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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jun 4 1939, Page 1

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 4, 1939, High Point, North Carolina W Eather aril Cloudy sunday and monday scattered Sli Owera sunday the High Point Enterprise Stigli Point Industry at High Point offers Good Opportunity for year around work vol. 55�?no. 155 member associated Tress High Point n. I sunday morning june to 1939 Complete Nea service Price five cents Hope vanishes for 98 in stricken sub John. Garner will seek presidential nomination in /940aii6lvenup in admiralty level a1 off state poll president s said to he run even f Roosevelt i s candidate Texas organization is already Rooming \ ice president for race by William b Ardery Washington june 3. A my a lose friends of n ice resident Garner disclosed Tony that he has decided to seek i in presidential nomination at 1940 democratic convention in if president Roosevelt i Tottle he a candidate. Garner was i Ald to tie con j tired that his name should to fore the convention regardless the strength of any opposing i rants for the nomination lid that consequently he had a oved efforts of supporter Tobe up convention delegates in is behalf. Headed by e. B Germany j exas democratic state chairman Garner for president organize on already has Ilieen formed and As mailed about so too letters democratic voters urging Ali pin of Garner for the presiden a1 nomination recently. Gar i r himself has had 8-record talks with a1 leaders. Rte log action Rome of the vice lit Leal advisers Wen Ging him to participate Active in state primaries and Conven i is which w ill choose Conven j in delegates next year. His friends feel congressional siders said that he would have excellent Chance for the Prest i tial nomination if he exerted i influence to win delegates. Even if it appeared he could get be nominated they said Tiner pledged slate delegations did give him a Strong voice the convention. Informed persons told reporters 4t some of garners supporters Lieve he could make political Pital by breaking his self in j red Rule of silence and speak j c out on National issues Dur the next few months reports were that Garner hastened attentively to that 114-Stion, but has Given no sign what course he will take. Figuring also Iii current poll i a1 talk on Capitol Hill Are ports that some senators look Forward to 19 4n, now Are i King actively to heal differ j Between democratic fac i. A Nimox y eee Ort Well advised legislators said Harmony Effort was a Senate Tichyon this week for Thomss Corcoran new Deal adviser j Iven by senator a Situ rat Tori. The luncheon was attended a itch administration followers senators Barkley a Kyi and Wellenbach do Ash i and a non new Deal senators As r risen do Las and Byrnes dec the luncheon was similar to it lick ones Given for chairman j a Riner s. Eccles of the Federal a move Board and chairman sae la. Jones of Hie reenlist Rue j on corporation. Senator Brown la m i ii i Chiarnia n of i tie Dunno Atic senatorial Campaign com it tee also a been planning a Liers of informal get together non representatives of diver-1 int party factions. Sharing attention wit to demo atle political developments j in re was capital talk about Mator Vandenbergh Ign cd Kent statement indicating his j Aliah Ivity for the Gap presi Mitial nomination. Vandenberg said today he had delved numerous letters from i i sections of the country sin ill. S War a Good statement a a Quot a rating lie would have nothing Ore to say about the Gap Nom nation at. Present lie reiterated Tat he wats primarily contented till his duties As a senator and projected race for reelection. I a a Oover to visit Moky mountains Asheville june plot Mer president Herbert Hook j in Asheville for an overnight of highly praised the great \ c mom lain National Calk d the Blue Ridge Parkway but dined to discuss politic. A i m not on a political Mission i done to have to worry about icing politics on my mind a Oover said. Hoover is the Guet in. Fred l. Seely friends since Day when the former presi mtg a son Herbert Orcas Here recover from tuberculosis. A there Are a number of old lends of mine Down Here. A he id a i want to see the Park a or. Mover said. A we will motor rough the smokes in the morn a. The Park was created Dur my administration you Knowin be always taken sort of a Pori catty interest in where British sub Sank pie face Southern style Atlantic Ocean nok the Sia Atlantic of an scale of Miles Texus map shows where British submarine thetis Sank Liverpool. Off Man in the Street critical of tragedy la Craft Quot unions lose importance economists say that less than to per gent of Al arc member Washington june 3.