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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 4, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 12c High Point Enterprise suit Joy june 4, 1972 news about books sunday crossword answer on Page 3-d edited by Mararri Farrar copt. 72 Gail emm con. By Kretya by Robert Marls that there has been a revival of attitudes among the american people toward big business is obvious. Big business is the object of anti pollution suits. Its profits Are pointed to in the Call for tax Reform and the closing of tax loopholes. It is the target of consumer Wrath aroused by defective merchandise and poor service. The reaction goes deeper than in the Days of the muckrakers and the first anti Trust Laws. The business ethic a the profit for the Sake of profit motive is being questioned today. It is no longer fashionable for the Young person to set As his goal in life a Job with the big corporation. Some of the problems big business is having with its image Are related in the Book a in the name of profit profiles in corporate irresponsibility a by Robert l. Heilbroner. He is in effect editor for the Book which is a collection of articles about scandals and machinations in the world of big business. Colman Mccarthy for example who is an editorial writer for the Washington Post. Is the author of the article about a school bus owner in Washington. The Man bought several new buses and then had a continuous round of troubles with the vehicles. They were continually breaking Down. His complaints to general motors who built the buses brought no satisfaction. In one instance according to Mccarthy general motors executives attempted to place the blame on Thomas car works in High Point. Thomas built the bodies for buses but All of the problems were in the Chassis the brakes the transmission. Among other cases reported in the Book there is the account of How executives of a Large drug firm kept promoting and Selling a drug they knew had Adverse Side effects. Representatives of nine Oil companies bribed the mayor of Woodbridge no. To get a zoning variance. A Laboratory report on an aircraft Brake was falsified although executives of the company knew the Brake might fail during the manned test flight. Another article tells How directors of corporations often Are paid Well for Selling out their own stockholders. What emerges finally from this Book is a picture of top executives in big businesses who Are regarded As solid citizens Well respected in their communities. Yet they Are tempted by and so often succumb to the corporate Structure. They yield to the pull for More profits and personal rewards. Does working for a corporation mean violating ones conscience0 a a who should my conscience bother me a asked one executive. That is the question that needs to be answered in big business As Well As in big government. Book review farcical foolishness across i William Howard and other. Scarf. To Early Aga. 14 Cairo Nam a 19 marching. 20 scope. 21 cartoon of note. 22 s. California town. 23 Progre despite difficulty. 25 dislike Ai Between two people. 27 baseball platonic. 20 new zealand tree. 29 put pro tend. 30 nod ear acid for Aholt. Is mate. S3 Sweet Brian. 34 washing. Ionian. 38 t a Man. 39 Sho hear up. 41 Leningrad s hirer. 42 sly look. 43 dub. 41 proprietor. 47 minimized. 49 Kathu Niantic. 52 living Quarter. 54 landscape feature. 55 hoodwink. 54 youth 57 March is. 59 swim River into Tho Danube. 40 journey. 61 new prefix. 62 hide hair. 63 spirited. 65 to part. 66 men of degree. 67 audience participation entertainment. 69 make fun of. 72 void of interest. 74 put Trust in. 77 a be prepared group abbr 80 angers lag. 81 fad. 82 Broch an. 83 Fine Mayfair. 84 liquor. 85 Ain of a ear Tam Hunter. 87 Meir. 89 Bridge bid. 91 car part. 92 reply nine. 94 stagnation. 95 i meet. 96 Plain. 97 Early 99 cry of Surprise. Too milk for. 102 entertainment in 83 Arr a. 103 Snag Plana 105 Plant. 108 Van. 109 door pact. 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To Painter sooty Black Oriental style. 79 Elee. Unit. 82 antiquated. 86 hair preparation. 87 liquid measure. 