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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 11, 1976, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise Good morning an Independent newspaper Randall b Terry president co publisher d a Rawley co publisher David a Rawley Orvice pres mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Medical Community drawing new recruits Joseph p Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor 4a sunday july la 1976 on death Row a and holding the pollsters Tell us that two out of every three americans support the use of the death penalty that most substantial majority clings to the belief that the probability of execution will serve As a deterrent to commission of those crimes which top the lists of seriousness. It is quite probable that the percentage goes momentarily even higher in the Wake of particularly heinous events which involve brutal murder of the Young the innocent or the helpless elderly. The United states supreme court has come Down on the Side of that majority. It has rejected the argument that execution constitutes cruel and unusual punishment but has moved toward establishment of clearer guidelines before a state can take the life of a convicted criminal North Carolina s particular Law. Written following another High court decision was ruled invalid because it eliminates discretion by either judge or jury a if the verdict in specific crimes is guilty the punishment is execution no exceptions. The ruling will inevitably Send the general Assembly next year Back to the onerous task of writing new Law. Onerous because of the nature of the subject somewhat less so because it should be a relatively simple matter to copy Laws of other states which were upheld by the supreme court. Such Laws under the current interpretation must direct the courts to take into account mitigating circumstances in deciding punishment and in the particular Case of the valid Georgia Law. The state supreme court must review each death sentence for fairness in Light of similar cases in the past. But whatever the specifics there appears Little doubt that the legislature will carry Forward the use of capital punishment. It would be a fair bet that the majority of North carolinians favouring capital punishment is even larger than the National mean. We remain unswervingly in the minority Camp we do not believe that the sixth commandment includes an unwritten proviso saying in effect that thou Shalt not kill Inlet you can t figure out a Hefter tot it Ion. It might be a reasonable test of those who think otherwise to ask if they would agree now now that Public passions Are cooled for the state of North Carolina to handle the necessary legalities and immediately proceed to consign those 122 persons on death Row to the Gas chamber or if not All How about half that number or say five of them Are we sufficiently confident in our systems of Law enforcement and Justice to take the irreversible step the response All too often is that no other adequate solutions present themselves that life imprisonment Doest really mean life imprisonment that the murderer and rapist will very soon he turned out to murder and rape again. But does no to that very position say to itself that there Are other remedies if any agree that the certainty of permanent isolation from society is an acceptable alternative is it not possible to demand of the general Assembly that it so codify the criminal Law whatever the legislative decisions prove to be a and we done to entertain More than a Shadow of doubt what they will be a the supreme court rulings will certainly direct this state toward a better Day better than the one which has created in North Carolina the nation s most wretched example of Man s inhumanity to Man. By Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus a virtual sudden Avalanche of skilled medical specialists including one of the nation s outstanding neurologists is pouring into High Point these Days to further stimulate a yet greatly needed set of general practitioners a family Type doctors a to overcome that present shortage occasioned by deaths and retirements from overworked physicians Here. Or Juan Martinez a peruvian native who for the past 30 years has written his name High in the Field of neurosurgery at the University of Virginia has come to mandatory retirement there and is undertaking additional years of actual practice by joining in september two of his former students. Doctors Jimmy Johnson and Michael Hussey in their practice he has bought from mrs. Helen Casey her residence at 703 Roc Spring rd., and will be moving in there shortly. Or Martinez brings quite a lot of prestige to the medical fraternity Here. Or. Alton Reeder a specialist in gastroenterology experienced in dealing with stomach bladder and liver troubles has bought the residence of or and mrs. Philip b Davis he retired from medical practice Here some years ago at 807 Flor Ham ave., and will open practice on his own beginning a week from next wednesday. A native North carolinian he has been in military medical service at Walter Reed Hospital at Washington dc., and looks Forward to the quieter life anticipated Here. Or. Charles Crowell a native of Lincolnton and member of a family prominent in North Carolina Medicine for three generations comes aug. I to join doctors Woodrow Tyson and Hon Cox he has just completed a two year Fellowship training in cardiology at the University of Georgia after taking his medical degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Or. Julian Busby a