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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 13, 1976, High Point, North Carolina What s going on High in him Enterprise sunday. June 13, 1976 lit Day in the Park activities set c. Vav. Mccall Ltd and cleats Maggard to perform at car winds by Carol Wilson Utley Enterprise staff writer this year s Day in the Park Celebration has taken on a special significance As the beginning of the county wide Bicentennial Celebration the annual festival sponsored by the High Point Parks and recreation department the High Point arts Council and this year the Guilford county Bicentennial commission Wil begin at i p m on july 4 at City Lake Park in Jamestown Park Gates will open at 12 noon the 1976 Day in the Park will feature Many of the highlights of past such events As Well As exhibits with the Bicentennial flavor a we want to have a Bicentennial Celebration but we Don t want that to overcome Day in the says chairman Ralph Logan. We want to Combine the two happily a one new aspect of the Celebration will by the operation of the regular Park attractions during the Day these include the swimming Pool. Train and Pontoon boats a primary attraction will be the colonial Village now being constructed near the Park Entrance five building fronts will be put up resembling an Early american town including a Blacksmith s shop a Candle maker a Gunsmith and a tinsmith these craftsmen and others will be working in the Village on the Village Green where a bandstand will be constructed there will be music during the Day. Including a performance by Folk Singer Betty Smith playing a dulcimer and a paltry. The recently renovated Quaker meeting House built in the 1800 s will be open for visitors for meditation and private worship Logan says the arts Council Hopes to have a guide available for the Church As in the past there will be arts and crafts exhibits a Frog jumping contest and other attractions including a karate demonstration by Lou Wagoner at 3 p in song and dance will be a big part of this year s Day in the Park dance groups performing include the Betty Newell dancers the Ray Hollingsworth dancers the Greensboro Folk dancers two dogging teams and the High Point twirlers musical performers in addition to miss Smith include a Bluegrass band from grandpa Smith s country store gospel singers soft Rock bands the High Point municipal band and the Astor dowdy rhythm band although current schedules Call for the ceremonies to close at 6 p rn., a candlelight service has been tentatively scheduled for 8 p m bus service will provide transportation to and from the Park buses will leave from the High p o i n t Fairgrounds on Penny Road and from the Jamestown elementary school parking will he available at both Sites with shuttle buses operating from 11 30 until 6 p m. Arts Council organizers Are emphasizing that there will be no parking at the City Lake Park itself the largest crowd Ever to attend Day in the Park is expected for this special Bicentennial edition music classes registration for students enrolling in any of the North Carolina school of the arts summer music programs is today Between i and 4 p m in the commons building on the Nacsa Campus in Winston Salem classes include piano voice guitar High school Suk Brand. Junior High instrumental private lessons and students in the five week on Campus summer music program International festival orchestra members enrolled for the eight week summer music program in North Carolina and Italy will Register monday Between to a in and noon in Huffman dormitory on the Wake Forest Campus dance drama and visual Art program registration will to a week later on sunday. For further information Call 7h4-7i70 weekdays Between 9 a in and 5pm band concert the 440th army band North Carolina National guard from Raleigh will present a special Bie Enten crossword Nial concert at the Carolina theatre on s Elm Street in Greensboro on monday at 8 pm. Admission to the concert is free the 44cih army band is under the direction of chief warrant officer Millard p Burt summer rep performances by the unc a summer repertory theatre of a Trio of dramatic productions will continue this week the three plays Are tango a comedy. Stop the world i w ant to get off. A musical Broadway hit and ii . Pinafore. Gilbert and Sullivan s Light opera dates for h . Pinafore Are june 14 15. 18. 21. 24 27 and 30 tango will be presented on june 15. 19. 22, 25 and 28 Stop the world will show on june 17. 20. 23. 26 and 29 sponsored by the unc a summer department of drama and the school of music the performances will be presented in the w Raymond Taylor building for further information Contact the unc a summer repertory theatre. 211 Taylor building drama the United arts Council of Greensboro will present Tennessee Williams a a Streetcar named desire in the i Arolina theatre june 18 20. The play directed by Michael Lilly will Mark the return of live drama to the Carolina s stage the cast includes Mary Faran As Blanche Dubois. William haulers on As Stanley Kowalsky and Brenda Lilly As Stella Kowalsky show times Are 8 15 for the Friday and saturday productions. And 2 15 for june 20 for further information and tickets Contact the United arts Council. 