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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 4, 1976, High Point, North Carolina A a High Point enter sprue sunday july 4. 1976days of free matchbooks May be numbered by Ler Byrd associated press writer Washington apr the consumer product safety commission May soon require that match books be a childproof a a despite evidence that it could wreak economic havoc upon the Industry skyrocket the Price to the Public and cause even More danger than it prevents in the boldest some say silliest action of its three year existence. The Federal Agency tentatively approved on a 3-2 vote last Spring a regulation requiring latching covers or alternative features aimed at hulking it impossible for kids to ignite Ordinary paper matches if that decision is upheld in a final vote scheduled for August it could produce an enormous change in one of the most common and cheapest consumer habits in american life first to childless adults already annoyed by such government inspired innovations As the safety rap on aspirin bottles it could mean yet another and More frequent aggravation especially to smokers simply put the cps design would require a Tricky motion every time the cover Flap is opened second it could cause a severe cutback in the availability of the now ubiquitous free Light less than 13 per cent of the 25 billion matchbooks manufactured each year Are actually sold to Consumers tile rest Are Given away by advertisers through vending machines bars restaurants and other concerns but the pop s own studies indicate Many advertisers might drop matchbooks As a medium if its costs increase substantially a and they could in fact be doubled since it was announced in april the cps proposal has drawn the enmity of the Ford administration s wage and Price Council the Industry and the overwhelming majority of private citizens who have formally filed comments and in the words of commissioner Barbara Franklin even the Agency s own staff is a somewhat less than enthused about the Latch proposal especially insofar As the economic consequences Are concerned one senior commission analyst who asked not to be named declared the safety cover a ludicrous a even though this same person under orders helped prepare a justification report for it actually the proposed regulation goes beyond requiring a latching cover it also Calls for matches to self extinguish after a 15-second Burn time and to meet Quality standards for fragmentation but the latter improvements while Likely to have the greatest effect toward cutting Down injuries Are not nearly so costly or controversial As the Latch one major manufacturer already markets matches that meet every test but the cover As the commission itself acknowledges it has absolutely no experimental basis upon which to believe that the Latch will in fact deter children from playing with matches or Cut Down on the number of Burn injuries. But even if it works perfectly and eliminates All serious injuries notes the wage and Price Council the cold and unfeeling statistics of Cost effectiveness will weigh in at astronomical Dollar Levels the Council says the safety design would add a minimum of $68 million and possibly much More to the $100 million per year that advertisers and Consumers now pay for matches presuming it would have prevented Oil 57 of the match related injuries requiring the hospitalization of Young children last year that works out to More than $1 million per injury. There Are those of course who argue that no Price tag should Ever be placed on a child s welfare Maroa Robinson who works in the Burn unit at children s Hospital in Washington wrote the commission of the a Long term misery and trauma resulting from a child a natural curiosity toward fire and matches. There is no greater agony than the pain from but there is testimony aplenty that the cps design simply won t work and some even forecast the irony of greater danger. The wage and Price Council for example suggested that a it will entice increased play by children who Are attracted by the the Southern Burn Institute of Houston the Only organization to report any held tests of the design said that the Latch Seldom functioned properly for the life of the matchbook and that a fall too often the user circumvented the purpose of the Latch by tearing off the matchbook cover by tucking the cover behind the matches or by tearing off a Corner of the but aside from the Hazard caused by impatient adults who leave the matches exposed the Institute went on to report the children themselves a had Little difficulty in gaining Access to the the design favored by the cps is based on two inter Locking Staples requiring two separate motions to unlatch the cover or to simply rip it apart a pressure of at least five pounds. But the matchbook Industry As Well As Independent researchers say that Many children of 5 and under can exert tar More Force than that especially when they use their Teeth. Moreover they Point out the matches could still be pulled out the Side of the matchbook. Others echoing the theme sounded by the Southern Burn Institute have taken note of surveys showing that Many persons simply leave the Caps off of a a childproof Medicine bottles so As to avoid the bother this phenomenon they argue. Would Likely be accentuated in the Case of matches since they Are used More frequently. The commission s proposed regulation would leave the door open to alternative child resistant features. One that has Rawti attention is the a Tunnel match instead of a latching cover this design has the striking material inside a paper tube on the Back of the matchbook to strike the match it must to carefully threaded into tile tube or Tunnel but it. Too. Is costly and perhaps More dangerous. One