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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 18, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Wives doing More work in farming Wichita Kan apr emerging from the cattle pen Jonny Scott kicked the dirt from her boots and brushed off her Blue Slacks. Quot the Fields Are too Muddy to work in so i m just helping my husband get tilings cleaned up a she said the Bright Kansas Sunshine glinting from her sunglasses cleaning cattle pens May seem a most a feminine task by most housewives standards but Jonny Scott s labors on this Spring Day Are a Small indicator of the expanding roles women Are playing Down on the farm. Mrs. Scott a Petite woman in her mid-30s, is a Farmers daughter and a Farmer s wife she also considers herself a Farmer and a partner with her husband Norman better known As Butch in the family a Enterprise a 1.000 acres of wheat Miro and a Small cattle Herd. In her three decades from childhood to wife and Mother of two teen aged girls. Mrs Scott has been part of a slow revolution in which Many farm women have moved from tending a Garden and feeding the chickens to driving a tractor and sharing in the daily decisions of modern agriculture a i was one of five girls and we never went near the machinery she remembers. Quot my Mother never did Field work she had a big Garden and some chickens but her activities were entered around the Home not in the life on the farm is a different Story for Jonny Scott she is one of about Soo too women who today take an Active part in producing the nation s food she also is an example of an emerging female Farmer who is at Home in the seat of a tractor As in her Kitchen. Quot i do some of the blowing and cultivating help spread fertilizer and run a Combine or truck during Harvest Quot she said planting i done to do Butch likes the rows straight As an Arrow and the Way i drive a tractor just does t do she also is bookkeeper Cook homemaker seamstress and a kind of Jan of a 11-trades who has proven valuable in the demanding world of farming and ranching the 1970 census indicated women made up about to per cent of the farm work Force but the . Department of labor estimates last year nearly 16 per cent of All farm workers were female i Don t think there is any doubt that women Are taking a bigger role in agriculture these Days a said Frank Carpenter associate Dean of the Kansas state University College of a i culture Quot our enrolment of women is up tremendously in the past five years and they re going into every Field from horticulture and animal agricultural economics and management a in the fall of 1971. Kansas state enrolled 112 women As agriculture majors barely 8 per cent of the College s total enrolment last fall the number of women in agriculture courses climbed to 486 and nearly one of every four students in the College was a woman in spite of this enrolment Boom. Carpenter added there continues to be a shortage of qualified women in major agribusiness firms that Are begging for female employees we can t fill the demand Quot i said some companies come Here just to interview women for their Job openings part of that May be because of affirmative action programs. But it s also because businesses have found women Are doing an excellent Job in places normally thought to be reserved for in recent years. Kansas state has sent its women graduates to such jobs As hybrid hog research agricultural chemical and fertilizer sales Riding Fence for a Large feedlot and meat near Ketting specialist for the Kansas slate Board of agriculture. L it s a changing world. Carpenter added and we know s we things Are changing on the family farm too women Bove always taken a part in farming but now it appears More women Are working Side by Side with their husbands driving tractor or helping make the financial decisions or. As in the Case of Florence dumber of Hussell. Hails. Assuming control id the family farm after the death of a husband. Mrs dumber a 54-year-old grandmother decided to continue farming with the help of her son. Carl alter her husband died in 1973 she farms 1.200 acres of wheat i had always helped my said mrs Beumler he always wanted me to work with him and be a full partner when her husband died his wife became one of 100,000 women who own or manage a farm. Women farm managers remain a 6 per tent minority in the must billion Dollar business of agriculture but department of labor statistics now their ranks have grown More than 30 too in the past five years mrs dumber was the first woman Ever named to the Kun nos wheat commission an Agency that supervises wheat research and promotion and also the first woman to take a Veat on the Board of great Plains wheat inc. A Farmer s cooperative that develops foreign markets for american Grain a women Are becoming More involved in Alt parts of agriculture Quot mrs dumber said Quot we be been Active in agriculture for years but we Haven t taken a leadership role that s changing a Little now and i think Well see More of it in the future a she concedes there has been some resistance from both male and female colleagues but nothing major and her Rise is a farm Leader has never been depicted As a Battle of the sexes Quot i am a Farmer Quot she explained Quot i own a farm just like Many men and like Many other women if you pay the taxes and buy the machinery you re a Farmer automatically. Whether you re a Man or a woman has nothing to do with it Jonny Scott has similar sentiments it s not a competitive thing for me i Don t feel i have to compete with Butch or prove Jonny Scott said i Don t run things and i Don t want to Butch tells me what needs to be done and i do it mrs dumber and mrs Scott reject the notion that women s liberation is a moving Force in the farm wife s expanding role in agriculture they say powerful economic forces such As increased mechanization and a deepening shortage of skilled farm labor have propelled women into the Fields Quot Twenty years ago it was physically impossible for most women to do Field work because they did i have the muscle to handle the machinery a Butch Scott said Quot now everything has Power steering the machinery is As easy to handle As the family bigger and More powerful machines also have displaced the full time hired hand. But Farmers like the Scotts still must have help in the Busy planting and harvesting seasons they face increasing problems finding qualified help when its needed. Quot it s almost impossible to find Good help anymore he said Quot but my wife is Here All the time to run for a machinery i part or help during the Busy times without her. I d have to find a hired hand to do it. She makes a big difference shouldering the work together the Scotts have reduced their operating expenses and made a secure comfortable life Tor their family in their modern red Brick farmhouse nestled behind a Grove of Pines and a Well manicured Lawn Quot my Mother in Law Tea ses me sometimes about How much time i spend in the Fields a Jonny Scott said Quot some people Don t consider it lady-1 Ike but i enjoy being outdoors and working with Butch we work together we like it that Way. 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