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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 15, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Wmk ii Ign polint an re Pap a Randii b Terry president co publisher d a Rawley. Co publisher Davida Rawley Orvice pres mrs c h Loc we do. Vie pres Washington merry go round Liz. Ray has been singing for years Joseph p Rapiey Gen mgr Joe Brown. Editor 4a tuesday. Jar is. 1971 it studies in perception the report adopted by the Board of governors of Tho University of North Carolina system saving that racial discrimination no longer exists Brt Meen institutions within the system should come As Little Surprise to anyone the report is based on a two year study conducted by unc president William c Friday s staff at the request of the office of civil hights of the department of health. Education and welfare that office had threatened once to Cut off Federal funds to the unc system because of claims by Blacks within the state that Black institutions weren t getting their fair share of funds with that thought in mind the study began comparing funds Given by the stale to the varying institutions and it found that Black schools did not fare any worse than White schools of comparable sire. When funds Given by the state since iwo were considered the Black schools were not compared with the three wealthiest schools in the state a inc Chapel Hill. N c state and Itic Greensboro because Friday said. Those three schools were research institutes that Grant doctorate degrees research colleges logically require More funding the highest degree offered by the Black schools is a masters degree the report did find that while funds were equal the Quality of education offered by the schools was not the Black schools have accepted a lower Quality of Slu Ilent and More poor students while Black faculty members More frequently Lack a higher degree in their Field More remedial teaching is done in the Black institutions the report did not see any of these problems of the Black institutions As being related to funding Black administrators and education leaders saw the findings from a different perspective Julius i Chambers of Charlotte a Black member of the Board Felt the difference in Quality Between the historically White and Black schools was based at least partially on the unequal funding that Tomud of Ltd re 1969 he objected to leaving unc cd and n c state hit of the study saying direct comparisons should have been made Between those two schools and n c Central and n c Aat stale which were historical alternatives for Blacks the differences in opinions have Little to do with the facts presented by the study they Are More directly related to the Points of View taken by a Ach group the study did not seek to find racial discrimination in the state University system a it sought just the opposite goal. And hat is what it found. Black leaders look and seeking discrimination my it by Jack Anderson i mini feature Syndicate Washington there is More to the celebrated Wayne Hay a Elizabeth Hay affair than the bosom blk mde has revealed sources close to the notorious pair say the strip and Tell mistress was in love with Hays it was primarily jealousy Over his marriage to another woman Pat Peak thai provoked Hay into Baring her two year affair with the powerful Ohio congressman the sources say bitterly die charged that Hays advances had compelled her to consult a psychiatrist hat she was repulsed at having sexual relations with die 66-year old Hays but her friends say she told them quite a different Story although the relationship was an emotional rollercoaster ride for Hay. She spoke of the Gruff Hays As an inwardly sensitive Man for whom she fell a deep affection she old friends that Hays was the Best Lover she d Eyer had after she burst her Bombshell we have Learned. It almost wrecked Hays in Arriage Cor several Days. His new Bride refused to speak to him at first the old curmudgeon turned his Hack on his Washington troubles and concentrated on saving his Brief marriage to spare his Bride further anguish he told friends Quot i would put a Bullet through my head a added the broken flays meaningfully a and i a got the guts to do it we got the tint inkling of the torrid Hay Hays Romance More than two Yean ago when Elizabeth Ray called our office in a hysterical crying fit Between sobs she blurted that she was about to lose her Capitol Hill Job because she would not go to bed with Wayne Hays a a our associates Bob Owens let the record stand judicial officers Are doing what they have to do. We suppose in running Down the details of Why a tangential figure in the 1974 High Point police hearings never testified but we Haven t the vaguest idea that it will produce anything construe live or even very destructive the reappearance in a Greensboro court of one Sonny Sumrall to Tell a Story of being bribed to get out of town rather than Tell his Story to the City Council hearing stands to do nothing but open up old wounds without Promise of curative Benefit Sumrall was then and is now a figure of minimal credibility in the absence of specific corroboration his recall of what occurred in 1974 makes him even weaker than the substance of his stones going about at the time tapes of interviews at the time will undoubtedly show that he was All too willing to Tell one person one thing and another quite a different Story. The stories of 1974 Are properly gathering dust on the shelves As a regrettable part of the City s history it will take much More than a Sonny Sumrall to Merit