western comm Britain a minister for North cities during the 1970s. Pm Ireland William Whitelaw meanwhile. British troops replied that the troops a will of Sive in South Vietnam has had Square foot of land and every there is a background obbligato sons but the americans Are some Battlefield successes and available worker to use. It of reproach to Hanoi a allies unit key to but and agreement they would regard As making inevitable an eventual communist takeover in the South. At the Paris talks the North vietnamese May now want to Mark time and wait for the . Bombing and the mining of their allies do nothing about the . Bombing and the mining of North vietnamese Waters. Thus while neither the russians nor the chinese May want to do any twisting in House approves Nixon s Revenue sharing plan acknowledged that the truce fought gunmen for three hours piously recipe Cater if the Vio state government planners have concluded this can done by boosting Job opportunities in the smaller communities. At the same time it would seek to Stem migration to big Urban areas. Washington a the Senate is expected to join the House in approving the sharing of some $30 billion with the states and local governments. Over the next five years. Rut Senate action May have to wait until after the political conventions. The Revenue sharing measure swept through the House on announced thursday by the in Southwest Belfast on the hence st0ps the provos took provisional Wing of the Irish fringe of a Catholic District. F Republican army was not due More than 200 rounds were acceptance of their Proto take effect until monday fired and the army claimed Posay but one group called there a 974199 Vnti the Krchov Attar night. But a spokesman said three guerrillas were hit. Belfast volunteers i s s u e d a i the police document was pre Voie a Nursaray Aires a that in the meanwhile violence shots punctuated the night in statement repudiating the seated thursday to gov. Bob i a a had escalated and that there Londonderry but no casualties cease fire As a totally Unac Cep Scott and the Council on state e ale s1x morons shooting in Belfast were reported. Committee said he will begin states and $3.5 billion for cities Hanoi the situation in itself i hearings next week on the land other local governments plies pressure on the North measure. However it is unlike a this year. Vietnamese regime by the hearings was More shooting in Heitst were reported. and Londonderry during the however the violence which night than in any recent night has plagued Northern Ireland an Ira faction in Belfast for More than three years and lashed out at a truce mongers has taken at least 378 lives was Erp eced to drop off As the cease fire approached. The Ira provisional or and vowed to Battle on for a United Ireland. Militant protestant Leader William Craig said the a terrorist movement must provos said they would sus be broken up and if the secur Pend offensive operations from Ity forces relax in any Way the Midnight monday a provided school split unanimously voted Down of he weather goals and policy. As passed by the House the or. Leigh Hammond Deputy program is retroactive to last director of the state depart Jan. I. Rep. John w. Byrnes ment of administration i r-wis., tried to set a july i i rented the growth study policy Date saying that would save he told the Council that a Dis $2.7 billion but Bursing the Urban base of the 241 to 157. State was desirable and that chairman Russell b. Long. Requires building up smaller or d-la., of the Senate finance ban areas in the East and Quot i j anew storm Hammond said the policy i Quot need not stand in the Way of from Page 1-a Pittsburgh had said before the Halifax n. C. Api the growth in the Piedmont which meanwhile Agnes demoted Ohio surpassed the flood stage. Will be completed before Congress recesses for the july to democratic convention. And the measure May not be ready for full Senate consideration until after the Republican convention in August. House Republican Leader Gerald r. Ford of Michigan hailed the House action As a Triumph for president Nixon whose Revenue sharing plan was retooled by the House. A if the Senate does not pass this legislation this year it will be derelict in its duty a Ford said. Was Defeated. Long said he expects favourable action. The Bill would provide $1.8 billion of Federal funds for is a Way of achieving balance. Tom National Wiat hta Tia Sci to a it oa0t at a a Ipp it1n.l it it i1 Gusty winds brisk and rather Gusty winds continue to blow Over North Carolina causing rather rapid drying after tropical storm Agnes. However heavy Runoff continues and flooding is occurring or is expected to develop along the Rivers and larger tributaries especially in the Eastern portion of the state. Forecast the forecast for the High Point area is for Clearing skies and Cool temperatures tonight with lows in the Low to mid 50s. Saturday is expected to be sunny and warmer with highs in the Low 80s. Chance of precipitation is Zero through saturday. Temperatures u. S. Supreme court ruled unanimously thursday against the split of the Scotland neck City school system in northeastern North Carolina from the Halifax county system on the ground it perpetuates segregation. The Halifax county superintendent of schools w. Henry Overman said he is pleased the court made its decision so far in Advance of the school year for it enables authorities to proceed with plans for the year. The court said a 1969 act of the North Carolina legislature created a a Refuge for White students in Scotland neck and left surrounding Halifax county schools segregated and Black. Overman did not foresee any ginning late next month Public dissenting resulting from the ruling. He said Scotland neck had operated As a separate school District Only for three months in 1969, and since then had been barred