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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 4, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Pack two the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point North Carolina weather Uhal lath kit today noon. 79 Low last night. 64 High yesterday. 79 North Carolina a considerable cloudiness scattered showers this afternoon and possibly in South portion and mountains x tonight and wed i mesday. I South Caro Lina a mostly Cloudy tonight and wednesday with occasional local showers. Winds Hatteras t o Jacksonville a gentle to moderate Cloudy winds mostly Easterly to southerly overcast weather tonight and wednesday scattered showers Sandy Hook to Hatteras a gentle to moderate West winds Over froth portion weather fair tonight and wednesday a Charlotte. June 4 a it apr official weather Bureau records of the temperature and rainfall for the 24 hours ending at 7 30 a. In. In the principal Cotton growing areas and elsewhere station h. L. R fall Asheville 86 62 of Atlanta. 87 63 of Augusta. 84 60 .02 Birmingham. 85 66 of Charleston. 84 75 .00 Charlotte. 88 63to Chicago. 87 65 of Columbia. 88 68 .20 Denver. 74 48 of Detroit. 88 64 of Evansville. 86 68 .00 Galveston. 85 69 of g u Sboro. 85 61 .01 a Ceres. 79 72 of j a Quot a Ovule. 78 71 2 26 k Viz at. 82 78 .00 la Rock. 89 64 .00 los Angeles. 74 57 .00 Memphis. 88 61 of Meridian. 89 58 .00 Miami. 80 76 1.20 . P85 64 1.63 Mobile. 90 71 of it. Mitchell. 64 48 .00 new Orleans. 90 72 of new York. 84 66 Oora sigh. 86 65 of san Antonio. 91 65 of san Francisco 60 54 of Spartanburg. 85 65 of i in mpa. 80 a a 73 .23 Washington. 87 62 .00 Wilmington. 82 70 .02 muskrats Are never without a faint Sweet smelling perfume in int or furs. Rescue workers search h Paris i ins for victims the French caption said this radio photo shows Rescue workers searching ruins of a building in Paris for the dead and injured after German War planes showered bombs on the City. At least 45 were killed and 149 were wounded. On stage hillbilly Jamboree a Hill Hilly comedian that will really nut prise you with his singing dancing and wit Rialto Jamboree with fat Taylor and his Vav mph Hillbillies Rialto widget Day it a p. 34 any no inc in prick seat ivc a a a today Cepter these two have made you laugh before a hut now you la positively scream Irene Dunne Cary Grant a in my favorite wife Quot Broadhurst More about the War today continued from i age one should the Glim contingency of England subjugation materialize there to Small doubt that the British throne would be transferred to Ottawa and that the chief British military and naval operation would be conducted from Canada. Ranging the Canadian coast would be much of the British fleets at this writing the greatest in existence. By 1 7 gift >1 be k in Al k Signor Mussolini has held his anxiously awaited Cabinet meeting and the world still is without the big news of the moment what Italy is going to do about entering the War. All Europe from London s Whitehall to the Dardanelles has been watching Rome with taut nerves hut if today a Cabinet session altered the situation any. That fact has t been made Public. La Duce continues to carry about in his buttoned tunic pocket the possible Fate of Many nations including his own Wiuf Are informed that the Cabinet approved a series of War measures which indicates pre 41-ration for possible hostilities but otherwise in t particularly illuminating. Beyond that even the German Public which has been among the eager watchers must Walt for news. Toi la Hock personally i Hare had the feeling All along As i have indicated to you before that Signor Mussolini was finding it extremely difficult to make up his mind what part Italy should play in the War such a decision is. Of course his alone to make. Under the Best of circumstances it would present a grave problem not Only from the standpoint of the nation but cause la Duce future and future of his government perhaps of fascism itself among the things at stake. It seems Clear Mussolini hat Cidad that Italy must take a hand i in the War not Only to satisfy her i a legitimate aspirations Quot but in order tha she May play a major part in the peace and the Reha Bill-1 j tation of Europe. He presumably could be assured of a Large hand in the peace no mater which Side he joined always providing he picked the win net but the achievement of those a legitimate aspirations Quot is an other thing. Among those aspire a tons Are territorial adjustments j always hard of achievement Short of at the Point of the sword. Mussolini difficult Are greatly increased or so i believe by the attitude of the italian people As a whole toward going to War. Open Road bids on More about. 18 jobs june 18 United states includes grading and paving of 3.39 Miles Between Summerfield and Greensboro Raleigh. June 4.