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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 18, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Swim Winner Sedgefield swim and Backet club had a tight swim meet with Brookwood but survived 290-283 to raise its Community swim record to 3-1 Brookwood is now 1-3 the results Medley relay boy la a i k met or it Heimer i go in Hon d Allen. J Smith g til us a i Kerr Tilley Huber St in bebop to a i Kerf Scarlet tilter May girl to i i a Smith l Aitch a Ewing Teague boy la ii i Moo she to Ley. Lane no 11-17 i r Beauchamp d Rem p my Kanji l Mitchell boy ii 14 it Fay Fott b Mon r Morris d e i girl 1 14 i Frye. Terrell pry Muir boy Isis a i Vaughn Beeson Hampton Lane girls Lull i i Tatum l dare d Morris it Wright backstroke Boylu i d Allen by 7 Dodson Var girl i u i Kerr sri 2 s Dan i by y boys 9 to i. J. T to i a Smith i Bovi i Dunn i sri boys la 17 i Moo Var j Lane Var 1 girl la i i d Reid by 7 Hampton i sri boy u 14 i Quia j b Muon girl u u i Muir i sir i Osborn by boys ii i Vaughn sir 7 Lam i Var girl in. Ii i d Morris by 2 v Clodfelter i by breaststroke boy us i Barker sri 2 o Aller. I by git is s u i Huber sri 2 so Annet sir boy 9 to i Kerr sri 7 St annal. Sir girl 9 10 1 a Twiny by. 2 Grimmer sri boy til i Shaw i sri 2 m smell Bai i is 1 i7 o Reid Bai ? Topping sir. Boy uus i d Ellis a 2 Topping s Otis us i Muir sir i for Esse Boyuls a i h Reid i a j a Quot a i Quot sir girl is it i i Carr by 7 d morn a a club pro s chances in pea forget it Butterfly boy i u a i s Barker sri 2 d Allen a Girt by i a Huber sri 7 k he ratio i sir fit,9 10 i j bes. Hemp Bai j $ Tilley sir girls 9 to i a Smith Bai 2 s Dunn. Sir boy la 17 i g Shaw sri 7 j Mccarter by Girt 11-17 i d Salt sir 7 n Topping sir boy us i v dote sir j b Muon by g Fly Dib my Ken e by j Osborn a boy is i i l Voyin sir m Reid Iba. Girl is la i o Morris by 7 g Moo sir freestyle boy i u sir 7 m Tippett sir gel of i Huber i sir i 7 Perdue a sri boy to i title 2 j Beauchamp it gtrlm9 i a Smith by 2 Dunn sri. Boy h 12 i sir 2 Boner sri girl ii 12 id red Bai 2 m r sir boy u u i b Dunn a 7 Dilia sri Girt us i Caborn Bai 7 Muir sir it boy Imo i h Reid i by i Lane sir i girl is to i l Derr a by. 2 m Cio Tetter by freestyle relay boy in i Perdue Tilley , Kerr Girt of i Dod on Tippett Tippett Barber boy 9 to i May Kerr or nne Tiltay girl 9 10�?1 Aden in the Ewing Taegue Bey la a 7 a i Moo Lane Tilley. Shaw girls til sell Muir Hampton Topping boys i i u in Munn Craycr i t vim t lit. Girl us a Era,.ruff Osborn v kept i in Smith Bor is it red Sartell i Tel to girl ill i Dart Tatum Clodfeiter morn athletes from magic Home for the funeral a its been my dream and my Mother dream that i win a Gold he said in the heavyweight division. American John Tate who wants to Wear a Robe emblazoned a i love will have to get past defending Gold medallist Teofilo Stevenson of Cuba. Who is an Amateur in his country but who is ranked among the worlds five Hest heavyweights by some boxing observers Tate meets Andrzej Biegalski of Poland in the first round july 26 although he has been fighting Only 19 months Tate has a 51-7 record he a Quot oud meet Stevenson in the third round if they both get that far a total of 348 boxers frown 19 nations will fight about 3,-000 rounds during the games the israeli team which had la members killed in a raid by Arab terrorists in the 1972 olympics have Only one real Gold medal Hope hurdles Esther Moth she is the Only returning member of that ill fated Munich israeli team and is a top contender in the 100-meter hurdles israeli athletes Are protected in Montreal by soldiers armed with sub machine guns and wearing Bullet roof vests other athletes Are protected nearly As closely with 1.800 soldiers. Canadian mounties and City and provincial police everywhere around this charming old City of 2 7 million people the olympic Village High Rise apartment buildings Are surrounded by a High wire Fence and patrolled by Rifle carrying soldiers olympic facilities were completed at least to the Point where Competition can be held although the lower that was supposed to be on the main stadium was never finished and workmen toiled up to the last minute on Many venues a strike of television technicians which threatened telecasts to Europe but not to the United Stales was settled As were most of the labor problems which have plagued this predominantly French speaking province liquor store workers remained on the bricks keeping thousands of visitors dry. Olympics organizers who also control television rights and facilities say More than one billion people will watch the games around the world. Making these olympics the single most watched event in history. Bethesda. My when some 140 players gather Here at congressional country club the week of August 8 for the Bicentennial year Foa championship about 65 of them will be Bona fide club professionals a Guys who give Golf lessons and operate Golf shops and take monday off to play in local pro ams when the final figures Are posted on the scoreboard the following sunday night about a dozen of them will be listed among the Money winners perhaps one will claw his Way up among the first ten finishers but his chances of getting the Winner s Check Are zilch take it from the boys who know the solid club players a Tho club pro just in t mentally prepared to handle the pressure a a explained Gene Borek a couple of years ago. A a he a in another