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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jun 10 1939, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 10, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page fourth High Point Enterprise pied Mon Tenter of f of to of rvs High Point North Carolina saturday Lune to. I Oto High Point Enterprise up amp a tuned pattern oops and sunday mornings j p Rawley publisher Beni m 1915�?1837_, r. B. Terry.,. President d. A. Rawley Sec y and treas. Hammett a. . Mgr. Carus m subscription rates Dally and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby towns twelve months. A a a six months. A a three one month Quot a one wee. Carriers in nearby Orti Are not permitted to collect Lor More than one week in Advance. Carriers la City Are Lotow pct for a period of More than five Quot to a subscription Tor a longer period in Hesi Rerd payment should be made direct to Ottice. The associated press is exclusively entitled to the use Tor republication of All news dispatches credited to it or not our wl8e credited in thu paper and also the local news published therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation _ entered As second class matter at the pos Ottice in High Point. N. A. Undo Tbs act of Congress of March a. 1qf2. National adv. The John Budd co. 420 Lexington ave. New York City saturday june to 1939. O. Jew uht a sword is upon the liars and they shall dote a sword is upon her mighty men and they Hall be dismayed. A Jeremiah 50 86. A a a thou canst not better Reward a liar than in not believing whatever he . Choosing fullest Hohn of a dilemma profitable use for some 200, Bales of Cotton has no great effect on a 15 million Bale crop or surplus but it is sufficient for a political talking Point at least. When the vote was reached in Congress to provide by Law for the baling of Cotton with the Staple itself instead of jute a North Carolina member. Representative Cooley of the fourth voted against it. An interesting explanation has been published to wit that a jute Mill is located in or. Cooley a District. The jute Mill operates with imported raw material of course but it would be affected disastrously by changing the method of Bale binding. In the same District is one of the states two largest Cotton producing counties Johnston adjoining the congressman a Home county. Johnston is the native county of George Ross Pou or. Cooley a Kinsman and vigorous opponent in the election which originally sent or. Cooley to Congress. Perhaps the congressman know s his District and expects no particular resentment on the part of the Cotton growers whose Market would be affected but slightly by their share of the new use of Staple while he would expect both resentment and concentrated financial loss to ensue from putting the jute Mill out of business. Since there seems to be no reason for crediting him with a vote on principle alone we must assume he Felt the horns of the dilemma and selected the one with the dullest Point. Making Ute Ati be when mrs. Franklin d. Roosevelt started writing her column for newspaper syndication which she Calls a my Day a we marvelled at the risk she took of having it bog Down into a mass of slightly pretentious trivia. Then we knew less of the Quality of the first lady than we know now. This published diary of mrs. Roosevelt is quite Likely to survive in american literature after Many popular works of the period Are forgotten. The reason is one of the reasons for the survival of Samuel Pepys a the simple sincerity of the treatment of matters great and Small. The Eleanor Roosevelt diary impresses us As one of the most wholesome current contributions to both thought and feeling. We recall the deep concern friends of the president had Over the increasing prominence of his wife in the Early months of his administration. The question was general As to whether the president might not be embarrassed by a too obtrusive household. What unpopularity mrs. Roosevelt May have invited and received in those Early Days has faded away to nothingness and she out ranks the president himself in admirers according to recent polls to determine popularity. We make this confession of error and attestation of our own admiration at this particular time because of the quiet simple continuity of the diary during the Hustle and Bustle incidental to the history making visit of British Royalty to the White House. Note on capital cases when North Carolina took away from its subdivisions the counties the privilege of hanging capital felons in the jail Yards the state struck a blow at the Sandwich and lemonade Trade which must have been serious in that Day. We have seen hand Bills advertising refreshments for Sale during county hanging Day. The executions seemed to have been among the few special commercial stimuli. Once the Countryside turned out for the hangings and from time to time since the executions have been confined to state prison the demand for admittance to the observation chamber has been greater than capacity. We note with some interest that the Warden was forced to go