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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jun 10 1939, Page 3

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 10, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Saturday june to 1939the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page three the Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family eminent reformer horizontal i head of the salvation army. 13 acidity. 14 unit. 15 Shaft part. 16 company of sailors. 17 grinding tooth. 19 great mass of ice. 21 hops Kiln. 22 burrowing mammal. 23 to surfeit. 24 hour abbr. 25 subdued colors. So Wrath. 32 poppy drug. 33 you and i. 35 heart 36 dispatched. 37 chum. 38 affirmative vote. 39 to decrease. 40 to contribute. 44 stalks of Grain. Answer to previous Lusile la mf4lwml3n la my Suhi Zumft a 49 puddle. 50 indigo. 52 to detest. 53 her father was the a of the salvation army. 54 she is an exceptional a or speaker pm56 nagers. 57 japanese Coin. 58 animal Trainer. Vertical 2 Spanish measure of length. 3 expert flyers. 4 an of. 5 Grain. 6 a noose. 7 insertion. 8 close. 9 exclamation. 10 eyes. 11 Olive Shrub. 12 wrongful act. 16 she is the a a of Many songs. 17 Clay Deposit. 18 Sun god. 20 her official title pm. 24 skirt Edge. 26 to mimic. Ii iniquity. 28 be still. 29 aquatic Bird. 30 frosty. 31 Hind. 34 funeral song. 37 nominal value. 39 fuses Metal. 41 series of Apical events. 42 the reason. 43 completed. 45 demonstrative pronoun. 46 polynesian Chestnut. 47 particle. 48 existed. 50 arid. 51 eternity. 53 musical note. 55 senior. A serial Story Bride on a budget by Janet Doran copyright iss. Nea service. Inc Uncle Ray s Corner .4 Little saturday talk i f p it b i or ii a by bar hit rn11 i Rwy. Hot Smrha it 26 n is 50 ii 5 a it j 45 46 47 in a 5j 54 Harrison in Hollywood stunt Man wants to do it hard Way but has to be restrained by director that awful looking blood you see in movie fights is Likely to be just chocolate cast of characters Iris Ives it in diam Bride who thought love in me first and Money could take care of itself. Bart Whitta of by a right Cour bridegroom who looked at the Bank Book first and his wife a fee award. Yesterday Iris learns at tier wedding supper about barfs True attitude about Money. She hides her own views so that the first Cloud comes Over their marriage. Chapter Iii it was declared the new mrs. Bart Whittaker just like her to be that rattled Over her wedding and the supper at the Tivoli afterwards to completely forget about sunday and shops being closed. It was just their Luck to face the very first Day of their married life with not a thing in the pantry to Cook. A no sunday dinner Bart in a a wretched woman a Iris wailed. A we can throw something together from Odds and ends in a not fussy about any big dinner sunday Quot said the bridegroom cheerfully. But his Bride was not to be consoled. A there Are no Odds and ends. Of lord and master a a she stated Holloway a looks like the Young Whittaker gnaw a Hotdog at a lunch Wagon. Of Well it could be worse Bart. I might have forgotten your breakfast Bacon and your favorite shirred Quot can you make an Melet a he asked suddenly inspiration lending wings to his imagination. Iris made a Grimace. Quot can a she agreed a but wont. This is the first Day of our marriage mister Whittaker and we Start out they had roast Chicken and fresh Strawberry sherbet at the very Swank Little Pickwick Brill a popular Dine and dance adjunct to the old Hostler a inn overlooking Linwood common in the business District. They had Romaine salad and Black Coffee in eggshell tiny cups and a single yellow Jonquil nodding in a slender vase in the Center of their tiny table. They had music by the famous four horsemen orchestra and the Check was for $3 20, but Iris said it was Worth it. They had atmosphere did t they on the Way out a Flower vender accosted them and Bart never knew that Iris picked the Pickwick Grill because past experience had taught her that there was always a Flower woman prowling the Street in front of the old Hostler a inn and the Bon ton cafe a Flowers for the pretty lady Quot the old woman whined. Bari made an impatient gesture but Irish fingers tightened pleadingly on his Arm. A adar ruling a she cooed plaintively a Wisn t it too funny i think she knew All along that you wanted me to Wear violets remember How you insisted yesterday and then promised you a buy me some to Wear on my suit after a if Bart remembered that it had been she who did the planning on the Violet Issue the Day before he said nothing. But already in one Day he had spent As much As Iris invested in her entire weeks Gro series. A still it was the first Day of their married life. It was their very first Day of being or. And mrs. Bart Whittaker. You could t tote an adding machine and a double entry bookkeeping system around with you on that Day. They went for a walk out beyond the lower Falls because it was such a Beautiful warm Spring Day and they had to be indoors