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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 3, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy details on 7a 92nd year no. 185 the High Point High Point n. C., saturday afternoon july 3, 1976 Wagon trains to arrive Valley forge 32 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 c classified ads 885-2177 other depts. S8a-2161 daily 15c, is no w 33cbicentennial is nigh celebrations under Way by the associated press Wagon trains Are scheduled to arrive in Valley forge pa., sailing ships Are on their Way to new York s Harbor and the rest of America is on its Way to a 200th birthday party full of parades fireworks and ceremonies. Five separate Bicentennial Wagon trains consisting of 2.000 persons in 200 wagons have travelled 17.000 Miles across country. The trains planned to make Camp this afternoon in Valley forge where George Washington spent the Winter of 1777. President Ford plans to visit Valley forge on sunday signing his name to a pledge of rededication to the principles of the declaration of Independence he will join 22 million other americans who have already signed. The president is also expected to sign a Bill declaring Valley forge a National Park. From there he goes to speak at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. At 2 the Hall s Centennial Bell will be rung and cd is across the nation will peal to announce the moment the declaration was signed 200 years ago. Ford will then go by helicopter to the deck of the aircraft Carrier uss Forrestal for a look at operation sail the extravaganza of sailing ships that is scheduled to take Over new York Harbor in Boston the uss Constitution will be the Center of attention the Constitution nicknamed old Ironsides during the War of 1812, will fire its guns at noon sunday for the first time in 95 years. Her Captain. Cmdr Tyrone Martin promises a a very satisfying crack from the 21-gun Salute. A we tired six test rounds last wednesday a said Martin. A we got a four foot flame out of the muzzle and the museum curator next door thought a bomb had gone off. Until he heard the second one and remembered the firing was scheduled Boston and Hawaii will also team up to use Light emitted by a Star 200 years ago to Light the lantern in the old North Church where legend says a one it by land two if by sea Quot guided Paul Revere on his Midnight ride the Light will be captured by a Telescope at the Mauna Keo Observatory in Hawaii which in turn will trip a sensor that will flip a switch lighting the lantern in the old North Church. In Philadelphia a strike by garbage collectors and other City employees has caused some concern and officials say two protests scheduled for sunday have scared Oft some visitors. But the City of brotherly love Hopes to surmount its problems and 635 Block parties Are planned for the City s neighbourhoods. Former president Richard m. Nixon plans to spend the nation it 200 the birthday watching television hosting a quiet family dinner and viewing fireworks from his Home an aide announced Friday. Phil Keller of West Palm Beach. Fla. Also plans a private july 4 although Luth Orit ies Aren t sure they la let him go ahead with his plans Keller wants to go Over Horseshoe Falls in a red White and Blue diving Bell but a spokesman Tor the Niagara Frontier state Parks commission says. A we done to encourage things like this cd chatter May be aided by satellites by e. Z. Strange it s not just possible but probable that satellites in the sky will permit future cobers to talk to other cobers worldwide. So suggests Futurist William Brown a think tank physicist at the Hudson Institute Croton on Hudson n. Y. He believes the talkers will Wear wristband radio transceivers which will let them communicate with one another far less expense e i y than by Telephone. Such an a a Astro Rand Quot he says will be clean cheap fast and non Jam Mable. The talk will he coded Enro Ute so no one else can tap in to an individual conversation the know How already exists says Brown. Only Money is needed to get started citizens band business action has t confined itself to the retail Market the Stock Market has been Good to its cd boosters too. Its a rare cd Stock that did t double in value sometime in the first half of 1976 and some tripled or More 0 00 in cd Lingo Channel 25 is another name for the land line which is another name for the Telephone thefts up cd thefts Are now up to 2,000 a Day and insurance companies nationwide Are beginning to exclude coverage for cd theft from their policies excluded too Are other types of two Way radios by summer s end most companies will have their new procedures and rates in Force for buying separate coverage for lbs the insurance services organization which develops policy for the insurance Industry has put out guidelines for cd insurance rates ranging from $20 a year for sets less than $200 up to $190 a year for those $2 500-plus professional land Mobile radios. 