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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 4, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather Cantina and sunny warm Mort data on Paga 9-a 88tk year a no. 156 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A sunday morning june 4, 1972 102 pages Call us circulation. Ssm71 classified ads .085-2177 All Othar departments 1152141 daily 10c, sunday 25c six a a a for on wors to questions or help with a problem Call or writ action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Rare disease q. I am searching for persons who Are afflicted with a rare disease called scleroderma. I am one such person and will be most Happy to hear from others. Please write to me. No collect Calls we now have a scleroderma research foundation set up and i Hope to hear from my goal of 1,-000 interested victims. To Date i have heard from 900 such persons who want to help do whatever they can to combat this dreadful disease. Scleroderma is a hidebound crippling painful disease which often affects the vital organs also. Cause and cure Are unknown. Please print my note in your column As the other editors have done throughout the country. I shall be most grateful to you. Please help us. Mrs. John Barlot 704 Gardner Center Road new Castle a. 16101. Mildew won t do q. Will you Palasa toll to How to got mildew out of books. In this Damp weather our books have mildew on them. Thank you. Anon. A. Try to remove it with a soft dry cloth then spread the pages of the books fan Wise to air in the Sunshine. If you could place a lamp to generate a Little heat near the Bookcase that might help keep the air drier. And you can try chemical dehumidifiers such As Silica gel or Calcium Chloride placed in containers in the area. Cornstarch or Talcum powder sprinkled Between the pages of books for several hours will absorb excess moisture. Adequate ventilation is the key to preventing mildew. Wafer sewer bid of w8# tfi8 of Ope of y own Tri on Thomas Road Ara wondering Why to Haven t gotten City water and sower yet As we petitioned for it and it was passed Over one year ago. We think Tho residents of High Point should got it before Archdale. Anon. A. City Engineer Jim Oliver says this project requires a sewer outfall which is to go across property owned by o u t of town persons. This caused a delay in acquiring right of Way but the protect is now scheduled for construction in june 1972. Or step one find owner q. Why in t something done about Tho cars at 207 they Are Ell around right next to Tho House above the Church and i think they should Movo All those cars. Thank you. Or. T. W. A. The building inspections office reports that they belong to an Absentee owner and just As soon As they can locate this person orders will be Given to comply with the code. Junkers amp clunkers q. A few weeks ago in your column you mentioned the fact that at two houses on Tho funked cars parked Thoro would be moved by april is and this is now May s and Tho wrecked cars Are still there of these people wore put on notice and were supposed to have those moved by april 15 according to Tho City inspector Why has t the City seen that this has been done thank you. Neighbor having to look at this junk each time she raises out of Tho bed in the mornings. A. That sign off of yours was the greatest. All that slacking is the background music of a choir singing the rousing chorus of a Welcome. Happy morning a to the junk one of the cars has been moved says chief building inspector Freeman Hill and time was extended on the other at one House. The owner of the car at the other House has been notified to remove or comply by displaying 1972 License plates. Bowles and Holshouser Galifianakis Are winners Gardner edged Taylor bid fails Jordan Defeated handily Galifianakis California May decide nomination los Angeles a sen. George Mcgovern carrying the momentum and the risk of the heavy favorite faces sen. Hubert h. Humphrey tuesday in californians presidential primary where the prize May be the democratic nomination for the White House. The Winner will take away 271 presidential nominating votes and if Mcgovern can approach the landslide forecast by Public opinion surveys it could propel him to first ballot Victory at the democratic National convention five a weeks hence. Humphrey scoffed at the Independent California poll that rated Mcgovern the Leader by 20 per cent called the figures nonsense and said even if he loses he has no intention of folding his political tent. Californians is one of four primaries tuesday As the Long season of democratic balloting nears an end. It is the one that counts the one that has claimed the biggest investment of Campaign time and Money and the one Mcgovern must win. Mcgovern said he had not thought the spread Between Humphrey and himself As great As the poll by Field research corp., reported. But his own organization conducted a Survey that showed him 16 percentage Points ahead., Rose wins in by Rob Wood associated press writer Raleigh . A rep. Nick Galifianakis the 43-year-old son of greek immigrant parents who was Given no Chance of Victory a few months ago saturday Defeated the Veteran sen. B. Everett Jordan in North Carolinas senatorial Runoff election. Galifianakis will face Republican Jesse Helms a Raleigh television executive in the november general election. Galifianakis who conducted a p e r s o a to person Campaign throughout the states too counties Rode a wave of votes from the metropolitan sections of the Industrial Rich Piedmont Crescent to beat Jordan the 75-year-old millionaire owner of a textile Mill who has 14 years seniority in the . had come close in the first primary a month ago getting 49 per cent of the vote in a four Man race. This time he did it despite Jordan a most Active Campaign since he was appointed and reelected