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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 15, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy worm humid Moro data on Raga 3a <8th year a no. 147 Tiff ugh Point Enterprise High Point n. A thursday afternoon june 15, 1972 52 pages Call us circulation .112-1719 classified ads .m5-2177 All other departments 185-2141 daily 10c, sunday 25c q. There s a trailer parked behind service station in the Greensboro High Point read. I was lust wondering if this area is classified for a trailer of it is i d like to move one in my let that s real close to it. Anon. A. Section 22-9.2 of the City code of ordinances states that it shall be unlawful for any person to place any Mobile Home in the City and its environs unless it be located in approved areas. Approved areas for Mobile Homes Are a a Mhz residential districts. Under certain conditions Mobile Homes May be used As temporary offices classrooms and emergency housing. These conditions Are listed in Section 22-23.9 of the code. The location mentioned is not an approved location according to the High Point planning departments Duncan Mcintyre. The inspections department could determine if it is a legally existing non conforming use. A a improvement ahead q. Could Thoro to o loft signal put at Tho Cornor of Lexington and Centennial Avenue and one at Tho Cornor of Centennial and Monti iou Thoro is so much traffic on saturday that one can t make a loft turn without running Tho caution Light and maybe having a wreck. . A. These two intersections Are scheduled to be improved under the topics program during 1972, according to r. V. Moss. Engineering is nearing completion and As soon As right of Way is acquired construction can begin. Also he says new modern traffic signals will be installed improving the traffic flow on each approach. Too ski Kings get ready q. Will Public water skiing to allowed on City Laka Hilt turn mar . A. Yes. Too what High grass q. Would you please have somebody mow the grass on Brentwood Street at 1-15 Bridge far this morning when i came to work i just about had a wreck there. It is so High you can t see anybody coming across the Bridge. Thank you. Mrs. . A. Public works director Carl wills had one of his men Hailey Sharpe Check on this. He took a look at All the ramp areas and North and South on Brentwood and was unable to find any High grass. How about calling the Public works office directly and re describe the location to them. Or 4r or Tennis lessons q. How old de you have to be to take up Tennis lessens and where can Yew take them and How much will it West thank you. A. You can take up Tennis at any age just so you re big enough to hold and swing a Racket without tripping Over it. You can get free lessons offered by the Parks and recreation department during the summer at All the Public courts. Call them for the hours and Days the instructors will teach children at the court nearest you. You can also take lessons for a Small charge at the Owca on Gatewood. Ewe Derby prospectus q. Where could i find two or three Derby hots the eld Type derbies or. . A. The local menus clothiers and haberdashers could very Likely order what you need whether you mean to buy or rent them. If you Arentt going to the Ascot races and Only want second hand models you la have to advertise. Wee Check directly q. I would like to ask a question about boy scouts. I would like to know which troop is on a night Athar than we Doneday. A. We believe you a get All the troops and times data you need by calling the boy scouts office directly. Its in the phone Book. Re action q. I wanted to Tell the lady who wanted to know what kind of mulch to put on her Iris not to mulch them at All because if she does she will ruin them. Iris roots have to have the Sun Light mrs. F. B. Kissinger Podgorny make trips speculation spurred on Vietnam peace moves for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action Lino in care of Tho enter prison. Evory request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or Ovon acknowledge every one. Minimum frontage q. How much Rood frontage is required before you build a House on it anon. A. The City code Section 22-75b establishes requirements for new lots. The minimum frontages for a new residential lot is 40 feet with a mean lot Width of 60 feet. Lots created prior to the adoption of City ordinances setting Forth the standards Fot lot frontage May in some instances have Les than the required frontage. Road frontage is not established by the residential classification but the land area required for new lots is established by the residential zoning classification according to Duncan Mcintyre planning director. Wee no trailers allowed an a nows analysis by Lewis Gulick associated press writer Washington a Henry a. Kissinger president Nixon a super envoy for secret