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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 4, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Tuesday. June 4, 19iotite High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point North Carolin Page seven communist Strain aides in . O smear Fri and Start sabotage garment workers to purge quarterly conference this tin second of Throe a Ciul hides re titling tilth Solmn Ariette in the i Niter states. $ $ $ but Thoms m. Johnson Nua service Nii Limtt it writer Washington. June 4.�?gov-rnment investigator Call the Merican communists a a for Ign conspiracy masked As a Polit Al reds in America Are aggressive a Ell organized and Well placed. Hey make up three fourths of the .500 dangerous foreign agents. He f. B. I. Lists their sympathizes at an estimated total of 2.000,-00 persons of All Ages races and actions from lowest to highest Pable of anything from stealing aval intelligence files a As they ave done to throwing a Brick Al cop and then squealing about civil tile communists latest is an at opted smear of their Arch ene ies the f b. I. Having helped disarm the f. B. I. Of its Hest Capon against plotting which is ire tapping a they have a new Lek. They sen to local f. B i. Rice members who offer to re Al red activities when a a an is assigned to investigate by try to trap him with a woman bait in a disgraceful situation. A Nee smear a a Many a repute on a a they say. A and our friends Washington will make them All y this attempt has Benni ported from several sections of i e country and All a men Arnee h i it 11 via i n m i it i Kight imm Sirius resolutions using identical not a alimentary language about e f. B. I have been passed All or the country by Radical Lahore ions. One estimate is that com mists manipulate Radical unions eight key industries including Craft automobile steel rubber d very important Ron Buniea ins what that Means to to s dense is shown graphically Hgt a Ashington map of factories doing sense work largely in the North it and California a if they Start blowing i a told a the reds will be mostly j that Means there will be sip h lie Nee. Investigators predict if a country seems Likely to enter a War and probably even if its i to the allies grows. The next p will he strikes in aircraft and pm industries then an at opted Genera St l Ike. For this attempt admittedly operate red leaders who have n trained in the Moscow school i communists from Union new York. June 4.�? Pic the International ladies garment workers Union Independent convention yesterday unanimously adopted a Resolution to purge its Canadian locals of officers who Are communists because of the War. The Resolution introduced by local 0 2 of Toronto authorized the Union executive Board to take any action it saw fit to oust communists. The Union has about 7,-000 members in Canada King Zahir Shah of Afghanistan will set up a Central broadcasting station for general programs and for talks on scientific subjects agriculture talks for women educative talks for children. Drama and poetry. Will meet sunday Kernersville. June 4. A the third quarterly conference of the Church year for the Kernersville South Winston charge of the methodist Church will Convene at Sandy Ridge methodist Church three Miles South of Colfax sunday june Jat 3 p. In. Or. We a. Lambeth District superintendent of Winston Salem will preside Over the conference. Opposes to y Charlotte june 4.�?dp a because he said the tax inevitably would he handed on to the Farmer Harry b. Caldwell of Greensboro state master of the Grange wiled rep. Dought on dec yesterday protested against a proposal to increase the tax on tobacco to pro gop Pritchard passes up state wide 2nd primary Asheville. June i it pm the Ere a be no second statewide primary in North Carolina. George m. Pritchard of Asheville runner up in the Republican gubernatorial primary May 25, announced last night he would not All for a run off. And conceded the nomination to Robert h. Mcneill of Statesville. His announcement followed by several hours that of the runner up in the democratic gubernatorial race w. P. Horton of Pittsboro. Who decided not to ask for a second primary against the High Man. A m. Broughton of Raleigh. Vide funds for National defense. He pointed out the tobacco Farmers were already sorely pressed because of the loss of the european markets. Pleasant Way to make i our headache a Cap Udine makes simple headache and neuralgia go not Only quickly but pleasantly. It is gentle soothing to the nerves and brings relaxation a sense of Well being. Cap Udine is liquid and its ingredients Are already dissolved All ready to act. Next time take Cap Udine to relieve headache Quick a thoroughly and pleasantly. 10c. 30c. And 60c at drug stores. Cap Udine Hummer mid sickle Are at work in the United states they Are taught to seize or destroy not Only factories but enters of communications Telephone and radio stations Railroad terminals airports All the country a nerve centers As the nazis did in Holland. Two recent developments in the news should be Gratifying to fifth columnists whose immediate aim is the disruption of the Newborn National defense program 1. Iii California Federal authorities Are invest Jat lug five attempts within i lays to in tender with sources of Power vital to three important aircraft factories. I the incidents involve cutting of water or electric Power lines. So real did potent plane a ii ii Fai t lifer Donald a. Douglas believe tile threat of Sala Ilage to he that lie person All Al a led to his in mid employees to in on guard 2. A Lear acid a the continent in Kearney v j., another form of defense disruption is being demonstrated Gnu Iii tin advice of their own Union Leader a local of the Industrial i Ilion of maritime and shipbuilding w hikers of America is on strike Over n to cents an hour u age increase. Four new i. S. Navy vessels costing , Are delayed by this strike. \ Ommul a Lars i me against i. S. Mexico s communists have come into Money and trained a real red army. They Are working with numerous germans lately come to Mexico for conspiracy and to buy supplies. Through spaniards they interchange information about american defense plans for Moscow and Berlin. In America evidence multiplies of to Omi Uniza cooperation. The bund. In secret meetings and openly no longer is hostile to the reds who in turn no longer Boycott Germany. Among american fascists Donald Shea invites a Gentile communists a to attend meetings of his anti semitic anti British Gentile league. A a neighbourhood councils carry on whispering campaigns against defense while the youth Congress openly opposes it. A National negro Congress declares american negroes will not tight against Russia. Aud negro congressman Mitch i Ell i Illinois warns that the a i 0. Is turning negroes red nov of nazi Aud bund lie in America. Act in i cos of Dolored eople governor Hoey Speaks at Duke state on Ned it it i i i m Mooi pupils of the Leonard Street ool have striven to improve eur writing during the year Aud a result of their efforts. 