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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 17, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered Shower More data of Page 3a Rind Okah no. 169 the High Point Enterprise Cau us ctr mention m2 1711 list Iford and Tti-1177 of Terr Irti .mv2i6i High Point. N. Cd a thursday afternoon line 17. 1976 44 Pao is daily i be. Sunday lid school discipline town upset by vandalism Eagle Springs. No i Aid resident of the Small Piedmont town of Eagle Springs Are upset by a recent rash of vandalism by Pupil from the Samarkand Manor training school they Are so upset in fact that they have asked the of human resources to fire the school s director. Thomas t Grey nearly 200 Eagle Springs residents have signed a petition calling for his ouster they said he had not properly restrained the children at Samarkand the pupils Are running from the Campus All hour of Day and night breaking and entering private Homes stealing cars and vandalizing businesses the petition charged Grey and Ray hurling director of the department youth services division acknowledged that the school has had a problem with students running away from the school and vandalizing in tin Community Grey said 60 student had run away during May. Five to to times the Normal number the problem stems from overcrowding at the school Grey said there Are 30 to 40 Childe i in cot Ages designed for 12 to 15. He said and the flew philosophy at the school was to be More lenient in discipline the children. Grey noted he added that in Kups Are used for 48 hour or less Shuting made no comment on the source of the problem Ile a dispatched representatives of his department to Kagle Spring to Apo Logue to the victims and Promise that the state will pay for damages t Hie businessman had a panel Glass window broken three times by a Samarkand runaway. Shuting said Grey who became director of the school last september said he was not aware that the Community was upset about the runaway problem until he saw the petition wednesday he said no residents or citizens group bad complained to him about the problem Urban guerrillas farm safety Book Sparks controversy Washington it Aid government pamphlet explaining work dangers to Farmers Are sparking controversy because of language one congressman say must have been written for a new yorker about to visit a farm for the first time the Booklet prepared at a cot of almost 1500 too by the occupational safety and health administration Are designed to help Farmers and farmhand understand new Federal safety rules one pamphlet Quot safety with Heel declare in Large bold print that a Hazard Are one of the main in s-2�gj for answer to question or help with a problem Call or write at lion Lane in care of the Kate sprue. Every request i considered bul please understand that the Sulu me makes it impossible to answer or Esen acknowledge Esen one regarding sheriff s department of us does the Guilford i Zunli sheriff department not have protector shield Between the Iron and Back seat in their patrol vehicles As do other local agencies Why must deputies Wear Long sleeved shirt and ties year round while other local agencies Wear Short sleeved shirts open at the neck a thank Vou interested citizen a a spokesman at the sheriff s department in Greensboro said in regard to the Shields that they had just purchased f9 of the Bable from the City of Greensboro and they will shortly be fitted in the deputies car we were invited by a local officer to try a Back seat sit in in a patrol car fitted with the Glass partition no handles to often the window or door we nearly panic ked from Claustrophobia five minutes in there on a hot Day would serve nicely As a deterrent to crime As Lur the Umi orms we did i try one on Bot the word is you la be getting new undo rms this Winter All Brown ones. All with Long sleeves we Don t know if it s too late to Appeal Lur optional Slifert sleeves Tor summer Wear but there s no harm in asking Ute her if since Hie contract was just approved poem from the past of there was a poem in the paper a year or two ago or Mcpherson put it i there a Quot should you go first and i i have a Little bit it it and would like for that to be published again so i could get a copy. Mrs s.c., nursing Home. A mrs j o Meadows sent us a copy of the poem written by a k Hows Well and we re mailing it to you since its a bit Long. Nudity at the police station if please Cheek out the following and ii Rue. Please explain Why it is not against the Law Tor the police to bring in a person arrested in the nude. I was told that on May 31, one Man was arrested for assault at his House and brought into the jail completely nude where ladies were on duty Only wearing Handcuffs. Please determine it it is Correct and see that it is brought to attention of proper authorities if it is improper and that person or persons who did not permit him to dress be Deal with thank you. Anonymous. A in this Case officers went to the Home of a Man to serve a warrant observing him in the House with clothes on upon entering the House they found the Man unclothed he was advised to get his clothes on when the warrant was served on him. But he refused officers insisted that he dress but he would not. So they had no alternative