business a club professional May have one Good round maybe even two or three but you have to put four of them together Back to Back and that a a pretty Remote possibility Quot Borek. Head professional at the Sunningdale club in Scarsdale. By is one of the sturdier clubman who survived the Cut a few times in the pea championship and made his expenses another is Jimmy Wright of White Plains n Yvo who finished fourth in the turbulent 1969 championship at Daytona which was won by Ray Floyd Wright echoes Borek s sentiments it s a Lack of concentration As much As anything that hurts the club pro s chances. He has too Many other things on his mind. A it All boiled Down to a matter of a mental toughness Quot As club pro Billy Farrell described it you have to be out there on the tiring line week after week to develop that kind of Cool a review of the past performance charts for the last decade Bear out the Borek thesis a club professional May burst from the pack with a lot of High Early foot what next when game is Over by mar Ray Olderman san Francisco. Calif. I Nea a Bill Bradley the Rhodes scholar Forward of the new York kicks has written a marvelous Book probing the inner psyche of the professional athlete. Quot while their physical skill writes Bradley Quot professional athletes Are celebrities a fondled and excused praised and believed Only toward the end of their careers do the stars realize their sense of identity is insufficient. In my Case. I be been preparing for the end since my first year but even so i can Only Hope that i will manage easily the withdrawal from what Phil Jackson Calls my addiction these thoughts were poignantly brought to mind the other Day when the phone rang and the voice on the other end boomed out sonorous by a this is cookie you know Carlton Chester an old Friend cookie Gilchrist had been one of those professional athletes who was a celebrity in the Early years of the impel my american football league striving for respectability. He was the greatest of fullbacks he did not have the credentials of a Jim Brown his contemporary but there were valid claims he was a better All around football player he was the Al s first Star of National stature in the pre Namath Days he was also contentious and congenial the former Quality making him a football itinerant who was shunted from Buffalo where he had his Peak years to Denver to Miami the latter Quality making him a Delight for writers in 1968, peddled once again to Cincinnati his bad knee throbbing cookie Gilchrist quit abruptly at the age of 33 a there comes a time in every Man s he said Quot when he must sacrifice Fame and glory for a productive role in the business and social Community Quot cookie fail Brist is now 41 years old he looks Good his weight is at 240 pounds even lighter than when he played hts smile glows As it always did he does t drink or smoke and even abstains from caffeine he carries around a Bible in his shoulder bag which is Well thumbed and which he says he reads every Day the years since he stopped playing have been rough for Nim his marriage to a Kussian girl in Toronto had already broken up his two boys live in Canada with their Mother and Aren t the least interested in athletics his Liaison with one of the most famous Black models in America broke up after a couple of years because she told cookie he could t support Lier in the style she was used to that really blew his mind Quot you say you love me Quot he said to her. But i m not a Good enough Man for you Quot he got into a dope trip popping pills he sampled cocaine he drank he had started a g Mayd services Ltd. For domestics in Denver and that had gone under three years ago Gilchrist took Stock of himself Quot you pc got to be More than a football player Quot he had once said Quot you be got to be a person he looked around and realized that his own adjustment from what Bradley Calls the mixed Blessing of notoriety a to a that inexorable terror of living without the games a was not a phenomenon nor even unique Lenny Ford who was voted into the pro football Hall of Fame last year died drunk and broke in a rundown hotel Bob Ferguson an All american fullback at Ohio stale slipped into obscurity1 and was rediscovered during a two week coma from which he is now making a painful recovery the dilemma has not been restricted to the Black athlete Jackie Jensen found conversion to the real life of the no athlete a traumatic experience even Jerry West. The Laker great who has retired economically fixed for life is emotionally Strung out what do you do with your Day after you be played 36 holes on the Golf course Quot three years ago cookie began work with an organization called the United athletes coalition of America and Canada the purpose is to help athletes rehabilitate after their playing Days Are Over. To get them in the mainstream of society or into youth work a logical Extension of their own lives the comedown for too Many is hard and fast. He says his program has been endorsed in the congressional record by congressman Jack f Kemp. Who was his teammate and quarterback with the Buffalo Bills when they won the Al championship but for three Veals cookie has had problems getting the non profit off the ground the problems essentially Money people Tell Hun. A that s Nice what you re trying to do Quot but no one comes Forth with the bankroll part of the problem is cookie As a player his main hassles with management were Over Money he was sup