out at t h e last minute yesterday to drum up the corporals guard which the Law requires As witnesses. Six must attest the execution. The state has been using its executions for the promotion of nervous chills to an extent not allowed in our neighbor state Virginia for instance. The newspaper reporters attend and by lurid description give their readers a vicarious sensation. In Virginia the Law limits reports of All execution to simple statement of the fact that it occurred. Part of the reporting in this state is done regularly by crusaders against capital punishment. The Warden speculates As to whether a recent change in method Blind folding the death chamber inmate had reduced the interest of observers. The mask a removes the sensationalism a the Warden says. Most of the a a sensation seemed to have been due to the creeping character of the death As the Smoky fumes of deadly Gas approached closer and closer to the condemned Many a nose. Now masked he Waits in uncertainty. Incidentally the mask is not a statutory requirement but it has been permitted All along. The former Warden preferred to leave off the mask and the Warden under the Lawis the supreme official barring the governors personal intervention on the occasions of execution. Puzzling rumblings what is Forward in the matter of the change of state directors for the . May be Clear to some close to Headquarters but it is a puzzling mystery to the general Public. We Are among the uninformed majority wondering whether the various changes Are Small political temblor or moves in the interest of relating Tho service More effectively to the needs of the people of the state. This we do know that complaint from time to time has been published to the effect that the administration in this state somehow was not giving results commensurate with popular Hopes or with the average in the country. The feeling that the state should have facilities for a getting its share of any Federal benefaction is a Strong feeling and seemingly an uneasy fear that such facilities did not exist with i respect to Federal housing has been expressed. Without an opinion of the skills of the men involved in the official changes we Trust that the changes will result in More satisfactory Extension of this particular service to those who need it. Taking no chances it is understandable that a member of Congress might Well Hope to attract More attention by his absence than by his presence in the reception for the King and Queen. Senator Norris gets wide publicity for refusing to attend the meeting in the Rotunda of the Capitol because he dress for the occasion. Senator Reyn Olds takes a peek from the end of the corridor and hurries into the company of North carolinians since the Royal pair can to vote in his state. There Are other explanations for absences More or less notable but the congressman who stayed away and spent the time Reading to his sons Washington a address on the subject of foreign entanglements appeals to us As a Patriot who knows distinctly what a what. Clearly he has no intention of taking chances on the rugged americanism of the present and the oncoming generation. What better with which to stuff the ears of himself and his sons than the firm sentences of the father of this Republican land while the British Royal sirens were in Washington doing their stuff with. Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people George y. Walsh w to lives at 455 fort Washington Avenue. New York City is considered one of the Best perfume salesmen in the United states. In this business being a perfume Salesman Means More than just Selling perfumes. It covers soaps face and Talcum powders shaving Cream toilet Waters and similar commodities. Well this is what happened to or. Walsh once when he suddenly found himself out of a Job. The president of his company died and the stockholders decided to close out the business. Almost in the twinkling of an Eye or. Walsh found himself without a Job. The perfume and soap Field is highly competitive. Salesmen walk in from the Street every Day to apply for jobs. Some of them Are very Good salesmen indeed. But or. Walsh decided to do a bit More than to go from perfume company to perfume com Jominy asking for a Job. He did t do anything the first week. Just sat Down and figured out what he was going to do. He decided that he would Seu two things himself and an idea. He made a list of All firms in the business and then studied How he could be of greatest help. Mind you he meant not merely to get a Job but actually to help the company make More Money. One of the companies was located in Brooklyn new York and right Here he had an idea. He spent two Days investigating the company before he applied. Then he wrote a letter something like this Quot would you like to increase your sales i can do that for you. And this is the Way i can do it Quot you Are located in Brooklyn. 