�? a a economists of the National labor relations Board in a report made in the midst of the Al Effort to revise the Wagner act to give More Protection to non Industrial unions have advised the Board that a a crafts unions no longer Are important in modern Industry. The report was put on the desks of Hoard members several weeks ago by David j. Saposs chief economist of the a lab and his aide. Hoi Davison but was not Given general circulation. After a study of the Structure of the american federation of la d 4 than Hor the economists concluded the Rte Forpe of a a Trappe cd a i the squalls were saved and Only less than to per cent of the four of 102 were rescued from federation s present membership be thetis the squalls was in belong to purely Craft unions in-1 240 feet of water the thetis Industrial and Semi Industrial unions Are preponderant Only 12 unions with 25,800 members could he regarded As a pure Craft unions out of 85 member unions with an aggregate membership at the last annual Al meeting of 3,030,100. Asked about the analysis we i Rhet Ham Green Al president had predict repercussions Iii parliament and possible civil inquiry Liverpool eng. June 3.�? a a Britain Man in the Street stunned by the thetis disaster was sharply critical today along with some newspapers of the futile Rescue Effort. It was predicted freely there would he i repercussions in Patina men and the possibility wag mentioned of a civil As Well As an admiralty inquiry. Marine circles however generally withheld judgment until All fact were known. They pointed out that the Layman has Little knowledge of the extent of technical problems involved in submarine operation. Typical reaction typical of the immediate reaction by the Man in the Street was the comment of one Man a look what the yank did when the squalls Sank. Why should they be any More efficient than we Are their boat Only 130, with 18 feet of her Stern above the surface for a time. The wife of one victim said a it certainly looks to me As if they could have done something with All the time they had a the was first located Friday morning at which time those aboard were estimated to have Manton guilty of dispensing Bench favors co defendant is convicted on same charge conspiracy to obstruct Justice new York june 3.�? apr former Federal Gir Euit court judge Martin t. Manton a convicted by a Federal court jury tonight of conspiracy to obstruct Justice and to deprive the United states of his impartial services. He faces a maximum penalty of two years in prison and a $10,000 Fine. George m. Spector former confidential agent for the late promoter Archie m. Andrews a convicted of the same charges. Three other original co defendants pleaded guilty at the Start of the trial. U by opt four Hoins the jury ten men and two women received the Case at 6 15 p. M e. S. To after a trial of la Days and returned their verdict about four hours later after taking an hour out for dinner. Benjamin Golder of Manton counsel asked that bail be continued for Manton pending the filing of a motion for a new trial or notification of intention to take an Appeal to a higher court. Manton s bail is $10,000. His co defendant Spector is held in $17,000 Hail. The continuance of Hail was granted and a hearing on a motion for a new trial was set for june 20. Federal judge w Calvin Rhea i nut of Maryland who presided at j the trial remarked significantly i that if the motion were denied sentencing would follow immedi j lately. Manton s face red a the jury i decision was announced his eyes. Which seemed dimmed blinked rapidly several times and he leaned Forward pressing two fingers j against a Fleshy Cheek his co defendant. Spector remained impassive. Asked conviction a Youthful United Stales attorney asked the jury to Send Manton to prison because a Justice was bartered and decision bargained for and summing up the government a Case at Manton trial on charges of conspiracy to deprive the government of his fair services by accepting bribes. John t. Cahill 35. A recent appointee of president Roosevelt charged that a one of the most monstrous plots to i not d j c i 0 s p d hut informed i to Puu together. Buy and sell Justice was born and so Urcer adm Ted something was 0ne indication of result hatched within the four wails or pending this very not a my opinion is that any judge before and after in Louisiana a chocolate pie Duel Varnelle Plastow left and Anna Holstead co eds at Louisiana tech Ruston la., Back to Back before pie throwing that was to Settle dispute arising from miss Plastow a disparaging remarks about miss Holstead a literary style. Inset lower pie splashed loser miss Plastow. Czech Quot resistance annoying Germany passive fight by conquered sends \ on Neurath to talk with Hitler threats of War uniting France political Aud labor disputes have virtually disappeared Berlin june passive resistance is disturbing the German officials of Bohemia and Moravia which Germany took Over in dismembering Czechoslovakia. By Boule end to Parla jun3_,1v Accuu. Work with German authorities j lated War threats in recent Are said to have become so an j months have brought France her noting that Baron Konstantin characteristic last ditch reaction von Neurath. Reich protector for a Unity. Bohemia and Moravia has come political squabbles and labor to Confer with Hiller on what dispute which were prevalent Steps to take. Von Neurath a Only a few months ago have All had several Long talks with hit but disappeared Ler recently. Tile French consider the pres hat measures were decided in moment dangerous in inter on for an Effort to win Over the not total affairs and have set czech people to cooperation were aside their argumentative habits to this to say a the american federation of i had about 18 hour a Supply of i Reft of that absolute impartiality i of