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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 4, 1939, High Point, North Carolina E it Ion a local news and Wani ads in this Section the High Point Enterprise Section a b local news and Wani ads in this Section vol. 55�?no. 155 Mem Rah associated press High Point n. C. Sonday Mohning june l 1939 Complete Nea service Price five cent monarchs prepare for National convention High school finals will open tonight estimated of Street collections assessments expected to be reached sane Are certain observations Holch William Lyon Phelps makes his a autobiography with lets Quot recently published by of any doubts As to whether total collections in City would reach budget estimate removed Best citizen books Iii the auditor s office re University press and renewed on the editorial Page of j is Issue of the Enterprise. I have always been a bit out of j lie Nee with the chronic com aint that the younger generation. Going to the Devil and that the it City Hall Are beginning to old in general is going to the record tile Success of a sustain Iii Ford Case pity manager e. M. L j drive by municipal officials Naphy. Tells this delightful Alec t p. I collect revenues As the City on Day when i a expounding i approaches tile end of another undergraduates Tennyson a j fiscal year Oaks Ley Hall sixty years All doubts that May have been a a Holch he lamented the los of j entertained at the City Hail As to male reticence reverence and modesty for the Maiden fancies re a wallowing in a Zola ism a i Rew out the general query a Why it that the older generation has ways thought the younger Gen action was going to the Devil a id one of the students. Dana von trader of St. Louis replied perhaps the younger generations null Hae gone to tile Devil of i item for Street whether or not collections would reach the budget estimate were removed last month when tax collections soared $32,000 above the estimate for the entire year and Street assessment payments swung sharply upward to reach $33,000. For the first time since the budget was tentatively adopted last summer with a $200,000 e older generations had not Alay thought they a Eil a going Ere a As for after dinner oratory my Nti ments coincide precisely with Ose to which professor Phelps yes eloquent and ironic express nothing so utterly strips a Toner meeting participant of his i Joyent As does the after Din orator. Comments professor do assessment collections. It now appears that estimated figures May be reached Seminary course and will deliver pastors school will annual Sermon open in City monday leaders for Camp Wharrie to report at Camp thursday or. Clyde a. Milner to make commencement address monday night it the t to Day. Commencement exercises at senior High school will get underway in the school auditorium tonight at 8 of clock when Rev. F. L. Conrad pastor of the Emmanuel lutheran Church delivers the annual baccalaureate Sermon to 276 sen look mrs. Tomorrow night at ii o clock or. Clyde a. Milner president of Guilford College will Mak graduation address in the ing ceremony and diploma he awarded by c. F tool chairman of the City Board two numbers by the school glee club will he of i on the program tonight first. �?o81ent 8ea�?� by Nell following invocation prone by Rev. Howard 8. Harte Mary a episcopal Church j following Rev. Or. Conrad Mon. The glee club will Xii Kovens pit annual methodist in 4 Sti Tutins will be held at High Point College the methodist Seminary Extension school and pastors conference will open tomorrow morning at High Point College and will remain in session through saturday Dune to. A Large number of methodist pastors and their wives Are expected to he present. The plans for the school Are have roles in convention of monarchs Here will Complete final details for opening of scout Camp the leaders for the summer Complete. Registrations in charge Camp at Camp Wharrie sum Theja for. M. J. Shroyer of West Imp training Center for the 1400 to Minster theological Seminary i. I scouts of the i Whan in Council. Iii Westminster md., will begin at 9 of clock monday morning and w1 report to the Camp on classes will open at to of clock. Thursday morning of this week the Seminary course will be As t0 Complete final details for la _ High j Tot Low jewish history and j the opening of the Camp. The a National Vic Iye Dent n. L. Lured literature Between the Testa headers will have three Days of Darner of High Point. The Manta a or. Shroyer a the con instructions from the Camp direr _ Nger. I duct of Public worship a a or. Tor As to program and Camp Meed l link. Of Westminster Theo operation prior to the arrival of i 8t. I logical Seminary. The first unit of boys which will the following lectures Are he the High Point safety patrol. Selected in Quot he citizen last months collections boosted of her it n it a he Khz the total to $129,717. And though set .oo1�?