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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 22, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered showers More data on Page 3a a lad year no. 174 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circa Tattoo m it c classified ads ms-2177 other dept. Ms-2111 High Point n. A. Tuesday afternoon. June 22, 1976 20 pages daily i be. Sunday 3it inflation big threat a Simon Paris a the risk of a new round of in nation is the greatest threat to continued economic expansion among the industrialized countries. Treasury Secretary William e. Simon said today Quot we must do everything possible to build a Public understanding of the tragic effects of inflation Quot Simon told a meeting of the 24-Nalion organization for economic cooperation and development Recd. A some believe that de Mand will not be Strong enough to support further expansion. I do not see major near term distortions in the continued expansion from the demand Side to the contrary the greatest threat to the sustained expansion is the risk of a resurgence of inflation Quot he estimated the annual rate of inflation in the United states would drop to nearly 5 per cent by the end of the year and that unemployment would fall below 7 per cent. Simon urged a Liberal Trade policy and Quot a hospitable climate for International six tenths of per cent food costs push prices up in May Washington apr the largest increase in food costs in to months helped push consumer prices up six tenths of a per cent during May. The biggest monthly jump since last november the government said today. The labor department said the May figures mean that inflation now is running at an annual rate of 7 2 per cent the May performance compared with a consumer Price increase of four tenths of a per cent in april. The 7 2 per cent inflation rate is higher than the 6 per cent rate which administration economists consider to be the underlying inflation rate in the Economy. But the effect was to compensate for lower than Normal increases in earlier months despite the faster Pace of inflation however workers managed to improve the amount of their disposal incomes. The labor department said real spendable earnings climbed by i 2 per cent in May after decreasing for two consecutive months spendable earnings for May stood seven tenths of a per cent ahead of <1 year ago. Consumer prices in May were 6 2 per cent More than a year ago Over All food prices were up one per cent in May. The sharpest Advance since the i 8 per cent increase last july food Price declines in the first three months of this year had been responsible for holding Over All consumer prices below an annual increase of three per cent. For the month the consumer Price Index stood at 169.2. That Means that a sampling of goods which Cost Hoo in 1967 Cost $169 20 last month beef prices which had declined for four consecutive months shot up 5 2 per cent in May prices of pork and poultry nearly tripled the rate of their april increases Cereal and bakery prices Rose seven tenths of a per cent the first increase in four months Coffee prices moved up 4 8 per cent to 35 per cent above where they were a year ago. The increases overcame declines in prices for both fresh and processed fruits and vegetables but food Wasny to the Only area where inflation picked up. While the Cost of services increased by the same four tenths of a per cent logged in april commodities other than food went up six tenths of a per cent in May compared to three tenths of i per cent in april the average Price of a gallon of gasoline moved up a Penny nationally to 58 cents for leaded regular gasoline. That compared to 55 rents a gallon a year ago clothing prices which had been rising about two tenths of a per cent a month jumped five tenths of a per cent in May. Prices of fuel Oil. Houses and new cars also went up faster Gas and electricity rates Rose by i i per cent in May after a two tenths of a per cent increase in april. I o2 a i d by democratic leaders Check on House employees okayed for Mirn to Hurt Tina or kelp with in problem Roll or write action line in Core of the Enterprise every request is considered Bat please understand that the valour makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge Ever one Validity of will q. I would like to know when a will is made and there Are three that sign it and two have passed away is it Legal with a stamp on it i wondered if thai will be All right after two of the witnesses have passed away. Thank you aeon. A a clerk of court said it might be simpler to do it Over and have it signed by younger witnesses but it is not necessary they can probate it by finding persons who can verify the signatures of the deceased getting rid of Moss q. Wui you please Tell me what other than Bluestone can be put in a Lake to Clear the Moss off but will not harm livestock or ducks that adjoin the Park . A according to the encyclopedia of organic gardening How you feed a Pond determines the Quality and Quantity of fish it does t mean feeding the fish but the organisms which the fish eat a algae and Plankton if the water is Clear for More than a foot Down it is time to fertilize it for there Are not enough algae but Don t Over fertilize As too much will lower the oxygen Content and injure the fish. Excessive feeding which results in dark Scummy water can be remedied by spreading Lime the article states it is not Wise to use Copper sulphate to Clear the water As in More