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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1976, Page 1

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 16, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather occasional Shower More data on Page 7a 92nd Var a no. Ism the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation c classified ads ms-2177 other depts. Mms-2161 High Point n. A. Wednesday afternoon june is. 1976 76 pages daily 15c, sunday 35c american ambassador disappears Beirut Lebanon a Al i a american ambassador Francis k Thuv or disappeared to Day while crossing the dangerous front line Between Beirut s moslem my a Brut Tan sectors and was feared kidnapped the v s embassy reported in Washington president Ford summoned key members of the National Security Gnu nil to discuss the matter a spokesman said Ford viewed the am a s Sudor a Dis appearance with great seriousness Motey. Who arrived in this War torn City last month was on his was to his first meeting with president elect Elias Sarkis in the Christian held a Rasmiyeh District lie left the Seaside u s embassy in the moslem sector of Beirut in his bulletproof automobile embassy spokesman a Tim Violet Ross said or was escorted part of the Way by i embassy guard car but the car left him and economic attache Hobert o Waring with embassy chauffeur co heir Moghrabi to con True us crossing in the ambassador s car the spokesman said no word had been received from anyone in Meloy s and Waring s Fate police Battle 10,000 Blacks Johannesburg riot leaves six dead by Larry Heinzerling associated press writer Johannesburg. South Africa api thousands of Blacks rioted today in an explosion of fury Over the mandatory use of the afrikaans language in schools a Symbol of White oppression police opened fire pm the mobs and at least six persons were reported dead and 33 wounded a we fired into them it s no Good firing Over their a senior police officer in Soweto told reporters hundreds of police armed with guns and tear Gas and supported by helicopters moved in to Seal off the notes most of them pupils some of the police had dogs. The pupils waved their fists shouting Quot Power Quot and Sang Quot god bless Africa As they overturned cars set fires and threw stones. Polit said the dead included two White motorists who were dragged out of their cars and stoned to death the full extent of casualties was Mil known because ambulances were being harassed by Rock throwing mobs observers said it was the worst rat Tai confrontation since police killed 72 Blacks in Sharleville n March 19 10 that not was Over Laws requiring Blacks to carry passes. The afrikaans language derived from dutch is used by descendants of the Boer settlers who dominate the White minority government of South Africa africans prefer being taught in English which they regard As a language of science and Progress and a link with the outside world. All Whites were evacuated from Soweto a suburb reserved for More one million Blacks about eight Miles out of Johannesburg As the rioting spread Quot the whole situation is escalating and it is impossible for me to Tell you exactly what s going said an official at Soweto police Headquarters. Estimates of the number of rioting pupils ranged to 10.000, the rioting began As a March of several thousand pupils from around Soweto in support of pupils at the Phelem secondary school who have been protesting the use of afrikaans for the past five weeks. All available police in tile Soweto area and a Large number of reinforcements from Johannesburg rushed to the area an official of the Johannesburg ambulance department said the bodies of two policemen and two children had been removed from the riot area a White Man and an elderly Black Man also were reported killed in the rioting. Some of the pupils reportedly seized a policeman and were using him As a hostage to order police to withdraw from the riot area of the known injured at least 19 had Bullet wounds a Hospital spokesman said brigadier r. Be Roux who was commanding police operations said the situation was Quot very bad he said houses and cars were being burned and stoned brings interesting Reading democratic front runner Jimmy Carter holds Back a sneeze As he and his wife Rosalynn a left i Board a fishing boat for a Day on the Ocean off St. Simons Island a. Rosalynn has brought along some rather interesting Reading material a Book entitled Quot the presidents see Story on Page 7a.� a wire photo. Of a Little controversy Carter gets Middle ground platform for answer to question or help with a problem cull or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request in considered bul please understand that the Sulur makes it impossible to answer or Esen acknowledge users one. Telephone soliciting to please can a thing be done about Telephone soliciting i base been approached Lour times in two weeks by one com pans and base rejected their plan each time i Hase been called twice within a week something about a trip to \ Irginia which i Hase won and would Cost More a and was old yesterday about a Centner plot and a Lew minutes ago a Young lady wanted to know if i wore a bearing Aid. I told Ber Ai this Point la i needed her services i would Call them and to take my name Oft the list please Enlace requested All the other people who Hase called to do by same. Is there a Way except a number thai is not listed to get Oil the list is there a Law that could be enacted to protect Telephone owners irom being