All week but by the time they a reached the spot where Bart hoped to find trailing Arbutus under the warm dry leaves Iris discovered her feet Hurt. Quot it a walking so far she said plaintively. Quot i guess in a just a Sissy after All. Do you suppose there a a bus Back to town a there was. And in the Campus chocolate shop they had toasted cheese sandwiches and hot Coffee and cake and Iris decided they must see the new feature at the downtown met. Quot ifs Carole Lombard. Bart and you know How you always like her. So Gay and Peppy and such Daffy stories she plays going to sleep that night with her Blond head curved into the warm hollow of Bart a shoulder Iris decided they a eat out All next week. Too. It was such fun and the food was so grand and it did no to Cost much More than cooking at Home did. She even planned w hat shed do with the Money she saved. Money she would t have to spend on groceries and meat and fruit and Cream if Bart took her out to Dine. There was that Jonquil yellow knitted dress she d wanted so. And the new Honey beige kid sandals and the Little Burnt Orange Straw hat that was scarcely More than an inverted Waffle with a Perky Bow at one Edge. It would mean budget payments for seven or eight weeks but she was married now. And Bart would help with expenses. It would be easier now it was that very monday noon that the girls in the office insisted she lunch with them and introduce the Brand new husband. Iris tried to evade the invitation but had to capitulate when they crowded her. A Bart May not be Able to make it a she explained uneasily. A a he a better a Ellen Kent chuckled a for Well ask a proxy someone so devastating hell regret playing a fall right a Bart said a trifle shortly when Iris telephoned him at the shop a few minutes later a though i have Only an hour Iris. I have to get right Back to the shop and relieve Henry so he can go to a Henry won t die if you re a few minutes late. Bart after All he works for you and you be some say about things. I should Bart did no to answer that. He Felt that women rarely understood the duties and responsibilities of a Man toward his help and attempts to explain the Bond Only confused the Issue further. A a we re All going dutch Iris explained promptly when Ellen told him they a decided on the Tivoli Quot everyone loves the monday italian specials they have at the Tivoli so we thought if each one paid for her lunch wed have something really Good and not be a Burden to that night Bart brought Home a Pound and a half of Steak a cauliflower and a pineapple and suggested they eat at Home. A but of course Darling Quot his Bride exclaimed wistfully a you know How i love to hide away in our Little nest Here. Only Well i wish id known. There Are so Many things we have to have to make a really Good a a done to you buy your groceries ahead Iris a Bart asked bluntly. She dimpled a shy smile at him As she wriggled into the Lilac Satin Houseboat and hauled the Zipper up. Patting the purple Sash into position fondly. A mostly things have to be bought As they re used. Bart when you be no pantry. These Small places have Only a Cabinet and refrigerator. And it Means buying As you go along it in t such a bad plan a it s an expensive one Iris look you save dollars buying bargains in Large lots. But you know that a yes. I know Bart. It makes me so mad. It seems As if the people with Money enough to not worry Over savings get All the bargain chances while the folks who really need to economize make it up by paying extra for Small quantities of a Well lets see what we need Honey can to be he went to the Little store around the Corner and spent $2.70 on the list Iris gave Bim and by the time she had the meal cooked by paix Harrison aka service staff writer Hollywood. June to. A be ind the screen Paramount has list had a labor riot Complete a re five alarm fire at night and killing. But All for the cameras f course. It took quite a hit of fixing. Bey built platforms 50 feet High or the photographers. They fire roofed a big sound stage Tiea thed it in corrugated Metal and then made it look like a fac try building with hidden Gas jets and charges of lae podium to Lake it appear to be blazing. Hey hired extra firemen and policemen and ambulance Crews and hundreds of extras and some Lunt men. A Loyal employee of the factory Clarence Kolb was supposed to limb a ladder and fight the fire and to be shot off the roof by the Loters below. This was to be one by showing Kolb on the Lader and then in a Long shot Havig the stunt completed by a double Jimmy Dundee. The latter was sulking As final reparations were being made. I got a Good idea about he Aid. Quot but Al Santell the directs wont let me do it. See i rant to go up the ladder about 0 feet then have the mob pull it sideways so it slides Over to that tin roof. Id let go of the ladder and Bounce off the sloping roof and fall on that pile of tin cans and broken Glass. That d really be a stunt but in be gotta do it the easy Santell was