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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 3, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page eight the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina monday june 3, 1940 softball wizard shifty gears blows Mem Down has turned in 54 dodgers and no hit games in career Banff us doubleheaders Bucky Walters hangs up ninth straight without a defeat Veteran Ted Lyons Blanks Bosn a a a a a a a two North. State managers booted of. By Judson Bailey associated press staff writer the Best a sunday pictures in the baseball business right now is that grizzly Veteran of the Chicago White sox Ted Lyons who has been with the same club for 17 years. Born in 1900, the same year As lefty cd Rove Lyons came to the american league direct from the rumpus of Baylor University in 1923. Two years before Grove and still is going Strong. In fact he is the strongest gear in the sox Well worn driveshaft today with four victories and two defeats. Chicago has played nine National league games in the last seven Days and won three. Of these three Lyons won two. Six in this Spring he has pitched every sunday except one that it rained an i he showed up at Fenway Park. Boston yesterday on schedule. The result a a 6-u shutout of the league leading lied sox on six hits it a the 225th Triumph of his major league Caree it. The red sox recovered from this masterful going Over sufficiently to heat out Chicago 10-8 Iii the ninth inning Bobby Doerr and Lou Finney also Home red for Boston. The fact that the Cleveland indians also divided a double Bill Triangle la attics Tomlinson ii Alfil Industrial standings May be shaken up this week with important games baseball scoreboard yesterdays results Piedmont league Rocky mount to. Durham 4. Charlotte is Richmond 7. Winston Salem 7, Portsmouth 6. Asheville to. Norfolk 2. American league Cleveland 7-6. Philadelphia 2-12. Chicago 6-8, Boston 0-10 new York 13-11. St. Louis 4-1. Detroit 8, Washington 8. Pittsburgh 2-3. New York 1-7. Brooklyn 3-2. Chicago 21. Cincinnati u-0. Boston 1-2. Philadelphia 4-2, St. Louis 2-9. South Atlantic league Spartanburg 7. Jacksonville 6, Macon 7. Columbia 3. Augusta to Greenville 7. Columbus 14. Sat Annat i International league Jersey City 4-1, Syracuse 2-3 Rochester 8-10, Buffalo 4-4. Baltimore 9-3, Montreal 8-11. Toronto 4-1, Newark 3-2. Southern association Memphis 2-2, Little Rock 1-1 Atlanta 3-1, Chattanooga 0-5. Nashville 10-3. Knoxville 4-3. New Orleans 6-4 Birmingham 3-2. This week May see the most drastic change in the Industrial league standings since the season opened the four top teams Oakdale Tomlinson Triangle and Adams Millis a will be meeting each other with the Triangle Tom Linson mix up at the College wednesday possibly headlining the Busy week. Another game which will he of great importance in the Loop is the Adams Miles Oakdale game at the College thursday. Adams a ii lie has whipped the Jamestown team once this year in their first meeting but in the second round Oakdale Culbreth gets red hurler due Tomlinson in to come Forth 5 to 4 Victory with no hitter a from Heads at Kannapolis Uncle Reece Harris is let out at Lexington during week by Joe Mccrary Lexington. June 3. A the North state league has never been completed without some shakeup in the managerial system and the 1940 Campaign has not broken that record. During the past week two Skippers in the Loop a a stumpy Culbreth of Kannapolis and Reece Harris of l in in n Ati Lune 3�? to a write lids on tile mull somewhere High. No the Little woman wont see it one of these Days soon maybe some Pitcher for the Cincinnati reds is going to throw himself a no hiter. Its in the cards and maybe it la he the St. Louis cards. The argument from sunday to sunday Al a n a g e r Bill Mcke Ehnie it pitchers have to their credit item