19 minutes from Broadway and 42nd Street. Out of town buyers come Here expecting to Call on you. But they do not like the trip to Brooklyn so pass you up. What you need is a new York he devoted a paragraph to telling of his experience and then asked to come and see them. They could hardly wait to get him on the Telephone. He had another Surprise up his sleeve when he got there. He had investigated the Cost of office space in new York had it typewritten and Laid before them. There was the Man and there was his idea did he get the Job of course he did his idea was absolutely sound. The company the previous year made sales from its Brooklyn office exclusive of the travelling men it had on the Road of $17. Xxx. Well. Or. Walsh pitched in and sold $200,001 Worth of goods the first year the office was open. Not Only did he sell goods but he worked out packaging ideas and sales campaigns for his customers. What a simple idea it was. One that anybody can put to use. Done to go in and ask just for a Job. Anybody can do that. Study your prospects business and show him How you can help him make More Money. Will he want you then. Why hell grab you a he said it we sincerely believe that delinquents Are made not p. Davies Community service society. New York. It is a fact that generally speaking the world in which we live has largely last its mind. A Rev. Raymond Knox chaplain of Columbia University. Where will you find in the modern Church any adamantine opposition to War Rev. Or. Albert David Belden British Mission superintendent. Poles consider choosing Between Russia and Germany the same As choosing Between measles and Jerzy Potocki polish ambassador to the u. S. The search for Security a a Tho a 9n to Sun clan he by to for if. Bosk new York june to. A Salvador dab is the surrealist Painter whose work reflects a cerebral tempest As witness some of his pictures the alarm clock Flat As a Pancake the lady with the body of a piano the Man with seven pairs of hands Etc. And new Yorkus memory of the Day he hurled a surrealistic Bath tub through a fifth Avenue department store window because he did no to like the tub. Has not yet dimmed. Which is by Way of leading up to this anecdote the other Day dab entered a haberdashers to buy some neckties and after browsing through the polka dots the Diagonal and pin stripes and the solid shades he placed one up against his shirt and remarked Quot they done to harmonize Quot strange Dandy ism from an artist who confines his artistic practice to disharmony and discord. Every Man a Golf Champ every time a disgruntled golfer bemoans his game i can t help recalling the most painless 18 holes in the world that Are situated on Joe Cooke a estate at sleepless hollow. Joe a links Are half the Standard size and the tee offs Are in the most unlikely places. But the entire course is Cone shaped and slopes downward so almost any Way the Pill is hit a Hole in one results. If the Ball should happen to be driven into the rough a diminutive Caddy hurries Over with a new Ball and insists that you Start anew from the Green. Gracie can to remember a professional scatterbrain Gracie Allen enacts her absent mindedness in real life As Well. The other morning she and George bums entered a restaurant to find All tables occupied. While they waited a Patron Al the nearby bar started a conversation with George and looked self consciously in Gracie a direction. Quot who was that a Gracie asked As they moved away. A the looks familiar but i can t place Quot he directed your last picture a informed George Quot and he also bawled you out a couple of 8hopping-list for shows this is where y is truly puts out his vulnerable Chin. If i w Ere backed into a Corner and urged to name the eight Best shows in town for the out of town visitors Money this is the order in which i would Call them out 1. Quot Abe Lincoln in 2. 3. A the 4. Quot no time for 5. The american 6. The Philadelphia 7. A the Little 8. Quot leave it to so wit paging father time ten years ago local news David h. Blair former commissioner of internal Revenue in the City today declared he would not be a candidate for the United states Senate a Chicago baseball scout in High Point looking Over pointers a ten members of local fire department Complete first Aid course. About people a miss Ruth Jarrell left for two month tour of Western United states and Mexico. Miss Hazel Stewart visiting her aunt mrs. J. G. Sherf Andalusia. Ala. News Brief a Gastonia strike leaders said they would bring in nationally prominent lawyers to defend 60 strikers arrested in connection with an affray that Cost the life of police chief o. F. Aderholt. Dinner tonight in Washington honouring Jouett Shouse. Appointed lieutenant of democratic chairman John j. Raskob. How City councilmen and Mill guards saved Fred Erwin Beal from angry mob in South Gastonia revealed today. In that Case i think i would have gone 70 judge Artl of Cleveland hearing a speeders explanation that he was Rushing to see a Brand new 7-Pound son. Understand several of the Quot cutters in Hollywood film studios Are women no wonder we see so few of those Bathtub scenes these Days. Popular but false notion Durham morning Herald one of the More disturbing fallacies now widely held is that the interests of employer and employee Are antagonistic that the