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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 3, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Monday june 3, 19 Iother High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point. North Farouk Page seven he Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family Uncle Ray s Corner Portugal wanted Ater route to India Mien great Britain saw Strong us last month that Italy was no into the War an important tar was riven to British sea gains they were told to take in ships around Southern Africa Toad of through tile Melter Ean sea. Die Mediterranean route from gland to India is Shorter but it red safer to the British to go und Africa. Eople in Europe did not have All water route to India Yoo in ago. To Trade with that try they had to use caravans re was no Suez canal at that e. Site often the caravans were Ted by desert robbers. Costly is of silk and spices were lost traders. Colum bits tried to find an Aller route to India but he found new world. The new world to prove Richer than the in of Asia but no one knew a the time. Ornong the famous sea captains history is Vasco a Gama. He born at about the same time Columbu and did his greatest a a a few years after Columbus de Westward across the Allan a Asro a Gama sailed under the of Portugal a country which a great rival of Spain. The Puguese wanted to reach India the East indies by an Aller route before the spaniard n a july Day in i 497. Four sail vessels left Lisbon. Portugal sailed southward in the midst ii thick fog the plan was to Clear around Southern Africa. Then to India it was a deed cd no one had done before Here was Success a new Day Ich trading for Portugal would von. Fora the sailors and officers be Little Fleet went on Board smashing into summer a a a Irma a with laugh hit of the year i s of a Gal by Harry Harrison Kroll author of a the keeper of the House Quot haute of Vasco Day Mina in Ilia great journey to India. They gave their confessions to priests. They feared that this voyage might he the last they Ever would make. Ships of Europe before this had gone As far As the Cape of Good Hope hut none had rounded the Cape and crossed the Indian Ocean. After a Short visit in the Cape verde islands the pilots were ordered to steer almost straight southward this was a change from the custom of Quot hugging the coast of Africa. Tile men with Vasco a Gaia must have been almost if not quite As much afraid As those who had gone with Columbus in 14 92 for history Section of your scrapbook of you want a free copy of the leaflet entitled Quot background of european War Send me a 3c Stamper self addressed envelope in care of this newspaper. I Vulk hav. Tomorrow a great Ocean journey. Baseball and bullets in a hillbilly fun fest Rossy brought a feud to College and tumbled for a girl Cross wore i d Uzzi 0 feminine Diplomat Arrison in Hollywood Sil Rathbone gets vacation of villainy Ann Sheridan oomph in truck Driver film by i we Harrison Edward Robinson left the Unea service staff Correl Pondant j de world for Quot or. Ehrlich and Hollywood june 3�?speak now ret urn a to it As a comedy of typing As actors so often gangster in Quot brother Orchid he sleek sly Basil Rath Hane re winds up cultivating dahlias in a d on his dignity and rejoiced monastery. He portents and promises of a chapter i Hussy Mcafee Laid his Baa of1 baseball fits Aud ancient Tele scope slip Oil tile ground and gasped at the wrought Iron Arch which ran Between the Stone Gate posts. The Iron letters Quot Lincoln College a were two feet High. Rossy stared hungrily at the Bronze figure of the rail splitter in the drive Oval. He had had two ambitions in his gaunt soul one j to make the big time As a Ball \ Pitcher the other to find the Man who had killed his father Aud exact an Eye for ail Eye. Now he a overwhelmed with a third to become an educated Man. Standing there a Lincoln Ian figure himself he seemed to be i stepping across the threshold of a new life. The Campus seemed deserted. I he had expected to see hundreds i maybe thousands of Gay students chasing hither and Yon. Instead ail the life he found was a professors cow chewing some dead grass. Quot Well i do declare a Hussy muttered. Quot ainu to i at the right place a he had come at the opening of the Spring Quarter because he had not got his pigs sold until after the opening in the fall. But there was that legend. Lincoln College. This must be the right place but there was j something wrong with the time. He heard a chattering clattering Roar behind him faintly at i first then increasingly louder. Before he could collect i w it a it a upon him. He whirled a round Law a girl speeding along j the sidewalk toward him the noise ame from w heels on her i feet. She must have been going 200 Miles an hour. The girl yelled