~ my 1hh, Shackelford. I p. P. Whitley will pre still a far cry from the budget bov<5� we awarded the civitan the exercises Ligure there Are certain definite i m Ron a a the school s graduation following the present indications that the Emmate will re a cies. Mis Shackelford also i diplomas monday Ever he approximated if not actually rvs it i a a president of the Stu or. Miners address. A reached. Rounell and salutatorian of i of awards and prize in one firm in the cite the name her Cash Hgt flush a or made by pain Copal Whit in of which officials preferred not of mrs a and or a c a Shackel Orav scholarships to he to disclose has already taken Ford he he oin a Rou Rhiw College will he awarded 11. J boy and the girl with to Woodmen to ?&Quot"4 re open to the Public at 2 . Each visiting Days for parents Havi i g de Day or listed r. L. Pope Thorn a been announced As wednesday i i pal i Asville tuesday. A preaching from nights and sundays of each Over the viewpoint of the Layman week. Camp director Vincent or Paul Neff Garber Duke uni Kelly urges that parents adhere c of varsity school of religion. Wed i to this schedule for the bests and mesday. A the next step in Metho j interest of the boys camping sex i tuber j dist Union a. J. Kirby of Gas Prience. Each wednes Day night be Tonia. Thursday a the Church i the parents Are invited to re f Hon i from the viewpoint of the mein for the Camp fhe program Man. Taken Steps to pay a $24,000 assessment a i am entirely of the opinion As soon As certain engineering pressed by Haywood Broun in j matters Are settled and other a pieces of hate concerning firms and individuals have made or dinner oratory. I regret that j definite promises to pay in june. Is institution survived the War. Discount a Kocham will i am afraid survive every the spurt in payments on Street ing except the treatment recon assessments City functionaries attended by or. Broun. Most speak-1 tribute to a 12 per cent discount program authorised St the latest it Sion of the general Assembly. Poin o the on Friday at 2 ., reports High from the uniting conference at s one Kansas City will he made by Dele of i lege Gate and visitors at 3 ., i the entire conference As to car t improvement which will consist of boxing bouts Between ther boat a in Camp. Stout executive b. W Ney jr., announced Fiat n the several Small d hate it most audiences hate it has no real friends and yet it is on its devastating course ivling to speak group of members thirty six to be paid tribute tuesday night re. A i thirty six persons who have Warff Fth ver / 0nf,r.�?� especially those been members of the Woodmen , mall iat it Quot Lay in t i Adan a a of that reduction which Bakers i j expires at the end of the current magnificent Man in evening Sraj year Las i gave him my name and sped his hand with what a or Mility i could command. He Reed a pm the head waiter sir a Lake hands again old i cd a you done to know How i end other awards to he the monday evening elude the a. B Parker ire Cecil athletic award donate Cecils drug stores the a hardware award for Wood ing the Bausch lomb hone ice award for manual training r in Chicago i found my place flocked�?�10 the pc a Quot Hau to Uke of a v.�fl<5 for Trio �l25 i pavement the National Forem hark i add water Ade on i it will he discussed. I on program will be the addin i Rev. J. Clay Madison pastor on four new pal senior a i by. I of first methodist Church Thia Metal boats with air float in by City w ill direct the evening de j Uch end to make them in m in j n options at 7 of clock each Day. Jet arable these new boats will re Thone who will preach Are or. Be tit feet Long and will have by g. I. Humphreys monday eve beam of 42 inches and a icy i Nung Rev. L. B Hayes of depth of 18 inches. This will Camp nine boat yes for the use n the water to on f i pm Greensboro tuesday or. J e. >11 a 1 a -------.pritchard. Wednesday or. Pm Timland nor. Will be honoured lord do a a red by or. R t. I a h a Parkard. The Raday Rev. By the Loci Camp it a up do Mon and or. M. I. Or in. The w. A. Parana. Sla Leaville. Kri meeting to he held in the Camp i Onen scholarship medals con-1 Dev Whir i Han tue Dan Fht Al 8 Oslo re. A tribute by or. Max hones