712 Summit ave in Greensboro car show a father s Day antique car show will be presented at the Friendly Rose Garden parking lot on Friendly Avenue in Greensboro on Puzzle june 19 from 9 a in until 5 pm the event is sponsored by the Piedmont chapter of the Model a restorer s club in cooperation with the Friendly shopping Center registration will be held until noon followed by judg my in 31 categories and award presentations the she in Ira Berkow Back in 1937 when at age 20 she made her debut As a concert pianist at prestigious town Hall in new York Rosalyn Tureck wore Only shapeless Black dresses on stage she had been advised that the audience ought not be reminded of the distracting fact that she was a woman she wore Black for most of her career today she is called by the new York times. The High priestess of Bach and after a recent p e r f o r in a n c t Philadelphia the local evening bulletin described her As an institution in the world musical scene. And so. For a concert today she May w Ith a Nice insouciance even Wear White not Long ago she sat in the cushy lobby of the women s club where she lives while in new York she wore a ruffled sheer White Blouse. With Black suede and leather Jerkin and pants and aft brimmed Camel coloured tailored hat her eyes Are keen. Her hands Limber and expressive her Demeanour at once elegant and warm in Short one must All attention to the fact that she is a quintessential woman the obstacles she confronted were not solely due to womanhood for most of her career for example. American concert performers were rarely taken seriously at first by the haughty International set this surely is one reason she often uses the european title of Madame before her name mine Tureck tells How her teacher the renowned pianist Olga Samaroff was forced Tor the Sake of recognition to change her name which was Lucy Hickenlooper even More discouraging was the inability of american to appreciate its own classical talents mine Tureck had to go abroad before she received the Hosannah due Lier at Home Iii one of her first concerts abroad in Copenhagen one reviewer wrote. Quot we not Only take Oft our hat to her we take Oft our shoes As Well mine Tureck recalls with a laugh. Regardless what you might think that was considered the ultimate compliment cars will then Parade through the shopping Center a Flea Market featuring antique car parts and other items related to antique cars will Fie held As Well application Blanks and registration fees for entering should be mailed to Clifton Rutledge. It 2. Box 331, finally her Choice of music Drew the most sibilant snickers mme Tureck specialized in Bach she had played Chopin and Mozart and Beethoven and Greig and Debussy to be sure but she found in Bach a subtlety a breadth a magnificence that was unrivalled now Bach was so difficult because of its complexity of interpretation and technique that it was deemed Foolhardy for anyone to try to make a career out of Bach in fact in a major Competition Early on in her Carrel. Mme Tureck received second prize Only because according to the judges they thought they would be wasting their Money on picking her first that was the Tauberg prize in later Vears after an immensely successful All Bach recital in new York Walter Naumberg a pillar of the musical Community came on stage presented mme. Tureck with a bouquet of roses and apologized publicly for the mistake in that Long ago contest that bore his name once mme Tureck began to plumb Bach she says she never doubted her direction i began the deep study of Bach when i was 16. After a revelation i had come from my Hometown Chicago to study music at the Juilliard school in new York she said. Quot and one Day while playing a very difficult fugue. I lost consciousness i Don t know it it was a few seconds or a half hour but when i came to. I had an in sight and understanding of the Structure of Bach s work Quot and from there i began to create a w Hole new technique in regard to it. And that has been the work of my life. She said the evening bulletin described that technique like this a gone Are the Days when Bach is played As a set of perfectly worked out musical exercises Rosalyn Tureck is in part responsible for an awareness of i Bach s it deep humanity on the part of both performer and Public revelations. She continued. Quot Don t come out of nothing they derive from hard work bul revelations do exist i know Many great scientists and every one had a similar experience to mine for instance. Albert Yadkinville. N c 27055 All shows Are free and the Public is invited Tanglewood theatre the Tanglewood barn theatre will open its fourth season on june 15 with the Broadway comedy Quot butterflies Are free Quot the play explores the predicament of a handicapped youth to be portrayed by Bruce Derrick trying to escape his overprotective Mother Mary Nealie Wil play the girl who attracts the youth Kay Kingston will appear As the Mother and Brad Russel As the egotistical off Broadway producer who is a rival for the girl s attention William Guild will direct the comedy which plays through june 26 tickets Are available at the Community Box office music an evening of music Tor brass instruments will be presented by the Piedmont brass quintet at 8 15 p in in Crawford Hall on the North Carolina school of the arts Michelson. Who won the Nobel prize for physics had a dream in the Middle of the night which solved a great problem he had been working on but when he woke up in the morning he had forgotten it he cancelled All his activities and walked around that Day in the country trying to remember he went to bed and dreamed it again this time he woke up and wrote it All mme Tureck besides being founder director of the International Bach society in new York and a fellow at such colleges As St Hilda s in Oxford England was also the first woman to conduct the London philharmonic orchestra in 1957 and. Later the new York philharmonic among