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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 13, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Wen lit i Irtle climb tonight and Friday possible thundershowers Iii ill will Point Enterprise High Point tin Oil or of diversified a ii ii fact Titi up in torpid sos vol. 56�?in��. 165 member asst a Saied Bress High Holn i. V c., thi Hsi a \ \ Lier noon. Jine 13. Who go Peete aka ski Vick Price Mil cent Rench line holding before new Strain f fresh German soldiers in struggle adjournment or Congress lot in sight speaker Bankhead says Senate program can t be finished by june 22 i Washington. June 13. A speaker Bankhead said Day it appeared that confess would not adjourn june As desired by adm Nistra fat a Leader the speaker said at his press in 11 Rem we might As Well be candid tout it i done to think we can Bourn As planned that in the sent Prospect. We have no As a Anco we can finish the Senate i of the Senate labor t or Mitt. Reed unanimously today to deadly decision on considering Luse approx amendments to National labor act until Defit information was still two on Date of adjournment of congas. Dekko Quot it was unanimously agreed. A lain Nan Thomas i i i i Iii need. That by next it Chi to be determined whether Pas intends to adjourn in j Blately and that if so there i mid be no Opportunity to May National la hoi in it ii pending program through tit late. T was further agreed that it i Don the committee will pro in Earnest to the considers j in of whether to Amend the hitlers troops surrounding Northern Edge of capital As Paris is called open City French wage a last ditch defense of Faris a arrows on this map show How the German army is attempting to put the squeeze on Paris. Nazis claim they had taken Rouen reached the Oise 2only 12 1-2 Miles from Paris rolled to the Vicinity of sen Lis <3and taken Over comping be 4near which the world War armistice was signed. The Poilu were repeating their world War a last stand South of the Marne in the chateau Thierry area 5. The germans also Laid claim to capturing reims 6. Refugee governments diplomats leave Rome red envoy returns indication there Early adjournment i n mid be no to Given by majority Leader Burn i h t. I w to told House Huber Quot All the gentlemen Uig that Congreve remain in yes i Day in Washington this aum a that they de ire republicans had raised liniment Issue soon after the Lune convened when rept ten tie Treadway in mask aces fre aident Roosevelt of a run a to cover a on the question in int statements. Proposals to follow tin billion liar defense tax Bill with a Genii revision of the Revenue Laws ire made in t he 8#nati Fin ant Immis tee Secretary Morgeri in agreed that this would be opportune time for the work continued in Page two Oft drinks lace new tax finance committee hears suggestion of increase on tobacco Washington june 13.�? the Senate finance committee Myers suggested today that mls igneous taxes to raise More than 40,000,000 a year including a ent a bottle Sofe drink Levy added to the $1,004,000,000 Ense Revenue measure voted by House. The com tit it tee. Cont in it by stings on the tax legislation a Rived a proposal from Cha trill Harrison Ltd miss that a Ling scale of amusement taxes Gilt be imposed to raise an and tonal $60,000,000 a year. The tiding Bill would decrease the a Iii Ilion on admissions from to ,1o cents but Harrison urged it a sliding stale starting on cent admissions lie enacted in it e of til1 existing 10 per out on admissions Over to Cicitt. Hellion nth Leader Barkley said it a tax of one cent a bottle ult i drinks would raise $70.ooo,-j 0 annually or Mote. Ile Sugges i Loo that $ Llu a too too Addi Tiai could be provided by biasing the Federal gasoline Tux it in i to 2 cents per gallon in id of to i cents As provided the pending Hill. Barkley also urged that the Cut 30-oent Galio nage tax on j Linky rectifiers should be in a ased. Hut there was no estimate Yarding possible Revenue from j tit source. Barkley and senator Bailey i. J a both said that the projected Rease from $3.00 to $3.50 a Sand on Cigar ets to emits to Amis a package i w Ould injure fact o Farmer Bailey declaring j it the expected $76, in ase in annual Revenue would bet ire than offset by additional re j f requirements of tobacco grow the National Grange said in a it filed with the committee that. Tobacco is already Over taxed in n in re out of All proportion tot Ier i bulletins Sparke by by in Lune 13.