the w Nen the try Council raised i it was announced yesterday. At the tie previous years assessment col-1 the same time the 37th Annivera be. Tion estimate from $78,000 to Gary of the Camp will be Cele-$2to,, citizens raised their rated. Eyebrows in doubt and City off these members will be pre ent the directors who have pre furthermore. I also agree with Fiessor Phelps Contention that Leif i in ii u a cd a a a a ii Mir of of bet i plea a behaviour Are Aven knows they abound in a country which is the land off it la vt1 us i it eve in a mins exp manners. To be told for example that i Ouid not prop my feet upon the a k is irritating enough to in re a to the verge of swearing rarely prop my upon my so. Hut when i do i do so for a by definite reason for relaxant a. There Hie no bed Iii my of were there i should probity stretch oui upon one for a w moments of relaxation after s work h a to pc. 1 i Ltd i a y rate i should he tempted to. It Hest 1 to prop one feet Ion a desk and to lean Hack in a a chair relaxing the taut mus is of the Back and legs. If it is evenly or a broach of it biotic to i am sorry hut i much pre gals now admit that the figure was based largely on a vague Hope. There was therefore general rejoicing among the officers of the City when the May report indicated the optimistic prediction might after All be fulfilled. For the past eight or to months the excess of collections in general taxes Over budget estimates was used to balance revenues and expenditures. As of May is the City had actually collected $637,-826, or $32,826 above the amount estimated for the entire year and approximately $27,000 More than was collected during the entire 1937-1938 year. De at this time with the 25-year service awards which Are donated by the president of the National a o. W. Organization in Omaha neb. E. A. Wright will serve As master of ceremonies for the occasion and c. A. Hines of Greensboro National director will deliver the principal address. Judge Barrington t. Hill of Wadesboro will present the awards. A humorous address will be made by h. C. Tining of this City and members of the Chauns dancing school will present a program of tap and Novelty dances 0 a Kirkman pent.,halon mod d a we Dlly a for a to to Aoh ool a loading Nark a orhoo d a a is a Carolin. A k pro a. Hll a school fir award j hard. Resident no to North arca. A to. Or. And. A Arn Llna cd of Bronco. Former Onden of oily achoo a will Hodle up Church Kev Trio Aldo monday in or i voc. a. Rev. T. Non will to pronounced by Rev. N. , Cleveland county. To i keep Iman. Clr. Evan re a. W. A Parana Rev e a. and reformed Church. Cowan. Ocracoke Rev. L b. I Hayer Auperin pendent Oreene give the Camp nine boats and three i camper Gram tile first period of Camp now shows a registration of 50 toys and there Are ten vacancies that an be filled from among the safety patrol of the City by wednesday of this week. Member of the Patio who have not Reg a tired and who wish to attend Camp ate asked to turn in their applications to the boy scout Headquarters on or before wednesday june 7. Sgt. J. O. Bike will serve on the Camp staff during the week of Junt 12-ln and in he program for the members it the safety patrol. E. Z june., of the High Point club. Meeting will Convene Here sun., june 11 elaborate program prepared for occasion a Lii ii will continue three Days no elaborate program Ile scribed As one of the most elaborate Ever prepared for a convention in this Section has been issued by the local Monarch lab Tor the National convention which meets in High Point beginning next sunday. I lie pro Rani has wooden covers bearing a replica of the chamber of Commerce Bureau with a real Mirror at the top and numerous advertising of the businesses of monarchs Aud others including some of the other Monarch clubs in Tike state. It contains 44 pages. The convention proper does not open until monday morning june 12, but registration of delegates heft a at 2 of clock p. In., on sunday. June la. This is in the charge of Elmer d. Hedrick chairman of the registration committee and past president of the local dub. Provision has also been made for Golt on sunday afternoon for any of the Early arriving delegates who May wish to play. In sunday night at 8 30 of a Dock there will he a reception in the ballroom of the Sheraton hotel a Tea served by the ladles auxiliary Welcome to the visiting monarchs and their Quot Queen Quot by h. M. Bryant chairman of the entertainment committee song and dance by the Swink Sisters of Greensboro Well known entertainer who have appeared on major j Bowe a program music and vocal j solos by mis Kila Loo Taylor. Miss Kila Lee Tayl Koontz and a Rea Anne Wood j the remainder of follows monday Mohning it be 12 s a. In. Registration. 