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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 12, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloud with scattered thundershowers. The High Point Enterprise Llis i Point the 4 ruler of diversified manufacturing enterprises of. .16-�? in o. 161 Mem her associated Tress Hill Point n. Wednesday afternoon june 12, 190 com i Kkt aka scr Vick prick flu cents0 slackening of German attack As Rench make firm stand it Marne River bal ant 1 i England a Tine the lands Ion Don i of Nio it met six a sife x web Ltd i / \7 n Quot Par ,7it Vav. Re Quot Quot Iso o or our Touw a a \ r r x cd e of a a Sci a a a on Switzerland Italy t us 1 Iii Hoa Voo Kim Sahu pain i do 61 Mil Corsica Rischow m0j,ttrra� French have not Felt Brunt of italian Force on Southern Frontier a f in r Al Quot a m in ism j a f 4 g p of i Quot a i in i Axis moves to slice Krance a arrows show German sources said nazis would attempt to Divide Nee and join italian forces massed to attack in the South Lerus armies stormed at the Jyates of Paris As smoke called capital after the government had fled the City to Tours. Germans wet said to lie thrusting Southwest along the in be i com St to App i an Allied Force in a Small a at put Black area is approximate arca of France now in Man hands. By com Parson dotted line shows greatest Lance made by Germany in 1914. When they were stopped he Marne private Industry gets serve equipment subsidiary sales company set up by u. S. Steel will Esell surplus manufactures to allies Washington Lune 12. Map a the Navy an iced today that work was ordered started on two new Kio ton battleships and 20 other warships and auxiliaries night within an hour after president Roosevelt signed Navy a $1,400,000,000 appropriation act. A two battleship were a signed to the new York and phyla j Northern Daly Italy masses Between 60 and 70 divisions on Alpine Border by the associated press Rome june 12. A Italy officially at War for More than 24 hours received the first news of the operation of her armed forces today when the High command announced that italian planes had attacked the British naval base at Malta a with apparent at the same time it was retorted that the British air Force had been driven off in in attempted flight from Egypt Over the libyan Border into Cyrenaica and that two enemy planes had been shot Down. Tho High command said that i he attack on Malta was tog in at Dawn yesterday and resumed at Sunset. All italian pianos Wert said to have returned to their French awaiting expected attack from Italy As Germany drives closer to Paris by the associated press British action in North Africa increases rapidly As Suez canal is closed by the associated press London june 12. A Brit Reich is pouring Complete strength into French offensive to crush resistance by the associated pres Berlin june 12. A the i German High command an ish military Chyles said today bounced tonight that French. Of troops surrounded at St. the Tell tins xxx hindi k to Sion eeds eng., Lune 15. A p a an Organ grinder of hah Dew nit posted thin sign he hurdy gurdy today in a Britt and the Monkey rom India. A a a ii a f break la Darty t ten Lune i a a senator Wheeler lint declared in the Sale to it he would Ureal is it la Democrat in party of it brie a Quot War party and added t he would not support any a initial 1-Hmlhlale Quot who avg to gel us into this car a a i Aman maritime Etc St spender i Hake june i. �?1 n h ii him Ilia ii maritime raffle he Black sea and the Medl run Cali Hal Een asap ended government order ship a barred from leading Kurt any away Al the time Here bred to return immediately. War conditions in the Modl Aneano a were Given a the min for the order. A Ilano skins -aggrkhh10n pact Ondon june i. A of. A. Butler unde race rotary continued Oil in age two Delphia Navy Yard respectively and the other vessel were divided Between government and com Merci a i Yard a. Officials said the Navy acted with Awty Teaa unmatched even in the world War the contracts for it warships assigned to commercial shipbuilding plants had been negotiated while anal action on the appropriation was awaited. To still the 22 ships will Rose Mot than 1127.000,000 to Complete. It was estimated. Bases. Except for these Aerial combats the first Day of War for Italy apparently was devoted j largely to the development of forces at various Points where troops took up previously prepared positions the communique made no mention of actual fighting by Laud or j naval forces i announcement thai the sir Force had gone into action came after a night