annoyed and irritated beyond the Point of endurance by the ones who Are solicitors anon. Woman. I la possible i wish you would investigate if there is any go serving body to regulate every soliciting organization every bods thai wishes to advertise beg or borrow or Survey to be Able to use our private Telephone and bother people who Are Al Home. We do have mail buses therefore. We do have the privilege of either Reading or throwing ii away. Each time i walk in my Home somebody is calling to try to sell me something. I Pas for my Telephone for my own private and personal use. I do not feel like dubs and organization insurance companies etc., should have the privilege of dealing is number at their convenience. Thank you. Anon. A we started last year. When the first Call on this subject came in to see if there could be some regulation or voluntary Means try which subscribers could be spared unwanted solicitations without having to resort to unlisted numbers thinking perhaps an asterisk by a subscribers name in the directory could be used As a a no soliciting Symbol we first asked senator Mcneill Smith if this was feasible his assistant replied Ltd november that they had requested the legislative Library to research Telephone legislation and they would pursue the matter when the second Coin Pla it on this same subject Carne in we made another inquiry and senator Smith replied that in 1971. Bills were introduced in the general Assembly to require the Telephone companies to put out directories containing symbols for objecting subscribers the Bills died in committee because no one could Agre on a method for enforcing the Observance of the skin Bol and because the Telephone companies argued that it would greatly increase the Cost of directories and therefore the Cost of Telephone service senator Smith said he believes this has been the experience in Many other states he asked it we knew of any state which has a Law on this subject and we done the said he was asking James Belk the District manager for Southern Bell. To respond with any suggestions Belk says they deplore the use of the Telephone by businesses making sales Calls that Are considered by their customers to be abusive Pushy offensive High pressure discourteous or misleading they have published a Booklet a what to do about annoying Telephone Calls Quot they work with the bib and Chambers of Commerce when complaints Are registered they also try to dissuade offenders from using this Means of Selling but they have no authority to establish a code of ethics for Calls to customers beyond these efforts Quot says Belk Quot there is very Little we can do we Are required by Law to provide Telephone service or any Legal purpose and Selling by Telephone is Legal Selling by Telephone is a profitable business Many businesses see action line on 10a Washington if Jimmy Carter wanted a noncontroversial Campaign program that would offend Riel Bier the left nor right in the democratic party and the party s platform committee has Given it to him of Carter wins his party s nomination Tor president in july As expected he to run on a platform that should go a Long Way toward uniting his party behind him there was so Little disagreement in two Day s of meetings that ended tuesday that the platform panel adjourned a Day Early Quot it s the first time it. 16 years that the democratic party has been so United. Said a jubilant Stuart Eizen stat the Atlanta attorney who was Carter s top representative on the committee he said quiere was nothing in the 89-pt.ge platform hat Carter could t support but he quickly added. This is a democratic party document bargains end not a Jiminy Carter document a the key features of the platform Are support for a National health insurance program minimum income guarantees for All poor americans a program for full employment in three Sears and a Strong National defense while also pursuing detente with our Quot traditional adversaries a All spending programs would be phased in gradually and Only As the nation returned to full employment if there is not a return to full employment then the programs would not be fully implemented party spokesmen have said there was no breakdown on what the individual programs would Cost but party officials have said the Cost of All the programs excluding National health insurance. Would be about 30 billion party spokesmen say that the Cost of the National health insurance program a to be financed through a combination of an employee employer payroll tax and general revenues a would not exceed toe $130 billion now being spent on health and medical care in the United states the delegates approved a proposal to delay any decision on production of the controversial by bomber until february 1977 at the earliest a proposal that is before the see Carter on 2a canned fruits vegetables to Rise despite abundance by Loi ise Cook associated press writer Consumers can expect to see some Price increases for canned fruits and vegetables this summer despite abundant supplies remaining from last year s Harvest. Retail prices for canned goods in the first part of this year generally were lower than in the same period of 1975. But increases at the wholesale level signal an end to the bargains a discounts have been on for most of the Lawrence Vanmeir economist for the National canners association said tuesday adding that Canning company warehouses were overstocked because of Large crops and sales slowdowns Quot Price cutting came about by companies trying to move the Vanmeir said canners were Selling some products at a loss Quot you be got All this stuff in the warehouse and you be got to move it Quot he said in february for example Vanmeir said it Cost 28 3 cents to produce a can of peas including almost la cents for toe peas themselves 2 cents for labor. 