development labor has applied both forms i i which he must it apr try to i Craft and Industrial wherever serious officials declared they Are not inclined to take a set ions View they were found to be suitable. A we have attempted to preserve the integrity of the Craft Union a Well As the Industrial form of he asserted that As Early As 1890 the federation experimented with the Industrial form of Union organization. The Industrial Union theory Calls for organization of All workers in an Industry into one Union irrespective of the nature of their work. A Craft Union on the other hand is one embracing workers with a particular skill such As carpenters who May be employed in varied industries. Which form unions should take is the basis of the quarrel Between the Cio exponent of Industrial organization and the Al japs and russians fight on Manchukuo Border Shanghai. June 3.�? Pic japanese dispatches from Northwestern Manchukuo today indicated that resumption of hostilities was imminent on the Border Between that japanese dominated state and soviet russian dominated outer Mongolia. The advices said russian and outer mongolian forces a which were driven from Manchukuo the past to Days were reforming along the Border with reinforcements preparatory to a renewed attacks on oxygen left. But soberly perplex Ltd and who accepts gifts or Loans is be in Bohemia which he must Ever try to j Moravia however balanced again i achieve a Cahill said. Of judge j one asserted Germany had questioning were Manton took Money from a by a Given the czechs a a great Deal these assertions 1. R. S. Johnston managing director of Cammell Laird ltd., the submarines builders said that a whatever has been done in the Rescue work we were thinking Only of the people in the ship and not of the ship not practicable 2. A Semi official explanation issued Early this afternoon stating that the possibility of cutting a Hole in the Stern during the hours it was exposed yester Day was considered Quot but not found the statement said that there was Only a tiny compartment in that Section of the Stern which was above water and that if a Hole had been Cut in this and a water tight manhole inserted it would have taken a some a then a it said a the trapped men. Many of whom by that time must have been in a weakened continued on Page 7 Sec. A Gant. Even before the Case was decided the Mere taking of Money in the View i take a prime Barge of the indictment in the Case went to the Federal court jury at 6 15 p. In. E. S. To of rope in governing them the 9t.ive8 and thai the three months the since they were absorbed by Germany were not sufficient to get things running smoothly. Action and statements of czech emigres abroad particularly the following a 90-minute charge by i activities of former president judge w. Calvin Chesnut of Maryland. Who declared the accusation against Manton was Quot unprecedented in the history of 150 years of the Federal a this Calls a he said. A for the most dispassionate discriminating and reasoned consideration that you Are Able to give in reaching your verdict. It is a Case of supreme import to both the government and the defendants. A the Public readily expects and demands that All its Federal judges shall be Independent to Eduard Benes in the United states and the existence of a Czecho slovak Pavilion at the new York world s fair were cited by officials As having influence on some sections of the population. News about the emigres is not printed in newspapers but gets about through Clandestine pamphlets and by Wold of Mouth. The throwing of acid on a group of 30 German soldiers in Pilsen april 28 showed one phase of czech resistance ear partial and above All scrupulously Ion in spite of what Ger honest x x x and it is of vital in j mans insist Are better economic Ortance in the functioning of i conditions As the result of gel our government that the conf Many a absorbing the a employ continued on Page 7 Sec. A continued on Page Sec. A Cuba May let jews come in by new ruling announcement of met death by chlorine died painlessly says medical authority would be classed is passengers Enro Ute Vav Ould be allowed three months Havana. June 3. Map a possibility that. Dot refugee German jews on the homeward bound German liner St. Louis night in permitted to land in Cuba after once being turned Down was disclosed Semi offi Bially tonight. Well informed sources said that the Treasury department was considering a new regulation to modify Cuba s immigration Law. The regulation expected to be signed by president Frederick Laredo by within a few Days would permit the Landing in Cuba of All foreigners desiring to remain not Over three months. I it months they would he classed As passengers in route and after the three month period would he required to place a $500 Bond of they wished to remain. Many of those on Hoard the St. Louis had planned to wait in Cuba for admission into the United states under quota restrictions. Efforts were made today to keep in the new world 907 refugee German jews who had been forbidden to land in Havana and were being returned to Hamburg on tile German liner St. Louis the liner which had left Hamburg with the refugees May 15, mailed bark for Hamburg at 11 30 a. Rn., e s t Friday under orders of president Frederick