than two parts per million it will kill everything living in the Pond for feeding the Lake manure too pounds per acre is Good or compost May be substituted finely ground Rock phosphate 500 pounds per acre is also a Good feeder these fertilizers can be spread in equal amounts once a month from May to september of land is eroding in the watershed of the Pond soil conservation methods should be used As Silt is an enemy of algae constant fishing is recommended to keep it from being overstocked. Removing at least five pounds of fish per acre each week conditions Good for wildlife should be created around a Pond the dam planted to grasses and a legume like Les Pedreza Willows and shrubs to provide cover and food for Small animals Birds and frogs the article suggested that county farm agents the soil conservation service and private Pond contractors can All he a abortion clinics q. Are there any abortion clinics in the North Carolina District that give abortions after the first four months of so what Are the locations and Price of these clinics thank you. Aoa. A the Cost of professional services is Between the doctor and patient and depend on How complicated things Are apparently not Many doctors will terminate a pregnancy this advanced the Forsyth pregnancy termination clinic in Winston Salem said they knew two doctors who would end a pregnancy at 16 and 20 weeks and this would be done at Baptist Hospital. The Forsyth clinic will do it Only up until the 12th week should you wish further information the clinic is located at 3010 Maplewood Tel. 768-2980 it s open tuesday through saturday from 8 to 4. There is another abortion clinic in Charlotte hallmark clinic 1316 e. Morehead Tel. 704 376-1615. You can talk to a local obstetrician about it some Are done Here too or the preadmission office at Baptist Hospital can arrange an appointment abortion counselling is offered by the children a Home society in Greensboro without obligation. If you wish you May Call them at 274-1538 so often when a question about abortion is printed we hear from someone who wants to Contact the person about adopting the child. Washington api democratic leaders today approved regular Public accounting of the duties of every employee of the House of representatives following allegations that the former adm Nistra Don committee chairman kept a woman i its payroll for sex the democratic steering and policy committee made up of the House party leadership also nominated a new chairman for the panel and approved stripping it of much of its Independence including its Power Over congressional staff and travel allowances. The leadership nominated rep Frank Thompson of new Jersey the administration committee s second ranking Democrat to replace rep Wayne Hays a Ohio As its chairman. Hays was accused of putting a woman on the committee payroll to be his mistress Thompson speaking to reporters about the actions approved by the steering committee gave no sign of opposing them the actions were proposed by a task Force of three democrats headed by rep David obey. Dis the moves will be considered by All House democrats at a caucus wednesday and some Are expected to be put before the full House for approval next week Quot they will help protect the Public from misuse of government funds and individual members of Congress from unjust said obey chairman of the task Force created by speaker Carl Albert after the Hays scandal broke the steering and policy committee also approved a recommendation from the task Force requiring the speaker to appoint All democratic members of the administration committee monday night a Missica Lange took her place beside Dummy map King Kong lives again new York a the 40 fool Gorilla Lay prone and bleeding dead after a 110-Story fall from the North Tower of the world Trade Center hut the Beautiful blonde who had escaped from the monster s grasp was very much alive As a crowd of 5.000 men women and children surged Forward to get a look at the dead Gorilla the ape was of styrofoam rubber and Horsehair the blood was Karo syrup mixed with vegetable colouring Dawn the monster s erstwhile captive was really actress Jessica Lange but the crowd was a real new York crowd lured by newspaper ads for extras a unpaid a to take part in the film my of Dino de Laurentus $22 million remake of the 1933 classic. King Kung Quot even though unpaid and nonprofessional. The crowd had to do some acting horror expressed at the falling Gorilla the actual tall is being filmed in Hollywood with a mechanical monster and the new York version of King Kong just Lay there throughout the put feedings \ spokesman for the movie company said the scene at the toot of the world Trade Center would be limed again tonight and wednesday night at a Cost for the three shootings of about $250,000 in the finished movie it will be a five mute scene at the end Christian democrats Lead italian vote hailed uncommitted communists gain Byford delegates key but fail to win Rome apr Italy s will not form a partnership realization of the Uncertain Christian democrats beat with the communists future overcame the initial Back a communist bid for despite the party s insistence Stock Market enthusiasm and Power in National elections that it is Independent of most Blue chips closed below sunday and monday but fail Moscow. Moreover their monday level de to win the parliamentary Washington strongly opposes former president majority needed to Deal such a government in this Giuseppe Sara Gat