standing nearby and heard the complaint. He warned Quot listen my Good Man done to you go getting yourself Hurt or 1 11 break your neck a pretty soon there were yells of a fall rights Well shoot it a the Gas flames roared the lae podium burned fiercely police struggled with the crowd As firemen turned hoses on the Blaze. A Large smokestack crumbled and crashed. The stunt Man climbed the ladder and As a shot rang out he stiffened and fell with an awful thud. A Cut a called Santell. A you All right. Jimmy a Quot yeah a said Dundee. A but i need a dry shirt a chocolate Bloor the horrible Maniff nations of internal bleeding that you see on the screen Are done by drooling Mouthful of melted chocolate. Except in technicolor when the victims have to use something less tasty. But on the set of a Bright Victory which is not a sequel to her head was aching and Bart had the dishes wished onto him As an after dinner Token. But he whistled cheerfully As he cleaned up the Kitchen confident that he had married the one and Only wonder girl in the world and that their future was a wide Serene Road to Paradise. It took time to get things organized and get adjusted to changes and Iris was not used to running a Home for two. The next Day her headache was exchanged for a scratchy Throat and Iri insisted she Felt too Punk to care about eating much of anything. They could go around the Corner to the Campus chocolate shop Aud have a hot vegetable soup and Rolls and shed go straight Home and to bed after. Only the hot soup was so Good. Her Throat Felt much better after shed had the invigorating Broth and a lamp chop and the regular menu followed. With Spanish Cream extra. Bart thought of the Triangle of left Over Steak he had planned to Dine on supplemented w ill a chop for Iris and his budget Book had a sever crimp in it even without consulting the figures. Tit that first week was but o forerunner of weeks to come that were to fall into the same pattern. Iris was tired after her Day at the office too tired to Cook supper for them. But not too tired to dance at the Cove inn or the Royal Palace Arcadia or the Blue Moon. And after a w Hile Bart stopped arguing stopped protesting. After a while he grew to dread the menacing threat of her Swift tears and Stormy sobbing if he tried to remonstrate with her or deviate from the course she wanted their matrimonial bark to cruise on. A Why Bart Money in t everything. And we re Only Young she cried petulantly. Then winding her warm round arms tight about his neck. A a done to you love me Darling done to you want your Little wife to have any fun it in t As if you weren to the handsomest Mau on the dance floor and by far the Best dancer. It Isnit As if i were half dizzy with Pride Over my big Hubby a so they w ent. And the holes in the budget grew bigger and bigger. Until the budget became practically lace. Badly torn lace. Held together with the fragile delicate thread of Bart a love for her his belief that everything would come out All right. It was bound to. Iris was Young she was Giddy now but shed get it out of her system and Settle Down All girls did. To he continued some months ago Richard bar Rick a boy who reads our column asked me to write about a the value of one Good thing about travel is its Power to broaden our minds and viewpoints. We learn that things Are not always done As we have been used to seeing them done in our Home City Village or country District. A through the Ages people have found out things by travelling. The travellers have Learned and they have taught people they met. The ancient phoenicians were great travellers and they Are honoured for having spread knowledge of the alphabet. It seems certain they a i not invent the alphabet but they found out about it and passed the facts along. The Art of writing helped them in their trading when they sailed to Greece and other lands on the Borders of the Mediterranean sea another value of travel comes from the people me Weet. No matter what country we visit we can be sure it contains Many kindly and Worth while people. We May not Aud Many of them but they Are there if we look for them. I think every traveler who takes his Good nature with him is Sun to meet Friendly people in a for Meigu land. In my travels i have covered about a Quarter of a million mile by railway and Steamer and or every journey abroad i have mad new friends. When i have no known How to reach a certain Public building or railway station i always have found people what were glad to Tell me How to gel there. Quite often a Man a gone out of his Way to walk along Side me until i reached the place i was looking for. We can learn about history in our travels such places As the British museum in London and the louvre in Paris contain hundreds of objects which Date Back to ancient times. There Are statues made by ancient greeks and romans. There Are Small playthings which were used by it it oys and girls of ancient Egypt. A one Good hint for travellers is this be sure to read