during which the War was brought Home to Rome by the shilling of air raid sirens Aud the clamping Down of defense measures. The alarm came at i to a. In 7 10 p. In est tuesday hut whether enemy planes actually flew Over the City could not be determined. \ Hon reported enemy action against Points in along the Ligurian coast were authoritatively re ported today hut details were withheld pending an official announcement. The Ligurian roast is that Between leghorn and the French a Taiwan Frontier Genoa lies on it t out inned on a age Tho toil is France june 12. A italian troops blew up a Bridge at Vinti Mille on the that now a everything French Border in the Alps to Ponds on Tho ability of me Ery on tic nor ish Channel Day after completing the it to to hold the us had capitulated and that by ligation of of to <0 Divis i prior forces of the germans More than 2o. prisoners ions a military commentator in the Battle of France. Lad in it n Talt in reported today. I there has been a no Slacken j the captives claimed one on the basis of an Esti Inge of Tho Gorman attack it j French corps general one mated strength of 15.000 men Vas said. J British corps general and four French divisional generals. Materia taken thus far was described As military sources said mean while that in the air attack yesterday on be Havre the great French port a battleship or heavy Cruiser was hit by a heavy bomb and damaged. Meanwhile an italian army com in unique was read Over German radios for the first time Ince Italy s Entrance into the War i and with the same ceremony Given to German communiques. At the end of the Reading an italian War song was played. Rettew philosophy or. Robert Ley German labor corps Leader announced in the newspaper Andriff Quot Germany and Italy will fight to the final Victory. Quot tat iding together throughout the Victory to build a new Europe and accomplish it with a better philosophy with the philosophy of the ii National socialist Levo my St it i Lite a division this would indicate Tho italians had massed Between 900.000 and 1,050,-000 troops along Frances Southern Frontier news of the italian military activity on Frances new front in the a Outh came As the French defender of pail took a determined stand along the Marne of chateau Thierry and at Meaux. Meaux is Only 27 Miles East of the heart of the capital is Miles from the near to r int weft of the capital a spokesman said the French succeeded in destroying German units which had crossed the Seine at several Points in mately 32 Miles capital the hard i ought desperately to heat to Stern get Man it tacks in the Region of senti. Chateau Thierry who French formed their new d lines Mark the farthest rear bed by the German in great offensive of May 27, the 2nd and 3rd divisions it App of the tot i a Oft pet the situation remains one of extreme difficulty one commentator said Quot the germans Are staking everything on this Battle Quot the most serious thing is the development of the Battle around reims where heavy attacks have been launched with German armoured troops of which there Are two divisions. As to the possibility of italian operations from Ethiopia against Jib uti. French Somaliland port and railway outlet from Ethiopia the com men to Lur said no confirmation Quot there is no confirmation that the italians Are attacking towards Ile noted however that the Ifal fans Quot have always wanted that North Vail Way and May Hope for some irk Success for reasons of morale at Home Quot Little damage was done by the italian bombing of the British Mediterranean balt a of Malta yesterday the commentator said meanwhile an authoritative Bonne said that from 500 to too italians including diplomats onsets my journal along with children would he lion for Iran scr to liner Conte Rosso icing Simitar cat ego i nationals from Italy d qui. A i p the lense Point their 191. Of the italians in Kerlin get the news the arms upraised in the fascist Salute belong to italian residents of Berlin who Are getting the news of Italy sentry into the War on the Side of Germany from Joachim von Ribbentrop German foreign minister left and Dino Alfieri italian ambassador to Germany right. Picture by radio from Berlin. Swiss cities bombed by foreign air planes Washington june a the Whit Louse said today the Navy was turning its Reserve manufacturing equipment Over to private Industry for Quot immediate production of likeable quantities of smokeless powder ammonia Aud Small arms Stephen . Presleu Entiat Stec-1 ,j. Rotary also reported that the War a Quot Don department had informed president Roosevelt today that it w s making