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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 12, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather Shower. Thunderstorm detail on Page 3a 92nd year no. 194 the High Point Enterprise Cau us Clara Lailaa 882-171# Cla a led Ada a a #85-2177 other dept. A 85-211 High Point n. C., monday afternoon. July 12. 1976 18 pages Carter finishing vice president interviews today new York of with democrats displaying rare Unity in the hours before tonight s opening session of their National convention. Jimmy Carter enjoyed the kind of political strength usually reserved for incumbent presidents and concentrated on avoiding divisive floor fights and on choosing a compatible running mate. Needing no help to win the presidential nomination. Carter was free to ignore traditional convention horse trading in his search for a ice presidential nominee Carter interviewed sen Frank Church of Idaho and then praised the senator s youth and experience but gave no indication where he might rank among the seven men from among whom the former Georgia governor has said he would choose a running mate also on Carter s schedule was an interview with Lien and la t Stevenson Iii of Illinois Carter already has talked with the other five prospects he has said he Doorn t expect to announce his Choice until after the convention votes on the presidential nomination Tai wednesday night the democrats approached the Start of their 37th National convention in an atmosphere of Harmony that contrasted sharply with the bitterness and brawling that marked the 1968 and 1972 sessions the democratic Unity also was in contrast to the Down the wire Battle tie tween president bord and Ronald Reagan for the Republican presidential nomination sen Hubert h Humphrey of Minnesota whose undeclared candidacy for the presidency was once considered a major potential obstacle to Carter urged his state s delegation to Back the former Georgia governor a you know governor Carter is the candidate of this Humphrey told the delegates Quot we Are Only Here to confirm that Humphrey also met with gov Edmund g Brownjr of California who remains a candidate for the presided tial nomination while acknowledging that Carter is certain of a first ballot Victory asked if he would release his delegates numbering a bit Over 300 Brown said. A i will certainly not Force them into not voting for me Quot asked if he were interested in the vice presidential nomination. Brown said a you can squelch Fiat one Quot Brown and Humphrey told reporters after their meeting that they spent Quot Only a Little time discussing convention politics Carter arrived at the convention with 19 primary victories to his credit and with an associated press Delegate poll showing him with 1.653 in ��2@gfl for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes ii impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one unfit House u-1 am calling for a lady that a five children who live on a Street with two bedrooms and the House is not fit to live in. She has Bren trying to get help and get somebody to go out and inspect the Home and nobody has been out. She has spiders and probably snakes and i called before about her and i am a Friend she has five girls and nobody to help Ber with her family of there is any place or anybody who can help her please Contact her if you will. Thank you. M in. A at the time of your first Call a couple of weeks ago. We talked to the Mother who said she did t have Snake but did have rats and she had applied for help from social services we also talked at that time to the caseworker who said they were trying to locate her husband the department is aware of tile family s needs and will give As much help As they Are Able to we did t keep a record of the family s name so perhaps you could suggest to your Friend that she Call the building inspections office at City flail. If the House does not meet the minimum standards the inspectors will Contact the owners about making the required repairs or improvements snaky advice q we have a problem with snakes. They Are Copperhead and water moccasins. There is a Pond right behind where we live and the Man is not taking action to treat the Pond at All to get rid of these snakes. The neighbors and i have Small children that like to play in the Yard in the summer. We were wondering ii there a anything we could put at the Edge of the Yard or in the Yard to help keep the snakes from crossing. There have been numerous snakes killed in our Yard. If the Man would do something to the Pond we Are going to take up Money to treat the Pond and i think we Are doing our part. Thank you. Anon. A. The owner treat the Pond since there is no Snake repellent known. Lakes Ponds and tall grasses Are their natural habitat where water insects mice and other rodents Are plentiful. Most snakes Are harmless and beneficial and a Snake expert says poisonous water snakes dwell primarily in the Eastern part of the state which is probably Small Comfort to you and none at All to coastal Plain residents. The most effective measures to discourage them from coming into your Yard Are to keep the Lawn closely mowed and remove their hiding places tall weeds piles of boards Wood rocks or debris. You can also enclose the Yard or a Small play area if More practical a with a heavy galvanized 1/4 Inch mesh like hardware cloth 36 inches wide the lower Edge should be buried in the ground and the fencing placed at a 30 degree Angle outward with supporting stakes. Any Gates would have to be tightly fitted too. These suggestions Are All Given on the county Extension service a Tel tip Quot tape on snakes. If you a like a re run Call 883-12419 and ask for tape no. 4. Close to 200 subjects ire covered and you can Call monday through Friday from 8 a m to 9 p.m., or on saturdays from 8 a in. To 5 p m. Votes far More than the 1,505 required for the nomination the vice