population can be divided into Consumers on the one hand and producers on the other and that bureaus commissions and boards set up to administer Laws having to do with the several segments of society must be staffed by men intimately associated with and partial to their respective segments. An example much in the headlines these Days is the National relations act and the Board in charge of administering it Norb. Following the false Assumption that the Way to administer a Law dealing with employer employee relationships is to name a Board composed of people of known basis the labor Folk were permitted to Quot nominated certain members of the Norb. In theory the Bias of labors nominees is checkmate by members Bias the other Way. Actually that Isnit True. At least the Norb Hasni to worked that Way. The same general formula obtains in regard to numerous other boards and commissions. And nowhere has it worked very Well though in some instances Board members have grasped the truth that a Public Agency that functions in the Public interest must forget group and factional interests. Now everybody w to thinks about the question at All knows that the interests of employers and employees Are Mutual not antagonistic that the interests of Consumers and producers Are Mutual that if it were Ever True it is no longer True that the country a population can be divided up into Independent groups having unilateral interests that can be advanced through unilateral or antagonistic action. Interdependence is the lubricant the Only lubricant that will make our economic machinery function smoothly. Employers employees politicians financiers editors and columnists Are and have been in Complete agreement on that Point. They All give uns tinted lip service to the principles of Mutual interests teamwork cooperation and interdependence. But lip service is not enough. It smoother not a wrinkle for this or that partisan to set up and say i am for business government co operation employer employee understanding and collective bargaining and i am ready to play by those rules. It takes work Haiti and persistent to smooth out wrinkles. And it takes impartial boards and commissions to referee bouts Between partial contestants. With unanimity that makes it impressive employers charge that the Norb is pro labor. Labor denies with a vehemence that suggests labor feels it has a Friendly referee and must Battle to preserve that advantage. That is natural. But it Isnit going to help matters unless and until employers temper their charge with a motion for impartial referees and labor surrenders its advantage and also embraces impartiality. The in Between Public is entitled to and ought to demand no less. Bacon and Shakespeare Greensboro record for the last 140 years the Bacon society has stoutly maintained that William Shakespeare was an uncouth and uneducated imposter who could not possibly have written the dramatic masterpieces attributed to him. According to members of the society sir Francis Bacon 1561-16261, philosopher scientist and writer was the author of the plays and poems believed by most people to have been written by the Bard of Avon master Shakespeare. The other Day a Bombshell was hurled into the midst of the 140-year-old controversy when or. Robin Flower Deputy keeper of the manuscripts of the British museum informed the Royal society of literature that exhaustive research of three manuscript pages of an alleged shakespearian play convinced him that the Bacon society a Contention was without any basis of fact or truth whatsoever. The three almost undecipherable pages he explained Are from a play about sir Twenty years ago local new a miss Bertha Nichols who spent 14 months overseas As nurse returns to High Point to report local boys in Brest France singing their desires to return Home. High Point real estate Market reported thriving. Luther Conrad Dies of injuries suffered in automobile Accident in Thomasville. About people a William Bennett went to Norfolk to accept Robert d. Penny left for Asheville to conduct auction Tom Kearns and Lawrence Matton left for Jackson Springs to attend week end House party. Carl Wood and Paul Gurley have been appointed to serve in the great worlds Centenary at Cleveland. New briefs Premier Clemenceau of France remains firmly against peace treaty with Germany Only eleventh hour concessions can prevent strike of 70,000 Telephone and Telegraph employees. Fight in u. S. Senate Over terms of peace treaty of president Wilson and peace commission confers on league of nations question. Barber shop quartets got together at Tulsa okla., the other Day. And no doubt the meeting was featured by a Lack of Harmony. A snob is a climber who is trying to get out of one social level into another. Not by increasing his own Worth but by cultivating All associations which May fool people into thinking that he belongs to a higher class than that to which his nature and achievement really entitle him a president Dixon Ryan Fox of Union College. Bruce Catton in Washington by Bruce Catton Hafa my rape Thomas More that was written by Shakespeare upon