Laredo by ii. Cuban authorities had held that the refugees did not have proper Landing papers. Dominican of Eek today there came an offer of Haven from the dominican Republic s government on condition that each refugee pay a $500 tax to reside permanently in the coun have obtained is in air plane production. Now a single Assembly Plant turns out 130 planes a month whereas the total National output was about 90 a month not Long ago. Visitors express Surprise at the transformation which has come Over France. Many had voiced the belief it would take actual War to unite the nation. The French people disagree As to whether or when War will come but they agree that danger demands sacrifice. Accordingly political parties labor organizations and individuals appear to have agreed tacitly to subordinate their differences in the interest of presenting the United front for which the French Are famous in times of stress. There is Little political Hulla in was understood that most of the refugees were penniless and it was reported although without confirmation that no final was being Given to Thi pending outcome of new negotiations with the cuban government. Meanwhile another refugee vessel the Steamer Flandre carrying 98 of 104 jews who were denied permission to land in Cuba sailed from Vera Cruz. Mexico today. Six of those originally on Hoard were allowed to disembark and the others understood that there might be a possibility of lauding at some undetermined United states port the dominican Consul Here Nestor Pou said lie believed the St. Louis refugees were delaying to answer to the dominican govern ment in Hopes the cuban govern tent would change its decision. By the associated press Birkenhead England june 3.�?Hope vanished tonight for 98 men at the Bottom of the Irish sea in the sunken British submarine filet is the greatest number Ever to perish in an undersea disaster. The admiralty gave the men up for dead nearly 15 hours after the air Supply was calculated to have been exhausted behind the thetis silent thick steel Walls. Admiralty officials at knowledge that slow seepage of water into the submarine s batteries probably had formed chlorine Gas and that the fumes had suffocated the men. A British medical authority expert said that if they died from chlorine Gas poisoning the men probably met a painless and easy death. Early asphyxiation a chlorine Gas fumes in a confined space like the Interior of a submerged submarine would cause Early asphyxiation immediately preceded by loss of consciousness a said the authority who is an official of a leading medical association. Salvage vessels attempting to raise the Hull of the thetis succeeded today in placing hawser under her it was disclosed tonight. Experts said however that it would he impossible to raise her before next tuesday. A then we will make for shallow water probably on Anglesey coast eight Miles away a an official of the thetis builders said. At 1 40 a. In 7 40 p. In., est., Friday night 36 hours the deadline for the thetis sealed up air had passed since Tho new 1,500,000 submarine dived into Liverpool Bay in a test on a trial run for acceptance by the British Navy. For six hours after that divers tapped urgently at her sides for a signal that life still flickered within. They got what they believed might have been their final faint answer at 2 a. In today 8 p. Rn., est Friday night although some thought they might have heard Only Loose gear rattling against the swaying sides of the Hulk answer i give up Hope offer then. At 4 30 p in 10 30 a in., incessant Rescue attempts spurred by the Trai Ped men s ebbing chances had failed the admiralty abandoned Hope. It issued a statement saying Quot there is now no longer justification for Hope that any further lives can be saved from the the Cal Val w or Saskatoon sees Royalty on tour British Kin i and Oiler ii riven big demonstration in \ Center Saskatoon june 3. a Hardy farm families from Saskatchewan s rolling Wheatland joined their City cousins today in welcoming King George i and Queen Elizabeth with the greatest demonstration Ever witnessed but it said Tiu lung. Posted for grieving relatives of the entombed men to see a Tele l Gram from the admiralty was a placed in the window of Cammell 11 j Laird ltd., builders of the thetis. It read a regret that Hope of saving victims in thetis must now be a the thetis her nose in lied in 65 feet of mud in wreck littered Liverpool Bay carried 10 2 men below with her in Lier dive. Four men escaped with Davis breath continued on age Baloo. Workers who shouted deft i in this agricultural Center Ance a few months ago against any attempts to lengthen the 40-hour week now Are working As much As 60 hours a week. I he in summer school Boone. June 3. A up a appalachian state teachers College will open its 36th summer school session june 6 with an enrolment of More than 1,000 students. Judge Martin is acquitted or or. Ami of Brooklyn bribe charge new York june 3.�? a a Kings county court judge George w. Martin was acquitted by a supreme court jury tonight of charges of accepting a $1,000 i bribe to dismiss a Brooklyn abortion Case. Spectators in the courtroom i broke into a frenzy of shouts As the jury announced its verdict the jury deliberated three hours before freeing the Natty j 63-year-old Jurist. London revising plans of air defense number demands Moseley tried to avoid Ouri martial. However to keep from making him a Martyr Washington. June 3.