and not so secret missions is heading for peking under cover of a bar Bones announcement that has raised More questions than answers. With soviet president Nikolai v. Podgorny in route to Hanoi word of Kissinger a departure late today or Early Friday spurred speculation of a new Vietnam peace move. White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler publicly denied any link Between Kissinger strip to peking his fourth and Podgorny a journey. And he said the Nixon strategist plans no Side trips or meetings with non chinese representatives during his talks with peking leaders june 19-23. But the White House spokesman left wide open the probability that Vietnam will at least be discussed As did the Brief joint announcement of Kissin germs visit issued wednesday Here and in peking. Kissinger is going it said a for Concrete consultations with chinese leaders to further the normalization of relations Between the Peoples Republic of China and the United states and continue to Exchange views on issues of common Kissinger a first secret journey to China last july set up Nixon a Summit session seven months later. He led an Advance team to peking in october and accompanied Nixon there in february. Meanwhile he went on a series of secret trips to Paris for Vietnam negotiations. Those trips were disclosed in january. The presidential aides five Man entourage this time includes a Vietnam specialist John d. Negroponte along with China experts. Yet Ziegler said a i would not relate it the trip to any particular administration sources ruled out Nixon a new mining and bombing of North Vietnam As prompting the Parley despite peking a charge monday that the air raids threatened China a Security. They said the Kissinger visit was agreed on last month and that peking could have cancelled it if the chinese intended to follow up their . Rhetoric with Tough deeds. And Podgorny Scall at Hanoi the sources said had been expected As the Kremlin reports to its allies on the Summit. The United states has held similar sessions with its allies. Henry Kissinger it % in congressmen briefed arms pact approval sept. I asked ready for the enemy two South vietnamese children armed with carbines pose outside a Bunker in which they have lived during the two month siege at an Loc 60 Miles North of Saigon. They Are members of local militia. Wire photo Dot is time bomb once ultimate weapon against insects by Brian Sullivan a science writer new York a Dot once hailed As one of Many a greatest weapons against disease and crop damage turned out to be a time bomb. It killed the mosquitoes that carried malaria in Many parts of the world and it killed the insects that destroyed much of Many a food crops. But it upset the balance of nature and sometimes left things worse than they were at first. It turned out to be so persistent that it spread throughout the world perhaps on the winds moved quietly into the food Chain resting finally in Antarctic penguins and in Man. The fight against the use of Dot became the Symbol of the new environmental movement and the decision on wednesday by the environmental Protection Agency Banning virtually All uses of Dot in the United states is a landmark Victory for the environmentalists. A this is a jubilant Day for us a said Roderick Cameron of the environmental defense fund on Long Island n.y., a prime mover with the National Audubon society in the fight. A the important thing now a Cameron said a is to have government and scientists educate Farmers on the Many Safe and effective alternatives to Dot the integrated control Hanoi spared bombs during soviet visit Saigon a the United states temporarily suspended bombing raids around Hanoi today in a show of Good will toward the soviet Union during the visit of president Nikolai v. Podgorny to the North vietnamese capital highly placed . Informants said. The informants said however that raids were carried out across the Southern sector of North Vietnam. Hanoi is considered in the Northern heartland. The Federal decision allows a few uses estimated at requiring less than i per cent of the 14 million pounds of Dot now sold annually in this country. Dot shipments abroad some 26 million pounds yearly Are not affected. Both product formulators and environmentalists immediately went to court Over the Epa ruling. The formulators asked the Federal appeals court in new Orleans to set aside the Epa what s inside amusement. 10-1 in Bridge and classified ads. 4-13d comics. To crossword. 12b editorials. 4a financial. 2a obituaries. 4d sports. 