request of his company who feared censorship if the original was produced. These facts or. Flower declared fit in precisely with the known and recorded facts of Shakespeare a life. It is suspected that not so Many persons outside the cloistered pre cents of scholars Are intensely interested in the Bacon Shakespeare imbroglio. And it is doubted that the Racon society will be convinced by the Flower revelation. Washington. June of a sensational anti Trust drive in the building Industry awaits Only appropriation by Congress of the needed funds. Now pending is a Bill which would give the anti Trust Divi a Sion of the depart-1 ment of Justice Anil extra $500,000. If that increase passes a a nation wide drivel to break a whole series of restraints of i Trade in the building Industry p r o b a Bly will be launched. Preliminary studies Are in Progress already. But the anti Trust division has just five men to spare for the Job. It wants to use from 60 to too men on it to move into a dozen or a score of cities simultaneously and open up j the Industry from top to Bottom. May reveal a scandal if it is enabled to do this two re suits Are anticipated first there May be literally hundreds of indictments. Second building prices May by broken All along the line materials labor appliances and so on. Out of this the Justice department conf a Dently believes there would come the Long awaited breaking of the log Jam in the building Industry. Specifically. Thurman Arnold assistant attorney general in charge of the anti Trust division has asserted that Price Structure in the building Industry is unduly rigid because of practices common in every level of the Industry from top to Bottom. Amors such practices he declares Are thai following prices of materials Are fixed by variety of Means. In some cases hold ors of patents on building material allegedly control sales methods Ane even limit the quantities w hich a be sold among those w to handle thei products. Basing Point and zone Price systems Are common in some building materials industries. In certain industries to definite share of the business in alb 1 Ted to different concerns and the crack Down is applied to any firm which tries to get Mort than its share by cutting prices. Price Boycotts charged in the Field of distribution it Jal charged that collusive Mark ups Ana prevalent. Boycotts Are applied to it manufacturers who sell to distributor that Refuge to abide by these Mark-1 ups. In some cases distributors Boycott retailers who sell appliances direct to the consumer. There Are instances where a manufacturer has to it pay a distributor a commission whet he the manufacturer Sells an Appl Anre direct to a consumer eve though the distributor had Noth whatever to do with the Sale. Contracting rings which fix bids May he common. In some cities it is said that contractors maintain a Central Bureau which calculates the costs of various jobs and tells each contour Tor the bid he is to make. In one Way and another building trades labor unions May draw cards Mast of these practices. In some Case they May be in collusion with manufacturers or distributors in others. With contracts in still others they May set up their own restraints ast it the materials or methods which in j be used in building. On top of All of this it is claimed that there is a network of local regulations building codes devised in the interests of some or All of the groups to outlaw the use of cheap no trials or methods of construction and licensing and registration Law which keep outsiders from coming in to offer Price reducing Competition would sweep entire Field Arnold believes that the Only was to tackle this problem is to do it on a nation wide scale hitting every face of the Industry at one time. He re Marks that the Price rigidity exists no in the building Industry has been built up in spite of the fact that approx mat Cly 25 per cent of All the easel brought in the anti Trust division history have been brought in the building Industry. I rut abuse at a time one phase of the Dusty at a time he feels will Newt bring anything More than an isolated Short lived improvement in conditions. For the moment it is up to Conj Gross of Congress puts the increase appropriation through and present indications Are favourable one of the most spectacular and far reaching campaigns the anti Trust division hts Ever launched will get under Way a calculator which adds Enon sums in 12 seconds has been designed. One is needed in every congressional committee room. A Detroit Driver can to understand Why he was arrested for touring on of Golf course. After All he drove Down the Fairway. Uncle Sam forgot some things a getting up that big master map a the nation. It does no to show any Filiti no stations or hot dog stands. You can Sprinkle a Garden whirl won a prize at a Rhode Island show with an Eye Dropper. There fellow is the kind of a Garden to talk you wife into. Louisville ky., nicknames its or torsional football team the tanks it that what happens to those my husky boys after they get out of College f

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