9 a. Rn., Sheraton Blue Boom j Welcome to monarchs k z. Jones president of the Host club o. A Ivor of High Point Eeyore. Secretary old of Commerce. He a thur cd Price pres National Monarch my Waing by i the p Tram Kirk Man Frank j. The Cham spouse by Dent of t i members of the organization of the $637,000 collected were urged to attend this meet through May $1 18,220 was listed ing As prior taxes and $23,511 As pen j the members to receive 25 year allies. I service awards Are the Street assessment figures Arthur a. Ridge. John w. Swig listed in this article represent j gelt c. S. Grayson John a. An j their parents Tash payments and do not incl in j Wilks. F. J. Moore Jos. H. Steele payments in Street obligation j b. C. Harmon Frank Wineski friends amounting to $54,099. I Jos. A. Johnson o. L. Smith gum dispelled Chas. F. Allen w s. Atkins Jno. The general effect of the sue-1 d. Atkins. I Cess in collections this year is to j Tom h. Bates John a. Bar marshals selected for the sex Horn District or. S. W Tayl excise Are Edward Short mar chairman of the boat. Asheboro. I a in an Active want Shal in chief mull lists assistant a marshal in chief Nan Lapp bar-1 Bara Matthews Ramona Redmond Christine a nth Julia Marsh Dwanda Lee Bissertt Donree Seizer Arthur Utley Blit a Winders Bradford Thomas. Joe 1 Woolen Charles Brock Tann. An Sci Snow and Herbert Speas. Doors will open at the school tonight and monday night at 7.15 i of clock. There will be no reserved i seats tonight except for the graduates but monday the first floor will he reserved for the graduate i lecture on memory observations made training announced 0n Yadkin River ohse Vaiona for the week end no Friday june 2, at 7 30 a to he sorry and comfortable j much of the gloom that ringer Wesley Craven j. F. Cattan polite and miserable. J shrouded the old Council last j non. H. Dallas Stout Vilas l. Summer and fall when it Pon Hunt. W. C. Koontz Fred link. There is a certain amount 1 ered wearily Over financial prob failed etiquette in which i Emi Jiffy a problems have Quot Only believe because certain notices Are. To virtually every in definitely offensive but Why should be offensive to prop no a feet upon a desk As Long Asie do is not poke them into some been erased but there is a general feeling of optimism at City Hail As the municipality faces a new budget for a new year. The new Connell has already begun negotiations looking toward a re else s face. I cannot mulch of a Noank program to reduce my another ancient custom for cliche i do not care a relic As it in of is that which requires a Man walk on the curb Side of the ilk when accompanying a lady Hen i accompany my wife along e Street. I much prefer to walk the inside to prevent her from zing too longingly into shop endows. Interest payments on Bond obligations. The one big question that will remain in the minds of taxpayers j. P. Laffoon. B. C. Lambeth. G. E. Melton c e. Miller. J. M. Matthews. R. M. Mckinney e. W. Freeze. J. It. Mass j. H. Neuschafer j. M. Nance h. W. Smith Percy Wall t. G. Bray Ira b. Dunn we. L. Homey. A kit a a v returns capt. Bruce h. Carraway has returned from Roanoke va., where he a it companies a world Inger hours announced 1 police department s Mireau of investigation i to increase the effectiveness of Bureau of investigation the go Point police department g inaugurated a new system Der which an officer in charge to remain on duty at the Reauis office 16 hours a Day in Days in the week sergeant la k Mcmahon Pitr intendant. Will he in charge the office from 8 o clock in i morning until 4 o clock in j afternoon. Lewis Al. William instant superintendent will then in Over the office to remain duty until 12 of clock mid it. Prior to the adoption of the or hours both sergeant Melton and or. Williams did Day-10 duty subject of course to is 24 hours of Tho Day. Until it is finally settled by the War Veteran. Grover l. A rite of this City to the veterans and unit imbed on Pagio Bec. B ministration facility Hospital. City plans re vamping Street lighting system among the new undertakings planned by the City of High Point As incidental to its proposed Hydro electric Plant is a taking Over and revamping of the existing Street lighting system a part of which is now owned and operated by the Duke Power company. With the undertaking will go the ancient arc Light system the Only one remaining