1-7c television. Ii women s nows. Mob weather 3a order and the environmentalists went to Federal court in Washington seeking to eliminate the exceptions from the order. Ddts Dichioro diphenyl Trich or ethane is one of a family of chemicals developed after world War ii. Among its first uses were attempts to control the Beetle that causes dutch Elm disease and the lice that spread typhus. But it is not easily broken Down by the Normal chemical activity of living things. There is no proof of any human death from Dot but it is blamed for having wiped out great populations of Birds and fish. A . Study last year estimated that there May be one billion pounds of Dot in the biosphere. Much of this can be expected to find its Way into the oceans. Because Dot caused cancer in strains of mice some scientists warned that it was a potential threat to Man. By Frank Cormier associated press writer Washington a president Nixon asked Congress today to approve by sept. I the arms curbs he initiated in Moscow so broader disarmament talks can begin in october speaking informally Nixon appeared before dozens of congressmen at what he termed an unprecedented briefing session in the state dining room of the White House. He had invited 122 legislators to attend and to question the sometimes elusive Henry a. Kissinger Nixon a National Security advisor. Most of the invited Senate and House members showed up. In urging approval by sept. I of a treaty with the soviets limiting defensive strategic arms and a companion executive agreement to curb offensive missiles Nixon added he was not suggesting it should take that Long. But in any Case he said be was hopeful the Way could be cleared for the beginning of talks in october on broadening limitations on offensive weapons. The chief executive also urged his audience to fund a bigger defense program saying the soviets have made it Clear a they Are going Forward with offensive should the United states stand Pat or disarm unilaterally the soviets no longer would have any incentive to negotiate further arms curbs he said. The Early morning appear ances by Nixon and Kissinger marked the latest administration Man Euver in seeking congressional approval of a first step arms accords. It was believed to be the largest congressional briefing session Ever held at the White House. Those invited included All members of the five key committees directly involved in considering a the Moscow treaty to limit defensive strategic missiles subject to approval by two thirds of the Senate. A a companion five year executive agreement to curb offensive missiles for which Nixon seeks a majority vote in both houses. Nixon could Only remain with the legislators Long enough to make opening remarks at the 9 . Meeting the White House said because of his participation in arrival ceremonies an hour later for visiting president Luis Echeverria Alvarez of Mexico. However Kissinger the presidents adviser for National Security affairs and a principal architect of administration approaches to Moscow and peking promised to be available for a lengthy question and answer session. Possibility Remote Kennedy is not in or out of race for spot on ticket an a nows analysis by Don Mcleod a political writer Washington a sen. Edward m. Kennedy never has been in the race for a spot on the democratic presidential ticket this year but neither is he wholly out of it. Kennedy a standing with the party and his future As a National contender Are at stake every time he a asked whether he would accept the nomination for president or vice president. Perhaps that explains Why he never seems to fully answer the question. On tuesday the Boston Globe quoted the Massachusetts senator As saying he would a not exclude the possibility of accepting the vice presidential nomination on a ticket headed by sen. George s. Mcgovern if that seems to be the Only winning combination. On wednesday Kennedy added a but i done to believe that s a reasonable situation or a foreseeable one. I can t foresee any circumstances under which i might a Kennedy aide said privately a you could postulate some considerations under which he might do it and you re bound to arrive at one to which he would have to say a yes. He also has said that he might run for president if it looked like George Wallace was going to get the nomination. A but that s not the same As saying he a running or even the aide said. The Remote possibility that Kennedy might consider a vice presidential invitation on a ticket with Mcgovern seemed significant in that it came at the time of a struggling a Stop Mcgovern movement within the democratic party. Last sunday rep. Wilbur Mills himself an announced presidential candidate predicted Mcgovern would fail to win the nomination and the convention was Likely to turn to Kennedy instead. Mills said he might even be willing to accept a vice presidential nomination on a Kennedy ticket. Kennedy said he was a a flattered but still was t running. Kennedy probably has it within his Power to Stop this move against Mcgovern but he seriously questions whether it is necessary. And running for vice president would hardly be the Way. A what a Stop Mcgovern movement a one Kennedy