presidential selection has emerged As the major unresolved Issue at the convention in the absence of a race for the top of the ticket and the Calm of a party platform so secure that it s already printed and bound and in the hands of each Delegate. Carter s personal Public opinion pollster Patrick Caddell. Has concluded that no particular vice presidential Prospect would appreciably help or Hurt Carter s own chances of winning the fall election Campaign aides said the Carter staff said Caddell s polls show that the strength and diversity of Carter s own Appeal make the no. 2 spot virtually irrelevant the Only possible trouble spot they say. Is that he not make an especially bad Choice which might develop into a major scandal or embarrassment sen George Mcgovern of South Dakota the party s 1972 nominee suffered a setback when it was discovered that his running mate. Sen. Thomas a. Eagleton of Missouri had undergone electric Shock treatment for depression. Eagleton was dropped from the ticket after that disclosure. Carter revealed sunday that he is taking unprecedented Steps to keep that sort of thing from happening to him he said he has requested financial and medical information from everyone on his list of possible running mates the accounting firm of Arthur Andersen amp co. Was engaged to go Over the financial data including tax returns. Carter said. And they have found nothing to cause me concern Carter said sen Walter f Mondale of Minnesota we of the finalists reported he suffers from a mild Case of High blood pressure and takes medication for it. Carter said this a is a Factor but not an Over Riding Factor Quot in his decision. Later after meeting with rep deter Modi no of new Jersey Carter said Kodino s age. 67, also would be a Factor but not an Over Riding one Carter also has interviewed sen Henry m Jackson of Washington sen Edmund Muskie of Maine and sen John Glenn of Ohio in his search for a ticket mate Church and Stevenson round out the seven finalists Jimmy Carter with new Jersey representative Peter Rodino sunday in new Mirk Rodino is one of seven potential running mates for the former Georgia governor a p wire photo massive vietnamese Effort to rebuild seen by couple Bangkok. Thailand api a a Canadian american couple just Back from a motor trip in Vietnam says vast destruction and poverty Are still evident in Northern Vietnam. While people in the Southern cities of Danang and Hue still cling to a life style Learned from americans but Canadian Murray Hiebert and his american wife. Linda said they saw a fantastic amount of reconstruction of roads railroads churches hospitals and schools As they drove about 500 Miles from Hanoi to the Central province of Quang Ngai. Formerly part of South Vietnam the Hieberto Are members of the mennonite Central committee an american religious and humanitarian organization that gave Aid to both sides in the Indochina War since the communist Victory in april 1975. The committee has been allowed to work and travel in Vietnam the Hieberto told the foreign correspondents club of Thailand that women were doing much of the heavy reconstruction work carrying pails of mud on Bamboo poles and filling in Road and railway Beds with simple tools other work Crews often israeli commando raid condemned by Mexico United nations. N y. I Ai i a Mexico told the United nations today that Israel s commando Rescue of More than too hostages from Uganda a week ago creates a precedents of incalculable danger for All civilized in a letter to the president of the Security Council mexican ambassador Roberto de Rosenzwig Diaz denounced the israeli action As Quot a flagrant violation Quot of the u n charter and a universally accepted principles of in emotional Law Quot Mexico was subjected to a tourist Boycott by american jewish organizations last Winter after voting for a u n general Assembly Resolution equating zionism the movement for a jewish National Homeland with racism the Boycott was called off in March after mexican foreign minister Emilio o Haba a went to Israel to explain the vote and president Luis Echeverria invited a group of american jewish leaders to Mexico to discuss the Issue. Rabasa resigned during the controversy. The mexican hotel association estimated its members had 100,000 cancellations during the Boycott and lost at least to million. Mexico s letter on the ugandan Rescue Mission was Henry Kissinger made Public As the Security Council prepared to begin hearing a Parade of third world countries calling for condemnation of Israel Mauritius. Benin Guinea and Guyana were to speak in the Council debate in support of Uganda s charges that Israel committed a Barbaric unprovoked and naked aggression Quot tie United states trying to use the debate to focus attention on the hijacking and terrorism that caused the israeli raid was consulting with Israel and other allies about a Resolution condemning International terrorism and establishing some sort of mechanism to Deal with it. We have not yet reached a consensus Quot Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger told a news conference in Washington saturday he said if agreement was not reached a we will put it Forth when the Council session began the United states and Britain proposed a Resolution that a condemns hijacking and All other acts which threaten the lives of passengers and Crews Quot and a Calls upon All states to take every necessary measure to prevent and punish All such terrorist acts Quot what s inside j amusements.5b bridge.7b classified ads.6-9b comics.10b crossword.7b editorials .4a financial.2a obituaries .2b sports.4-5b television .2b women s news.6-7a weather.3a were unarmed soldiers the couple said the Hieberto said they were struck by the poverty of Northern Vietnam the frayed clothes of Hanoi s residents the lines of women waiting to buy cloth at stores the shacks in the Countryside that Quot looked like refugee housing that was