twice to the Senate. With 2, precincts reported Galifianakis had 315,407 votes a Jordan on to a Bowles Holshouser Rogers praises Moscow pacts by Lewis Gulick associated press writer Washington a Secretary of state William p. Rogers returned from Europe saturday night saying the agreements reached in Moscow a a could Lead the Way to a much More peaceful world. At the same time Rogers cautioned against Over optimism and said the agreements should be looked at tie Secretary said Unity must be maintained among Western allies. A we have to strike a delicate balance Between detente and defense a Rogers said. Rogers flew into Andrews air Force base near Washington from Berlin where he signed the new Berlin agreement earlier in the Day and paid a Surprise visit to communist East Berlin. After joining the foreign ministers of Britain France and the soviet Union in a Friendly signing ceremony at West berlins Allied control Council building Rogers drove to the East sector of the City for an hours sightseeing. Creel Ingram in Council of victorious state races by Noel Yancey associated pros writer Raleigh a w. C. Billy Creel won the democratic nomination for labor commissioner in saturdays Runoff primary while state rep. John Ingram appeared headed for Victory in his bid for the democratic nomination for insurance commissioner. Creel safety coordinator in the state department of labor Defeated John Brooks. A Raleigh attorney and Ingram Andrews captures 4th District race write to Roy q. Could you lot to know Root soon who writes Tho comic series Buz Sawyer end hit Eddress of i would like to write this Mon thank you. A. The cartoonist is Roy Crane whom you May White in care of King features Syndicate 235 East 45th Street new York n y. 10017. Yellow Brick Road q. When does land of of open thank you. Anon. A. June to. Hours of operation Are from 9 a m. Until 5 p.m., seven Days a week until labor Dav when it remains open Only on week ends through october. Sound off q. I would like a complaint put in action line about people who set animals out and they May think this is the answer to their problem but Why done to they think of the animals. I came Home from work last night at 11 30 and somebody had put a pretty Little Black Kitten out that has cried continually All night and today at la of clock. I done to know of it has been taken away from the Mother or if it was a pet but to put a Kitten out is heartless. I have two dogs and a cat and can to keep it and can to find a Home for it and can to get it to Stop crying a Piank you. Mrs. A.c., Thomasville. Raleigh a state rep. Ike Andrews of Siler City Defeated state sen. Jyles Coggins of Raleigh saturday to capture the democratic congressional nomination in North Carolinas 4th District. Fayetteville attorney Charles Rose Iii making his second bid for the democratic congressional nomination in the 7th District Defeated state sen. Hector Mcgeachy a Cumberland. With ail 172 precincts reporting unofficial returns showed Andrews captured 35,603 votes or 52.12 per cent to 32,705 for Coggins. In the 7th District with 163 of 168 precincts reporting Rose had 30,474 votes or 55.19 per cent to 24,741 for Mcgeachy. Andrews led strongly in Chatham and Randolph counties and fell Only 200 votes behind Coggins in Durham county. Coggins led his Home county of Wake by 2,000 votes. Incomplete returns showed Rose in leading All six counties in the 7th District. In the 4th District Coggins and Andrews battled for the 31,000 votes that went to four unsuccessful candidates in the first primary. Coggins received 25,642 votes to Andrews 24,763 votes on May 6. Coggins who had served in the stat legislature since 1962, carried his Home county of Wake and neighbouring Durham while Andrews also a five term legislator carried his Home county of Chatham and adjoining Randleman. Coggins went on the offensive attacking Andrews record in the legislature and the planning Board Ai the new University governing Board and charging that his opponent was obligated to banking interests. Andrews who had lived in three counties in the District emphasized his personal understanding of the need of the area. An Asheboro attorney was leading Russell Secrest of Cary. Returns from 1,887 of 2,255 precincts gave Ingram 220,918 or 50.50 per cent of the vote to 216,463 for Secrest and returns from 1,886 precincts gave Creel 226,794 or 52 79 per cent of the vote to 202,760 for Brooks. Secrest and Ingram sought to succeed insurance commissioner Edwin l. Lanier who did not run for reelection. In the first primary Secrest ran first in a Field of six with 161,966 votes while Ingram came in second with 156,463. Secrest 44. Had worked in state government 16 years and was a Deputy commissioner when he resigned to make the race. Note to readers the family weekly Magazine included with today a Enterprise contains an article about the wives of the potential candidates for president. The profile of governor George wallaces wife Cornelia was written Well before the recent assassination attempt and the Issue itself was on the presses and running when the governor was shot. The editors Ingram 43, fought Long and hard during the 1971 general Assembly to change the states Auto insurance Laws and entered the race for insurance commissioner when he did not succeed in the general Assembly. A race for the democratic nomination for commissioner of labor developed when incumbent Frank Crane announced he would not seek reelection. By Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer North Carolina voters saturday set up a fall gubernatorial Battle Between Democrat Hargrove skipper Bowles of Greensboro and Republican James Holshouser of Boone. They were the winners in a Runoff that climaxed the longest and costliest primary election Campaign in North Carolinas history. Bowles who served As a state senator from Guilford