�? ply the stale Highway commission will open bids june is on is Road building projects which will Cost approximately 11.006.000, the projects follow Beaufort county. Overhead crossing and approaches on i. S. 17 Between Chocowinity and Washington. Edgecombe plot. Bridge Over Conetoe Creek on u. S. 6 4 Between Tarboro and Bethel. Hertford widening and structures on 7 70 mile of out 30 Between Ahoskie and Winton. Martin widening Bridge Over Kun ii s swamp on a s. 17 five Miles South of Williamston. Martin Widen and structures continued i from Page one s. 64 Between and William 9.78 mlle Junction of out it of on 9.77 Miles of in Pitt county line stun. Pitt widening of route la Between route 903 Aud Bethel. Cumberland surfacing Miles of Road Between i at Vander and u. S. 301, Wayne widening and structures on 9.97 Miles of in s. 117 Between Goldsboro and Fremont. Durham bituminous surfacing of 2.87 Miles of Road from 2.5 Miles North of Durham and crooked Hun Creek. Onslow sidewalk on new River Ldridge at Jacksonville. Be the and Dot ? on alow j mile of in n county lint cum Ber ii Over Little of Linden Guilford ing and of ii. S. Resurfacing or s. 17 Between and Dixon and Hartnett. River one Milt 10.09 Pender Bridge North tiding Concrete Pav Rue turfs in 3.39 Miles of Between Greensboro of Cha Mcnutt live Fain the or your first Turill Date Deanna Durbin in Quot first love Quot not Foh Hitler it is my impression As i have reported to you before that the italians have no liking to say the least for fighting in support of Hitler. Mind you i m not saying that they wont follow Mussolini but he surely would be a very daring Man who tried to make War when his people did t have their hearts in it. When i was in Italy not Long after the Munich show Down i found that the general Public had i thumbs Down on Hitler and the j nazis. The italians were shocked by the annexations the anti jew ish drive and the attempt at regimentation of the Christian churches. I reached the conclusion that the italians would he unwilling at j that time to engage in any War in support of Hitler or nazism. That i sentiment May have changed As the result of the persistent pro German anti Allied Campaign of the inspired italian press and fascist officials. It also May have been influenced by hitlers string of successes. It is hard to believe however that the people As a whole have been persuaded away from those principles which made them dislike Hitler and nazism Only a few months ago. That certainly and Summerfield Iredell grading Concrete paving and structures on .50 mile of S. 6 4 and 70 Between Catawba county line Aud nine mile West of Statesville. Iredell widening of 8 65 Miles of it. S. 21 Between Davidson and Mooresville. Stanly Concrete paving Aud Structure on .30 Miles of route 73 Between Albemarle and Concord. Surfacing of 6 30 mile of route 8 4 Bel Ween Wesley Chapel and Manteo. Yadkin widening of 4 84 Miles of in s. 21 Between Jonesville and Brooks crossroad. A will miss. More about f. D. R. Informed continued from in agr one officer was with him and saw the belgian army s plight Aud seeing that 600.000 belgian civilians j were mingled with his troop and threatened with destruction had to decide Between the welfare of his people Aud considerations of prestige. According to Leopold Friend. Hubert Pierlot. Premier of Belgium and other Cabinet members urged the King to flee with them i when they saw the helplessness of i the belgian position. Leopold proudly replied that a regardless of what my Fate May lie. I shall stay with by belgian army. Regardless Ltd of what May happen to my belgian people i shall go bal k to them. Thereupon the Cabinet members i according to this Friend fled to a i Safe Plao Paris and from there a threw mud at their Sovereign after taking the belgian Treasury i of the with them. The the belgian Cabinet and parliament in exile a a disowned Leopold. Palace theatres Salem Street comfortable enjoyable coming tomorrow a Man with nine lives a with Boris Karloff also serial and comedy last times today a Twenty mule team with Wallace Beery and Leo Carillo Thomasville cd cd a a in Washington. Stephen Early. White House pres Secretary re a i ported that the letter which King i Leopold turned Over to ambassador Cudahy had not reached pres i Idem Roosevelt today. Cudahy. Early said seemed to be having trouble getting his diplomatic correspondence Back to this country. Admission or 9 f or except thurs. Adi its Ioc l Lor i of and saturdays children. I do Well informed congressional sources said recently the army a concern Over the need for the Anchorage base was predicated on information that Russia had established naval and air bases on the nearby siberian coast. A the situation has forced a revision of our the general said. A we have got to get men up there on the ground. We have got to put in temporary