Salisbury native a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology will join doctors John Farrington and Charles Hoffman As soon As he completes shortly his military medical service. He graduated Froid the unc Chapel Hill medical school before entering service. Or. Ricahrd Keever son of or and mrs. Clarence Keever opened his specially in ear nose and Throat practice in association with or. Fred l. Picklesimer a facial plastic surgical practice. He has bought a residence at 1240 Sturbridge where he and his wife and three sons now live. Incidentally five doctors have bought Homes on Sturbridge with two others already in that Little medical Center neighbourhood. Or. Gary Biesecker chief of surgery at the naval Hospital in Groton conn., comes next month to join doctors Donald Douglas. Tom Canipe and Raymond e the timid threat we really should have known better. It has been a rare occasion indeed in the last few years when the american Amateur sports establishment has merited Praise of any kind in fact the various organizations which Rule Amateur athletes have come under an increasing amount of fire for their inefficiency. Their squabbling among themselves their Lack of concern for the athletes and their frequently political motivations. Yet we Felt that . Davis cup committee had responded admirably when the International Davis cup organization refused to enforce its own Rule against countries who would withdraw from Competition for political reasons when the United states pulled out of that organization. As a protest we applauded the move As a show of principle. We now take Back both our Praise and our applause. Less than a week after its Strong stand the . Davis cup committees resolve has melted like a child s Popsicle in the summer Sun. The decision to pull out of the Davis cup has been withdrawn because of a Friendly pressure a a Britain and France. Which followed the . Pullout with one year withdrawals of their own Are also Back in the fold in making the move the . Davis cup officials said their Point had been made a the rest of the world now knows where americans stand on political interference with Tennis Competition Poppycock. The rest of the world now knows How Long America can make a threat stick a about a week. Granted both american Tennis and the National Davis cup Competition would have suffered if the was not a part of the tournament it has won 23 times. But the . Officials were aware of that when they made the original threat. If they had no intention of staying out of Davis cup play until the organization agreed to keep politics out of Tennis they should never have made the original threat. We remain doubtful that the Davis cup organization will enact Strong measures to end the forfeits and other deterioration of Competition caused by political differences Between the competing nations one of these years. South Africa May Well win the Davis cup without playing a match Carr in their surgical practice. A specialist in Colon and rectal surgery he will bring his Talent in colonoscopy not now available Here and for which he will bring the equipment for such. We May even have overlooked some recently come Here to prac Tice and others contemplating doing so but this gives you an idea of the attractiveness of High Point medically just now. Four new condominiums Are under construction to expand Emerywood Forest Manor. Or and mrs. Philip b. Davis who sold their Flor Ham Avenue resident to or. Alton Reeder Are taking one of them slated for completion later in the year. Meanwhile they have taken an apartment at Westchester key pending the later move into their townhouse. Mrs. Tilman Thomas is taking one and mrs. Jake Kramer is taking the third one with yet another Sale in Prospect any Day to fill out that burgeoning development on the City a West Side. Iii Milwaukee journal mrs Scott Betsy Garten who pulled quite a coup during her Regency of the Alexander Martin chapter of the daughters of the confederacy by bringing the lord mayor of Guildford England to dedicate the English Type Herb Garden at the High Point museum property is agog Over an overseas Call from now Deputy mayor . Boyce a he stepped Down immediately after his visit As the Guildford one term limit overtook him. He was phoning to Tell her that he was utilizing Guildford s Lone assigned overseas Call next wednesday morning a sometime Between 7 and 8 a m. A in commemoration of the Centennial anniversary of the development of telephony by Alexander Graham Bell a native britishers. Mayor Roy Culler will be on hand to Greet the hands across the seas honouring something High pointers can be pleased about. It seems the British stirred by the american Bicentennial Are latching on to the 100th anniversary of the Telephone to match to some extent the big doings Over our breakaway from Britain 200 years ago you can bet Betsy Garten will be up Early to stand by her phone for the Call from the Guildford official in recognition of the great hand he and mrs. Boyce got from High pointers. President Steve Arthur of the Westchester Academy tells us that Don Farlow is taking Over As headmaster of that school at Willow Creek after training Well for the Job As Dean of students and coach of the state Champion Independent schools girls basketball team for the past three years. Headmaster Farlow was graduated from unc Greensboro from which he earned also his master s degree to prepare him for the new and greater responsibilities of directing a school he has served Well. Westchester a private school with a capacity of 300 students offers