cps staffer scorched his hand when the Tunnel went off like a Cannon from an accumulation of match head material ideas like the latching cover the Tunnel match hidden friction strips individual sleeves Over the matches and other variations on the childproof theme have been kicking found the . Patents office for years most were rejected out of hand by the Industry though some were test marketed with disastrous results. By economists others economic indicators doubted by John Cunniff a business analyst new York a doubts about the accuracy of official government economic indicators exists among what appears to be a growing number of concerned americans including economists and even government officials revisions changes in concepts. Weighting and seasonal adjusting help raise the doubts As does what would seem to be an element of human expectation in interpreting or announcing the figures in january for example just Days prior to the Gross National product report for the final Quarter of 1975, a government official in Trade winds dictated the rate might be As High As 7 per cent in marked contrast to some private forecasts of a 4 to 5 per cent increase Hie actual figure turned out to be 5 4 per cent a Strong but not nearly so Strong As that projected by the official alluded to in some other statements by officials. And circulated widely by the Media the inflation rate As measured by the on deflator was reported at 6.5 per cent which was called an improvement Over the revised 7.1 per cent rate for the previous Quarter a originally announced at 5 per pm but even As the encouraging figures for the third Quarter in were revised earlier so were the fourth Quarter figures destined for the same Fate this february in growth was lowered to 4 9 per cent the inflation rate was upped to 68 per cent. Revisions continue in the name of greater accuracy some advances May appear even larger because comparison figures for the preceding periods were simultaneously revised downward often with very Little notice made in May of this year the Commerce department announced that april retail sales were almost unchanged from March but that statement could be made Only after a downward revision of the March gain from 2 8 per cent to 13 per cent. Cost of imported Oil to Rise by year end by Loi Schneider North american now Papor Valliant new York Long lines of cars at gasoline stations have Laded from the minds it motorists Gas consumption now is 7 per cent ahead of 1975 and new car sales. Of the Gas guzzling Type Are 40 per cent ahead of last year but shrewd investors know higher Gas prices Are in the works that open members favor election periods in the Industrial a countries a Europe As Well As the United states that an open higher Price formula is now being compiled the fact that open did t hike the Export Price at its May Bali meeting does t mean the us 51 per barrel figure will stand beyond dec 31 1976 this column did report a hike was coming Quot soon a it did the Libya Price was raised it s the Tipoff open s 13 member nations will meet again on dec 15 in Doha. Data saudi Arabia is ready to go along on a Price hike against a Quot delay stand in Bali starting with Jan i. 1977, the United states will pay More for Oil imports at a time when consumption continues to in crease the United states now imports 43 per cent of its daily needs Russia and Mainland China Are Oil exporting countries but not open members the Trade winds know chinese Oil production a a was running at about 16 million barrels a Day in january part of this was shipped to Japan but Trade winds sources say China s Oil producing area was hit by an earthquake this Winter production was Cut somewhat Russia always a big producer got up to 9 8 million barrels a Day this Winter compared with production of 8 2 million a Day. But Trade winds sources say Russia s Post world War ii Era of Oil abundance is nearing an end the Story is that shipments to communist countries will be a slightly reason Russia s declining annual crude producing gains in the giant a motion Field and failure to find other sectors with comparable reserves but. Say the sources Russia will continue to be a substantial exporter into the Early 1980s despite its decline in Oil production gains both allot lated press of ovation Iron til National Asti i in Ipp Lisp a let a in s Are Replete Quot to it Intel dealer to has As at approx a v in in partly of i Pijo not of Loop Stock quotes it n a flail Mars up Mal a flow lion i or b d Isle Art air in int los ii a Quot sri an furniture i. J 2 a a snit Pepsi ii 12 a Quot of i s to Usi of 5 14is 2 Bassah i urm Ture to. 71 b. 1.0 17 la diet a mat a a Isa b am. N clip is i Sieni i Mas a a Ali i Quot up a Sims Ash Buri s a 2 i j i a Quot non Ai i is i la 2 v Ermine goods a if v aral a cos is i j i Cai Pill v Impf o h s a of steel clip 22 la o so be eld a a Alo a of p Vash Centro cd of Hama x 71. A entre vet Quot oni ii j Vijh a a a Marn Mig la i v amp % c o p a so Iju 14. A a co v o cons 12 Vijh a a s by Ane f urn 2. La Colonia l neck b a a comm a a v co Nisei Homes pm 4 a onto i. La Dame inter Quot Al 2 x. Diamondhead corp 4�?T a a Lxi them a in ins 23 a 74 pc not aph my 4>. S. Jell cot p of Vaw a i no of or Anba is i it is a r a inert no for to 37 to i 8 a is Almon corp Ion ton i Firth anal Tuil 17 in t i Ana to Lite is 20�?T 21 Gray tool ll11 la a Mara an corp 7 2 j Laar Relson Kuborn co 4 s neatly severs a i to he in Caon f urn la la he Aery earn a s Quot vestment i i t 2 to 3 b Ivey 7 us St in Mot if is Saenen to Gensoul i 4. Is. L once my 71 a 72 a Ane co 21 i 77 i Legoe Quot a Pion Little giant la ii j i i tile mini 9 h co l cd 7 27 Maas s stores s so mom 4 pop s 2w 3 a mul Zimro a la in a cab corp Ioc. La n c a u i Gas ii ii North writ Fin ins ii oct Oen Ai i or ins j 3. Peoples bha4 Tsina y i 1 to 2 Phillips fool a to. A. Phi corp 7 j piece a too s shops a 4h promo no aviation a s 1 Piedmont Sei t units it b planters i a up Fec is Ona lit Villi vie to p be id pros a Jpn i a Nepta i is. As v parts in around prod �?