one one hitter item one three hitter item three four hitters item one five hitter. For ten games in eight Days. A k i f m Vii o Ai pectin a ill i if i 11 Only game saturday at oakdale0 Tom Lexington were handed their a showing and if Jou toe a , lame a go hither papers. Both a a Xuy which May determine the lop clubs had been harbouring a a k on to Linn of the team i spots in the lower division of j cards Arky \ Anglian of Pitts play All season. The two releases Oakdale still leads the game by w est of bos hair Annie. Rich on her heels one to . Of two of the. Ollie. Tomlinson and following popular Skippers of the Loop Tomlinson is Triangle who final Ity Jerry Brondfield Nea service staff correspondent Rochester june 3.�?harold shifty gears is soft-1 Ball s composite of Bob Feller Walter Johnson and by Young. Perhaps the greatest Pitcher Ever to step on a soft j Ball Field the 32-year-old, bespectacled athlete has compiled i Brooky in with the Philadelphia athletics left the american league Squab Hie in status quo. Bob Feller j achieved his eighth Victory 7-2j Over the a a. Giving eight hits. But Philadelphia turned the tables in the Nightcap by rallying for seven runs in the seventh inning and a 12-6 Conquest. In the National league the american association Columbus 4-0. Toledo 3-3. Milwaukee 7-0 Kamas City 4-6. Louisville 7. Indianapolis 4. Minneapolis 9. St. Paul 8. To record that defies parallel. Gam shifty gears started chucking a softball 18 years ago and a hem has 54 no hit games to his credit. A employed leading lady is Quot damaged goods Beniamin horse wins pair of outstanding events at As a Sheet Metal worker at Eastman Kodak company. For which he now pitches gears a won 682 games and lost 87. More than iou of his victories were shutouts. His strike outs total is clo get to 11,000. Gears has been with practically every Rochester and new York state championship team Iii tile last in years. Ile has toiled for Kodak Pat k in tile last four National championships. A Ili by one i n in a \ it a its in three Daas in 1935, when Kodak wet Ner up in the National to to Neil in Chicago gear six games in three Days the first five by shutout to Toledo Natl run it us hath with is whacked a off the margin separating and the Pace making cinch reds by squeezing two one Leo Sions out of the Chicago 3-2 and 2-1. E reds divided two games j the Boston bees. Bucky Pacific coast league Beattie 3-2, Hollywood 1-0 san Diego 14-0, Loa Angeles 13-3. Ban Francisco 13-3. Sacramento 4-5. Oakland 8-6. Portland 4-3. Eastern league Binghamton 7-1. Springfield 4-4. Elmira 41. Wilkes Barre 0-5. Albany 8-0. Hartford 1-2. Scranton 8-4. Williamsport 4-7, by broke their tie with Adams Millis by whipping Marsh last Friday while the White sox were taking it on the nose from Tomlinson the schedule for the week tuesday. Adams Millis is. Marsh at the College. Wednesday Triangle is. Tomlinson at the College. Thursday. Adams Millis is. Oakdale at the College. Friday Triangle is. Melrose at the College. Saturday Melrose is. Marsh at the College Oakdale a. Tomlinson at Oakdale. The standings j team an Oakdale. 9 Tomlinson .9 Triangle 7 Adams Millis .6 Marsh 4 Melrose .2 in i Belmont new York. June 3 a a it a fit a oomph girl of the rare tracks to acis Spring is a Leggy Little Are i red filly w Ith enough Cinderella in her background to he written up in a Book. Her name is damaged Good a a a a a the and that s just what she was a Ken 1 when Kodak won the she came Down to Edward b. J8eu-Ilpr s Jayln s new Orleans stables shutout Arthur b. Hancock e Breeding farm at Paris Bya couple of years Hack. She had been through and losing one to South Bend. A stable Bra that left her fright the Hor Coit if i i round i a it j Walters bagged Hie ninth Victory without a defeat in the first game. 11-1, holding Boston helpless on five hits and getting the