their being brought out and reopened whom Sii lot no a on the other hand maybe we should t dig too deep into this Angle of wasting the taxpayer is Money a Good afternoon and Jack cd wherty hurried up to Capitol Hill to see her but by the time they reached her. She had changed her Story in wanted our reporters to forget about the Call but that was t the last time we heard from lit Hay she called our office repeatedly we found her erratic unreliable and unpredictable we concluded that Ber outburst against Hays had resulted from a lovers quarrel thai her attitude toward him fluctuated with the status of their Romance and thai the two of them were exploiting one another but there was no Way we could base a Story. We decided upon her statements she also boasted of relationships we Learned of such prominent Washington figures As senators Hubert Humphrey. A Minn Edward Kennedy. D mass Mike gravel i Alaska. And John Culver. I Lowa in each Case she used Hays name to reach the senator on tin phone she would engage the senator in an aimless conversation then would keep calling Back most of her Calls were never resumed. Some of the senators now believe she had a purpose for the Calls they suspect she taped them in order to prove she had a speaking acquaintance with them this now gives credibility to the paperback potboiler she began preparing a year ago sources close to Hays say he tried to break off the relationship with the shapely blonde some Lime ago he knew she was dating several other men and regarded her As too promiscuous he was also afraid that she would disclose the affair if Fie ended if shortly after his divorce. He had dinner with Hay at Washington s fashionable haul Young s restaurant he chided her Tor not working hard enough later according to witnesses she asked Hays Why he Wouida i marry her once she left the table to go to the rest room she Sas Hayed across the rest oar ant. Tossing her hips in an exhibition of what she herself Calls her a walk she stopped at another table to engage a prominent Washington lawyer in con venation Hays gestured toward the scene and remarked to the others at his table a that s Why i can t marry her a there were limes according to our sources when the Tempe mantel Ray would threaten to cause a scene in Hays office unless he went out with her the tag get Blowout occurred after a heated argument about Hays impending marriage the Capitol to i ice wer sum moved to remove hav from Hays office not Long afterwards she told her Story to the Washington Host the sex life of Wayne Hays is his own business the Only Issue As the Host pointed out is whether he hired her to by his mum on a govern ment salary a grand jury has been convened to examine the evidence. And Elizabeth Hay has been granted immunity to Tell brr Story it May by difficult to get a straight out of her Here Are just a few contradiction hat have already appeared in brr statement a she told the Washington Host that she was hired strictly to by flays mistress that she can t Type or use the Telephone Lur reporters have seen her several times in her Capitol Hill office she can Type answer telephones and take message they have seen her do it albeit perhaps not As Well As other secretaries Hays has affidavit from More than 36 other people who have also seen her Type me has copies it letters she has typed a she also said she Ouiden t us a tape m order we have heard a tape she nude id a conversation with our associate Hob Owens a she stated at irs that she was 27 years old she is actually i and at alternate times she has said she dues and does nut drink tee Tim Council on aging could lose local base literally dozens of local area mantels and curio cabinets Are graced today Wuh new items of glittering hardware attesting doubly to the individual abilities and to the extreme popularity of the annual Enterprise god tournament the larger items of the trophy maker s Art belong to dreg Brown. Joel Tuggle. Kathy Spaugh and or Jay Harris who won the 1976 championships bul our congratulations extend to every competitor in what we have reason to believe is the nation s largest tournament of its kind a Well stick to that claim until projecting the news somebody proves us wrong they go equally to that fellow who unashamedly admitted Chipping into the same Creek five times on the same Day. This year s weekend classic May have been a Btl Short of the record but the substantial increase in players in the juniors sub juniors and women s division made ii the largest total Field Ever it has assuredly become the premiere a every golfer s a tournament and the Enterprise is indebted to the hundreds of people who have made it so Over the years regional theater Boom for decades a american theater was synonymous with Quot Broadway Quot no play could Hope to be considered a hit unless it was produced and acclaimed in one of the legitimate Heaters of new York City s great w bite Way play were whipped into shape on the Road and. If successful in new York hit the Road again with touring companies still opening night in new York was All that really mattered this pattern is still followed to a certain extent and favourable new York notices continue to carry a great Deal of weight but american theater is not nearly so centralized As it once was since world War ii. Regional Heaters have taken Root in approximately 40 cities around the country and a number of them have won solid reputations for excellence As Well As avid local followings now. At last a major regional playwright has burst upon the scene he is Preston Jones author