7�?~ cents for the packaging almost 3 cents for i teens such As taxes and about 5 cents for marketing overhead Etc at the same time. Vanmeir said. Canners were being paid 27 9 cents for a can of peas a loss of four tenths of a cent. I the average retail Price at the time was 38 3 cents including tour tenths of a cent profit for the wholesaler and halt a cent profit for the retailer the government s consumer Price Index showed that retail prices Foi some canned goods decreased from 1975 to 1976. The Index for canned pears for example stood at just under 161 in january 1976, a Little More than 21 per cent below what it was a year earlier. The Index for Cann to peas declined about the same amount supplies Are still thigh the 1975-76 Supply of canned fruits is 79 3 million cases up from 74 2 million in 1974-75 and 65 9 million in 1973-74 the 1975-76 Supply of vegetables is 204 5 million cases up from about 181 million in each of the previous two years 73 bombs mailed Washington apr considered meeting the de at a news conference the Fri is trying to deter Mand and turned the note tuesday. Fri director mine who tried unsuccessful Over to authorities soon after Clarence Kelley described by to extort millions of it was received he added the letters As Quot a terrorist dollars from 200corporations Beatrice received a letter attempt to evoke feat in the and later apparently mailed bomb monday hearts of everyone Quot but he 13 bombs to the firms or their the spokesman said com said Hie Fri does t know executives one target says Pony officials Don t recall the who is responsible the demands did not contain exact Content of the threaten we do not know As yet revolutionary rhetoric. My letter but believe it con just what is toe genesis of twelve of the bombs tamed none of the rhetoric this it amid be a single received monday did not sex common to the better known person or it could be an lode but one did detonate at revolutionary organizations he continued the Merrill Lynch inc. Kelley refused to say brokerage in new York in i a ii wb1h�r the extortion Juring Lour persons i a hat s Ilsi cog i demands might be toe work an extortion note delivered a a of revolutionary political last october to Beatrice amusements.4-51 groups he declined to foods inc. Of Chicago one of bridgei2d elaborate on toe evidence the 200 companies receiving classified ads7-111 linking the letter bombs to notes demanded $16 million comics. 4e the extortion demands to be paid Over eight or nine crossword.2e Quot Over a period of several months a company editorials4a months Quot he stated spokesman said tuesday financial2a Quot numerous Large Cor it was supposed lobe paid obituaries .21 portions in the United to someplace in Mexico Quot the sports1-6c states have received a series spokesman said in a television .6d of extortion letters wherein Telephone interview women a demands have been made for company officials never weather.7a see 13 bombs on 2a drought hits Midwest crops and cattle Minneapolis apr with the ground parched and the sky cloudless the worst cows go up for Sale first then the better Stock the Corn is Only As High As your ankle half what it should be drought has spread through most of the upper Midwest a Wisconsin Minnesota the Dakotas the Farmers cite an immediate crisis in Hay and forage experts say severely curtailed Grain crops seem inevitable Farmers and state agriculture officials throughout the Region say the drought has lasted three months now there has been Little rain since Winter snows melted. On monday thunderstorms were reported across Central and Southern sections of the state with up to two inches in some areas however a spokesman for the state crop and livestock reporting service said prior to the storms that at least four inches was needed to have any effect on droughts Rieken coops officials Here say the crop loss in Minnesota alone has already reached la billion on third of the crop production predicted for the year so far the biggest damage has been done to Hay. Later crops such As Corn and soybeans two main stays of Minnesota agriculture a Are also threatened the Farmers arc starting to look to Washington for disaster Aid Quot i can t remember when it looked any worse Quot says South Dakota state Plant scientist Lyle Derscheid be s old enough to recall the 30s already Farmers who have Barren pastures and no Hay or feed Gram Are Selling off cattle the Wadena county emergency Board says implement dealers there expect to dismiss employees because of discontinuing of purchases by and Ralph c Schmidt a Bank president in Appleton in West Central Minnesota says Small Gram there is bordering on Quot total loss Quot the letters i be been getting Are heartbreaking Quot says Minnesota agriculture commissioner Jon Wefald Quot the whole tone of the letters is one it utter frustration desperation and Heartbreak Farmers depending upon this years crops for survival Are looking out on dried out pastures nonexistent Hay Small Grams on the verge of rum and Corn which is three inches High Quot some weather and crop observers in Minnesota say it is the worst drought in too years Clarence m. Kelley

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