88 French department. 90 Frame for Pool balls. 92 disagree. 93 plagues. 96 beauties. 98 olympian. 100 oils. 101 rink. 102 a aeon 104 but lag. 106 Mara dilatory. 107 Anthony at Al 109 Fem. Titles. In Hooter. 114 Dils pirated. 115 initials of the 1930�?Ta. 116 school Subj. 117 see 102 across. 118 Rural scene. 119 cultivate. Book review the Twilight s last gleaming. By Leon Arden. Crown. $5.95. Farcical and full of foolishness this novel pokes fun at contemporary issues and at some of the people who Are contentious about those issues. The heroine is Lorrie Benglesdorf almost 20 years of age. Who has had a habit of writing letters to politicians. Suddenly like Joan of arc she starts hearing voices. They seem to be voices of statesmen from the period of the american revolution such As Jefferson and Franklin and she takes this As an excuse to appoint herself a new Type revolutionary. Then there is Justin warm Flash. An associate professor of history and an Amateur filmmaker who dreams of making the worlds greatest documentary movie on a financial shoestring. Lorrie has been in Justin a classes and they become lovers. But the affair is interrupted by lome a return to her old Home to wit where she wants to become a leftist activist and she is followed Home by Justin. With Lorrie plotting the move a handful of oddballs bum Down the local draft office and later stage anti pollution demonstrations against the Towms Only factory. With Justin shooting a film record of the commotions of course. The characters include a pompous army colonel who is a super Patriot. He has designs on Lorrie when he is assigned putting Down the demonstrations. There also is a Black activist and an american Indian. The dialogue is full of the nonsense non sequitur Type of humor sprinkled with four letter words. As Well As being a situation comedy this novel is a free Wheeling Jumble of wit and sardonic comment on society. Hasidic portraits Harkness on tour new York a the Harkness Ballet will tour the United states in 1972. Starting in february the Harkness will dance i n Fredericksburg a. Chapel Hill . Knoxville Tenn. Huntsville. Ala. Suwannee Tenn. Meridian miss. Baton Rouge la. Biloxi miss. Tallahassee s t. Petersburg we est Palm Beach it. Lauderdale Sarasota and it. Walton Beach Fla. Columbus miss. Birmingham Atlanta r i c a mond Baltimore and Philadelphia. The company had a summer fall tour in Europe which included Germany Holland and 18 cities in Spain. Souls on fire portraits and Ligands of hasidic masters. By Elia withal. Random House. $7.95. Who Are the has ids they Are a special kind of jew. The men they Call masters Are practical mystics. The sayings of these masters a some of the sayings a Are As simple and homely As proverbs. You could Ponder one of the sayings for a lifetime. Or from one of them you could take advice for the next moment. Perhaps that a Why this Book a about an esoteric subject a is on two National Best seller lists. The has ids a As our time knows them a gathered around certain Wise men and wonder workers in Central Europe. The first master the Ball Shem Tov was bom in 1700. There Are hasidic jews in Brooklyn a and other places. Their fellow jews look on them As curiosities. A Cha Side comes from the hebrew word a aches eds a Elie Wiesel a Grandfather was a Hassid known in their transylvanian Village As a a fabulous Wiesel was a child in concentration Camps. Eleven published books attest to his Story telling Success. As Wiesel tells it a hasidic master was Likely to dance like a Dervish or speak in riddles like a zen teacher. If the has ids claimed islam instead of Israel they could surely be called sufi a hasidic master could be Rich but was mostly poor might have the common touch a or close his doors. The names fall outlandish on the modern american ear the Maggid of of of Phi see. Of the masters a and their disciples a that we meet in Wiesel a Book closest to our of time is Menahem Mendl of Kotsko. He died in 1859. Menahem Mendl seemed always to be wrestling with Angels a and losing. He destroyed his writings but things he said survived. He might have said them tomorrow. On silence Quot the