of the three plays collectively titled Quot a Texas trilogy a first produced last year at the Dallas theater Center where Jones is an actor and director. Quot a Texas trilogy received glowing reviews now the three plays Are in repertory at the Kennedy Center in Washington d Cand the reaction to them has been nothing less than ecstatic a not since the late 40s, when Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams were break my in on us. Has one heard so assured so american a dramatic wrote Kichard l Coe the Washington Post s drama critic Clifford a Ridley of the National observer went so far As to rank Jones to dog among the most stunning achievements in the history of the american theater a Jones Triumph comes at a time when the regional theater movement is receiving belated recognition from the new York based commercial theater establishment at this years Tony award ceremonies a the Broadway equivalent of Hollywood s Oscar presentations a special award went to the Arena stage in Washington d c it was the first tune that a regional theater had been so honoured and presumably it will not be the last the Arena stage s achievements have been acknowledged by Broadway before but Only indirectly a the great White Hope. Originally produced by the Arena went on to new York and won a Tony. A Ful Tizer prize and a new York drama critics Circle award As Best drama of the 1968 69 season a Raisin a which also had its premiere at the Arena won a Tony As Best musical of 1973-74 other regional Heaters have made their presence Felt on Broadway too los Angeles Mark taper forum and new Haven s Long wharf theatre among others have transferred productions to new York and a a Texas trilogy is expected to open on Broadway sometime after the completion of its Washington run bul regional Heaters Are much More than a Broadway farm system a we have developed a taste for serious plays watch is scarce in commercial Heaters in new York says Nina Vance founder and artistic director of Houston Salley theater one of the oldest and most respected regional stages a vast new audience for drama is being created throughout the Broadway meanwhile is doing very Well indeed for the second straight season with several shows playing at or near capacity new York will always be a major american theatrical Center but probably never again the Only one a More regional theater can Only result in a stronger theater nationwide kit Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus Hep Leo j Fleer concerned deeply Al the likelihood of High Point s losing its coun Cli a in aging unless our City Council Linds $8 500 to fund it eels strongly that unless that Money is made available through the budget the local base for services to the elderly will be closed and services for our aging citizens will have to go to Greensboro currently services made possible by Federal Matching funds. And from county and City sources Are administered out it the High Point Greensboro and coun to offices High Point is on the verge it losing its Council on aging Olliee unless the City Council appropriates $8,500 in its current budget Greensboro has uttered through their Council and i nned Appeal $17 too to their aging program that amounts to about $1 Tor each senior citizen in the Gate City High Point has Between 8 too and 10,000 senior citizens 17105 the request for $8 500 is a Small amount of about $1 per person in that group Hoer says the Outlook is for the High Point office to be closed so the program can operate within its budget if High Point does not come up with our share a obviously he adds a the services it High Point will deteriorate services he lists As now operated out of the High Point office include the following As examples information and referral a a printed guide to services had just been published. Transportation for essential medical and social service needs arranging for special assistance in purchases rom cooperating merchants assistance on hard of Heuring aids senator soaper a political expert says that today is politicians Don t want their speeches to be too exciting Well that s one Field in which they seem to be succeeding consultation and Assis Lance to groups willing to establish programs or provide presently unavailable services provide a focal Point for advocacy unification it interest such As that activity has brought together 23 groups of the elderly in hound table organizations Here coordination of service agencies and other organizations by regular by month meeting with the Lioard of the Council hut probably the most valuable service is to provide inspiration and stimulus to compassionate a minded groups Church organizations service clubs and similar organizations to become aware of Ute needs of the elderly comprising almost 2u per cent of our population of which one third Are below poverty level. Because of technicalities in the Law i which can be corrected later by slate legislation it would be necessary at this time for High Point to allocate its $8 a 500 to a specific service rather than a generalized Grant to the High Point Council on aging this can be done. Heer Points out. By a specific allocations to transportation being provided to the elderly by the furn Tex transit authority on contract with the Council on aging thus freeing an equal sum for continuance of the High Point office its maintenance corollary activities and other budgeted items to match Federal funds available Heer plans to Tell the City Council in meeting thursday that it s a tremendous buy in services for its $8,500 investment the