help of two Home runs by John Rizzo. The second game which Boston w on 2-0, was a scoreless Duel tie Landis tween Dick Errickson and Jim Lexington Turner for seven innings. Then rain interrupted and cooled till nor off to the Point of giving up of markers in the eighth. Standings s. C. State league learn Steorer Vin Concord. Thomasville. Saliz Bury. Kannapolis Cooleemee l 3 4 5 6 9 to pct. .760 .691 .583 .500 .308 .120 came As surprises to fans in general. Both men. Schooled in the game from experience were doing Good work considering the material they had on hand hut that is just one of the things in the Way of baseball. Joe Palmisano the capable Veteran atelier of Kannapolis immediately took Over the reigns of the Howeler aggregation while Charlie Whitaker Veteran out fielder acted As skipper for the tribe. Lester Smith the Short stopping Ace of the indians last season acquired from Reidsville of the by state league in ex-1 change for the services of Graham Armstrong hard hitting Sec Ond Sacker has arrived Here and is expected to handle the skip Pering duty i the pm i hip it won five game pile lied winning and los Al in town four of Kodak was a third round victim in 19 37, gears winning one Laid Bare by the ened half to d and her Bidi flames. But now she s the Queen of the american turf for this year Winner of both the Acorn and the american Oaks at Belmont. It s a at tint that a been duplicated by Only two a a misses of the turf in history a top flight and Dawn nay. With her Victory in the Oak saturday the finely bred daughter of Jacopo and perjury boosted i Kodak was eliminated in the Sec a after gears had twirled a no hitter against Baltimore. Gears has worn Gla it since he we a kid. He played some baseball but caught the softball Bug in High school lie can put the Ball to within an Inch of where he wants it i with blinding Speed. Burgh edged out the new Bant 21 in the eighth differ Boh Klinger and Hal Icher each bad pitched runic flame but new bounced balt a to take the although outhit be red 2-0. Pitchers chalks of the sea Beck or the cards 3-2 on and Bob Bowman gave amount in winning for York n i n g Schul seven York second game 7-3 la to a lid on t h1 at St. Louis two cd up their first w son. Boom Boom Phillies stopped the seven hit the same Pii la Mont or Agi r team Asheville Richmond Durham a Berlotti. Roky mount Portsmouth. Winston Salem. Norfolk american league Tram Boston. J Cleveland. J Detroit. New York. Chicago. Philadelphia. Washington. St. Loula. Not a a a la in to straight games gears once hurled in straight her earnings for the year to a neat gum is without giving 226.625. She could t hit the combination in 13 outings As a two year old. And collected Only $725. What she i now can All be Laid to the Faith Trainer Johnny Milburn had in her Ile would i t give up despite Hor juvenile showing or the fact Mas against bet that everything a manchurian Breed lays Quarter Pound eggs of hens air conditioned or your Comfort my. A a a six baggers to Sega k Aoi a a base on Halls Ami never Ila passed More than four men in one game. W Hen the pitching distance was to feet he depended mostly on a fast a 11 with a decided Rise. Now with the distance lengthened three feet he uses More curves. A tooling a Bange of Pace is another of i weapons Tun he use no trick deliveries the present rules forbidding them. For 16 years gears pitched to Lithe same Catcher a a Joe beheld who retired this season shifty gears is married and the father of three children but show no sign of giving up his place in softball. St Louis 9-2. John Mize hit his 13lh and 14th Home runs in the second game the world Champion a Yankees continued their upward surge at the expense of the St. Louis i Cincinnati Browns with two triumphs 13-14 it a Roo bin and 11-1. Marin Kusso and Marvin Brener gave two Well pitched games but had the