announced firmly with the nation s nato nation he would resign As Secretary deep seated political and More than one out of three general of the social economic crises. Italian voters cast a com democratic party after its the communists made Muniot ballot for the election losses Sara Gat said Strong gains moreover at democrats got 38.7 per cent the Christian democrats the expense of smaller the same showing they made picked up some of his party s Center parties whose support four years ago. Support because they the Christian democrats despite the Prospect of succeeded in blaming the have needed to govern in the continuing political and Lockheed payoff scandal in past economic instability the Italy on social Democrat the ruling Christian St? a,v\.he,l, mar a Tanassio a former democrats Are faced with Rall de. Cause of no of defense minister the same choices As before do act Giovanni Mosca Deputy As they try to form their 35th. E. Res to Quot s As t Hief of the socialist party a government since world War the dominant party marxist group also announce ii Aga Quot in ear a Lead Quot a 00 de his resignation he asked they can try to rebuild the a �?~an2 5 Cem while f0r a a a Lucr tic so Quot for the Center left coalition with the a r / l of Jav a party a setbacks in both the socialists social democrats i use f Senate and the chamber and republicans which do Lar t0 close at 847 in foreign reaction collapsed in january. But the a Quot Quot i Spanish politicians of the socialists said during the i a at a a a i re kit and left sad election that was a dead i Vinot s inside i feared the election results Issue. The Christian amusements.7b would Only draw out Italy a democrats can also try to musical chair government. Govern alone but without a classified ads7-11b the official soviet news majority in the chamber of comics6b a8<? Tass referred to the deputies there would be a crossword.7b a great successes Quot of the constant scramble for votes italian communists finally they can agree to financial. 2a at the Vatican however. Share Power with the com obituaries.2b spokesman the Rev. Romeo munits who have not been sports3-4b Pancioli said the results Conin a National government television so firmed the voters Quot Lun since 1947. The Christian women a news6-7a Pamental Choice in favor of democrats have said they weather.3a democracy and Indianapolis. Ind apr president Ford still professing Faith in winning the Republican presidential nomination on the first ballot was described today As believing Italy s election results offer an Opportunity to preserve democratic government there standing under an umbrella in a steady rain Ford told reporters on arriving at Weir Cook Airport that he remains confident of a first ballot win at the gop s August convention in Kansas City White House officials described the president s Indianapolis trip As a nonpolitical visit to address the National convention of the Jaycees an aide said he knows of no plans for Ford to travel on any specifically political Mission before the Gap convention during the flight from Washington White House press Secretary Hon Nessen said Ford had no comment on the italian election sunday and monday Quot except to Point out the no communist and non fascist parties won a majority and therefore the Opportunity for continuation of democratic government in Italy has been preserved Quot Italy s Christian democrats beat Back a communist bid for Power but tailed to win the parliamentary majority needed to Deal firmly with the nation s deep seated political and economic crisis to nomination by Terry Ryan associated press writer president Ford and Ronald Reagan will both fall Short of the delegates needed for the Republican nomination when the last delegates Are chosen in seven states party leaders and Campaign officials in those states say the nomination would then hinge on 159 uncommitted delegates now being courted and cajoled by both Camps Ford was off today for Indiana on his second Quot nonpolitical trip in eight Days while Reagan was at Home in California. Ford was to deliver a speech at the annual convention of the Jaycees in Indianapolis today he was due to return to the White House in the afternoon the Cost of the trip will be paid out of Federal funds Ford s trip last tuesday to Norfolk va., to address the National Baptist convention also was paid by Federal funds a Ford aide said he know s of no plans for Ford to make any specifically political trip before the Republican convention in August Betty Ford s press staff announced monday that the first lady will make an appearance Friday at the Minnesota Republican convention in St Paul As a stand in Tor the president mrs Ford attended the Iowa gop state convention in Des Moines last Friday when f Ord cancelled his appearance because aides said he was involved in the evacuation of americans from Lebanon Jimmy Carter probable Winner of the democratic presidential nomination planned to leave his Home town of Plains a. Today for a two Day Northern excursion Carter was scheduled to attend two fundraisers in Boston today and five in new York on wednesday to help erase what his Campaign treasurer Bob Lipshutz says is a debt of about $600 too in Washington gov Robert d Ray of Iowa chairman of the temporary Republican platform committee told reporters monday that both Ford and Reagan have in see uncommitted on 2 a millions chilled in 1933 As King Kong carried Faye p Wray

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