air Fields and Marshall opposed suggestions that the citizens military training Camps be expanded to meet the army s personnel demands. Instead. He said he favored a plan already authorized under the National defense act but never employed. Under which Young men could be recruited for the enlisted reserves trained for three or four months and then allowed to go Back to their civilian Pursuit. More about Italy still continued from Page one lated that this meeting summoned to examine a various and important was linked somehow with Choice of a Day for italian entrances Long predicted a a into the european War. However the newspaper la res to Del Carlino a leading exponent of italian intervention in the conflict declared such speculation was unfounded but said an italian move might be expected no meeting was scheduled for the present for the fascist grand Council the nations highest policy forming body which generally is called upon to approve any major step Mussolini intends taking. A warlike atmosphere was cast about the Cabinet meeting by a nation wide Campaign of anti British and ant i French propaganda apparently inspired by the fascist party together with a steady flow of volunteers for War service from labor Industrial scientific and political group. Presence of a yugoslav Trade delegation created the impression that tension on Italy northeastern Border had eased at least temporarily while England and France Borth Brunt of press hostility. More about Hull approves continued from Page one Laborati Iii maintaining the principles on which present pan american Solidarity a is based and too consult in event of any foreign activity or intervention that threatens the peace of this hemisphere. The Pittman Bloom legislation was indicative of an increasing preoccupation with hemisphere problems As Congress and Federal agencies forged ahead with the multiple details of the National preparedness program. Some lawmakers voiced concern Over current report of a fifth column Quot activity in South America. Senator Connally a Tex suggested yesterday that of infiltration was occurring the United states should order warships to Ald the republics endangered. Administration sources indicated. However that any action taken would be in collaboration with other latin american nations. House republicans meanwhile voted a unanimous demand that Congress abandon its intention to adjourn late this month and stay in session a was Long As the interests country civil aeronautics authority announced expansion of its training program to provide a Pilot Pool of 4 5.000 fliers by july i 1941. Simultaneously the government struck at another aviation bottleneck by asking five Large automobile manufacturers to make arrangements for mass production of air plane motors. An la per cent increase in the Navy s Battle Fleet was voted by the Senate and sent to the House for concurrence in some minor amendments. The Bill also provides for increasing the fleets air Force to a maximum of 4,500 planes and opens the Way for a $35,000,000 appropriation to accelerate warship construction. F 1 presents one of Mussolini a problems. It looks very much As though the delay in announcing Italy s a a position were wrapped up in Iii staff arrives i Din cos difficulty in charting his London june 4 course lie is a very astute Inui French general and i visual and one expect his staff arrived in i him la leap w unum looking. Dunke que today. A pm a a members of London from More about prime minister continued from Page one he told the cheering House that Britain a shall not be Content with a defensive War and said the nation would never surrender and never give up the struggle against German tyranny. A we will reconstitute and build up the b. E. Pm once again under its Gallant commander in chief lord Gort a he said. Against the loss of the 30,000 men. Many of whom he predicted would return Home safely Churchill said a far heavier losses were inflicted on the Home defense turning to the question of Home defense he said a we have More military forces in this country at this moment than Ever before in this War or in the he added however that a this will not continue. We shall not be Content with a defensive the fighting prime minister said that although some Good judges had told him that 20,000 or 30,000 men might be re embarked a it certainly seemed As though the whole of the French first army and the b. E. F. North of Amiens and the Abbeville Gap might be lost. When he set the time for withdrawal a week ago. He continued a i feared it would be my hard lot to announce the greatest military disaster in our Long however he said the allies must be very careful not to assign a to this deliverance the attribute of a a a wars Are not won by the prime minister said. He said the British resistance at Calais had enabled the allies to keep the port of