help of a terrific attack in which every one of the other a Yankee joined Detroit took a single game from the Washington senators 8-6. The i Tiger were outhit 12-9. But Start ,<1�r Ken i no uth a ing with Hank Greenberg s two i ii ii Homer in a lie first they piled up All their tallies in the first i four frames Aud coasted in. Mote than fans turned out for lie games in eight cities. National league team new York. Chicago Philadelphia St. Louis Boston Pittsburgh won lost pct. 21 to 877 19 12 613 16 13 352 is is Soo 15 16 44 13 17 .433 13 18 lit la 20 333 won t est pct. 26 16 614 25 17 393 21 is 538 19 20 487 20 22 476 19 21 473 17 24 415 14 23 378 won to pct. 24 la 686 24 is .613 22 is .595 20 18 ,126 17 23 .423 is 22 ,406 16 24 .400 14 24 368 won lost pct. 27 la .711 23 la .673 20 13 .606 19 21 .475 14 19 .424 14 22 389 12 20 .373 to 22 313werber Cincinnati and Whitehead new York. 4 pitching waiters. Cincinnati. S-0 Melton. New York. 5-l j. F. A ii. T. L. E. I. I men in has fat Dea in Nev i Bim Tok j. It. Petty Biel Foht fit proprietor a operator High Point Barber shop Hoo North main her mkt pea to stage matches for Benefit of u. S. Red Cross Chicago. June 3 pm the professional golfers association i making tentative plans to put on a series of Charity Golf shows for the Benefit of the red Cross. Definite plan will be drawn up this week during the National open tournament in Cleveland when most of the games notable will be on hand to take part in the discussion. Lava Angeles is the largest City in the United states it covers More ground than new York City. Major leaders both 4o� lated pre National league Bat Ting Dunning new a Oik 368. Lombardi Cincinnati. 347 run Mize. At louts. 30 fray Cincinnati. 29. Run hatted in panning new York 37 or incr. Chicago 32 Rita Leiber. Can ago. Is f Mccormick. Cincinnati 40 double Werber Cincinnati la Dan neg new York to triples to. Roxton. 6 Vaughan i it Burgh. Camii lilt. Brooklyn and Olschon Chicago. 4 Home runs mire. St louts 14, Dan Ning new York. 7. Stolen base prey Cincinnati 8. American league batting Finney. Boston. 385, William. Boston. 382 run Case. Washington 37, Monee Philadelphia William Boston and Boudreau. Cleveland. 35 runs batted in Foxx Boston. 44. Trosky Cleveland 36 hit Radcliff St louts 38 Finney. Boston. 37 double Greenberg Detroit 14 Mack and Boudreau Cleveland is. Triple m ens Philadelphia and Kreevich Chicago 6 Home run Foxx. Boston and to by. Cleveland. 13 stolen base Case. Washington 14. Walker. Washington 6 pitching Milinar Cleveland and Newsom Detroit 6-1. Triangle bees and Mills Home leaders two commercial clubs have won two and lost none continuing Thor winning Way i saturday. Mills Home Sud tri Angle r team Are now leading the commercial league with two vie j tories and no defeats. In saturday a round of games Mills Home whipped Allen Jay j and Triangle nosed out the Oakdale b team in one of the Hest j games of the Day. 4 to 2. The other two club in the six club Loop Adams Millis Plant no. I and Pickett hooked up in a hitting Battle w Ith Pickett getting j the Hest of the Adams Millis team 11-3 which should give other teams in the league trouble. Piekett lost their first game to the Triangle b team. Here Are the standings including saturday s games team a Mills Home .2 Triangle b 2 Piekett i . No. Ii Oakdale. 