Quot excellent Progress Quot in surveys of materials and supplies that May be advantageously declared surplus. These will he turned Over to a subsidiary sales company set up by the United states steel company for resale i to Tho allies. In speaking of sizeable quantities of explosives and ammunition to be produced Early said he meant that to be taken in comparison with amounts now in j hand. By turning Over manufacturing equipment and placing orders for Japan Siam sign treaty non aggression pact indicates nip ponese peaceable intentions in Pacific continue on Pago two i hied envoys arrive soviet Union today scow. Juno 12 it Hhd foreign office were absent a. Ros Ord Cir Ippa Aud Erik la Bonne t so had been away merely on leave. British and French am Basan the soviet newspapers primed to soviet Russia arrived at with comment excerpts from of today on the same plane. President Roosevelt a Charlottes the same time the italian Ville speech. Issador or. Augosto Rosso. The army Organ red Star said a envoy to the upped states that italian entry info the a. Lied to Moscow by train was a Surprise to London and e Allied ambassadors came Paris because among other Rea a of tit h Nikon Iipp on the allies hoped that Quot Delft made stops at Athena. So a Mac word from Roosevelt Vav oud id Bucharest they Ware met be Able to weaken Mussolini at the e Airport of the chief of the last Lait department or protocol1 Quot it can be supposed now that he staffs of their embassies the allies will int lease pressure so was met by the entire1 on Turkey and Greece in order to of the German embassy the have these countries beat tile Bur Arian military attache and Den of the Mediterranean fighting. Tiff of the italian embassy. Giving the Alife Freedom to a lae native of the russian Stuver reserves said red Star. Tokyo Lune 12.�? do Japan Thailand t Siam i today con a treaty of Friendship which Yaki Citro in a Lite foreign office spokesman described As Quot evidence of Japan peaceable intentions in the South the pact which is to run for ave years after ratification stipulates 1. Mutual respect for each nth i re territory Aud reaffirmation j of Friendly relations. 2. Exchange of information and consultation regarding mat-1 j ters of Mutual interest 3. A guarantee that neither Japan nor Thailand will assist a i third country should it attack j either of them i treaty Ruma said thai Thailand had i proposed a non aggression treaty but Japan considered such a a t unnecessary he declined to slate whether j the second Point on the Exchange i of information and consultation i a More accurately defined in the text of the treaty which so far. Has not been published. I observer said the pact further i strengthens Japan s posit Ion j throughout the rout ii Pacific. They recalled that Thailand and i French indo China have been in i dispute Over their boundaries and i expected that Thailand now would make an intensive Effort to have Tho differences settled. Meanwhile reports were pub halted Here that the United states j was considering a general rapprochement with Japan As a preliminary step toward Mort Active j participation in the european i War. American expeditionary Force Quot Omen and finally turned the tide in favor Holt a ii to i of the allies the Marne is Span he Icahn a cd at this Point by a Large Stone which i i Bridge. Hrs of Hihi it was also South of this same Lor Exchange general Region that the French British bombing planes harassed j under Joffre halted the germans Distant outposts of Italy s african in their first great drive on Pari Empire and struck at German in 1914. Force in Norway and Fiance in1 no of i Ion Alpo it i Al Ever widening phase of the War no action was reported from i yesterday the Alps front although the ital i from German occupied Trond ians moved up heavy Force of he Ini in Central Norway to italian men Aud materials there. It Loa air bases in Eastern Africa the Don announced that British planes j Royal air Force reported Stice Ess had bombed military objectives fun Ralda. While italian warplanes in Northern Italy last night while bombed Malta. British naval base Rome announced an italian air in he Mediterranean attack a a with apparent result a on at the same time. Allied naval the British naval base of Malta f0rrps hosed the Suez anal to Iii the Mediterranean South of italian shipping which a plied Italy j the lifeline to Italy a colonies on French determination to keep their main forces Between the these blows were ret i germans and Paris was seen in melt. A in both sides in the i the declaration of the military Flung theater of War