�? la a Hub official Herman new Agency tonight carried a Brief dispatch under a Pari dateline Hying dial it a officially announced that Bari would my be defended apparent spacing die capital from the w a. H2 Phi m Ink by taken i Ahu i Egypt june i it. A it. \ licit la italian skirmish on tin leg Potino it Al Init Bibi an Border last night Iii which ii British took 02 prisoners was reported today try British authorities Liere. No is a Bise of in Hon june 13 a of a turkeys signature of a com me re i Al pact is 11 ii Germany a said reliably Only to to Quot no Surprise Quot to the British and fit Nett. Negotiations for the agreement have been proceeding Quot for months and there is Quot in reason let Why tiler should not in Trade Between tile two countries it was said. # France has half million Gallons of aviation Gas stored along Gulf coast Holston. Tex june is. A pm a the chronicle said today it had Learned France bought and paid fair More than to if a million barrels of aviation gasoline now stored along the Gulf coast. Fearing sabotage the states government has requested Oil companies to keep All information secret the paper said. It. Pointed out that the fact France Quot has not transported the gasoline which was bought before and 4 in mediately after the War started. Was taken ii pre As an indication that the allies have All the Oil they need presently. Quot it was said the Allied Convoy system is working efficiently now and that if France needed the Oil it could he Little news circulated in Italy concerning european conflict i by la v Syria pre Rome june 13.�?nonve Kifton belgian and Netherlands diplomats prof to red today to leave Rome possibly the signal of a breach of relations with Italy As the soviet russian ambassador returned to his Post an indication of improvement in relations Between Italy and Russia. Italian government circles refrained from saying whether the departure of the Hutch and norwegian ministers and their staffs j and the belgian ambassador and i bus aides would lie the equivalent j of a Severance of diplomatic rela Tlona with Italy now a War partner of Germany. Beethe the belgian. Dutch Aud Neth a errands Gove nimets represented j by these men were sent into Refuge by German invasions. At the same the soviet j russian ambassador. Nikolai Gore Chin. Returned to borne after an absence of six month. No italian authority received Gore Chin on his arrival and i had yet to present his credential. The Netherlands and norwegian ministers and their staffs were scheduled to leave Boule tonight for Switzerland an authoritative source announced while tin j belgian ambassador is expected to depart at the end of the week the Home radio announced that the minister from Ireland had in a formed foreign minister count Galeazzo Ciano. Lit event of italian Entrance into the War fire would maintain absolute neutrality. Whether this reported Assurance came before or after the italian declaration of War was not Clear t have an lit la it the fact that Italy goes on sum-1 Mer time starting tomorrow at Midnight will spare tin Popula a lion an hour of blackout each Day aside from the scant news of inc. Allied air raid yesterday on Turin j and lie appointment of general continued on Cage two Turkey signs Trade pact with Reich. French will not defend capital to save it from destruction in the a xxx Otis i re pres Paris Juno 13.�?the defense line in the Battle for France is holding a military sex Ocsman declared today a holding under the heavy Strain of new German divisions which have been combined with the old to make a total of 120 about 1,800,000 men striving to crush the French. The spokesman said that while the French would continue the defense around Paris where a five mile gain by counter attack a reported earlier they would not i defend the City Itsel Baris was declared an Quot open City Quot to Are it from gip devastation of total War. I the French have no intent ton i of fighting in Baris itself i i. S. By. Ims la Kep american made bombing platies j a whose efficiency the spokesman Aid. Has go ii proved helped undid in ply in holding the German loss of 6,000 prisoners to germans is admitted off Pii the the Vij about bails aimed with a an Kaba. June 18.�?t,vf�? j bridged Lite turkish govern men Mimi signed a new com ism Tai agreement with Germany. The Accord came is a Ihm Iii Stell to Pei Hilly since turkish Lender had insisted Turkey would t j i f 111 her Iii Biumi Aid pact with Britain Aud France Ami the cnut Roll Ltd press Iliad severely attacked Italy. Diplomats flocked to flip foreign ministry in an pattern to learn tile significant of the Mot e. The Accord it was announced provides for the Exchange of certain products to Lite extent of 21 Ammi too turkish mgt kinds. It Wath result of moot tis of negotiations Between the government and Lyan in Pam a. German ambassador to Turkey. The Deal involves Himmie i i Isho too the turkish Pound was quoted atom in new York today Lead Between Germany Ami Turkey has been Al a standstill for months lie Catt of credit Aud it Lier difficulties informed circles said tin agreement was of no political significance hut the first reaction in diplomatic circles was i hat ii might indicate Turkey not planning to a Titer tin War immediately. The agreement was signed by the German Trade delegation w hic ii begot lated it. Kreush a know lodged a abolishment of a German Rad on the Outh Hank of be near hat Tau Thierry 5 mile East Northeast of strategic North went the Seine. It re said to b coast by out 25 mile 3 Tho Jos claimed by the about in mile a said to to the i ii Kin mechanized a tanks Aud a ported id