0 Allen Jay .0 Burgh and Max ton. Another Point Worth noting is How close some of the have Rome to Hie glory game. Iii aking Hifue Hil ii iut it straight win yesterday unbeaten Bucky a alter Lichi the Boston Bee witless until the sixth Innig. Milkman Jim Turner int Down All inn one of Hie first is men in ills game and four hits were ail Hie bees had to work on for heir 2-to-u Victory. Credit for the record is pretty Well distributed. Tile Hest game a a Paul Derringer ? one hitter against the cardinals lout sunday. Tourists take top ranking climbing from cellar to top Asheville drubs Norfolk to to 2 Charlotte. June a a Piedmont league standings were strangely familiar today As Ashe High Point club trims tri City league Hanes hosiery outfit special to the Enterprise Winston Salem. June Tomlinson of High Point Leal of the Industrial league in furniture City tumbled hoi hosiery of the tri City l 5 to 4, Here yesterday pattern in an errorless Hall game. Rhyness Homer with parked the first inning started the Point team off on the Road to tory. The clinching score in fifth inning was tallied when i Worth singled after Brinkley doubled. Chick Wilson hit for the Cir with one aboard in the fifth Manes. Tim Box t Linson a rho Lianes Ahr Holt.3b 4 0 2 1 Hendersn. Parker.2b 5 12 1 2 Rhine of 4 113 mason.3b 4 Brinkley la 4 i 112 8 4 4 0 14 4 Weston of 4 i i i my Singer la h Worth is 4 0 2 1 wtlson.2b 4 2 10 4 4 Collin p 3 0 0 0 2 i Snow i a Hemrie i xxx Evan i Tou la 34 3 to 27 totals score by inning Tomlinson. Hanes hosiery. 210 to too 120 to Charlotte us How of Rubric open i. 0 0 i 1 2 2 pet. I too .500 .500 too too Ville supplanted Richmond in the Drivers seat. The tourists champions if the Loop last year by a wide margin climaxed their drive from the cellar to the top by drubbing Norfolk to to 2 yesterday while the Colts were bowing to 15-7. The Mountain Ever faced the Threa mond retaliation in a to it ing today. Big cd Hurley went the route for Asheville Anc a abetted by a 12-hit Atta k that included four by Natisin and three by be in three scores. Coopers two run Homer in the third gave the losers their total. Charlotte s pasting of Richmond featured a 20-hit attack that included four each by Nix and Robertson and three each by Sanford and Gedeon. Richmond smacked Overstreet and Torres for 15 the Quot new Dawn Quot Rose a Freak of nature was the first Plant patented under the Plant Patent act. It was found growing among a group of a an Fleet roses. Howdy a a Strong wrestling Boul Al by or full of Good cheer at am tic co. It will be a Cjase of Strong Man is Rowdy at Jfe South Hamilton Street Ayette tonight. Milo Stein Horn who has won More Strong Man trophies than boasts uttered by Tommy Marvin meets Marvin tonight in the main event of a triple Decker grappling card. The first bout will Start at 8 30. Over the week end Marvin let go a blast at the Strong Man. Saying i Bai he would heave Stein born out of the Ting. Stein hour who was t around Ai the time did t make any comment. And it appears As though the silent Strong Man wont have anything to say today. On his tremendous strength Tov overcome whatever advantages Marvin May have through his rowdiness and leanings toward gouging kicking and slugging. Promoter Serge and l c. Mcmahon the Blind world War Veteran. Predicted huh morning that Hie local fans would see one of the Best matches Ever presented Bere in Tho opening Battle of the night. A i Urpin of experienced and Well versed scientific grapplers open the Caid. Bibber Mccoy of Jake Indianapolis id. Who has been wrestling in tie larger cities in the East and North will do Battle with earn in Powers the Clever Canadian who put up such a gnat Atlantic co apparently Steinborn is relying Shew with lightning pit new Irio Khan inning aah Hile the two aforementioned i clubs were trying to change their j system these mauling moors from i j Mooresville guided by Crafty Johnny Hicks kept up their win i Nung and went Back into the Loop 1 j Lead Concord w to was tied with i the moors last week Are now hold Jing second place and Thomasville has climbed above Salisbury to claim third place in the standings. Salisbury is fourth. Landis fifth. A Lexington six. Kannapolis seventh and Cooleemee is again j j in the cellar this week Competition gets very stiffer As All teams have strengthened and Are yearning for a place in the upper division. Tonight