�?i/p demands Are piling up at the War department that outspoken major general George Van Horn Moseley face an army court martial on charges growing out of his Campaign against a enemies from authoritative sources disclosed this today at the same time hat the White House acknowledged a letter from representative Coffee a Kan suggesting that he a tired officer was guilty of me two hour visit to Sasha statements in by. Limited to he motor i testimony Benoro the House com when the Royal train arrived at 2 19 p. In. 4 19 p. Rn., est a crowd of a More than twice Saskatoon a population a thronged he City and sent up wave of cheers As the King and Queen Rode slowly Oxer an la mile route. The Royal visitors looked re i fresher after a night s sleep aboard their train and appeared i to enjoy immensely the greetings i from the Prairie Folk who have gone through hard time in re cent years but did t show it today. London june 3.�? it a fear of a knockout blow from the air delivered without warning by swarms of Swift enemy bombers. Is rapidly revising the experts ideas of How to protect Britain from attack. Advocates of a Strong counteroffensive against the War production plants and other military objectives belonging to an enemy thus Are gaining in numbers. Many believed that in a Gen eral european War a major objective of any Power attacking Britain would be to cripple the country by intensive bombing raids. The seat of government in Loudon ports railway centers naval bases military centers and arms plants would be the main targets of such an attempt to immobilize the nation s life. Many persons believe no Continental nation has economic resources sufficient for a Long War and that any aggressor would rely on Swift attack. Since Britain was attacked in the world War developments it aviation have changed both theory and practice of Aerial warfare. Then because of limited flying Range most German bombers were forced to enter Britain Over the Southeast countries of Essex and Kent which were Only 80 Miles from German airbases in Belgium. By concentrating anti aircraft guns around London and in Essex Aud Kent Britain was Able to protect the whole Western and Northern areas of the Island. Now a minimum 1,600-mile flying Range is demanded by bombers. Many britons insist the Only Way to Stop raids would be counter raids on the nations Supply ing the raiding planes. As Jong As Continental plants could keep on turning out replacements for destroyed machine it would be futile merely to shoot Down the raiders they argue. Many doubt that the anti aircraft guns planted around Lon Dong along the coast would be effective in repelling a mass attack. The protective value of girdling Loudon with Small ail chord balloons a major feature of the City a defense system also is questioned. Some experts have urged immediate military staff talks among the air Force chiefs of nations which have been brought French bases and then return. Into the British French front through pledges of Protection Poland Rumania. Greece and Turkey. Standardization of air plane equipment and accumulation of War stores in each nation Are suggested As one of the principal methods of cooperation. One plan for cooperation has been worked out by experts on the Assumption that Germany would be the enemy. The plan Calls for British and French planes to attack German warplane factories mostly in Eastern Germany and then Fly to polish bases to Load up Vith fuel and bombs before returning across Germany to their French bases. Polish planes would make similar rights across Germany to Toon was ride the Reading of an address by mayor 0. Niderost and the usual inspection of a guard of Honor by the King. A railway siding on the empty Prairie tonight held the Royal train giving the King and Queen a night of rest undisturbed even by train movement. Tomorrow at Portage la Prairie 54 Miles West of Winnipeg they will attend services at the i Mittee on in american activities the number and names of those aside from representative i Coffee who have suggested action were not disclosed and War department officials indicated i they would not lie made Public it appeared too that no action would be taken at least for the time being at tile White House it was i Aid the matter was in the hards of the War department but the or train who a Olmaro North-1 a a my office a a red pro in Ontario Quot a riving Sudbury a ?. Lha ,lem8lo�?o. A Quot Junction at 7 30 p. Rn., est., for a 10-minute ride and a 50-minute Stop at Sudbury. Railroad Man Dies Atlanta. June 3.�?�?jerome a beam 7 2, former general passenger agent of the Southern Railroad died tonight after a Brief illness. He maintained residences Here and at los Angeles. Calif the president As Eom Mandet i chief of the army and Navy. The attitude of some of or. Roosevelt principal military advisers was said to be that tiling charge would Only a make a martyrs of general Moseley publicize his Campaign against a International jewry Quot and communism and tend to involve the army with controversial political issues

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