in North Carolina. And much other equipment now classified As antiquated and unsatisfactory. Duke Power company now owns and operates a part of the Street lighting system which includes the up town White Way the arc circuits the West end and High school White ways. If the courts decide it has the Legal right to build the proposed to take Over the entire Street lighting system by Purchase of the existing equipment of the Power company or otherwise. One of the first things it plans to do in that connection is to supplant the old arc lights with new and modern equipment. The Power for the lighting system will be metered and purchased by the City from the Hydro system. Another improvement to he undertaken in that connection is the abolition of Many lamps not now on a circuit which require individual attendants. The dual ownership of the Street lighting system by the City and the Power company came about As the result of requirements by citizens in outlying districts which the Power company summer school at College will open tuesday june 6th the first term of summer school at High Point College will open with registration on tuesday. June 6. And will continue through july 14, or c. R. Hinshaw director. Announced last night. The second term Wilt open july 17 and continue through August 25. Courses which will be offered include the following Art. Including drawing and Industrial Art. Biology chemistry education. English. French geography German history music physics psychology and religious education. The faculty will be composed of or. C. R. Hinshaw director and teacher of psychology and education miss Jeanette Hall music or b. H. His biology and geology miss Vera idol. English or. P. S. Kennett history or. P. E. Lindley education and religious education miss Elizabeth i owl Art prof. A. C. Lovelace education prof. J. Hartley Mourane chemistry and prof. N p. Var Hobough. Modern languages. Registration will be held in Roberta Hall tuesday from 8 a. In. To 5 p. In. Building trades Council to meet this afternoon prior to a two evening course in which he will teach registered student a his memory system. Robert h. Nutt memory expert of i ., made by Mitt Lay and flood j Greensboro will deliver a free j inc., for the City of High poin lecture on memory training at at Clemmons three Miles South the Sheraton hotel ballroom on East of Styers ferry on the had tuesday evening june 6. At 8 Kin River follow o clock. I mean temperature for in connection with this Lee week-�?77.4 degree. Lute a number of the expert s highest temperature 90 degrees pupils from classes recently com-1 on the 31st. Pitted in Greensboro will give lowest temperature 64 degrees demonstrations of what their i on the 31st. Training has done for them. Or. Mean relative humidity for tile Nutt says that some of them week�?81.0%, Tan meet 50 people at one time highest humidity 99% on the and remember All their names 2nd. Or. Nutt says that a Good j lowest humidity 70% on the memory is not a gift hut the slut. Question of applying common j total precipitation�?1.73 in. The state Guildin Council will hold a of p. In. Today in the Coin the county Guilding. Representatives of a trades Are urged to a sense principles. There Are millions of brain cells he declares hut the average person uses Only i about to per cent of them. Or j Nutt said he has taught Over 60,000 people including Dale Carnegie. The two night course will Bel taught on june 12-13 flout 8 to to p. In. At the Sheraton hotel. I free swim week opens Here monday preparations have been completed for the opening of annual Fie swim instruction week at the y. M. C. A. Pool Here monday j morning. Beginning monday morning from 9 30 until 3 o clock half hour classes will he held each Day j through the final test on saturday morning. June to. All boys who successfully pass highest River stage 4.70 it. On the 2nd. Lowest River stage 2.27 it the 31st. Local theatre closes for indefinite period National president a it Price or. Pritchard to preach at Spencer Church today or. J. E. Pritchard president a be j 0f North Carolina conference former methodist protestant Church will preach the dedicatory Sermon in a methodist Church at Spencer this morning at la o clock. Rev Atlas Ridge of i Lexington is pastor of the Church. Or. Pritchard has announced other services As follows sunday june is. Fallston in Cleveland county dedicatory Sermon sunday june 25, Ila. Til., Kannapolis. Dedicatory Sermon. The friends of or. Pritchard will be glad to know that he a sufficiently recovered front his recent illness to take up his duties again. On theut is reported reported to police last night by Brucell. Carraway was the the Carolina theatre one of i theft of a package containing five owned by North Carolina merchandise valued at four Dol theatre i in., closed last night lacs from his office on North for an indefinite period. Hush Wrenn Street. He said the smart City manager for tile package was taken from his of theatre firm announced. 