about noun tries before you visit them. Know something about their history and their old customs. This will make you enjoy your visit More and will help you to understand the things you see. Uncle Ray. Join the new 19,19 Uncle Ray scrapbook club to Uncle Ray Are of the High Point Enterprise High Point x. C. Dear i Nch Bay i want to join the 1030 Uncle Bay scrapbook club and i enclose a St looped envelope carefully addressed to my. Self. Please Send me a membership Torti Fichte a leaflet telling How to make a Corner scrapbook of my own and a printed design to paste on the cover of my scrapbook. Name Street or r. F. A. City. State or province. A Mckenney on Bridges defense must be Alert to Rob Declarer of his Trump strength and contract by us. E. Mckenney Secretary a Merit tit contract Bridge league Side glances to ask for a raise dear but the Boss has already said he a taking a world cruise this cranium crackers what in you know about new York this is the sixth in a series of in quizzes prepared by Nea service writers anti columnists who Are regular contributors to this newspaper. Is by George Rohm writer of near a in new York since new York is the worlds greatest City you should know something about it. This quiz will show you How much you do a or done teach Correct answer gives you. One Bright Light on Broadway. And to beat average you must illuminate at least five. I. What does mayor la guardian first name mean 2 what a the name of the world s tallest Structure on Manhattan Island 3. How Many counties does new York City contain 4. What is Greenwich Village noted for 5. Where do new yorkers do i Mort of their Ocean bathing 6. New York is nicknamed a the what two Rivers j 7. Locate the worlds busiest vehicular intersection. Its in Manhattan. Look on want and Page by the Correct answers. A a Mussolini is lavish in his Praise of Italy s military mannered women. Italian men probably done to see anything so Good about it. A dark Victory nobody was getting killed. It was just a fight a Knockdown drag out Brawl Between Melville Cooper and Freddie Bartholomew and Jackie Cooper. The elder Cooper and Bartholomew Are father and son who unwittingly have Given Jack Cooper a raw Deal by Selling him out to some unscrupulous Oil Barons. When they come to his House expecting to make amends Jack knocks Freddie Down and piles into his father. Bartholomew reenters the scrap and Young Cooper whirls on him with a Haymaker that brings out the chocolate blood Freddie is holding in his Mouth. First time they tried it the big punch was so realistic that the bleeding was More like a Geyser than a trickle. It would have looked like murder. So they tried it again right away while Bartholomew still was dizzy from the blow and before his face swelled. The Young Man can take it. Still in their spattered clothes hut being very decorous and gentlemanly Jack and Freddie then double dated Sheila of Sullivan Maureen skid sister to lunch. The family doctor you actually have fewer Bones As you mature but How Many by or. Morris Fis Hhd in editor. Journal of the american medical association and of Hygeia the health Magazine the quiz for this week deals with the Structure of the human body. Again there Are five questions to which 20 Points each May be assigned. If you Are Well informed you will have at least a score of 60. 1. The skin of the human body Weighi for a Man of 150 pounds a total of Ato pounds by 20 pounds c8 pounds d6 pounds or e25 pounds. 2. There Are in the body of a Man 4 0 years old the following number of Bones Atoo b150 c175 cd206 e270. 3. The heart of the average Man is As big ast Grapefruit ban English Walnut Ca football Dan Apple this head. 4. The kidneys Are in the stomach Chest Abdomen Aback buttocks. 5. The thymus k a Ageo graphical Structure a musical instrument Ca gland concerned with growth to a game Ean article of wearing apparel. Answers 1. The skin of a human being makes a surface 20 feet Square and weighs about six pounds. 2. A Man 40 years old had 206 Bones in his body�?26 in the spine. 23 in the Skull 25 in ribs and breastbone 64 in the arms 62 in the legs and six in the ears. A baby at birth has 270 boned. As it grows these Combine to make eventually a total of 206. 3. The average Many a heart is five inches Long. Three and one half inches wide and two and one half inches thick. It weighs la ounces it is thus about the size of the average Man s fist. 4. The kidneys Are located in the Abdomen. There Are two. They he one on each Side of the spine toward the Back. 5. The thymus is a gland which is present in Young children and disappears As they grow older. It is believed to be concerned with growth. The Smi mute look and learn by a. C. Gob Don 1. Which of the disciples did Jesus enable to walk upon the water 2. What economic Law governs All buying and Selling in business 3. What is the name of the native of new zealand 4. Who said a it is Best not to Swap horses when crossing a Stream 5. What name is applied to Coffee from Arabia ans ebs j. Deter. 