Dunke que open. Churchill said the b. E. F. Lost nearly 1,000 guns in Flanders and said the men who were withdrawn we Ere brought Back from the jaws of death by a Miracle of a the whole Root and Core and brain of the British army around which we were to build and Are to build a the greater British armies of later year appeared about to perish or to be led into ignominious and starving Captivity a Churchill said. He acknowledged that All Channel ports Are in Hitler hands and warned that a we mull expect another blow will be struck almost immediately at us or at the Churchill said the British resistance at Calais had enabled the allies to keep the port of Dunke que open. A their sacrifice was not in vain at he said speaking of the men who had refused the German demand to surrender within an hour and instead had held out for four Day. A two armoured divisions which otherwise would have been turned against the British expeditionary Force had to be sent for to overcome a More about French continued from Page one plans to sink the United states liners president Roosevelt Washington and Manhattan under circumstances which would make the gel mans appear guilty. The liner Are engaged in bringing american citizens Home from the european War zone. The recent operations of the nazi air Force Over France included yesterday s raid on the Paris area and week end bombings of Industrial centers in the Rhone Valley increased the average German s Confidence in the striking Power of this Arm of the service. Military authorities said the raid on Paris had been aimed solely at military objective a primarily airports near the City and repeated denials of French assertions that the capital itself had been bombed. The German presumption was that any damage done in part was caused by French anti aircraft shells. Dub the official German news Agency countered the French claims by reporting that British planes had bombed a railway Bridge and Highway near the French Cannel port of gravel ties while they were being used by a throng of French prisoners and civilian refugees. More than 30 persons All French were killed dub said. The dead included three women. It said military commentators ridiculed British Effort to find some Comfort in the outcome of the flan Ders Artois Battle by calling it a a masterpiece of As a matter of tact it was said Here the withdrawal was actually a greatly harassed confused and costly defeat. Spokesmen said it was an inescapable fact that the germans had cleaned out Holland and Belgium and occupied the Channel ports in three week taking at least 330,000 French and British prisoners in the operation. Some quarters including the German radio figured the total number of prisoners captured at 1,200.000 by including the members of the capitulated dutch and belgian armies. Approximately 400,000 dutch soldiers were taken prisoner these sources said though most of these Are being released on Promise not to Bear arms again against the Reich about 500 belgians who Laid Down their arms Are still being herded toward prison Camps and concentration Points it was said with their ultimate disposition still unannounced. Even King Leopold is still a prisoner with special 1 status the germans explained. The great number of Allied troops captured w As acclaimed As an All time record for a single military action. German chemists have invented a new soap which when used for washing recovers All the fat from the dirt. Tuesday june 4, 1940 m we twp tee British prepare for nazi invasion of England the Westward push of Man forces toward the English Channel and London spurred great Britain to a furious of in bolstering her defences of the English coast and Interior. This Cable photo shows or tanks rumbling through a London Street in route to some strategic position. J. S. Citizens Enro Ute Home three thousand americans on four liners on High seas by the Assoc lated pre More than 3,000 american citizens were on the High seas today in four liners hound for the safety of their Homeland after months of precarious living in Europe warring nations. Hundreds of others were waiting for the arrival in Bordeaux and Lisbon and Genoa of other american ships. In new York executives of the shipping lines involved said the i passengers aboard the four ships i were As follow president Roosevelt from Oal-1 Way. Ireland and due in new y Ork i on sunday june 9 720 passengers a Good Many of whom Are women and children. Manhattan from Genoa and due in new York on tuesday. June i i. With 1.914 passengers. Her usual passenger capacity is 800 persons. The president Harrison from Genoa and due in new York on sunday june 17. No report on passengers but probable number 200 the Kilt Amidon from Genoa due in Boston on tuesday. June la. With approximately 180 passengers but line officials said under no circumstances could she carry that