�<.,1 Mig be Pilatis a As a j Valum carpet is vet. Hand ivc phoney boy spool 0 or list is to pc Natl Csc a ? 14 i to to j i Yvio Sou Nan corp la in Sutter Dollar stores 3 a it i la la 4 the rent Leas by 7�?~ 3 tonies ins 13 i in 2 tip Ai Himer bios Llu. I2h v a la any in Bril a la a is to 2 4 2 v Trion inc a i 7 2 Gumti inc 44 s in Caro Benesh 13 2 is a International 13 14 a Nan Bam 17. Is i 1 b b Wailer shoes 4 s 4 1 a Ashington group a 7 17�?Ti Vest knitting corp in la 14 1 Alite shield co a 2 31 a a corp Lull 1 in at it Yeti machinery is a 2 that s what Parks offers on Iviry leasing Deal whether your. Needs Are one Economy car or an entire Fleet of trucks and care. Well give you More for your Money. See whet value realty i Call today i the potential Impact of such revisions unintentional though it might be. Could be to produce the impression of a series of vigorous advances fact the advances were moderate. The search for re i me men to. Which consequently results in revisions almost never ends the Well known Index of leading indicators. A barometer of tilings to come is revised each month that is. Even though it is a forecast tool the Index for each month is revised each month month after month. To illustrate the Index for Lune 1975 was announced in july 1975 As having advanced 2 to per cent thereafter it was revised during 1975 to read 3.22 per cent 3 30 per cent 3 52 per cent and 3 60 per cent the highest figure occurred in both november and december and May have been As were several figures in that period overstated in january 1976 that june 1975 figure was lowered to 3.46 per cent and in february to 3 33 it Isnit Only the revisions that disturb critics whose Range includes some states the City of St Louis the american Hospital association the Al Cio. Statisticians and laymen too some numbers May be misleading to begin with Brot. Richard Ruggles. An economist at Yale University is examining the scope and Quality of the wholesale Price Index under a Grant from the Council on wage and Price stability with the cooperation of the Bureau of labor statistics agriculture and crude materials Are probably too heavily represented he believes he maintains a it is heavily weighted by things that Don t count in the system or Are double counted a Ruggles believes that the Dpi one of the most cited of All government statistics considered by Many to be a precursor of consumer Price changes is a quite meaningless by Ray Hubbard ams Post n. Todd Praigg or was elected As a director of the administrative management society at the organization s Board meeting in Philadelphia earlier this month. N. Todd Praigg or. Ams. Headquartered in Willow Grove. Pa., is a management oriented organization with 150 chapters and 11.000 members throughout the . And Canada. Praigg. Who resides in High Point with his wife and four children is vice president of finance and treasurer of Henley paper co. 2 promoted first citizens Bank amp Trust co. Has announced promotion of two area employees. John c Kiem manager of the Eastgate office Here has been promoted to assistant cashier Grady l Morgan or. Has been promoted to assistant cashier in the instalment loan department of first citizens in Winston Salem Kiem. A native of new Jersey has been with the Bank for two years he is a graduate of High Point College he and his wife the former Jeanette Jones have one daughter Morgan is a High Point native and a graduate of Guilford College he has been with the Bank since 1974 retired three employees of Pilot Lite insurance co., residents of the High Point area began retirement july i following a several in Stock for immediate delivery see or Cali Howard stuns Larry Forrester or William Bell Ilderton Dodge Thiau a Misc an i Aliu in i i 701 700 s mom All Ahik ican City of High Point 885-4091 combined total of 75 years of service with the company. They Are l. L. Harkrader of 412 Lover dr., assistant Secretary and manager of Field office personnel 29 years service mrs Maxine Hutchens of 106 Avery ave., manager of licensing 24 years and Alvin Allen. 117 Kearns Street Jamestown with 22 years in the buildings and grounds department Allen retired under disability provisions of the company s retirement program. Sales Post Jim Meadows a native of High Point is now associated with the Boston store inc., located on e main Street in Thomasville. Meadows has 26 years of experience in the men s clothing Field in High Point he lives on Greenwood drive in High Point seminar set the summer management seminar of the Babcock graduate school of Wake Forest University will be held at Tanglewood Park near Winston Salem july 18 23 the seminar Are now being accepted through the University Center for management development at p o Box 7657. Winston Salem. No applications Tor attending 27109 Highland a leasing no huge Down payment is needed to drive a new car. When you lease. Contact Eddie kno Fleet Lea get manager or Highland Olds Cadillac 2506 North main 869 7m i when you need help in establishing and attaining your financial goals. / George p. Clark . De Lyon jr., . High Point address 406 Lindsay Street telephones 882-1816883-0427 0 new income amp capital associates inc. Capital creation. Accumulation i management Consu Tinc companies Contd and i Jfe of Poi Ole benefits planning company physicians planning service of Poillion provident Lite amp audient Insulat. Company Mel Tquila set vices cot Poi at Ion a Loomis Sayles and company Gss

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