but to Complete the serving of the warrant noisy children Ltd on the Corner it Tong and Dayton we have a lot of kids who Rome around and try to tear the Stop signs up and they make so much noise you can t sleep. They ride their bikes in the Street until la or 11 311 at night at times and try to Wake everybody up. I was wondering if you would put this in the paper possibly the parents would then know what their kids Are up to late at night if not i wish the police would patrol this area very closely. Anon. A a police department spokesman says personnel have been advised to keep a special Check on this location cause of accidents and explain. Quot you can make your work area Sale by finding hazards and removing them Quot sen Carl Curtis a neb says the language is Quot so incredibly arrogant and insulting that it nearly leaves me speechless Quot he said Osha material for other industries is not so childish and that apparently Only Farmers have been singled out for treatment the beet cattle Booklet has the american National cattlemen s association laughing with tears in our eyes with advice As Quot when floors Are wet and Slippery with manure you can have a bad fait you could also trip Over junk or trash Quot the pamphlets Are being distributed in cooperation with the Extension service in the agriculture department new Federal rules affecting Farmers who hire outside labor have been announced by the Agency rep Thomas Hagedorn min said Quot the material in these pamphlets seems to be written for a new yorker about to visit a farm for the Host time he said 155,000 copies of each of 28 pamphlets Are being printed at a Cost of 347.220 and that the government paid experts at Purdue University $119,500 for developing the material among the pamphlets Are safety with front end loaders. Beware of machine hazards. Rules for flagman Cotton harvesting safety. Using anhydrous ammonia safely. Safety with rotary mowers. Working safely with poultry and using Grain harvesting equipment sen Herman Talmadge Dag noted that a new Osha pamphlet advises Farmers to Quot speak softly to cows then there s one about being careful when you step in manure because it s Slippery a suspects arrested in death of envoy old folks Home fire kills four Roanoke a Aid fire that May have been caused by smoking in cd sent smoke swirling through an old folks Home Early today. Authorities said four aged patients died and at least 24 others were injured Frank w a i Tare and minis Rator of Shenandoah Homes said 174 persons were in the Home and 49 of them were in the scion floor infirmary where the Blaze broke out about 2 15 a in firemen carried some trapped residents Down fire truck ladders from windows of the six Story building but most with the help of nurses were Able to flee on foot Roanoke county fire coordinator Huber i Monroe mid careless smoking was Belu a cd to have caused the fire. Which was not Brough under control for about three hours a night nurse who discovered the fire Mary Garland said the fire was started by a patient who had been smoking in bed Quot fire officials said the Home s mattresses made of foam rubber with Cotton Bottoms were highly flammable. The injured were taken to three Roanoke area hospitals where spokesmen said most suffered from smoke inhalation one or two from Shock and a few had had apparent heart attacks it was not immediately known whether smoke inhalation had caused the four deaths the Roanoke red Cross chapter provided shelter Tor More than 80 of the Home s residents the dead and injured were not immediately identified. Nor was there an immediate estimate of damage to the building Monroe said the Blaze originated in a second floor room that was occupied by two persons one about 60 years old the other about 80 smoke from the fire tripped an automatic alarm and provided the first sign of danger Beirut. Lebanon Aid a the palestinian guerrillas and their leftist lebanese allies announced the arrest today of a number of person suspected of killing u s ambassador Francis k Meloy or. Hts economic Counselor and their lebanese Driver police sources said Al Fatah palestinian guerrillas arrested five members of the in Banes socialist revolutionary organization an Urban guerrilla group that seized the Beirut Branch of the tank of America in 1973. Took 56 hostages and killed an american and four lebanese before police stormed the building Meloy. 59. Robert Waring. 58. And Zoher Maghrabi were shot wednesday while driving through the no Man s land Between the moslem and Christian sectors of Beirut the announcement by the joint palestinian leftist lebanese command did not identify the suspects say How Many there were or give their nationalities however it implied they were arabs and said they would by turned Over to the pan Arab peacekeeping Force which the Arab league proposes to Send to Lebanon who s going to Stop me an 11-foot Alligator crawls from the Okefenokee swamp near Folkston. A past a Federal game preserve sign Reading Quot fishing reserved for the helicopters drop tear Gas Johannesburg ghetto riots escalate death total hits 35 Johannesburg South Africa api rioting raged into a second Day today in africans largest ghetto the Black township of sow Eto. More deaths today raised the reported total to 35 dead All but