Many. Two american ship Are due in european port within a few Days and they too will be used to repatriate americans. The ships Are the sex Ochoda due in Genoa about june to and the Washington due at Bordeaux on june la. A More about materials continued from Page one about 9 a in. 3 a rn., est no bombs were dropped but Resi j dents were kept in a state of anxiety by the explosion of several j time bombs loosed in yesterday s j raid. There were no immediate reports of additional casualties from these masts. The situation on the War front was described by the High com j Mand As quiet on All sectors sex j rept at Dunk Eque. Where the evae j nation of the Allied rearguard was said to he proceeding a despite j Ever increasing Lull before storm the possibility that the inactivity along the Somme Aisne front was Only the Lull before the storm was indicated however by reports of German troop Coneen j rations behind their lines in Northern France. The air ministry said that it i was unable for military reasons. To give any details of the facilities damaged in the Paris area during i yesterdays bombing. The official j count of the number of German j planes shot Down remained at 17. War ministry spokesmen said j the German pilots a a seemed to concentrate on military objectives j but declared the Hombs were dropped in a haphazard fashion j and there was unofficial talk of reprisals for the resulting civilian casualties. A the it was announced Over Paris Mon dial the government radio station a must assume full responsibility for the bombing of helpless previously it was announced Over the London radio that a it is to he expected the German action will not remain unanswered and German towns will have to Bear the in Berlin German official quarters denied that German Raider had bombed Paris Homes they said that airports were the Only targets and the German presumption was that the damage in Paris itself was due to French anti aircraft fire Turkey and Germany discuss Italy s entry into fight Ankara june 4 up the turkish and German governments were understood today to have exchanged views regarding their respective positions should Italy enter the War. Turkish president Ismet Inonu received the German ambassador Franz von Papetti. Last night in the presence of turkeys assistant general Secretary of foreign affairs it was announced. The trial of three germans charged with espionage began behind closed doors yesterday As the radio warned the nation to beware a fifth columnists and propagators of false news und the governor of Istanbul began drafting special Security measures for a City. More about fall of Dunke que continued from Page one High explosive a a eggs and met again overhead for a new attack i on Dunke que. Soon too the German Long Range artillery began booming shells screaming Over us in the direction of Dunke que. This Drew counter fire from the French and we repeatedly had to i run for cover. Splinters of Shell fell to the j right and left of us. Slowly w e advanced along the j Road to Bergue with ancient poplars hiding our cars from View. Bergues had been bombed and shelled for a whole week. Quietly we followed behind the scouts j running for cover when they did. Leaping cautiously Forward As tiny did. We reached the medieval i Gate of the City unmolested. Here an unusual sight present i de itself the French had run a j Caterpillar Sno plow of american j origin into the Center of the Gate a Way to act As a Barrier. The German infantry Aud to i Torl Zed bicycle units however j simply went through the Pedes Trian aperture in the Gateway. We followed them. An unforgettable sight Lay before u6, tire was rag Jing in various parts of the City. J a whole Block opposite the town j Hall was burning while above us artillery shells still whined crash Jing into houses ahead and Bury i ing everything under them. On the City Hall Square one i Lone Donkey stood calmly whew ing Straw which the allies had abandoned in their Hasty Retreat j the towns principal Church j had also been shelled. The local priest explained in French that an artillery observation Post had been located in the a Belfry he said also that guns had been placed directly before the Church so that when the bom tii i a i a a people a House �?