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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 14, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy warm Mort data on Pago 3a 88th year a no. 166 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A wednesday afternoon june 14, 1972 72 pages Call us circulation. M2-1719 classified ads. Iis-2177 All other departments 115-2111 daily 10c, sunday 25e for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of Tho Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or a von acknowledge every one. Social Security amp for q. Would you please Tell me what president got social Security for the aged people. I thought it was Roosevelt in 1937. Thank you. Mrs. L. M. P. A. It was during Roosevelt a administration. The social Security act sponsored by Robert f. Wagner of new York was passed by Congress in 1935. Monthly payments began in 1940. Social Security Laws before then included Only workmen a compensation old age and mothers assistance and general Relief. Flea Flicker q. What do fleas Tat and How can they by in a House when there Are not pets dogs or cats a. Fleas suck blood for food and live on Man dogs cats rats Birds horses poultry rabbits and other wild animals. Some stick to one Type of animal but most would just As soon Dine off one Host As another. The human Flea lives in the folds of clothing drop their eggs around the House. The larvae look like maggots and when they become adults they seek a Host. Rat cat and dog fleas Lay Many tiny Oval White eggs on the animals in their sleeping places. When the eggs Hatch the larvae crawl into bedding or cracks in the floor spin their cocoons in dust and appear As adults about two weeks later. Even if you done to have a dog or a cat or a horse in the House the fleas or their larvae could have been left behind by previous pet tenants or brought into the House by someone who had been petting a dog. You can us insecticide Spray around the House or if the infestation is awful you May want to Call in a professional exterminator. Squirrels amp squirrels q. I have a real problem As i have a Little ground Squirrel in my Yard and the cat got him and i Don t know what to feed him and he it still living though and want to keep him living. Can you help me in the paper thursday thank you. Anon. A. I am to glad you answered my question about ground squirrels. After i asked you the question i accumulated two for pets. Now they Are All three dead. I appreciate that. Anon. A. These two Calls on May 25 and june 5 Only go to prove again that we can to answer questions fast enough for any life or death matter. We Are truly sorry they Are All dead for chipmunks Are among our favorite wild creatures but if the cat got to the first one we doubt if any diet wed suggest would have saved it. Perhaps a veterinarian could have helped. Encyclopedias and nature books plentiful at the Public Library can Tell you what different animals subsist on and before anyone acquires a pet he or she should find out everything about their proper care and diet beforehand especially wild animals who done to thrive too Well in Captivity under the Best circumstances. Better to enjoy them under their terms and Normal conditions by leaving them free to roam and forage. You could put seeds and nuts by their Burrows of you want to encourage them to stay around. Chipmunks Are rodents As Are woodchucks and squirrels. Their life Span is Short. They May live two or three years if they do not become victims of Hawks and other animals that prey on them. A four or five lanes q. Why can t it a an extra Lane or stoplight at Tho Corner of West Fairfield and a Sharrio Road As you travel West going to town thank you so much. Always Claude. A. Traffic Engineer Moss says Fairfield Road has been approved for widening to four lanes in most parts but at heavily travelled Cross streets will be five lanes. The widening is proposed during 1972. So the problem should be relieved somewhat at that time. After the widening an investigation will be undertaken to determine if a traffic signal is warranted. A a or and which arc you q. I want to know Tho difference Between an introvert and an extrovert. I see this All the time and i would like to know what it Means. R. D. A. A a Intro is a prefix meaning within or inwardly the a a Vert stems from a word meaning to turn so the two together mean one who directs his mind inward to things within the self. A a extra is a prefix which Means outside or beyond so an extrovert or extrovert whichever you prefer is a person More concerned with his physical and social environment or whose interests lie More in things outside the self. Kissinger will visit red China by Frances Lewine associated press writer Washington a president Nixon Stop National Security adviser Henry a. Kissinger will go the Peoples Republic of China for a four Day visit june 19-23 for a Concrete consultations with chinese leaders As a followup of Nixon a Summit talks the White House announced today. The aim of the meeting will be a to further the normalization of relations Between the two countries and to continue a to Exchange views on issues of common interest a the announcement made jointly Here and in peking said. After Nixon a Summit meeting with the chinese leaders in february it was announced that both countries would make an Effort to continue contacts and that senior . Representatives would be sent to peking from time to time. Presidential press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said Kissinger who will be making his third trip to communist China is expected to meet with Premier Chou in Lai and top officials of the foreign ministry in peking. A i would expect All International questions will be discussed a Ziegler said adding that both sides will be free to raise any topic. Kissinger is expected to leave thursday afternoon or firday morning with a Brief Stopover in Hawaii. He will leave Hawaii sunday morning refuel in Guam and arrive in Shanghai at 5 time monday june 19. Zielger said Kissinger will be returning directly to Washington after the China visit. Ziegler was asked if the trip was tied to developments in Vietnam. A i relate this trip to any particular topic a he replied noting that either Side can raise any questions it wishes. Ziegler also said that Kissinger had a full discussion about his forthcoming China trip with japanese leaders when he was on a visit to