cry one holds Back is More on commitment a the Middle of the Road is for on adversity a in hell one prays better t h an in on god a the resides where he is allowed to that a the sort of practical Provert a souls on fire has to help people who can stand to be haunted a Little. To rent a $3.50 per we. La paid 4 weak in Advance we deliver phone 888-7902 i to i win vol k he a to Delight a enjoy financial Sec tint a by i our Oun boy a Breu Stingl orator scholarship to be Given at the Amateur hair styling con test monday Jine 5th 7 i Ltd . Anyone can enter. Call 882-6115 monday for kill details. Artistic Beauty College 327 it n main St. Tai 882 6415 my dad s a Pool shark and our House is fun in our Back Yard we have a regulation size. Quality outdoor Pool table it s water proof weather resistant and so Tough i can use it of mom dad and their friends Ever quit join the Captain High Point s finest seafood restaurant offering the Best fresh seafood and Choice steaks at lowest prices. My a television log 3 a my Greensboro q a Btu Charlotte a Wunch University station a a Wols Roanoke 3 a Gap High Point a Wujs Winston Salom s soc Charlotte today 12 08 noon 3 Davey and Goliath a Fred Kirby a rascals 3 reaction j boating to invitation to life a Navy hour 12 30 . J face the nation 18 help yourself a eyewitness report a year 2000 h governments half hour 1 00 . 3x3 putt putt Golf 3 directions is do a meet the press 1 30 . 3 water world j Nashville music g primary wrap up a film festival 2 00 . 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A guide to love a Hazel a sesame Street a movie a Lassie a Merv Griffin a love american style 4 30 . A Flintstones a Daniel Boone a Gilligan s Island a the monsters 5 00 . A Daniel Boone a Mist Erogers a Petticoat Junction a Gilligan a Island 5 30 . A truth or cons. A electric company a 5 30 news a Dick Van Dyke a what a my line a wild wild West Wujs log 2 00pm Bob Gordon theatre a i spy a a Laredo a then came Bronson Quot. Capsule views of today s evening programs seafood restaurant 8 n. Main St. Tai. 888-9956. Callar i it Patio billiards o. A it swimming c. 116 Stagecoach Trail Graan Thara. N c 27410 919 292-6125 4 p. M. 2 Kemper open highlights of the final rounds of the Golf tournament from Charlotte. 12 quest for Hope a group of prominent theologians take part in a discussion held at the ecumenical Institute for advanced Theo logical studies in Jerusalem. 7 p. M. 0 a Lassie a Lassie and a nesting Linnet hatching her eggs in a City Park bring two lonely people together and Start a Romance. 112 circus Bert Parks with a show about some of the worlds greatest circus acts. Ground of the Normandy invasion. I wild kingdom joining a research project aimed at measuring the heartbeat of an african Buffalo Perkins and Brock find they first have to Lasso the subject a one of the continents most dangerous animals. J2 a Disney a a wild Burro of the a Small pack Burro is torn Between Friendship for an old prospector and an instinctive desire to run free with a wild Herd. 0 p. M. I a the Fri a professional killer Steven Chandler is sought by the Fri and also by the Syndicate Boss who intends to have him executed 9 p. M. 1 Abc sunday movie a nothing but the bests Alan Bates stars As an opportunistic Young Man who will Stop at nothing a even murder a to get to the top of the financial ladder. 12 a Bonanza a Hoss incurs the Wrath of a neighbouring rancher when he announces his plan to marry a girl who was raised by indians. 9 30 p. M. 2 Cade s county cadets search for a prisoner who has jumped bail takes him to a Small mining town run by an old Man who tries to talk the sheriff out of his investigations. For bungling an assignment. To p. M. P a 1 30 pm in 12 the bold ones will 2 lbs sunday movies 12 Jimmy Stewart a Geer guest stars a cd Day the sixth of june a crisis develops in the House with Robert Taylor Richard hold when pm decides his Todd Dana Wynter. A love family should live in a Sepa Story set against the Back rate House. As an eccentric retired attorney who devises a macabre scheme to punish a former client

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