�111 cd a ii v in and is. The had Bard in ant began the milians to be killed who had taken Shell opposite the Church an anti aircraft Church on the nth saved several bund meanwhile hiding in dugouts and scanning the horizon with powerful army glasses i looked into Dunke que. It was aflame at various Points although not anywhere As badly As when we reached the outskirts briefly yesterday. Badly frightened inhabitants were slowly emerging from air raid cellars Aud other hideouts. The German soldiers who moved into the Region before Dunke que took foodstuffs they said apparently was left behind by British and French troops. Supplies of chocolate can Nevi meat meat sauce butter cakes whiskey and cigarettes were seized eagerly by the soldiers. Army orders forbid looting of houses and stores. Death is the penalty. But provisions abandoned by enemy troops Are considered legitimate Booty officers told me that near Bergues the germans found 1.000 Allied tanks in Good condition and with gasoline supplies As Well As several thousand abandoned motorcycle. When our party returned to St. Omer the German commander there expressed Relief that we were unharmed. He said French in pantry hiding near the Road fired on one car of officers that travelled Over the Road shortly before we did. German army sources estimated these British losses based on a statement that there were 000 men in the b. E f. In too ton taken prisoners chiefly after the belgian surrender. 2 50,000 lost on ships sunk ferrying them Back to England. 3�?100,000 he her killed in action or about to be captured. 4�?50,000 successfully withdrawn. The allies today reported successful withdrawal of 335,000 men a. A Narvik destroyed London june 4. Of a a great part of the town of Narvik in far Northern Norway has been destroyed by fire following a heavy bombardment by seventeen German planes sunday the norwegian telegraphic Agency reported today in a dispatch from a somewhere in Narvik fell to the allies last week. A a a a be Havre raided new York june 4.�? pm German aircraft rained High explosive bombs Iii the Vicinity of be Havre during a three hour raid last night the British radio reported in a broadcast picked up Here by neg. The broadcast said that it was understood that a number of private Homes were hit but i details were not immediately i available. America will buy Wool for uniform expected Purchase would clothe 1,523,000 soldiers Washington june a. The army announced today Iti Tendon to buy enough Woolen trial in the near future for proximately 1,523.000 uniform major general Edmund b. Jiosi the quartermaster general flounced after a conference representatives of some of the Tiona a worsted and Wool Indus that he would ask for bids shot on the following five million Yards of erg Els Atique 4.000,000 Yards of ton Over coating 1,566,000 m of shirting and 500,000 w0 Blanket. Official Aid that the army found it a better to have serve of cloth than of mad uniform and that the mater be ordered soon would prob ire made into uniforms at what i at w As necessary to meet curl consumption. Quartermaster corp officer mated that the 5,000,000 far Serge or plastique would pro 1,523.322 uniform that 4.000.000 Yards of overt would provide about i ooh overcoats and the 1.500.000 would provide Al 934.405 shirt. Flashes of i by the associate press Reward h i a hoj they were doing Edward f. Cafferty jr., a Good turn by ing him democratic county Mif Teeman but he does no tag Mccall forty Wasny to even hot it the ballot claimed he did no tent to a sticker Campaign ii behalf and that he had real still he was dismissed from too a year Job As chief clerk Pittsburgh registration col Aion the Law prevent such of weighty Oklahoma City Pickens county weigher i big opponent in his bid for election. He i Herr v. Hatol who weighs More than Pound. Stokes slogan is a the mini who can balance scale. A away from it All Atchison. Kas. The j son Globe pointing out a the pm Frontier is no longer Lle Glien it Sugg it \ pit a i a up Here. Tile newspaper wired rep p. Lambertson a Kas a Washington i c., Peop visions of invasion. A Atchison wishing to 114 the suffering of Washington pie respectfully invites and that a subsidiary capital be cd at Atchison which is ii heart of the a a a a a spoon Saga re Levi Lle Iii. Sears ago customers walked of mrs. Buries Willii Hlls Sid room with four giver i she deplore the loss they were a wedding pre Weld ret Estly a stranger Cairn Aud handed Lier three of a mme is. To said lie Sig Filp the fourth from Oklahoma. Heap lilt mistake North Platte neb. Red Man has his rights author discovered Here. Charged with fishing with it License chief broken re Dlan Painter was released was shown Federal statutes vide an Indian can fish any in i tilted states water no in needed. Bonds Are sold Raleigh june 4.�? it a local government commits Sion $ 1 15,500 Worth of Wayne it Bonds today to Lewis and inc., of Greensboro and i Young and Hardin compel Winston Salem. A $50,000 Bufi Din Issue will pay 3 i Iii. Chi and 3 3i�0 Rei ing school Bonds brought a turn of $12 Aud will pay prisoners drop Raleigh june Testate Highway and Public commission announced Toda the state prison population an All time record of 10,01 May la but that it or Opp 9,925 on june i. Fires started Paris june 4. Up were started by incendiary ii tin fiend port of be hat germans repeated their air there last night Aud this it

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