tried to turn. It steel grated on cond Elf. Rossy jumped this Way and that trying i to decide which Way she was go i Pler film life it s about time ight now he enjoying a Van from villainy in the Bing by malt Marlin a a a m a to i a Rand hut funny one Pequot this is More than a sumps in part ifs farce not just Edy hut pure farce and i love Why i done to even have to a Hose movies a All they know tree characters hero heroine just As Annie Sheridan was beginning to justify that sit in it ii is Ness Warner Brothers raised the oomph line Oil Lier dug out dresses Aud made Lier a quiet modest creature in a truck Driver jacket called Quot they Iii Ive by in the same picture Limpid eyed Lupine murders Lier husband Anni goes crazy. Olivia de Ollavi Viaud kicked Over heavy. On the stage a Man j ail traces of her gentle film past u t get typed As a villain he with a revolt against the studio. Ila Carter actor. What almost j her Bosses decided they might a cd me was that damned a we a pay her for having tan Trum. My Copperfield nobody d so now in Quot episode she s tossing Ider me for sympathetic role digits h id books and a using All r i the word the Hay office allow. I next assignment promo a to Paramount Rathbone wont him or on Nimo to Jot memory Lawrence Tibbett used to walk the ground on i hands just before 8 going out on a stage to begin a concert. Paid the upside Down exercise made him sing better head standing now is recommended As a memory Jogger for actors and its exponent is Chrispin Martin. F the Tubby Little mexican who plays y. Billy Halop toughest of Man Friday to Cesar Romero a dead end kids emerge in i Cisco kid. In Brown s school Days in a pants Eton jacket and a Martin a Eil to forget i ugh accent lines Miller often Aud somebody it mph Ray Bogart was non a not Tibuc tip told ii in to go i Aud chivalrous gangster in stand on ids Bead. In a mood All came True a and he to try anything. Cill upend Ltd a cd such ability for comedy5 himself mid found that it work the studio has promised Light re. Now lie alway Doe it be a fore beginning a difficult scene. A single sneer or snarl. For id Back the Dawn hell be a us refugee waiting lean Border for his a number to come up a love courtship and marriage w my. Ii in a no those who miss wedding Bells can blame themselves by Ernest it. Ind Gladis h. Roles Tho who look longingly St the wedding Bells thai ring for others but not for them have Only themselves to thank. Somewhere along the Road they have t a ii one turn after a n o t her leading to single than d o to b i e. Blessedness. Some ate very Well s a t i a f Ted with their Biden n d but situation. Other at time convince themselves that they Are in a horizontal i pictured american Diplomat. 12 crowds. 13 eagles nest. 14 Genus of swans. 16 astringent. 17 principal pipes. 18 on the Lee. 19 Tennis Fence. 20 marched formally. 22 sprite. 23 Pep. 24 Almond. 26 appliances. 29 labourer. 32 fungus disease of Rye. 33 to countersink. 34 to thread. 35 stays. Answer to previous Puzzle 49 portuguese Money. 50 cart. 51 bartered. 52 Wrath. 53 roofs of Mouths. 55 tatter. 56 she is or Diplomat a Ira Quot its. Or Busy in a 37 thick Shrub. 38 bile. 41 corps of algerian cavalry. 45 existence. 3 distinctive theory. 4 deified mortal. 5 to listen. 6 opera air. 7 Peel. 8 feels displeasure. 9 ratites Bird. 10 Genus of auks. 47 slovak. 11 Christmas 48 rim. Carol. 53 postscript nation at War. J2 she was once abbr. Vertical or head 54 South 1 gift of Charity of a woman a Carolina 2 to Border on. Reformatory. Abbr. 25 she has worked for social a or changes. 20 placarded. 21 duet. 23 cringes. 25 Long speeches 27 before. 28 Era. 30 rumanian coins. 31 to Chew. 35 grief. 37 ringworm. 38 Stern. 39 pertaining to air. 40 Legal claim. 41 to kill a try 42 wan. 43 seaweed. 44 opposite of cold 46 spore clusters. 1 to Eitl via a �.�3isbbk. R a my i we wan Lith. M illustrated by Carol Johnson. Rossy jumped this Way and that trying to decide where she was going to hit. In Mother instant they were All piled up legs skates armes and grip. Rossy was Yelling. Amp Sii i i a Quot i w i in i h 11 ii so i i la vers switching Rai ter n s Lite a few other player have switching characterization ing she plunged on town shouting for him it get the Way she turned a a ii ing at the air. And Rosiy the same Way in another inst a d him baud across i Eye Aud stared nut of again remembered himself Aud grasp j smiled. A i Nee. You re the Ball i who w jumped Pitcher bom Helt a damnation i run of Quot Well if Hannah a her aay to. If la come to that or coach. That there a that almost me with her foot wagons i the t the w heels was i j hoi All it you Aud h Hurd told me about out at the Gate just now a Quot foot wagons aha a then he i understood Ami laughed. A those j Are skate. Why that a or. Tol Ler. Come this Way. Here let