governor of Paris that Hie Cap a j to it r a f met Dot. Isi s defense would not constitute. A find announced Mirzl a a strategically isolated opera Jdc it by Long Range Blenheim lion but would remain within bomber on desert Ai drome in the Frame of Man Euver of the italian Libya where Quot aircraft were entire French Forcer j destroyed on the ground. At is German bombers attacked i h Artud Luj a to patrol dump set French airfields and coi Nunica ablaze a and on air bases near various in an Effort to keep rein a Mara in Eritrea. Italian East of Forcemeats from moving up to re a where a several direct Aid in the defense of the half were obtained on emptied capital which already the announcement said was hearing the Roar of the enemy napping from the Northwest. I French reply i 2. South african air Force heavy the French replied w Ith bomb a bombers a and heavily Ling expeditions extending a deep Quot j bombed Quot italian morale on the fas Tut in r in of mar f Cliv ii and t he Finis anti Rouen tired the River in have been Cro flanks of Paris i ions stand on the one half mile to Spital. It have been Seine and used on the my German Oie twelve Orth West of attn and dented fair cont a Quot in hits Quot we this French cleared today. All these triumphs a it re claimed by the German High command. Save the crossing of the Marne the declaration to that effect came from authoritative quarters j expanding on the High command in announcement that the Marne had i been reached Quot on the broadest i front with Strong German declared that Sinh a Marne counter offensive As saved Paris in 1914 could not be repeated. In 1914 germans were not on j the Seine nor were they Ever so dose to Baria. C continued on Page two. Editor Speaks to graduates or. Douglas s. Freeman tells Carolina seniors reason for Germany s moves continued on Page two t amt inned on Page two fulfilment of pledge is prepared by Turkey by the Samm Elrd a of a Budapest. June 12. Turkey v rail of 2<hmh�0 additional Reserve to the colors was interpreted Iii Balkan capitals today As indicating thai Abe is preparing to fulfil her pledges to the allies and enter the european War a provided soviet Russia stays out. Informed sources estimated that Turkey now a approximately 600.000 men under arms and the Small nation of Southeastern Europe looked anxiously to their own defences As the War Clouds grew Blacker. In port of British Aerial Arlin qty Over italian base in North Africa and of italian air raids on Britain naval stronghold at Malta forecast a rapid development of i the conflict ill the Mediterranean i area diplomatic circles anxiously debated whether the in i Crest of Russia. Germany and it a Aly Iii the Danube inn Region would i be Likely to serve As a stabilizing influence or to hasten possible i spread of War to the Balkans. I All i Ari ers agree a quarters agreed however that if Josef Stalin indicated to Hungary Rumania and Yugo Turkey that her entry into Tho Slavia Hope to maintain their lieu-1 War would he the signal for rus trility even of Ankara votes for Sian intervention in behalf of the 11. Bot the Fate of Greece it Ruma said the japanese embassy in Washington cd reported Ion such a development without i details and added Quot Good thing Jean never come Loo late a Iii general however there a a Dis-1 inclination Here to take Sinh a trend seriously. Closely linked with that of Tut key pm ill it l Mac activity intense diplomatic a Tivin a in Progress in Ankara and Athens. Where the government stepped up it military reparations yesterday by ordering the class of 1934 to report for Quot periodical Roine Berlin Axis. Turkey would ave no course but to keep out there have been some indication. That Russia was St Crint. Anay from the Axis but the recent resumption of Normal Diplomat relations Between rom and Moscow cast in a doubt Here on Sial the work in a intentions. Mapel Hill. June 1 2 a. The Quot behind the Swift drive into Belgium and France was Mon than gasoline and lubricants and the most detailed panning of tireless men a said or Douglas s Freeman Richmond. Va., biographer and editor before the graduating class of the University of North Carolina last night. Quot the drive Quot he said Quot would not have been sustained had there not been created Iii an impoverished. Half hungry and disarmed Germany a tremendous Force which for Lack of a More specific word. We must Call spiritual. Quot xxx Gamin by has made the slate los god. Revenge its evangelism. Mechanism its weapon and discipline its supreme duty Quot till. I believe is one of til most important truths of this age. We May