h into Bel is to retire. Quot seb lots Quot of a pry bet front from i ii Valley o ii Iedy North n t y vre Midi German drive appear ii Capi ii re of let in port Adion t lid r St of Paris at the in the nails there he moving toward Way of la it or Bec x of be hair of it Finis already germans. Heims i lion beast of Baria have hero exposed attacks of a whole my More lot Clit t w d head on i to an along la i Channel the Seine in audio the k now edged lint he a Hough flexible. Several Points Coni iter Aila k owing dial the non ii i id of sit oath k Small bled a holds Ihm Small unit a. Lie w no spirit of the i in and Otlet the ii is t lie Mendon june Ary circles said today dial Alani British Ami Trench coops were captured by the germans at i. \ fiery on die French coast when High Cliffs and a heavy big prevented tile Cerin in Cha lion of Mort than a Quot comparatively Small number Quot of Allied forces surrounded there. The troops were running out of ammunition and hat these informants said. Try tips that were re embarked have la in re landed Iii Frame and Quot fresh reinforcement hic Iii line and fighting under French orders they Aid. Apparently the German have Quot engaged All their armed forces in die Latitie for Paris which had been declared an open City it was added. Quot Tivee cetus no doubt thai deny troops Are in indies japanese express concern Over Rumor of British occupation Lon Hun june 13 it it a tin Netherlands government Iii Lon iou has denied a Rumor that Brit la troops had landed in tin i Milch fast indies. The Rumor had been publish by a Tokyo newspaper. The Netherlands government ii la Doii said Quot there Are no British troops Iii j a \ a nor in any other pad o the Netherlands fast indies ant there is no i ii leu t Ion on he Phi of the net to i lands Authorine to make Ani Bauge Iii their Weli is the German have flame throwing tanks a these circles said Quot hut there Arr no definite reports of their having been used about two brigades of one of the ii. F. F. Divisions were surrounded at i. Valery it was said. While two brigade retired wit ii tilt French below Hie homme. The former forces had attempted with Only a trial Silt a Quot to reduce the German Bridgehead at Abbeville. South of the Seine fresh British troops recently Ani re from Lite i listed kingdom and wet Aid to hate taken their place Iii the line with their Frem ii comrades. Their hearing and discipline were a Aid to have done much to maintain tin morale of the Allied troops to Lave been fighting Day mini night to Stem the get Man Ady Anre. Bull the died Atli i indic policy quo Iii if bearded French Poilu and their hol tearing Bibish Coni Radea in arms has not been broken. Arrival of new planes tank and Oiler armament would have an extremely important effect on tin outcome of the Battle for Prince the spokesman declared on tinted on Page two Tokyo. June japanese foreign it regarded with Sty a published that l la tided t h a ii Ned Dan. P ext Rente report a too British troop in the dutch fast i Bidi Gra for answered sop chairman sea in talk raps 3rd term Atter the islands ret treated prot Don. H bile Aud the flied the a waited North Carolina is launched governor Hoey Speaks at christening of giant 35,000 ton battleship new York. June a a tile second battleship to be launched by the l. 8 nary Ainee the Post world War disarmament program did into new York upper tiny today symbolising the vast naval expansion program the new Man o War ii the i 8 g North Cai Olina the fourth naval vessel to named be for flies Southern and ironically the successor ship scrapped before rumple under the naval armaments to drawn at the 1921 by Ash on t inference. La Isabel Hoey. Daughter of Clyde r. Hoey of North car will Christen the giant sea ter. The governor himself was the speaker on the pro i for the exercises mightier than her a reduces the 35,000-ton. 750-foot j Carolina will rank with he a mom Gra in far for North Tho both die dutch legation British embassy Here de report the foreign office direct word from its own Italy is not prepared to stage Long Battle by Frank in Al i Llen new York june a of Italy is to hold Down her end of the Axis in die tremendous struggle for lower in Europe her chief dependence my. Be on the 1 ii in k striking armies and not the Power of Lier Industrial machine say most Wall Street observers. Until the British Fleet started its blockade at the beginning this War some 8u per cent Italy a imports came to her Over the seas but Little Over her land Bridges to Germany Spain Switzerland and France. Her Industrial cities most of them in die North relatively close to France Are vulnerable to War damage. Furthermore they could not operate through a Long War. Trade statisticians say if there was serious interruption to sea communications some of the things mud be thrown into die maw of modern War machines and which Italy produces in Only minor quantities or not at ail include Coal Petroleum rubber Tea. Cotton and Copper. He pipe a partly successful drive for greater wheat production this Ilia i in has not grown