two of them Black As students stoned ears started fires and battled police. At least 224 persons a five of them White a were reported injured and 126 were arrested air Force helicopters bombarded roving mobs of Black rioters with tear Gas More than 1,000 Black and White policemen some armed with automatic rifles and machine guns toured the area in armoured cars. Legislators churchmen teachers and newspapers opposed to South africans racial policies reacted with horror to the rioting and deaths it was the worst racial confrontation in this White ruled nation since police killed 69 Blacks in the Sharleville massacre in i960 on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange prices were lower across the Board today. By noon no Gold shares showed gains and out of 29 stocks traded. 28 fell in Price in Johannesburg itself Clubie Lomg Whites broke up a March by about i too Blacks and Whites protesting police actions in Soweto. The Soweto rioting broke out wednesday when police tried to Stop a demonstration by about 10,000 students protesting mandatory courses in afrikaans the dutch based language of the Boers the dominant White faction the language is a Symbol to the students of South africans apartheid policy of racial segregation and repression. The students want to be educated in English when tear Gas failed to Stop the youths pelting police with rocks the police wednesday began shooting into the crowd Quot it s no Good firing Over their Heads. A a senior police officer told reporters. Police used tear Gas to hold off a Rock throwing crowd that tried to storm the huge Baragan Wath Hospital minister of police James t Kruger said the violence covered about 21 Square Miles and it least 21 buildings had been gutted by tire he said la of the wounded were policemen. Kruger said he believed police used As Little Force As was necessary to contain the violence police Gen w h Kotze confirmed the casualty count u s officials in Washington said they believed the killers were from a moslem fringe group who hoped to unify squabbling Arab factions by provoking american intervention in the lebanese civil War Yasir Arafat the chief of the Palestine liberation organization and Kamal Jumblatt the Leader of the leftist lebanese moslem both condemned the assassinations they warned the christians not to try to use them to sabotage Arab peacemaking efforts officials in Washington again reviewed the standby plans for evacuating the 1.450 americans still in Lebanon but state department officials said the United states would not Quot Cut and run however the British embassy urged britons to consider leaving and said it was organizing a motor Convoy out of the country the helicopter Carrier Guadalcanal and four other u a Navy ships were 400 Miles off the Oast of Lebanon three u s transport planes and four helicopters were standing by at a i so a Susko on a i evacuation i decision promised Washington a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger said Toda it the United states will decide within Job hours whether to evacuate americans from Lebanon where the bodies of two assassinated us. I diplomats have been found at the construction site a1 a new a us iban Cellery Kissinger calling the murders of ambassador Francis e Meloy or and economic Counselor Robert o Waring an act not univ of brutality but extraordinary maliciousness. Told Congress a further decision will be made on whether to use us military forces in the evacuation of amerian military forces Are used it will be a very Short operation Kus niger declared Kissinger told the House International relations c of Nutter that reports the assassins have been captured Are not Coni or rued he said the killers Are believed to be part Ltd a splinter group of the palestinian group that is Irving to prevent moderation in the area he said the splinter group is opposed by most parties in in Banon probably including the Palestine liberation organization. American sources id said earlier that a moslem fringe group was believed to be responsible for the killings american sources commented on the situation prior to an announcement in Beirut that a number of persons had been arrested in connection w Ith wednesdays slayings of Meloy. Economic Counselor Robert o Waring and their lebanese Driver. Mohair Moghrabi according to Beirut police sources. Al Fatah palestinian guerrillas arrested five members of the lebanese socialist revolutionary organization an Urban guerrilla group a statement issued by the palestinians and their leftist lebanese moslem allies said that Quot investigation of those responsible for the crime is under Way Quot president Ford said wednesday that u s policy in the Middle East must remain unchanged Quot he said All appropriate resources of the United states will be used to find the killers he also ordered the state department to ask Middle East nations and some of the lebanese factions to help find the killers what s inside amusement Bridgetc classified ads2-9d cum ie8c crossword12c editorials .4a financial a obituaries .2d sports1-7c television .2d women s news b weather.3a on the scene reports indicate the big reptile can fish or do just about anything and go nearly everywhere he wants to. A Ponc tvs

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