City will be assuring the continuance of a service in High Point that has proved in its four years of activity How extremely valuable it is in filling a critical need and in stimulating into action a con Cern that a few years ago was simply not being activated he feels strongly that High Point cannot afford to lapse into inaction on Many fronts nor should it for any essential needs Tell its elderly citizens to phone or travel 8 mile to Greensboro to Lind such Servile by request we Are printing Here today a tribute to Oak Hill school building by a Friend saying goodbye to that Structure which has served so Long and now is succeeded by a sleek new and modern building a soon i will not sit at this desk in this room Ever again it will be no More wheels of Progress will remove the physical building but not the memories stamped in the hearts of Many people a Young and old As i sit Here listening to sounds of children s footsteps and voices. I feel sad a saying Good Bye to an old Friend a Many children have walked through these Halls and sat in the classrooms of learning the Impact of these Days we May never fully know. But perhaps some Small thing was carried out and used to help someone make our City a better one. A this old building with its stately Brick and Dusty windows seems so forlorn beside it sits a proud Brand new building modern with steel and Glass a when die last Bell has rung the sound of footsteps gone and everything removed a then the bricks and w windows will become rubbish but i will remember Happy tunes of laughter shared Joys of things of Beauty sometimes sadness but most of All love for so Many Little ones who have shared the history of Oak Hill school a Judy Carr miss Virginia Gray daughter of or and mrs c 1. Gray is giving up her Post As Home furnishings associate editor for family Circle Magazine in new York City to join the in its Angeles tunes Magazine working in much the same Field Frank h Wood oras official nominee for governor of rotary District 769 for 1977-78, is getting quite a hand from fellow Hota nans As he prepares for that added responsibly High Point College alumni have Given More than $111,000 to conclude the most successful annual fund solicitation in the history of the College a the original goal was set at $76, 000 after consideration of total receipts of $50,685 for tin 1975 Iii in or and mrs Herman Coble chaired the drive with Clarence c Keever leading the advanced giving area. Elks plan to celebrate Flag Day Satur National whirligig Day with an old fashioned afternoon picnic at their recreation swimming Pool Center Archdale Trinity Jaycees have donated $502 to the Johnny Apple family to help with their child s medical expenses is any without sin by Ernest Cuneo North american newspaper Alliance the Mas Media i e the country a leading newspapers. Are painstakingly and painfully explaining to the american people that the Dalliance of Hep Wayne Hays with miss Elizabeth Hay is not the nub of the question the nub of the charges the press solemnly intones is Diat he put his mistress on the Public payrolls this explanation rings a bit hollow however when it is recalled that the mass Media was equally avid for the details of the Wilbur Mills scandal though the woman was never a government employee the fact is the nub of the Hays question indeed is whether taxpayers funds were improperly used in a meretricious relationship other than that the mass Media is indulging in drum Ming up a mass hysteria of hypocrisy because among other things the fourth estate is least qualified to Point the Puritan Finger Hollywood s counterpart of Hie casting Couch is As present in newspaper circles As it is on capital Hill Wall Street or in precise Point president John f Kennedy a White House apparently it is lost on editorial boards that tile maintenance of a mistress on newspaper payrolls is just As much a breach of Trust of the stockholders As a politician s maintenance of his mistress at Public expense Intra office sex is Little Short of an established but unrecognized custom in Large sections of american business professional and political life today this is because As Ogden Nash once explained nothing proles life proximity and nothing Propin ques like propinquity the National women s organization justly protest the addition of sex available to As part of the qualifications for the employment of women unfortunately. However As Many divorced wives can attest office affairs Are for the most part not initiated they just happen practically All sociologists Are agreed that a sexual revolution has taken place in the United states for All practical purposes Many americans practice the mistress pattern of Europe but the High state of american idealism refuses to countenance it. Hence hypocrisy hypocrisy As has been said. Is the tribute vice must pay to virtue no one under stands this better than the press a who will guard the guards was the perplexing question asked by die ancient romans translated into the 20th Century the question reads a who will expose die exposes a actually flagrant sex flourishes As much in Washington s fourth estate As it does in the third estate up on the Hill. The ethics Aye Clear there can be no question but that no woman should be forced to accept sexual relations As part of her Job. The question arises however of whether she should be fired if she does enter into an affair within the office. If so a considerable percentage of executive suites would be acutely Short handed in no time at All

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