staff member asked. A you hear a lot about it but i done to see it. Its a movement without a Kennedy himself said he Felt Mcgovern was a within an eyelash of winning the nomination. A history teaches that Soo Kennedy on 2-a Jet crashes in Vietnam 81 aboard Saigon apr in Tho second asian air disaster in two Days a Cathay Pacific jetliner carrying la persons crashed in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam today apparently killing everyone aboard. Cathay Pacific airline said 17 americans were aboard including r. Ven persons Kenny. To Hest Bend. Wis., a com Piny spokesman to thorns j. Kenny is president and chairman of the Board of the b. C. Ziegler ce., and five members of his family were aboard. The discrepancy in numbers we not explained. The company spokesman reported that in addition to Kenny other members of his family were his wife Roberto 44 and Thair children Kathleen 21 Daniel 20 Mary Jane 14 and Colleen 13 and a Friend. Andrew pick. . Helicopter Crews who located and landed at the crash scene reported finding so me by Dies but no survivors around the wreckage of the four engine con Vair to military sources said. The Rescue Crews were at the crash site until shortly before dark when search operations were suspended. A company of South vietnamese soldiers was flown to the scene to provide overnight Security. Of was the second crash of a commercial Airliner in Asia in two Days. A japanese Airliner crashed near new Delhi on wednesday killing 14 of the of persons aboard. First reports he Aid the four engine con Vair in collided with another unidentified aircraft. This was largely discounted by officials after checks disclosed no other planes military or civilian Ware missing. The plane carried 72 be sengers and a Crew of to airline sources said. It was in route from Bangkok to Hong Kong on the final leg of a flight that originated in Singapore. The crash site was reported to be about 200 Miles Northeast of Saigon and about 30 Miles Southeast of Plesku near the provincial town of Chao Roe in the Highland. The Cash was first Annun cd in he a a Kong by civil air officials. They said the Cathay Pacific plan was Ovar Dua and was Bali aved to have collided with a second plane Ever South Vietnam. The administrations eagerness to publicize its viewpoint on the arms agreements was emphasized by the fact that a number of newsmen were invited to sit in on the entire briefing. Inasmuch As Kissinger has steadfastly declined to testify to congressional hearings his willingness to appear before five committees at once but away from Capitol Hill marked still another turn in administration lobbying efforts. Invited to hear Nixon and Kissinger were members of the Senate foreign relations committee the House foreign affairs committee the Senate and House armed services committees and the joint committee on atomic Energy. Men rifles still move to South an a news analysis by George Esper associated pre writer Saigon apr intensive . Bombing has severely impaired North Vietnam s capabilities for continuing the conventional War it has been waging recently with tanks and heavy weapons. But us. Officials acknowledge that it is impossible to Stop the movement South of men. Rifles and bullets. Even if the North vietnamese have to Stop using tanks and heavy artillery. They can still fight the hit and run now Here now there War they engaged in before March 30. Some . Officials count on the methodical destruction of North Vietnam a Industrial plants and transportation system coupled with the mining of its ports to bludgeon Hanoi into negotiating a settlement. But this appears to be More of a political decision than a military one with the outcome hinging on talks Between Hanoi and its soviet and chinese allies who Haye provided it with military Aid. The decision could be influenced by such political moves As soviet president Nikolai Podgorny a visit to Hanoi this weekend and Henry Kissinger strip to peking next week. . Officials claim that because of technological improvements mainly the introduction of the laser guided precision bombs the american air Campaign against North Vietnam has accomplished More in one three week period than it did in a year during the 1965-68 Campaign. One senior . Air Force official says that if the bombing of North Vietnam continues for three or four More months a there wont be a worthwhile target left up one significant Factor that . Officials apparently fail to take into account is that North Vietnam is predominantly a Rural nation with few Industrial plants except in the Hanoi Hai Phong area. Hanoi has shown no signs of buckling under thus far and Hanoi watchers in Saigon believe the Central committee of North Vietnam a communist party has resolved to continue the offensive in South Vietnam despite the . Bombing

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