sufficient wheat for bread and Spaghetti. Goal has come principally from Germany Hill much of it by water routes no longer surely available. Reports indicate the British blockade winged at Coal boats from Germy to her Axis partner for a Tine while Italy still Hung Hack from actual War. The allies wished to buy the output of italian fac of j tories which could not operate of j without imported fuel. Supplies of Coal now must come mostly from Germany Over a rail transport system already reported suffering from strains of conflict. Foreign Trade students say the position of Italy for Oil May remain relatively comfortable for a while because of imports which in tile last few months May have reached four to five times what was previously considered Normal. Domestic consumption for my Iii tilt Ary uses has also been Cut drastically. Nevertheless they Point out dial i Alyn protectorate Albania is chief assured source of Oil is unlikely to produce this year More than 300,000 tons while even a peaceful years consumption by Reynaud dispatched special plea for Aid from United states Washington. June 13�?ttp the White House said today that president Roosevelt address i of 1am monday promising the allies die material resources of die i listed states served As a Quot Complete answer to he request of Bremier Baul Reynaud of France for All assistance except an expeditionary Force. Stephen Early presidential secrete y. Quot Aid Reynaud Appeal had be it delivered to the state department after or. Roosevelt returned from Charlottesville va., where lie made the address. Thus it was Only a coincidence a Early said that the address was so completely to tit Point. Tile text of Reynaud s Appeal As transmitted by bullitt was made Public at the White House today to few hours after being Given out in France. Addressed to die Secretary of state Aud marked Quot Rush and Quot personal for the president Quot it was prefaced by the following paragraph from bullitt Quot i have just received from Baul Reynaud president of the Council of ministers the following message to you. He telephoned to int and asked me to train Init it immediately since Iii own code clerks could not to slyly do the work. Tills is the full text Sage ret offed to in t earlier today Early said dial the had not received even the Reynaud Appeal b Hamilton claims it is a threat to democratic institutions Washington june 13 Ltd John Hamilton chairman of the Republican National committee declared today dial Quot there is very grave danger to our democratic institutions in the Prospect of a third term and All that la implies the i rend toward totalitarian Coti ular representatives. The report was published by i he Large Tokyo newspaper no Iii Nichi in a dispatch from Suta a to Jai a which said a British officer had disclosed act dentally that he was a member of a Force sent from Singapore to fast Java the status of the dutch fast indies Rich lit rubber Collet and tin Aud strategically to ated Bete out into on Page two most powerful warships in the world. Slater ship of the Wash j tit Kuttot launched june i at phyla a Delphi and of four other super i dread naughty under construction she w ill he surpassed in size and Power in the in s Navy a Only when four 45.000-ton vessels re-1 Emily authorized join the Fleet j two or there years lie Nee. Great Britain is building four of about 40,000 tons Aud Japan is understood to have four of More tits tii tons under construe t ton. Both the North Carolina and j cont Iii lied on Cage two refugees face Road Back without needs the me Telegram president in Gist of re he do by Imar Aly agricultural Peninsula i Italy is upwards of 2,000,000 look. Continued on Page two i in 1 Lim in i his count lit a formal statement heroic leaving with his staff for Phila i Dolphin where the Republican nation convention opens june 24, Hamilton added i Biti Quot the people must look to the Republican party if the peace of the nation is to a he he i h Lowed that party leaders i expected at Boist to candid Al i to lie placed in the running for i the presidential nomination it Hie convention. The red haired chairman received reporter at party Headquarters after Wendell l. Winkle late a Titrant in the Republican presidential race had spoken out against the new heal except for j its foreign policy. Willkie left Here for an Eastern Campaign tour. Hamilton said that nominating and of coi Dlug speeches at Lite convention would lie limited to 50 minutes Fiir individual t ungulates. Tickets Fot the sessions he added had beet printed Foi five Days i instead of die customary four j it wits conceivable he explained. That the convention might last a full week till i la thought it could i be confined to five Day. With the Royal Al brow forge in Franck. June 13. A lax go thousands of tired people of baits streaming through this unnamed French town in search of safety in the South done to believe in signs. Every two or three minutes an automobile stops and a woman gets out and knocks on the closed door of a restaurant under a lug card that says Quot