Tokyo june 9-12. Kissinger will get to China just a few Days before House leaders Hale Boggs d-miss., and Gerald Ford r-mieh., arrive for another cultural Exchange visit june 26-july 5. They leave on the trip june 23, the Day Kissinger will be departing. Justice s widows get attention All cleared now q. I want to report a let. It is Between 130 and 134 Westchester drive and it has grown something terrible. Thank you. Anon. A. This lot has now been completely cleared under the direction of Clyde weeks of Public works. Washington a spurred by reports of mrs. Felix frankfurters impoverished condition the Senate judiciary committee is expected to act today on a Bill to double pensions for widows of supreme court justices. The measure also would permit supreme court justices to make contributions matched by the government to a survivors annuity system similar to a plan established 15 years ago for other Federal judges. The pensions for widows now a gratuity from the government. Would be phased out As the contributory annuity system took hold. Widows of supreme court justices now receive a pension of $5,000 a year an amount set in 1937. The Bill brought before the committee would increase the amount to $10,000 a year. The justices themselves who Are paid $60,000 a year for life would not personally Benefit from the plan. In addition to mrs. Frankfurter there Are five other widows who would benefits mrs. Wiley Rutledge mrs. Fred Vinson mrs. Sherman Minton mrs. Robert Jackson and mrs. Hugo Black. The widow of Justice John Marshall Harlan died monday. Recent news stories reported that mrs. Frankfurter 82, and incapacitated by crippling arthritis is running out of Money needed for her care after using for years in a Washington nursing Home. Tile $5,000 a year she receives from the government compares with annuities of up to $15,000 available to the widow of a . District court judge. Calls for end to bombing y a i Podgorny travels to Hanoi Calcutta a soviet president Nikolai v. Podgorny arrived in Calcutta today in route to Hanoi touching off speculation he was on a peace Mission. Podgorny told reporters a the Vietnam problem should be solved fast and the americans should cease their bombing experienced diplomats in Moscow saw Podgorny a visit to Hanoi As an Effort to bring peace to Vietnam although they conceded they had no solid information to support their conclusion. He had been scheduled to spend Only an hour in Calcutta while his plane was refuelled. But aides said the departure was delayed until thursday morning because of bad weather. Podgorny is the first member of the soviet High command to Confer with North vietnamese and soviet communist party chief Leonid Brezhnev reviewed their opposing positions on Vietnam during Nixon a visit to Moscow. What Nixon and Brezhnev said to each other undoubtedly will be one of the major items of discussion Between Podgorny and the North vietnamese along with what the russians can do to get around the interruption in their Supply of War materials to Hanoi because of the american mining of North Vietnam a harbours. Podgorny a visit is certain to touch off speculation in America that he will urge Hanoi a leaders to de escalate their offensive in South Vietnam and modify their peace demands to bring them closer to the american position. Nikolai Podgorny ban ordered on use of pesticide Dot by Stan Benjamin associated press writer Washington a environmental Protection administrator William d. Ruckelshaus ordered today an almost Complete ban on use of the pesticide Dot in the United states. Ruckelshaus made the ban effective dec. 31, 1972, to allow a transition to substitute pesticides. Under his order the use of Dot will be permitted in this country Only for Public health purposes and in three minor uses to protect crops where no effective alternatives Are available that is on Green peppers onions and Sweet potatoes in storage. All remaining crop uses of ddts mainly on Cotton peanuts and soybeans will be banned. An attorney for formulators of Dot products immediately asked a Federal appeals court to set aside the Ruckelshaus order. The attorney Robert l. Ackerly said the Brief Appeal prepared in anticipation of the decision was filed by his agent with the . 5th circuit court of appeals in new Orleans 30 seconds after the order was released to newsmen in Washington. Display of damage russian Painter Yuri Titov and his wife Yelena look through Frame of damaged painting in Titova a Rome studio monday. Other soviets who emigrated to Rome from Russia in the last six months said the painting and others have been scarred with corrosive acid by a soviet punitive the Litovs left Russia As political dissidents under threat of imprisonment. Their visas gave Israel As their destination but they Are not jews and decided to stay in Rome. A wire photo Ruckelshaus decision was based on a 17-month study by Epa on the effects of the widely used chemical. The Long awaited decision gave environmental groups a Victory in one of their earliest and toughest Battles that began with the publication of the late Rachel Carsons now famous Book a silent although Dot became a worldwide weapon against insects in the years following world War ii miss Carson warned that it was spreading and persisting in the environment. Other environmentalists soon began campaigning against the pesticide. In a 40-Page decision Ruckelshaus said a i am convinced by a preponderance of the evidence that once used Dot is an uncontrollable durable chemical that persists in the aquatic and terrestrial environments. A the evidence of record showing storage in Man and magnification in the food Chain is a warning to the prudent that Man May be exposing himself to a substance that May ultimately have a serious effect on his Dot still is widely used abroad for malaria control and crop Protection and the order does not prohibit Dot Export from the United states. Ruckelshaus said its Likely substitute in this country for most crop uses is Methyl Para thion a chemical which is highly toxic but which Breaks up rapidly and therefore does not build up in the environment As Dot does. He said its Safe use will require special training of workers for its application. Early action on social Security May be blocked by Joe Hall associated press writer Washington a congressional efforts to fatten the social Security checks of millions of voters before election Day May be