by lower Federal courts from doing so. Is going to grow anyway. This sclera Days age from hurry. Cane status continued her the policy Calls for boosting up i a a ravaging clout. He growth of smaller towns Elmira in Western new transportation and utilities were crippled from Virginia to near Albany n.y., in Agness Wake. Several communities those from 5,500 to 25,000�?As y0rk state where up to half were forced to boil drinking growth centers which could Tyr a 40.000 residents had water to assure purity provide maximum Job oppor a pin Varu Atud the Chemung As the James River flooded Over its Banks in Richmond. Va., gov. Linwood Holton declared a state of emergency in Virginia. He said he would ask unities for people who already live in or near them. Growth could be encouraged Hammond said by various state policies especially in decisions of where to build roads locate hospitals and schools and encourage Industrial development. Gov. Scot will River left its Banks. At Corning where the Chemung also flooded water poured Over 23-foot High dikes and cascaded into the downtown area. President Nixon to declare the virtually All the 17.000 residents state a disaster area had been evacuated. On the Allegheny above Pitts the Allegheny broke from its Burgh at least two docks were Rrth to it an can a lean Ark Salamanca ripped from their moorings by message of Rte grow develop-1nnatlonal guard mits in men pol by to local govern vew York and Pennsylvania Wildt Downsjr a. Ment officials Aud citizens in a were assisting the evacuation to the South in Richmond i i pc. A am to no a o thousands from flood threat va., officials girded for a ened and rain ravaged comm feared cresting of the James cities. River at the 35-foot level this flood warnings were issued afternoon-26.5 feet above the for All of Western Pennsylvania flood stage. City and state of As the new Rains moved into files and financial and Federal the area from the West. State agencies in downtown Rich Charlotte apr North p01 881 1 the death count in mond were closed for the Day. Carolina Lake Levels Given in mid morning stood Agnes also stirred up Lake Lake Levels in a companion Case in above or below Normal full a from 12. Eight persons Erie lashing the Shoreline of were listed As missing. Ohio with Waves up to 12 feet a we have a major disaster High and creating a flood Haz solving Emporia and the coun. Re sorted today. To of Greenville in Virginia. P001�?T reported Oda it a the supreme court barred the Jam 2.2 splintering of school districts into smaller ones when the result is to perpetuate Segre a 24 hours ending at 7 . Est station North Carolina partly Asheville Clear Cloudy and mild today. Highs Augusta Clear 70s to Low 80s. Mostly Clear and Charleston Clear Cool tonight. Lows Low 50s Charlotte Clear mountains to upper 50s to Low Columbia Clear 60s Southeast. Saturday sunny Greensboro cloy and warm. Highs mid to upper Greenville. S c., Clear 78 54 70s mountains upper 70s to mid Raleigh cloy 78 57 80s elsewhere. Savannah Clear 89 62 South Carolina sunny Wilmington cloy 83 58 and mild today and saturday. Tion. However the decision in by the associated press the Virginia Case was 5-4, with the four Nixon appointees dissenting. H l or i in Raleigh William w. Peek administrative assistance to the state school superintendent said the ruling in the North Carolina Case probably will discourage attempts to split larger districts. He said the decision could have affected schools in the state if the court had upheld the separation of Scotland neck schools. 70 56 83 59 86 60 77 55 81 59 75 54 Shodiss 3.5 Hickory a .2 Lookout 2.5 Norman �?.1 Mountain Island full Pond Wylie -.7 Badin �?.5 High Rock �?1.4 developing a a a spokesman for Ard with heavy Rains in some i the National weather service in areas. Direct furniture warehouse close outs Market samples amp cancellations at Low discount prices bedroom group Maple double Dresser. Mirror panel Ber with footboard and four drawer Chest. $169. Early am. 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Highs today and saturday 70s Northwest to mid 80s coast. Lows tonight Low 50s mountains to near 60 coast. Three Day forecast North Carolina extended Outlook sunday through tuesday fair sunday. Chance of showers in the mountains monday and Over the state tuesday. Unseasonably Cool j lows at night averaging upper 40s to mid 50s in the mountains and upper 50s to mid 60s elsewhere. Highs will average Low to mid 70s in the mountains and upper 70s to mid 80s elsewhere. Wait Proe lems waiting to soil waiting to buy. We solve wait problem phone 5t> <nr6tlnnnnnr? Fireston Vivian Cater Al of. A Johnson Dixon we a a Al Alors is Tok Phorl 885-2133 132 Church a us e High Point n heme phone 882-2933 a a a display the sign i of Quality own your own business Selling the finest Quality line of tires and automotive items in the Industry if you have automotive or Chain store retailing experience done to Overlook this outstanding Opportunity to be your own Boss in a constantly growing retail business. 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Dave has been elected to Prudential s Hall of Honor and president s club for the past two years and has recently been named a qualifying member of the 1972 million Dollar round table. Active in the chamber of Commerce the High Point adjustment Board and numerous professional organizations Dove also teaches sunday school and serves As a Deacon Tor the first Baptist Church. He and his wife Ruth have five children. When you own a piece of the Rock Prudential Mokes investments with your premiums. Investments which strengthen the Economy and can pay dividends to help reduce the Cost of your insurance. We re proud of the Rock. But we re also proud to Send you David w. Adams Clu the Best of the Rock. 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