Post d to be unmanageable and intractable the stigma whether deserved or not lingers Quot he is suffering from his reputation. Says o j Simpson Quot it catches up with so cookie has had to rely on himself to keep his dream going he estimates that he has gone $100,000 in debt but he persists in his plans to establish Rural training centers for former athletes in Northern California and Allied youth Camps to meet criticism that he has no professional expertise in this Aiea a he did t even go to College jumping straight from High school in Brackenridge pa., to the Canadian league a he is accepting a Fellowship at the University of California at san Diego it was preferred by or Arnold j Mandell the psychiatrist who is Persona non grata with the pro football establishment Tor his controversial year spent counselling the san Diego chargers on drugs and other problems cookie plans to attend the University in the late summer or what on Ioc the club pro the pressure. He but hell be walking on water like Stan Thirsk from Shawnee Mission Fansin the 1972 championship at Oakland Hills. Thirsk came Home in the gloaming of the first Day with a 68 to share the first round Lead with buddy a111 n then two rounds in the 80s shunted him Back into 73rd place the previous year at Palm Beach gardens fla., unheralded Brad Anderson pop Ped up with an opening 71 to share third place then followed with a pair of 76s to slide Back or consider the experience of Ronnie Reitz a Young club pro from Fayetteville. N c., in the 1967 pea championship at Denver he opened with a 71 which put him right up there with the big Fellows but his just in t mentally prepared to handle s in another business a Gene Borek 88 the next Dav put him on the first plane Back East Friday morning and in 1970 at Southern Hills in Tulsa towering Dirk Hendrickson from Marlton n j. Enjoyed the Heady experience of leading the tournament Tor about one hour the first Day but his 70 did t stand up when Johnny Miller and Jack Nicklaus checked in with a pair of 68s. Until 1969. The pea championship Field was heavily salted with club professionals and old champions then in 1969 the pc sectional qualifiers were limited to the Section champions and another 25 eligible were culled from the top finishers in the Brand new pea club professional championship this had the effect of making More room in the starting Field for the tour regulars and. As a consequence. The number of club pros in the Money was sharply reduced Only once in the last ten years has a resident club professional broken into the top ten in this Blue ribbon championship and that was Wright s exciting performance at Dayton Tommy Aycock of Kingsville Texas. In 1974 and Billy Farrell of Greenwich Conn. In 1967 managed i us place ties and Denny Lyons of Niagara Falls by and Boh Brue of Mequon. Win. Finish Quot i in a 12th place tie in 1973 of Cleveland s Canterbury country club of a club professional an do As Well at congressional it will stir the hearts of their 7 500 colleagues in the l ill shops of America Boxer s real love tween the English spectators and Many other fans is a question of whether they support the fighter or the sport at the olympic auditorium in i of Angeles where he fought his first pro bout in 1972. The fans were another Breed he said Quot sometimes i sit Hack Al the olympic and watch these Guys Yelling kill him and i know they re saying that when i in in there that really bothers me he is a confident fighter when his manager. Jackie from Page 5c Mccoy first told him he d landed a contract to fight Stracey Palomino said he had terrible butterflies and was t Able to sleep bul by the Day of the fight he had no qualms Quot it was t As had As it should have been he laughed i d seen him Stracey fight he s Strong but that was about it he Nad a perfect style for Palomino says he has t Given any thought to whom he would like to fight next Quot on the welterweight scene right now there s a lot of new Guys Corning on the scene just like me a he said he believes he can hold onto the title Quot i Don t see anybody in the top to i Ihrk can beat me Quot he said i would like to have until i Arn 30 boxing is going to give me slime things i Haven i been Able to have he said Quot i want to help my Zients out by myself a Nice Home and give by son some things save big at Spencer son tires batteries Oil amp accessories hours. . 8 30 to 6 saturday 8 30 to 4 1 pen Zolk a Lull vols motor Oil Dake 3 la state ssh. Who Tor we carry All major brands _ _ it. Or $12.96 per Case Oak to Suh so it Ken Zou 30-wt Val vol of 30 it Wolf s head Joav Kendall 30-wt it. Or $14.96 per Case Quaker state. Surer blend he Volini to 40 Val Vount so to Gulf sino Kendall Superb in Flo Pennzoil 10-40 Penn Zois Bacino fun Noil Mot of Cycle pin Zoh outbox to Wolf head transmission f did Kendall it i Ford Auto Lite Champion . Spark plugs your Choice resistors Quaker state motor ii Quaker Quot super blend Quot motor Oil Premium Multi Grade Oil for All seasons sae 10w-20w-30 meets warranty requirements for All cars including Ford Ese-m2c101-and pm 604 i m specifications. Meets api sae services so so and be and former is. 10w 30 Multi viscosity Range for All weather performance. Resists thinning or thickening in severs operation. Minimizes sludge and varnish build up. Protects against Wear. Helps keep anti pollution devices clean Lakei state 9pfb motor of i. \ it. 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