deplore it hut we cannot escape either the reality or the a Merrion hopeless America lie told the turn graduate. Could paradoxically never Hope to Avert War except by adjusting itself to a discipline it Bas never displayed except in War. He added that such discipline manifestly must he born of an Ideal which in uld be found Only in the churches and the colleges. It must be admitted he said. That Germany sacrificed More in 1933-39 than France and Britain a a bayonets before butter was a terrifying Choice but a disciplined Choice and it was made Ai a Lim when Britain refusal to raise taxes to support Del ii Aud French politicians sought i win favor by indulgent Short dung k of a bankrupt unofficial belief is that the plane raiding a Geneva suburb was italian Gen Eva Lynnr 12.�? apr the Swiss counted four dead. Including two women and Many injured today in bombings of cities and villages by foreign planes. The identity of the bombers was not known. At least i y person were hospitalized with serious wound in Geneva where five bomb were dropped in a residential suburban District killing two persons. Five bombs were dropped on a Railroad station and a nearby hotel in Rouen North of Lausanne. A woman in a wheel chair was killed her husband s foot was torn off. And a Man asleep in bed in the hotel was fatally injured. Swigs expressed an unofficial belief the plane that raided the Geneva suburb a italian but a communique some hours later diff not state it nationality Argo dropped the plane roaring Over the towering Saleve Cliff just across the Border in France Early today moved Over Swiss territory a it dropped its cargo in the Chain Pel Larouge District. Sirens awakened Geneva real dents and sent them scurrying for cellars when the Saleve Cliff which dominates the Geneva Mica. Was crossed. French searchlights swept the sky Aud ant to a i Ixia it gunners fired at the invader. Tile planets bombs landed with tet Rifle explosions smashing at least one residence and leaving craters in several Street. Flying bits of bombs damaged other houses and the lasts shattered All windows within a radius of several blocks. While Swiss antiaircraft Sun bombed the plane vanished southward Washington drops Anchor information on vessel s course was sent to German government monday Galway. Ireland june 12 i4� the United states Steamer Washington carrying refugees from Europe dropped Anchor in Galway Bay at 6 35 p m. 12 35 est. Tonight. The Anchorage of the Washington. Which was stoppage on its Way from Lisbon to Galway by a German submarine was about seven Miles front Galway City. Pm id Washington june 12 stat department official today that information about the exact course of the Ruer a Hing i Ion. Which was Quot topped on it land was sent to the German gov eminent monday afternoon and May not have been deliver it until after lilt american ships encounter with a submarine. An earlier notice was sen monday morning however advising that the ship would proceed from Lisbon to Galway but not giving the exact course. Officials said they had no word As to the time the course was relayed by the american embassy in Berlin but it would not have reached Berlin until late monday night Berlin time. A a a. Unk Gehman i Rida night Rocky Mouat. June i 2�? up the Carolina cotillion Chih of Rocky mount will entertain at ii Goth annual june German Friday night. Expense reduction being considered Sagy of an Washington. June 12 1 i unanimous House pay urging Senate passage of Tho j election year tax Hill. $1,004,000,000 tax Bill which inc Morfi Ithan said lie relieved the House pushed through yesterday i increased taxes the projected to Secretary Morgenthau said today j crease from $45,000,000,000 to that some other Federal Expetidi-1 $49,0000,, in the National lures might be reduced to help to debt i int to and curtailment of Nance the five billion Dollar defense ome non defense expenditures All were necessary Steps in defense financing. Program. Testifying before the Senate finance committee Morgenthau said Quot the Public la willing and read to accept additional burdens be. Sai y to support adequate a Lineal since ibis attitude inflected the general attitude of Capitol Hill a la. N corned Likely that the Senath would duplicate Iii unusual a spectacle of Quick and almost senator Byrd Ltd Vagt a urged a to per cent reduction in All nonessential Federal outlays to hell Pac the defend Bill i t in pen dirt res Morgenthau said that Quot it is in Portal to not Only to increase Revenue with which to help i Tiamu continued on Page Tho

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