me help you with your he took the bag of bal and Mckenney on Bridge placing a squeeze is difficult Cle Velander accomplishes trick j nor r of predict i menu this. How n Ever May be jut in a hit of the play i Arling t hat All of j i us indulge Iii of i rationally cast i ing ourselves Ini i the leading role a Par a vulgarly if i he a tragic one. J Bawlin g. I Hosy heard himself Yelling too. A the Vav i hat t lie but he teemed to have helped break the girl fall. They untangled to a Ive and he helped her to her feet. So e rubbed Hei r bruises. Then i he laughed. A a in a i ail right. In a Judy toll a. The till what it i get for t tying to he a Al d a gain ,. Roller j skating r. H Lav not been on skates for be a i s. But it teemed like a Good i idea. But to Are j you you a re new Here Aren t you a a a in mro a Mcafee i m a halt player. Pile her Well to make it i Cigar a i Oik Quot a i you re wanting coach Hurd. You la find him at i in to tile rear of the j ii vacs daughter. Quot fio Itoi what kind of doctor get a a elitist Man by we. R. Mckenney America card authority gym. Quot the athletes were not expected for registration until Mon-1 air he Host t Day gut coach will take Are of doctor or what you All they entered by a Hack in Riahy riot h at a door is Bossy when a it the door. Quot Well it i a tin a Doc to by it and went through a i is a doctor of my lockers. Never i dog a executive Secretary of the american contract Bridge league la am required to cover the Conn i by pretty Well each year but it 11 is a pleasant task. In each City i be i meet old friends and vast and Hind roared with laughter and Fulfur tournament Are alway the then seeing a red flush Rise in subject of conversation. Naturally grinned shaking Rossy face. He hastily corrected a favorite Bridge hand by l ight in. I himself. He knew How sensitive i comes to Light. Ami ill tempered Hill folks were. Of showers the Man knocked. Quot this it ainu to Ketching Mcafee he said j Leepy head appeared in j a 4 a k974 a q83 jul k q j to 5 in my tintype so Hussy a hand a a com done to Rush the Middle aged Man said head lie seeing him and when h my last trip was made entirely to cover his confusion he began j by plane in order to cover a lot was gone coach i talking fast and at random a a by in Aud shut of territory in a Short time. The the gym. Its the Brick building you see yonder through toe then they stood there just Init Hose w h of pm Lincea it h other she had a i Lovely dimple and it played like a Bright wind on Mutiny water. A Ami you Are Rossy Mcafee i Iii Mitre Well be seeing a lot of for Thornill. Thy a a a Wyo cd Quot ish a f a cd a a the door. A Well Well you a a who was him a Rossy asked jerking his thumb a k Quot Doc Tollivar president of Lincoln a did you say Tolliver a ifs a mind doctor and done to i first Stop a Cleveland w Here i How Are you worry any about that. Hei talked with that popular favorite. I wont have to w Ork on your i Henry p. Jaeger. Henry a favorite mind and ill take care of that subject is squeeze plays and the j left Ai in of yours for we have outstanding squeeze hand shown you Al docketed for big things i Here bub now w eve got to fix today was discussed. As Jaeger explained. Hie prob you up. You re a few Days ahead tem was to Transfer the a Cut out for or. And mrs. E. K. Grove it Are the ones who Earl do most seem in a r Ridge a yet fail to achieve Quot its Tollivar not Tolliver a la of schedule but that a Okay Dif a 9 5 a j 8 6 5 a j 7 6 2 Ahi a j 8 763 a to a a k85 a a 7 3 duplicate a. And Vav. Vul South West North East 1 a pass 2 a Pas 2 a. Puts 2 n t. Pass 3 a pass 5 a Pas opening a squeeze from East to West. The second we be got everything ready for i Spade was trumped and a Small you a room Job place to eat and heart led. East won with the ruffed in Dummy with the Ever thug. Best there ii too. You i Queen and led a Trump. Declarer see of clubs. Flapper Fanny by Sylvia a com is to a to dec inc to sic v to been going on year att to a year in the place or Job. Or social group i a Foj which they happen to have made their own. Regardless of the fact that it holds out Little Hope of their meeting any Marriageable person. Some ate too modest perhaps because Over proud or afraid to risk having their feelings Hurt by laying themselves open to ridicule a a to show themselves As they Are v s eyes began to gleam rate pretty High in these parts. I won ruffed a heart came Back to j you can be that West could not a Tolliver a Toufer you la live off the fat of the land. His hand with a Diamond and now protect the Jack of heart against a leased hold on his Arm seemed unable to stand ,.hut for his Quick grab at her Sheto add might have collapsed on the j walk. It was a delicate and inti mate moment and Rossy was pm i bad Assed. Women of hts sort i did no to lean on men much. They