Grade school classes from kindergarten through the i2th Grade. Louis j. Fisher Legal counsel for the american olympic committee goes to Montreal around mid week hopeful the differences Over Taiwan s participation will be ironed out and the United states will compete As he feels they must. As a past president of the american athletic Union Fisher has attended four olympiads and is expecting the one at Montreal despite delays in completing facilities to turn out yet As one of the greatest. All my life i be heard that when a beloved dependable and True Friend Dies we die some too that feeling has struck me pointedly since the recent death of my brother then of editor Howard White Edgar Snider and now Paul Ingle for i feel something in me has died with the loss of their Ever helpful wholesome and generous Friendship. The first three. I have previously eulogized and now it is to say that or. Ingle ranks with the True greats of a City he loved and lived graciously in for the past 56 years his work with boy scouts for the Airport the Myca High Point College. The presbyterian Church and the varied institutions of the Church and just about every other cause Good for his Community endeared him in a Way that he will be sorely missed while his accomplishments live on to bless his name. A lift Dat by bomber tote dat$21.4 billion White elephant a Washington merry go round conventioneers facing wave of austerity our religions sportsman to head Bible week by or Carlyle Adams National Bible week throughout the United states will be observed november 21 28 with the cooperation of Christian and jewish religious bodies the week is sponsored by the laymen s National committee which was formed on Pearl Harbor sunday december 7. 1941. This year s chairman for the Observance is Bowie k Kuhn. Roman Catholic Layman and commissioner of baseball in the his appointment was announced by judge Theodore r Kupferman president of the laymen s committee the purpose of the week is to encourage belief and Faith in god and daily Reading of the Bible question in Luke 2 46 it states that the 12-year-old Jesus who had gone with ills parents to Jerusalem was found Quot in the Temple sitting in the midst of the doctors both hearing them and asking them were these medical physicians9 answer no at that Point in history physicians were not known doctors originally the word doctor referred to scholars the a doctors with whom the boy Jesus was talking were the Learned men who were the teachers of priests and Levites in the Temple at Jerusalem question do any state councils of churches have roman catholics As members in full participation or Are they confined to protestant and other non Catholic churches9 answer at least seven state councils of churches in the United states now have full participating membership by roman catholics the latest to join that category is the Christian conference of Connecticut with Headquarters in Hartford it is composed of nine religious bodies african methodist episcopal Zion american Baptist. Lutheran Church in America. Salvation army United Church of Christ United methodist United presbyterian episcopal and roman Catholic question where in the Bible does it say that Quot Money is the Root of All evil answer nowhere the Correct quotation from the first letter of the apostle Paul to Timothy 6 to reads Quot for the love of Money is the Root of All evils a it is not the Money which causes evil but Loving Money above other values Money can be a great servant for Good but it can be a cruel master to those who concentrate on it at the exclusion of other values editors note questions about religion and the Bible May be addressed to or Adams in care of this newspaper All questions must be signed by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington for the first time in Hie roaring rollicking recent history of presidential conventions the delegates May have to buy their own booze and take taxis instead of Riding around in corporate Cadillac. The painful memory of watergate has brought an end to the glorious freeloading that characterized the democratic and Republican convocations of the past upon the advice of their lawyers and priests the corporate Samaritans no longer dare lavish favors upon the political luminaries who will gather this summer to nominate the next president. In this Post watergate year. The Auto manufacturers wont furnish gleaming new automobiles to whisk the delegates around the convention cities the distillers Don t plan to dispatch Long legged girls dispensing free booze the once pampered delegates won t return Home Laden with goodies there la be no free briefcases for carrying their papers no free pen and Pencil sets for marking ballots no yacht cruises to relax from the political rhetoric. Those corporate contributors who Haven to been infused with the new watergate morality have been impressed at least by the new Federal election Laws their lawyers have advised them not to make an offering that might faintly resemble a corporate Campaign contribution. A few Brave corporations will maintain hospitality suites where stray delegates May relax Over scotch and soda the american Bankers Assn and the Mutual savings Banks for example will provide suitable refuges for their political friends. At the democratic Conven Tion which starts tomorrow the machinists and the ladies garment workers will throw a Bash for the friends of labor. The railroads will operate a lounge stocked with roast beef and Beer for working reporters. But anyone who even looks like a politician will be barred at the door