15? a merited certificates rang from position certificate in first Grade to highs it Bool and lint writing certificates in the it Nib Grade. The distribution is As follows is Carter s beginner class. I i it Lon certify ates and seven Good 1 i t in or certificate.-. Mrs Meres first Grade 31 Good writing Elf Cates miss Atwaters first de. Eight position certificates d five Good writing mrs Mot a a first Grade five position till rates or. Mineable first i de it position certificates. Is a Rooks second Grade. 2� silence certificates mrs. Whites fourth Grade la Pinarr and five grammar ate. Miss Haggler s two grammar Grade i mrs Blackburn a 15 grammar Grade my one High school i Boyds sixth Grade a Grade certificates it if Leates de Cert to the Grade Elf Cates the Gade a Elf Cates to fixate migrant mar Stark a seventh Grade four i mar Grade certificates five h school and one print writing s. Baldwins seventh Grade. 13 h school certificates one Grain r Grade and one print writing., Idi iting exercises i its d a v he graduating exercises of Hie a nth Grade. Is of Leonard set school will lie held thurs afternoon at 3 o clock. Feminists most interesting sidelight on Man nature incurred during the a paining tot an election of William Penn High school Dent Council president Friday. Field of Cand dates consisted four boys and two girls one whom however a ill Aud k no Active part in the cum go thereby leaving just one actually in the running t the big Campaign meeting d in the auditorium Friday Ming William in both aware appealed direct to the girl urging their supt in giving the school a get government. Of Here is Hie rub despite fact that the majority of wll Penn s More than 3uti stilts Are girls and despite Hie that miss Boul Ware is Well id by them she received Only votes. Erhan the Reader an figure t one out. Durham june 4.�? it pm strike of All kind. Governor Hoey said in a commencement address at Duke University last night should be banned in a i tories producing War material. The governor an outspoken critic of the sit Down strike in private Industry said the a government should in it be known that a no strikes would be tolerated inward material plants the governor added that Amor a Lea s defences should be so Streng thened that a even a madman will not dare invade our country or trample upon our sacred another speaker. Or. William Allan Neilton former president of Smith College indicated nazi Germany for a the danger it represents to the intellectual life of our time a diploma were awarded to to seniors. Four honorary degrees were conferred As follows or. Luther p Eisenhart Dean of the graduate school of Princeton University . John a Manes under Secretary of the Treasury la i ,. Hit Shih ambassador of China to the United states ., and the Rev i. Harrell pastor of the West end methodist Church Nashville tenn., doctor of divinity. A. A German division reported wiped out by French Force operating around Rethel new York. June 4 a British broadcasting corporation announcement in German heard Here Ivy arc said an entire German division had been wiped out by French forces near Bethel during a German assault on French position the report did not say when the fight occurred. In a report from Paris an Nhuc com1 politic it said French sources had declared Germany a losses in Flanders in the last 23 Days totalled men. Three fifths of the nazi tanks and 2,out of their first line planes. Another n b c correspondent broadcasting from Berlin said the German government had informed Hie american embassy in Berlin that the United states liner Washington eastbound to pick up american War refugees was not to ill if to Lute Ite denied i Complete Raleigh june 4,<�?</p a governor Hoey told members of the n c. State College graduating class yesterday that they would be forced to give up temporarily some of their liberties while the nation built up its National defense. The governor urged however. American citizens to a insist upon a Complete return of All these rights a soon As the cd he added it was a so rights when once thei unless there shall he Ftp Evua were awarded iss seniors. An honorary degree of doctor of textile science was con Fel led on Charles a. Caution. Concord industrialist. Clement l gainer thief of the Diu iou of geodesy in the u. S. Coast and geodetic Survey received an honorary degree of doctor of engineering. A a a a treat Lon Don. June 4.�?- i a heavy British bomber was destroyed when it collided with a barrage balloon Cable Over the East coast last night the air ministry announced today. Only on a of the Crew was saved the air ministry said. Shoes a Mii wit nun nut a to this sole molested by their armed Force. In Penn s fairer sex. Miss Tatj Sally to from the Washington a re last thursday. Over too members of Ira arrested in Irish raids Uson a l irs. Mable seat Beale form librarian at William Penn h school but now employed he Philadelphia a Public Ary system spent the weeklies with miss Willie Marie or of 1502 West Street. Cac to produce h1cago. June 4.�? </p>�?rut-1,383133, steady Price tinged. Eggs 28,814, steady a unchanged. Dublin. June 4b More than iou men were arrested today in a Roundup of member of Hie outlawed Irish Republican army in Dublin. Cork t i p p e r a r y. Jonathan Dundalk and other Center. Many suspects were aroused t from their Beds in Dawn raid. Those arrested were taken under Strong military escort to cur rage military Camp. They in a eluded reveal i. A a. Key men among them being school teach Jers motor Drivers clerks Farmers and one Newspaperman. Anker Floater Wilmington. June 4 a a it a the Texas Oil company 4,494-1 ton Tanker Oregon was floated i from a Shoal off Baldhead Island Light in the Cape fear River yes a i ter Day. 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