no More can nobody answers and the car finally goes away again. They do the same at the hotel that says Quot no room a Aud a filling station that says Quot no at 3 o clock this morning the Square of this Village was jammed with people hoping in vain that Tho restaurant and filling station would opt to. The crowd begun to thin Down lit mid morning Aud Iti the afternoon the Square a Ai most empty tint cats still passed sit the to of two or three every minute. There Ai big limousines marked Quot corps diploma Tique xxx till luncheon baskets and go tiding Llagas on the roofs rickety guck piled with plow Fiat id crates of t tit. Kens and that used to Larry tourist to Mont Mart re jul t after noon a Bari bus with mothers misses and Bab a went try. La was a maternity Hospital a King Refuge outside the threatened City. L Ater an ambulance full of children stopped to get drinking water. The Driver was an Amer woman from 1-os Angeles to i tailored Khaki uniform. Quot we brought three Carload of children from the Heine Valley Quot i lie said. Quot when we were getting ready to leave planes began to i Conte Over. The children would i ask Quot Are they French of German Mademoiselle Quot and i always told i them they were French. Quot but then we a platies bomb Ling their town. They flew in from Hie North East West Aud even til the Valley from the South Aud blew tin town to bit Quot they came Low just Over Trees j and Bills. You Winton t knot they were coining until they were theft Quot Hee this picture my Cousin sent it to me with a birthday Caid. T h out inned on in Aga two germans Lake Chalons sur Marne to threaten Maginot line from rear by the associated press Berlin june 13. A with German troops almost surrounding the Northern environs of Paris the nazi juggernaut struck heavily far to the East of the French capital today and the High command reported the capture of Chalons sur Marne in a move apparently threatening directly the French Maginot line from the rear. The Strong German gesture Iii the direction of the Maginot de tonnes followed reported heavy Cann Nading at the extremity of of the Maginot line near the Swiss Border Chalons Sui Marne is about 125 Miles East of Baris and Slit Tost directly South of Hie Western end of the Maginot fortifications. M a in k bashed the High command reported that the Marne rivet the Fai h-1 est Point of penetration by Kaiser Wilhelm armies a had been crossed in several places from it halons toward Baris tat tying the j germans farther South than they Ever reached in the world War. The French line already thinned out by the consign Extension to keep Contact with the Maginot on the other presented what Ecron the other presented what German sources acid was the fullest Opportunity for the Nail troops to hit at various Point. German advances were reported eastward Between the Mctie River and the Argonne Forest continued on Page two Clear Way for House action Exchange of territory in this hemisphere vehemently opposed Washington. June 13 i by legislation to reinforce by Law this government s vehement opposition to any Transfer of sovereignty Over territory ii the Western hemisphere from one european Power to another today won quickly a right of Way to Houe consideration while plans for an Early adjournment of Congress were virtually abandoned. The Rule com in it tee cleared i the territorial Resolution for House i consideration after be fish Rny asserted that he favored go ing to War of necessary Quot to uphold the Monroe fish predicted that the re of i ii t ton could lie lit ought up in Tho lion it tuesday. While not specifying any nation in its text. Hie declaration if approved by both House and Senate would put Congress on record As opposing for instance Transfer of any of the extensive French or Hilt is it poses ton in this hemisphere to Germany should be licit it lie Able to demand them. In the Senate formation of a bloc to oppose any direct governmental Aid to the allies such a Granafei of old naval Dot rovers to a teat Britain was reported underway. One legislator who attended a conference of several senator Aud at least one representative m the office of Hena toi Clark yesterday said the Aillet of souk present was to form a Loose organisation to prevent to the allies from becoming a Public governmental matter rather that a private one. Hap. T Eller Rny introduced a Resolution to repeal the neutrality aet. He called it a Quot shallow this country la not and can not be Neutral he said citing various types of assistance a already Given tile British and French Aud Quot tile president s telling denunciation of Bremier downtown Secretary a i lace told to 4 la conference of latin boys and Gills that a victorious Germany would apply Quot econ thu pincers Quot to the Wes Tam hemisphere that would be Tell of every american farm. Ile predicted hit Lei would establish a single farm product buying corporation for All of fur Ops with bargaining Powers that would be detrimental to Western Heuing pit i a producers

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