j had a Way of Lea Iii Tig on shotguns. A Welt now in mail she smiled and this time stood with out any trouble. Then she began you folks spell it in the Hill Ferent Breed of to a a of and they air All Thieve and Ras i you bet. Know where you re go i Laid Down the King of hearts. East i North a nine spot Sud still hold cals. I know Mem. One of Mem hic to live a covered with the Ace and the trick i three diamonds Tong time ago1 pleased St All this sudden Evi a in a bail game with a Bein Bali i Donee of hospitality. Rosity Shook and Why lands i bet a cow he by head. A where a was the Feller a i Quot Why son. At or. Tollivaro j it ran All Over Rossy like a be sir right with Doc Aud his Side glances lately Aud therefore hide the most i to strike out cautiously Down the Lei eating layers of their per soft with a w ale Aud a laity. Then they wonder Why they Augh we d y n<1 attract Only mediocre cum term at fall r ing people away. Those who Are but a Little less shy feel at ease Only with those i whom they think of As inferior. Hussy gathered up by Luggage i meant none of that. Coach i just a few Ara so self conscious j and walked slowly toward the j drool at the Mouth sometime about marriage whether because gym. Now and then turning to see my Pappy died from a fractured they Are afraid of showing theirs if the girl a in sight. She Skull stroke of paralysis from a Airvoy laughter and boy is Judy Tolu a Nee. That Man would be about i a some girl a or a she still tile a a of this thick Man. Too he i Riel Arter anybody s heart you stated at the coach. Just wait and see a then All at one Rossy realized he May have talked too fast and too much. An unwise word might destroy All his chances of a lifetime for revenge to which to be continued i lie had dedicated his Energy and i integrity he talked fast. A Law i never eagerness to attain it or because those who look longingly was t. He came to the front j Iii i co fit on he had picked door of the gym and knocked up his grip but he dropped it As no answer. He knocked again suddenly and the Cotton Cord and then tried the Latch. It was holding Hie top broke spilling us red flannel underwear and shirts you should be Able to answer a huh Quot he snorted. Removing and socks and a photograph on these questions without the slight one of his polished bats of his the floor. Bossy began frantic Al j est hesitation since they concern cranium crackers Hack to childhood of ii make lie beat on the door j by to gather the stuff up Aud listened and then began mauling coach Hurd seeing Hiem Bardie door angrily. Quot this is the j Ras sment helped by picking up Drun dest place for nobody to stay the picture w hit of was a Honey Home Blond of perhaps is or 19. What is re people just a Quot Ali hah Quot he teased. A your lit pealed from nowhere it seemed tie sweetheart Back in the Hills this a a Man in easy old Gray he Quot you want a perfectly honest unbiased Umpire take Neal Here a he does t know a thing about it suit he was thick kindly and a huh distinguished. His age a per Embarrass edly. A Wwall Yah haps 45. He wore boots evident that a Hannah. Hannah Shrider. In an outdoor Man. A is there boy does she know her baseball Quot something i May do for you Quot he added hourly a and a lot of �?�1 in Rossy Mcafee mild i come other things too. But she Shore to school and i want to play Ball j is ambitious for a Feller plenty and where Loach hued at you i of temper Aud color. Shell Shore j make a go getter for some Feller the Man re about my they May be swept off their feet i pealed and just stood there with Quot so its All arranged he you re by an unexpected love tor a mar a fixed look. He had the same i going to get Hook la Ai Ning and lied person. J look a la girl Only it a a i make the big league and then next blowing out old Elaine Manta look. He moved a slow Tbs wedding balls will nag a a they have been turned against the idea of marrying perhaps by the imprint of the happenings of childhood in an unhappy Home that they make friends Only with a Marriageable or Alt Ady married people this is doubly risky since in j Ain t him a spite of t hair anti marriage slant. A Trossy Alt a the most familiar Nursery rhymes 1. Where was the maid when the King a in the counting House 2. By whom did the big spider sit 3. Who married Jennie Wren 4. Where did Georgic Porgie then Rossy grinned go 5. Who slept in his stockings answers on went and Page dutch prisoners Are i Reed Berlin june in it la it a Adolf Hitler today decreed Freedom Hitler today decreed Freedom for dutch prisoner of War taken in the German army a five Day sweep across the Nta Horly Nola. Soft 1�m> a set vice inc t m of a u. A it pm a a i a fickle that a what you arc Las week you fell for a w. To be litter jmj Bow ii to a while Quot

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