thwarted by a Senate deadlock on welfare Reform. The dilemma took shape As the Senate finance committee w rapped up its work on a massive Bill containing the hotly disputed welfare provisions As Well As the social Security increases most senators favor. Many members of Congress Are anxious for the social Security boosts to be included in the checks recipients would get nov. 3, four Days before the presidential and congressional balloting. But social Security commissioner Robert m. Ball says that can to happen unless the Bill is signed into Law by aug. To because of the time it takes to change his computers. With floor debate delayed until after a mid july congressional recess for the democratic National convention that gives the Senate less than a month to resolve a three Way split Over the Bill a welfare provisions. But Little argument seems Likely on the social Security measure which would raise monthly payments to per cent across the Board expand medi care to cover maintenance drugs and provide a $750 million supplement for widows. Well Over half the Senate is on record in favor of doubling the across the Board increase to 20 per cent. If both programs Are kept in the same package it seems unlikely that the legislation could reach president Nixon by aug. To because of lengthy debate and the time it would take to reconcile the measure with the version passed earlier by the House. For this reason finance chairman Russell b. Long i>-la., said tuesday there might be a move to split off the social see Early on Page 2-a statement indicated on Mao s health Hong Kong a a Hong Kong newspaper said today that communist leaders in Hong Kong have been a unofficially and secretly warned by chinese authorities to prepare for a serious statement about the health of chairman Hie report in the English language South China morning Post said the Central committee of the chinese communist party held an urgent meeting last week. The report said this was a apparently to decide who will Rule China after chairman Mao observers in Hong Kong who watch events in China closely said they had no indication that Mao a health has deteriorated. Privies top problem of conventions by Eric Sharp associated press writer Miami Beach Fla. A privies not police May prove to be the biggest problem for the 100,000 protesters expected at this Summers National political conventions says the Man responsible for Public sanitation facilities a we project that Well need about 500 portable toilets minimum to provide facilities for a crowd of 100.000 campers said John Eckoff of the Dade county Public health department. A even with 500 portable Johns that would allow each person Only six minutes a Day on a 24-hour-a-Day basis a Eckoff said. A a they la have to line up for blocks during the daytime when everybody a up and about. I can guarantee you that nobody a going to get a Chance to do much Eckoff said tuesday that it would Cost about $115,000 to provide and service 500 portable toilets from the july to opening of the democratic National convention to the end of the Republican National convention aug. 23. A coalition of protest groups including the hippies Gay liberation front Vietnam veterans against the War and Southern Christian leadership conference has asked the City to provide camping space for 100,-000 no delegates for the six week period. A it be so bad if these protesters were Only going to be Here for a few Days a Eckoff said a but Well have them around for a month or six weeks. An awful lot of health problems can develop in that a some of them Are going to be doing their own cooking and we know that could mean outbreaks of intestinal diseases a he said. A now suppose 15.000�? that a Only 15 per cent come Down with the gis diarrhoea. What Are we going to do a a Eckoff said the City also could face a major problem with water and food supplies for the protesters. A another thing we re worrying about is Eckoff said. A a it a going to take More trash cans and More manpower to haul away garbage from the campsites otherwise we re faced with another disease threatening situation. The order was released while Ruckelshaus was in Stockholm Sweden attending the United National conference on the human environment. Epa said he signed the order june 3, Banning general use of Dot effective at the end of this year. Mcgovern Kennedy ticket new York a sen. George s. Mcgovern said today he would not Rule out offering sen. Edward m. Kennedy. D mass., the vice presidential spot on the democratic ticket. Mcgovern the front running candidate for the democratic presidential nomination told newsmen while cruising to the statue of Liberty a i wont exclude the he was commenting on a statement in today s Boston Globe which reported the Massachusetts lawmaker told an interviewer that he would a not exclude the possibility Al accepting the vice presidential nomination. Mcgovern Here for another Day of campaigning said Kennedy a obviously would be a great asset on the he added. A before in be made any decision sen. Kennedy would be one of those i would want to the Globe in a copyrighted Story from its Washington Bureau said Kennedy was asked tuesday whether he could be persuaded to run to strengthen a ticket headed by sen. George Mcgovern of South Dakota. His reply the newspaper said was a in my own mind if it would make a difference then it really would make a the Globe said he stressed however that he thought a the same general principles apply to not accepting the vice presidency As the a i done to want to exclude All the possibilities because it would be presumptuous of me to turn Down something that nobody has offered a the newspaper quoted the Massachusetts Democrat. Kennedy said he and Mcgovern have not discussed the vice presidency the dispatch added. A i think sen. Mcgovern is within an eyelash of a first ballot nomination there seems to be no question about that a the Globe quoted Kennedy. A some things May happen Between now and then a he added. The Globe said that those in the Mcgovern organization hoping for a Mcgovey Kennedy ticket Hope that Kennedy a name and campaigning will attract the votes of Blacks and lower income catholics. R what s inside amusements us Bridge ii classified ads 17-21c comics. Us crossword us editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 2c sports 14c television us women s news 12-17a weather. Salt

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