1 fire late yesterday afternoon. Good Southern summer furniture Market seen expectations of sprightly trading when the Southern furniture despite the moving up of the Market dates this year and the the final tests will be awarded 1i elimination of the May markets Gold Seal certificates. The schedule of classes follows 9 30-�?Emma Blair school District boys. To a Cloverdale school and Archdale District. 10 30�?grimes Street and Brentwood schools districts. Llyra it Street and Elm Street schools districts. 11 30�?oak Hill and Johnson i showing in the Tomlinson sex Street schools districts Hibi Tion building and still others 2 p. �?junior High school in he new cooperative exhibition Hydro electric Plant the City plans could not or did not wish to meet the meeting is open to trades ii at i Oom of milling id. And j 2 30 p. In. Public College boys. Weeks summer run Here on _ 19 have been expressed by Lead a elsewhere in the country a Good ing figures in the Industry. Market is anticipated and it i More than 200 exhibitors a Harily because of an expected proximately the same number As i Rise Iii prices for the fall. Prices was represented at the january it the june show Here ate expect Market will have their displays of to remain at present Levels Alin the Southern furniture expo though there is Likely to he a sit Ion building for the summer i slight boost in some lines show. In addition there will be i furniture Market officials Here about a dozen other exhibitor Hoys. Building on East High school and Street and in vacant i the Cit. Point to the fact that the earlier Market this summer will result in a longer fall season and should permit retailers generally to be Costner be j Lect their merchandise and get it Tores about on their floors in time for fall sales. Busine session. 12 15 p. In. Husse Leav for Winston Salem. 12145 p. Rn., dutch lunch at Robert Al Lee hotel with win Stott Salem Monarch club 2 p. I trip through Reynolds i tobacco company. Mon Day program Foh Queens 9 a. Tit., breakfast Sheraton i hotel. Immediately after breakfast Queens will go to Kernersville to visit Komers Folly. 12 45 p. In dutch lunch Ai Robert e. Lee hotel with Menan is and trip through Reynolds j tobacco factory 7 p. Rn., banquet Sheraton Grill and lobby music by Frank Trio x. L. Garner National first vice prot Aldern toastmaster invocation by Rev. F. L. Conrad songs a a american and a a Carolinas a by the i monarchs and Queens 9 p. Rn., Sheraton ballroom a j presentation of ii. M. Bryant chairman entertainment commit a toe by e. Z Jones talk by or. A. B. Conrad Durham Monarch j club a. Coke Cecil Leo Hyrum floor show other stunts and singing. Tuesday Murn i no june Iii s a. In., registration. 9 a. In., business session. The Queens will breakfast at i the Sheraton hotel and will be escorted through the Plant of Tomlinson of High Point. The National Monarch baud j from Greensboro High school will visit High Point tuesday altar a noon and will Parade through the. J lobby of the Sheraton hotel and the streets of High Point and will i give a concert at the City Lake within hand is sponsored by the National Monarch clubs. I p. In. Fish Fry at City Lake j busses to leave Sheraton hotel at 12 30. Ollie Simmons chorus. Music by Monarch hand. 7 p. In. Banquet Sheraton Grill and lobby e. Z. Jones Mas-1 Ter of ceremonies music by orchestra following the banquet i the monarchs will adjourn to Iha Sheraton ballroom where e. A. Jones will preside. Frank Tucker quartet a musical trip around Monarch introduction of National officers. Introduction of speaker by senator Thomas j. Gold. Speaker governor Clyde r. Liney. Dance. A a 4 a copy of old Lexington j newspaper is exhibited it. L. Davis 134 West Lex lug ton Avenue displayed at the in i Temprise yesterday a copy of a the Central Quot Lexington newspaper dated october 2s, 1 876. And which j is devoted entirely to a discussion of the political situation of that i Day. The paper sponsored the re a publican candidacy of Rutherford i b. Hayes for president and of Thomas Settle of Guilford county a to n i i in i

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