the Pepsi people will also provide free cola for the press but the delegates will have to pay for their pepsis elsewhere the politicians who used to be the objects of corporate attention will be turned away. International Telephone and Telegraph began the 1972 political season by offering to help subsidize the Republican convention Richard Nixon wanted to stage his renomination rites in san Diego a City that had been witness to his Early struggles and triumphs and had historically Given him a higher vote than any other comparable Metropolis. But the burghers of san Diego were oblivious to the Honor president Nixon held out and the City fathers voted against even submitting a bid for the convention to prevent a presidential humiliation itt offered 1400,000 to help out with the expenses and to make the Convent Ion financially attractive to the City. Eight Days after san Diego was selected the Justice dept announced the dropping of its antitrust suits against itt. Then we got hold of the famous Dita Beard memo which linked the $400,000 offer with the antitrust settlement. The scandal caused Nixon to abandon san Diego and itt to withdraw its financial pledge in awkward haste yet other corporations undeterred coughed up huge sums to make the 1972 conventions More pleasant for both the republicans and democrats the Whittaker corp Tor example provided democratic National chairman Larry o Brien with a $200,000 pleasure boat and even offered to name it the Quot Larry of a in his Honor he accepted the yacht but declined the name not wishing to advertise his free yachting privileges. The boat came stocked incidentally with free booze both parties ganged up on die corporate fat cats in 1972 to squeeze advertisements from them for the convention programs. In a rare example of cooperation representatives from the two parties met secretly at Ford motor Headquarters in Washington to plot together How to get die most possible advertising from the corporations but on the eve of the 1976 conventions the whole atmosphere has changed itt laying Low. Won t even put up Money for a hospitality suite this year the company will Send a couple of lobbyists to observe the conventions with instructions not to pick up any checks for strangers. The convention programs this year will be published without ads. The airlines which have provided the traditional delegates lounge in the past will leave the delegates to find their own retreats. A a we re leaning Over backwards this year a a said a spokesman. At past conventions the big three Auto manufacturers donated 400 to 500 free cars for the political bigwigs. Attendants were provided to give the cars a daily scrub town and mechanics were dispatched to keep the motors running even the parking was free it usually took Days to round up the cars after the delegates had gone Home some of the cars were abandoned. With the keys still in them some were stolen a few wrecked tile total Cost to the Auto companies ran around $200,000. The motor moguls Are secretly delighted with the new Campaign Law which gives them an excuse to withdraw the free cars and buses a we wanted to be sure everything was Legal so we Cut it out a explained a general motors spokesman but if the corporations Are relieved to escape the quadrennial squeeze some disappointed delegates Are complaining. A Veteran democratic Delegate told us he would normally arrive at the convention with a fat envelope full of invitations to attend soirees and visit hospitality suites. All he has now Are two invitations one from a group of feminists and one from Quot friends of Jimmy another remarked ruefully a it used to be girls and booze but now everybody is laying Low a a Republican Delegate told us he has received nothing so far except for a letter from sen. Barry Goldwater r Ari urging him to support president Ford. A we can blame the watergate said the Delegate. He added wistfully. A i am frankly sorry nobody should buy a Delegate anyway for a Box of cigars. I done to see anything wrong with a pretty girl serving a highball to a Delegate once every four of course there will still be pretty girls passing out buttons if not booze in front of massive grinning portraits of their heroes. Boisterous throngs will crowd the hotels mobbing hapless waiters headed for rooms with trays of stale drinks and melting ice and there will be the usual bands balloons and speeches. And letter to the editor evening the score to the editor this letter is written in an Effort to even the score on Media coverage for Robert Somers Republican candidate for the state Senate and other candidates for this seat. Or Somers chose not to be interviewed by the . Political action committee of Davidson county but sent his views by letter to newspapers in Salisbury Winston Salem and High Point. Jack Childers and Tom Suddarth. Democrats and Gilbert Davis Republican All candidates for the state Senate appeared before the committee and discussed their views on educational issues they did not Send letters to area newspapers i think that it is in order to commend these three candidates for taking time to Dis cuss education with educators since Over half the state budget is appropriated for education in nor i Carolina. I or. Somers refusal to meet with the Pace group leads me to wonder if his sponsorship of legislation in the 72-74 session which would have in effect legislated the Pace groups out of existence had anything to do with his decision not to appear before the Davidson Pace Evelyn Hun Thomasville Paci

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