county in the 1971 general Assembly Defeated it. Gov. Pat Taylor for the democratic nomination for governor. Unofficial returns from All of the states 2,255 precincts gave Bowles 335,797 votes to 281,798 votes for Taylor. Bowles led Taylor in the first primary on May 6 by very nearly the same margin. The outcome was reversed. However in the race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. In the May 6 voting Holshouser trailed Jim Gardner of Rocky mount by 1,269 votes. In the Runoff he won Over Gardner by a margin of 1,564. Complete but unofficial returns from yesterdays voting gave Holshouser 69.417 votes to 67.853 for Gardner. The difference resulted from a shift among Republican voters in the Piedmont and the West. Gardner ran Strong in the Eastern counties As he had done in the first primary. But in the Runoff he lost votes in the More populous counties and in the traditionally Republican centers. In Davidson county for example Gardner received 2.509 votes on May 6 to 1,757 for Holshouser. Yesterday however Gardner a margin in Davidson was less than too votes. He had 1,903 votes to 1,807 for Holshouser. A similar pattern occurred in the Guilford county and High Point voting. On both May 6 and yesterday Guilford and High Point voters favored Holshouser but they did so by larger margins in the Runoff. In High Point the tally for Holshouser yesterday was 1,047 votes to 951 votes for Gardner. On May 6, the outcome was 1,163 votes for Holshouser and 1,157 votes for Gardner. Guilford county republicans favored Holshouser in the Runoff by 4.077 votes to 3,634 for Gardner. The difference was considerably closer on May 6, when Guil sea Gardner on 10-a inside heading feeding the sick. Page id graduates. Page 2d sewing not in. Page 2a editorial. Page 4-a women a news. Section b sports. Section c television. Page 12c entertainment. Pages 11-13c obituaries. Page 12a classified. Pages 3-18d accused officials resign Asheville a gov. Bob Scott said saturday he has accepted the resignations of two Highway commissioners accused by a Raleigh newspaper earlier this year of violating the states conflict of interest jaw. He says he also is turning Over investigative reports on the two men to a appropriate District court e. J. Whitmire of Franklin was accused by the Raleigh news and observer of Selling crushed Stone from a Quarry at Penrose to the state and Arthur Tripp of Greenville was alleged to have sold fill dirt to two Highway construction firms for use on projects near Greenville. Scott said a some weeks ago i requested the attorney general to initiate an investigation into the charges of conflict of interest. I have carefully reviewed the reports and. Since the reports rightly do not state guilt or innocence but Only the facts involved. I am submitting them to the solicitors having jurisdiction a a it will be up to them to decide if the facts warrant prosecution a he said and added that he has accepted the resignations of the two men a in order to remove any doubts on my intention to maintain integrity in the report on Whitmire will go to Marcellus Buchanan of Sylva solicitor for the 30th judicial District. The report on Tripp is being sent to Ell Bloomjr. Of Greenville solicitor for the 3rd District. A state statute makes it a felony for a commissioner or full time Highway commission employee to transact business with the commission. Whitmire 56, a former teacher and Farmer in Macon county who also owns Macon construction co., first submitted his resignation about a year ago citing a the pressure of other duties a but it was not accepted. He asked to resign again when the stories ran in february. Results of weekend hijackings one successful another fails by the associated press an apparently unarmed air pirate took a jetliner from the United states to Algiers with $500,000 Ransom saturday and reportedly asked for Asylum. A second weekend hijacking saw the arrest in Nevada of a Man charged with parachuting with part of $200,000 paid by an airline. A Young Hijacker dressed in a . Army Captain s uniform arrived at Algiers Maison Blanche Airport accompanied by a woman companion and holding $500,000 Ransom paid a Day earlier in san Francisco when their 7,000-mile Hijack Odyssey began. Algerian officials said the Man identified As a Black Panther cad sought political Asylum and would be interrogated. Waiting at the Airport when the hijacked Western air lines Boeing 720 armed carrying the couple and a Crew of five were four men identified by authorities As panthers. They were accompanied by police. The Man arrested in the Nevada hijacking was identified As Robb d. Heady 22, of Reno a Vietnam Veteran and sport parachutist. Authorities said he was arrested without the Money about 25 Miles South of Reno saturday morning As he walked through Sagebrush covered Hills near Lake Washoe. Heady was accused of commandeering a United air lines Boeing 727 Friday night after it arrived in Reno from new York and after the passengers bad disembarked holding the Crew hostage until Ransom was paid. He was arraigned in . District court in Reno on two counts of air piracy and three counts of interfering with Crew members and ordered held on $100,000 Bond. The hijacking to Algeria began Friday night when the Hijacker seized a Western Boeing 727 during a flight from los Angeles to Seattle claiming to have a bomb and three accomplices on Board. The Man freed about Bali the 98 passengers unharmed when the plane flew to san Francisco where he collected the $500,000 Ransom changed to a kit Nger distance Boeing 720 and ordered it to new York. The other passengers were released in new York saturday then the plane flew to Algeria with a five Man Crew including a Federal aviation authority Man As navigator. After arriving in Algiers the a one Page a

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