built in the South during the War but even poorer Quot they said there were also indications of serious food shortages but that the vietnamese were reluctant to discuss this Northern Vietnam suffered heavily from floods and poor weather during the last growing season and still has not recovered from the War damage to its agricultural system a most of the people we talked to in North Vietnam said their country wanted Normal relations with the United states wanted Friendship with the american Hiebert said but both private citizens and officials stressed that they think the United states is obligated to help rebuild the country the Hieberto said they found the Southern conv munits tougher More dogmatic and sometimes More anti american than those in the North Pat Nixon responds Well to treatment Long Beach. Calif add the Nixon family s optimism is rising with reports that Pat Nixon is out of Hie critical stage in her recovery from a stroke that could leave her partially paralysed former president Richard m Nixon said late sunday As he left Long Beach memorial Hospital that he was encouraged by his wife s Progress Nixon and daughters Tricia Cox and Julie Eisenhower spent More than four hours with mrs Nixon it was the longest visit since she was hospitalized thursday the Day after she was stricken earlier sunday doctors said mrs Nixon was responding to treatment and remains within Normal limits a Dar y 13c. Sunday 35c big three car renters sign order Washington it a it the Chr to largest passenger car rental companies in the notion have signed consent order prohibiting them from trying to squeeze out competitor and fix prices among then ekes the Federal Trade commission says. The Fri a id today that Herb Ltd up Avis rent a car system inc., and National car rental system lie have agreed to the consent order the Fri a unanimously accept d the agreements signed by the rental firms but could withdraw its approval later the foment order is the result of an Etc complaint filed More the in a year ago. Alleging Hertz. Avis and National had conspired since at lean 1968 to monopolize Airport car rentals forcing customer to pay inflated rate in it complaint the Etc said the three companies held 96 per cent of the Airport Auto rental Market in 1973 off rials noted the consent order dues my signify admission by the companies to any of the ions under the order. The Etc said All three companies will be prohibited from conspiring to monopolize any portion of the passenger automobile rental business or conspiring to fix or stabilize prices the firms also will be prohibited from obtaining agreement from airports that would hinder would be competitor from locating on Airport property and will be barred from providing false information to Airport authorities in an Effort to adversely affect competitors in its complaint the Etc had accused the three firms of mib mitting common bid specifications and contracts for Airport concessions fixing prices entering into Antu Jinp Ettive agreements with Tito makers for advertising subsidies and harassing Small competitors. Such action the Etc complaint alleged meant that Ruers were Force Al to pay substantially higher prices the Supply of rental cars at airports was reduced. Profits for the three firms were excessive and smaller companies were blocked from entering the Airport rental tar business asks Cash they reported Little change in Hue the old Imperial capital and Danang South Vietnam s second largest City Young men still had Long hair. Women wore Western style clothing and prostitutes were in evidence All things condemned by the communist regime Angola $5,000 for dead body Washington and Daniel Gearhart signed up to fight As a mercenary in Africa because his family was deeply in debt now. Says his widow the angolan government that executed him want her to pay 85 000 to get his body Back angry and close to tear sunday Sheila Gearhart said her husband died on their Lith wedding anniversary i m beginning to wonder it they did t even know that. She Sal i would t be surprised a the 34-year-old Vietnam Veteran was executed saturday by an angolan firing squad although he claimed he never had a Chance to fight in the african country before his capture by cuban troops he had advertised his services As a mercenary in Soldier of Fortune Magazine mrs Gearhart said her husband fought fur pay because of $30.ckk in debts plaguing the family now facing life As a widow on welfare with four children she said the angolan government Bas told her it will Cost her $5,000 to get her husband s body Back i can to pay it. She said from her Home in suburban Kensington. My there s no Way i can pay r have four children to support but she said she would do Quot everything i can to get his body Back to give him a decent funeral she said she never received that her husband said he sent her i he Money was three weeks Advance pay received when he arrived in Angola Gearhart said at his trial he believed it came from the Cia the pastor of the Gearhart s Church said neighbors and Church members had contributed a several thousand dollars for the family earlier. Sen Charles Mel Mathias. H md., said from Lisbon on sunday that the i s embassy we As trying to arrange release of Gearhart s body. Mathias who was trying to get into Angola to argue against the execution of Gearhart was quoted As saving he was certain the body would be returned within a few but Mathias said his own Effort to get Gearhart a body out of Angola had stalled neighbors of the Gearhart family were shocked by the execution a i think it was nothing Short of murder considering he was Only in the country three Days and never fired a said Elaine Holmes a i think he Drew the death shot. Sentence because he was an american a a neighbor of Gearhart smother was quoted As saying Gearhart just wanted what everybody else had to live a Good Hie. 4 i

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