the play starts with i Lexington invading Kannapolis Cooleemee at Thomasville Landis at Salisbury and Mooresville at Concord at the present the moors stack up As the Hest outfit in the Loop. With the fighting Hicks at the Behn Hie Mooresville Crew i not missing a single trick. They have safeties Piekett demonstrated Power pm War a a Llin Sud they Are using thaw n. The latter d it on the opposition they will Xou Regj have plenty of Competition from Concord and Thomasville hut other team Are making moves that w ill either make or break then and it is anybody a Pennant at this time. Norman Small. Mooresville Star outfielder hit one of the Long j est homers Ever rapped in this league w Hen he pounced on a delivery at Landis the other night during the Moor Landis series. The horse hide travelled Way he j Pond the 330-foot left Field Fence j and landed atop the schoolhouse. Says Blackie Carter. Lot Dis skipper Quot it was one of the hardest hit Halls i have Ever seen Quot a and May we note Blackie has been around in this game of baseball. Affixed to a Mooresville contract last week was the signature of Tinie Walnea a Southpaw Ace Mound Man in class a play for the past several years Barnes who hails from Churchland just seven Miles from Here was a former teammate of Johnny Hicks. Mooresville head skipper during College Dav at Wake Forest. When he was signed. Shortstop Goodwin and Pitcher Livingston j were handed their walking papers. Coa is through this boy de 8 y r i n g came through in Fine style saturday night when he chunked a Victory i for the Salisbury giants Over Mooresville. The Youthful right hander held the mauling Moor outfit to two safeties a great Job for any chunked. He teams along with Quot lefty Quot Southard and Quot lefty Quot Adams to form one of the most dreaded Mound staffs in the states league this season. When it conies to catching in the state Loop we will hand our Orchid in the direction of Johnny pare the Quot ironman Quot from Concord first Basing would go to Mike Skemer of Salisbury second to Mel dry of Thomasville shortstop. Laster Smith of Lexington and third base Ulmont Baker of Concord. You can toss the entire Outfield in the direction of Mooresville ? talented aggregation hut they could get plenty of Competition from other Fly chasers in the Loop because believe you me the state supports some of the Best outer Gardners in class d. Ball. They Are saying plenty about shortstop Blackwell and Outfield-1 or Langston Down lie Landis Way. The two Are recent additions to the dodger layout replacing Pitcher Marvin Ferrell a brother to Wes and Rock. And Pitcher whilst assists Holt 4 Parker 3. Hav Woi Henderson 4, Muon 5. Mousing Wilson 4 Poole i. Home runs it Rhyne Wilson Carter. Three by Parker. Two base hits Brinkley son Culbreth. Holt. Double Wilson to Henderson to w Holt to Parker Parker to Hay wort Brinkley in c on Hill off Pooh off Collins. 3. 8tnick out by Coll by Poole 2, by Johnson 2. Hill Collins 9 in 9 off Poole 8 in 5 off Johnson. 2 Iii a a 1-3 left on by Tomlinson 5. Haney hosiery 2. We Pitcher Collins losing Pitcher umpires a Larkett and Doe. T game 2 hours a a minute. Atter 400 nut safeties. Home Ruus wee bargain counter with Robertson and Gedeon doing trick for the hornets and Nai to Phillips and Kinzer dating for the losers. Winston Salem i inc r Portsmouth 7 to 6 in ten inn on Kobesky Evond Home rut a the twin a first sunday game and a played just the City s limits to avoid the Law. More than 2,500 fan ran the Park. A hip Hooky mount Durham fair went to the red sox As they a Ord eight times ii sixth and seventh to Ovri a four run Lead obtained bulls in the second. Game today a who it in Richmond Portsmouth at Ham. Charlotte at Norfolk mount at Winston Salem a a a a a a a a carpet with seven Stife Hes. Begun in 1932 and Fini had bearing by Mon of i Ady Power