several others ritual Tolex Ohio it api each year for the past 27 years. George spiropoulos a restaurateur and his brother in Law. Charles Moul Opolous. Have had their pictures taken with a department store Santa Claus and have sent it to their Mother in Law a at first we were embarrassed standing in line with All the Little kids to get our pictures taken with Santa. But now we re used to it spiropoulos said Campus. Admission is free and the Public is invited the quintet is in residence this summer at the Nacsa and will perform later this summer in Italy during Nacsa s International music program members of the quintet Are Mary Lazarus and Ned Gardner trumpets. Gordon Campbell French Horn. John Wooley trombone and John Sizemore tuba land of of the land of of located on Beech Mountain in Banner Elk will open june 19 for the summer season with new features including a puppet show new costuming staging and special effects. A fire last december destroyed the theatre and an adjacent building together with All the costumes and audio visual equipment necessary for operation of the theme Park atop Beech Mountain but a new theatre will be ready for the opening As will entire new wardrobes and a Complete new audio visual show new features include the of puppet show. With before my debut in London it hit me As never before that i w As a woman and i was about to conduct this great orchestra which was Al male a she said characters from the wizard of of by Frank Baum for further information write the land of of. Box 277. Banner Elk n c 28604 at car winds k c and the Sunshine band will perform at the car winds palladium Amphitheater on Friday performances arc scheduled at 6 p in and 9 p in for the disco band c w Mccall and Cle jus Maggard move in on saturday and sunday Mccall who recorded the hit Quot Convoy. And Maggard. Who recorded Anither c b radio hit White Knight will perform at 3 and 8 p m on both dates in addition. Saturday per formers include j i Sumner and the stumps quartet the Speer family the Sammy Hall singers the singing americans and the harvesters who la per torn from 5 until 7 on saturday night on sunday the Kenny Parker Trio. The Kings Irien. The Dixie Melody boys the hex Claires and Willie w Ynn and the tennesseans will perform from 5 until 7 p in was shaky but i said to them Well we be got a lot of work to do so let s begin and right off. They knew that i knew what i was doing i worked them like slaves and i they adored it sunday Iske Puzzle solution on Page Iso edited by Margaret Farrar by we. Lutwin Ojtko across i Davenport 5 Start of a Chest Mao classic 9 secular 13 ending with Young or old 17 mph a Quarry 18 tempest in Tours 19 opera heavy 20 Ubangi tributary 21 dominated phrase 25 uppity 26 Heads in be Havre 27 fringe topped item 28 Stew pot 29 auras mod Wise 30 Seine tributary 31 t Wice lot 33 Soho floor covering 34 35 Spanish article 39 dominates phrase 4j certain votes 41 condition suffix 4� Bob of Quot the rivals Quot 4<� Bangkok resident 47 Forest Denizen 48 unspoken 50 open heart h item 51 inspire mod style 52 enter Kellmell 54 others to Caesar 55 friction reducer 57 dominating phrase 61 former five franc pieces of Liege 63 lawyers abbr 64 musical intervals 67 part of red 66 adman sob Yective 70 Backbone 71 actor Holbrook 72 Jason a Craft 73 actress Valentine 74 fellow 76 Lippo Lippi e g 76 dominating phrase 82 bodies of water abbr. 83 Geezer 84 majesty 85 certain tests 86 Flinders 87 ammonia compound 89 Shank 90 emphasize 93 of Mevioun 94 Winter olympics site 1968 98 dominating completely phrase 101 setup 102 nary a soul 103 incident 104 state in Sedan 105 overwhelms 106 work Crew 107 accomplishes 108 Yemen s capital Down 1 Munro s pen name 2 author Wister 3 dandies 4 City in s Cen. Pennsylvania 5 sodium Carbonate 6 poverty 7 vital statistic 8 verse forms 9 delicate of Abaca 10 wants to know 11 Quot a Rose Rose. 12 turns to 13 Quito Coin 14 Lac Rymal item 15 la Femme 16 depend 18 Verdi opera 19 Noire 22 once suddenly 23 fifties jazz form 24 German Renaissance Painter 29 Call on 30 a Ford 31 marshy area 32 gatherings 33 injury 34 with regard to 35 not salubrious 36 siamese land measures 37 stage line 38 pilgrimage to Mecca 39 night pref 40 proportions 41 vast expanse 42 by alone 48 actress Louise 49 ampersand replacements 50 positions 53 passe pants style 54 accompany 56 entertainer Verdon 56 irritate 58 greek physician 59 natural Gas component 60 pilfer 61 Avian feature 62 Missdid 65 damages 66 Large chunk 68 certain Palms 69 in uninspired 70 opted 73 doing macrame 74 attributed 77 final touch 78 upper crust 79 most resentful 80 Saratoga 81 doubts disbelieves 86 czech statesman 87 in the Middle of 88 Leonine feature 89 heavy Silks 90 Khan 91 Gullet Pouch 92 adduce 93 classic conflict 94 Yak butter 95 second in a series % raw boned 97 this in Taco 99 profane on Maut too egg prefix clip this shampoo i and set i. $ j 88 i with this Coupon j All hair color Good. Tues. Amp wed. A 4 / to a m a 2 p m. I Thor. / c Price ,0o�?ztmwa m on tuesdays cold wave specials uni Perm .$1095 or acid wave.?995 College Village Beauty Academy Lexington a Centennial ave phone 882-64 5 a free parking at the first rehearsal Rosalyn to Reck Guilford enterprises 1-85 old Thomasville Road High Point n c phone 885-5339 pools pools pools visit our Complete Pool store. Chemicals 3 lines water testing lab toys games accessories parts a open year round a pools our Only business Guilford enterprises 1-85 old Thomasville Road High Point n c. Phone 885-5339 convinced the sceptics

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