2. The Law of Supply and demand. 3. Maori 4. Abraham Lincoln in reply to congratulations on his renomination for president in 1864. 5. Mocha. Lessons Ltd English by w. L. Gordon How can i ? by Anne Ashley q. How can i be More economical in the use of Ugar when sweetening fruit punch or other beverages a. Make a syrup of sugar and water for this purpose. It is far easier to govern the sweetness and it is also More economical. Q. How can i cause the silk underclothing to Iron perfectly a. Fold it when dry and wrap in the Center of the bundle of sprinkled clothes. It will absorb just enough dampness. Q. How can i brighten the fireplace bricks a. By first scrubbing with hot soapsuds then applying a coat of hot boiled Oil using a paint Brush. Words often misused do not say. A agreeable with your letter of recent say. A agreeably to your Lette of rent often Xavier Saint Francis. Pronounce Nav i or a As in have or As in eave. Often misspelled Seminary Ary. Not Ery. Synonyms congeal condense coagulate thicken Harden stiffen freeze. Word study a use a word three times and it is let a increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today sword intercept to interrupt the course of. A the letter was a a howar0 of Miu the word you Are shout to took St in the split seconds that they hit your eyes form a new kind of reporting this will take sixty seconds to read while Vou Are Reading these facts the events they describe Are actually taking place. What happens in one minute on Earth. A world is in to Tun. Destiny unfolds itself Start Reading social Security Board Grants to the states for Aid to dependent children come to $90 every sixty seconds. America makes a Hundred pounds of skid chains a minute a for its motor vehicles. In one minute the United states produces two thousand bushels of Oats. Nautical note navigational and other sea instrument Are made in this nation at a rate of Twenty dollars work a minute. Soviet Russia spends Twenty five Hundred dollars each time a minute dashes by on Educa Tion. Japan largest single Export item is Cotton materials the rising Sun ships out a thousand Square Yards a minute. Every minute of every hour Vancouver British Columbia Canada packs a Hundred and sixty Pound of canned Salmon. The average bituminous Coal Miner produces six pounds a minute the value of goods manufactured in Buenos Aires South America averages Over $1,000 each minute of the year. In the minute that a about Over a Brazil South America produced four Yio usand Pound of Cotton seed Stop it Kadin go. This is hand no. 20 of the 1939 world Bridge olympic contest conducted by the american contract Bridge league. Each hand involves a definite principle in bidding or play. I. East has a sound opening had. Should he open with one Daimond or one Spade. 2 How should the bidding proceed. If East opens with one Spade 3. After ruffing the third heart should East pick up the Trumps Aud then run the Diamond tilt 4 if East leads a club after ruffing the third heart and South wins with the Ace of clubs. What i suit should he then play solution to Bridge quiz 1. East s opening bin a Ouid he one Spade. There ate times when holding a four card biddable Spade suit and a four card biddable Diamond suit that the Diamond suit should be old first but i with five Spades and four diamonds it is almost always advisable to bid the Spade suit first. 2. South should Overall with two hearts not three. West should ibid two Spades. East should not show the Diamond suit but should i go right to four Spades which should be the final contract. 3. No. That would give Declarer 4 4 v 10 9 8 a 9 7 5 3 2 4 8 6 5 3 4 k q j v j 5 2 a q 10 8 4 j to 9 4 4 106 53 vakq74. A 6 4 a 7 2 West dealer both a ii. Only nine tricks. His Only Chance to make the contract is to Lead the Queen of clubs and Hope that the opponents will refuse to win the first round of clubs. In that event the Declarer can Cash five a a Pade tricks four diamonds and a club for to tricks and game. 4. As shown in the answer to question 3, South must go right up with the Ace of clubs when East leads the Queen. Then i should continue with a heart even though it will give the Declarer a Ruff in one hand and a discard in the other. Regardless of the hand in which Declarer cuffs the ten of Spades will be established for South which is the setting trick flapper Fanny copyright 1939. Esquire features inc Modem etiquette by Doherta Lek q. What kind of card should one enclose with a wedding gift a. A visiting card or a Plain White card with ones name on it. Q. Is the phrase Quot i wish to make you acquainted with a a improper a. It could not be called improper. But should be avoided. Q. What is a Good fruit course to serve for lunch t a. The most popular fruits Are Grapefruit Melon or a mixture i of fruits Cut into email pieces. In \ we a Well the Best i can explain it to you is Glamor is what it takes to get two scoops of ice Cream in your

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