court and family coat of arms is att much attention in Dublin. It games today Piedmont league Charlotte St Norfolk Portsmouth at Durham. Asheville St Richmond. Rocky mount at Winston Salem tar Heel league Lenoir at Shelby. Gastonia at Statesville Newton Conover at Hickory. N. C. State league Cooleemee at Thomasville Landis at Salisbury. Mooresville at Concord Lexington at Kannapolis. American league St. Louis at new York a Niggeling 0-1 is. Donald 1-0. Cleveland at Philadelphia Milner 6-1 is Dean 4-2. Detroit at Washington a Newhouser <2-3i or Gor Ica 0-0 is Leonard i�-4t Chicago at Boston 2 a Dietrich Il-0 is. Hash 4-3. Sport lion my ii by Eddie big Etz Sullivan 2-4 National league Boston at Cincinnati a. Derringer i5-4>, Brooklyn at Chicago Ca by 2-3 is Passeau 23. New York at Pittsburgh Lohrman 3-1 a. Butcher 1-4. Only games scheduled Man Iii to ii i to Man last week. Both of the boys in the first bout of the night Are Brilliant wrestlers comparing with the Best in the game promoter Mcmahon said. The bout Between Newman and to wet last week was one of the Best Ever seen Here and the promoter indicated that Mccoy and Powers would present an equally attractive bout. New York. June 3.�?op a Jack Doyle Broadway Book has made Ryron Nelson Aud Jimmy de Naret co favorite at 8-1 to j cop the National open. Other members of Jack s big four ate Ralph Guldahl and Sammy Snead j at 10-1.,.,the Mutu Els Quot take at Belmont Park has passed the million Dollar Mark four times in j 16 Days. Do you realize those surprising dodgers Are playing i hide and seek with first place with Only one regular Dixie Walker Hilling Ai a .300 clip a doling Ihm off a Lien Joe Engel of i Bulla i Kimiga recalled ii ii ii Layne second Sacker from Hie Selma Ala club it made owner Morris blot it so mad Engel or j dered a Selma ice foundry to j deliver not lbs. On hindi s front Kirch to Cool him off. A botnet h has been educated to the Puett starting Gate and his nervousness has disappeared. The grandstand wolves Are snap-1 Ping at Dixie Howell sex Alabama i Grid great who is having a miserable time at Short for the Oklahoma City club. ,. West Virginia i u. Is out to make the big time football circuit and makes no1 Bones about it Joe Cronin is telling sports writers in the other american league Citty to Stop worrying about the red sox pitching and fret a Little about their own. Today ski est Stag George Edmond St Paul dispatch Quot the German High command fears tile Success of its troops May cause Over con Fidance. Sounds almost like Minnesota s deride diet Man were on lie ports to the Minneapolis House at 8 30 every morn Waits for the Trainer to o Duce a dodger always Etc. old Dontile a i i in re was a voting fellow la Oji Foxx i in Low Ell Vav Lull a i ii an of a believer lie binned tile oui fielders hunted i lie Bali for a Eon pie of Holt a i. I a. Los a full i by sea in a Chicago judge has in ill in ii i la Iii i a -1 Killen la sox second Sacker to Dis bar 7 for a not her. His prints out this numeral p unlucky for every sox who it Iii recent years Gerry a Al sin Mon Lew Fonseca Willie a Iii in. Another Brawl is carded for the Semi final struggle Thunderbolt Patterson Hie Man from Syracuse and the hard Riding Whitey Provo the cow punching i by rih Kwe in a former stat Montana Are expected to do Oklahoma University everything hut use suits air planes and tanks in the expected double Teg. Personals Freddie fit Situ Mons dodger Pitcher has been selected As the outstanding father in american sport by Hie National fathers Day committee. I Jake Powell of the yanks is hav Rabbit Leary of Thomasville i a trouble bouncing Back Aller it hat brain concussion. Red Evant As at Zenuie As Ever re Quality not que Antu red to Beer ounce 10c do Iii Terri by Stanley distributing High Point n. C

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