000 a Salesman who makes numerous stops at grocery stores in his own metropolitan area does t want to be bothered with the chore of taking out his cd radio every time he pulls into a parking lot. So he keeps a life size baby doll Well wrapped in a Bassinet on his front seat a Ucb thieves simply will not touch a car with a sleeping baby in it Quot he says. 000 five years ago about 1,000 companies in this country manufactured car burglar alarm systems today almost 6,000 firms do so. thefts Are responsible clearly. Traffic deaths traffic deaths in Georgia have dropped 31 i per cent in the last three years. Some credit the 55 in p h Speed limit but certain Law men there laugh at that notion the Speed limit Means nothing to Many cobers. The say. What a cutting Down the fatal accidents they believe is the whole cd system itself the reports cobers give one another about dangers on the roads such As Drunken Drivers stalled cars minor accidents. Cobers generate by radio among one another an intense attention to driving they Speed True enough. But they hound the otherwise reckless Driver into a safer performance Bill Wilson of the state patrol there says a it s really almost a Good As having extra patrol cars out Quot 000 the technically expert Ham radio operators have rail d at great length against the toy talkers on the citizens band and the hams likewise have complained that their own ranks Are thinning drastically turns out it s doubtful they should aim their criticism at cd however latest estimates indicate 50 per cent of today s Ham operators first developed their appetites for More sophisticated radio As cobers 000 list Ohio after Missouri among that Ever increasing number of states which Are budgeting official funds for cd rigs in their Highway patrol cars the customers ask q a what does co phasing two antennas do Quot a if it s handled properly it can in tease your Range for both transmitting and receiving boosting performance up to 25 per cent. Also co phased antennas mounted on either Side of a vehicle provide the same even transmitting performance of a Root mount Antenna. Truckers like co phased antennas because they also serve to eliminate the Blind spot caused by the trailer. They be become popular with four wheelers but to take Best advantage of co phasing the antennas should be mounted at least eight feet apart states capita sentence Laws under question teepees on the athletic Field at the american University Campus the Nisqually indians from Washington state were denied permission to Camp on the mail i. A p wire photo i indians in Washington bringing july 4 message of survival Washington a with then teepees and tents set up on a College soccer Field approximately 300 indians carrying a message Tor the nation on the eve of the Bicentennial Celebration have completed a journey that began on the shores of the Pacific a a we re not a dissident organization we re not Here to take Over anything of cause any trouble said Sid Mills a Nisqually Indian from Nisqually. Wash a we re Here to secure a future for the Indian people because there is none now Mills and his group Sui Vival Tor american left Seattle March 19, in cars vans campers and a school bus forming a caravan that grew As it puked up support on the transcontinental trip the indians had hoped to Camp on the mall across Constitution Avenue rom the old Bureau of Indian affairs building that was taken Over by an Indian group in 1972, but permission was denied they ended up using the playing i in id at american Cyniver sity. They set up their tents and teepees Friday while local residents jogged on the track surrounding the campsite and others walked dogs the indians plan to demonstrate near the White House but they say the also have arranged meetings with representatives of president Ford and the Interior department hoping to discuss an overhaul of govern ment policies relating to the nation s Indian tribes a we didst travel three months to demonstrate on the fourth of july and then go Home Quot Mills said. Mills. 27, is the group s executive director and has coordinated the trip. Known As the Trail of self determination. We re different people and we have to live our own Way. That s the Point we re a trying to make on the eve of the Bicentennial. Quot he said he said that it the us government s treaties with the indians had been carried out. The native americans would have a enough land and enough resources and enough human resources to develop stability and live about the poverty level he said that As Many As 50 different Indian tribes were represented in the group. Which includes tribal chairmen and other tribal leaders. Washington a the supreme court has upheld the death penalty in some cases but in a Complex decision it also has imposed new restrictions on its use that could invalidate tile Law in a number of states the court ruled 5 to 4 Friday that capital punishment Laws must provide standards Jar the imposition of Thul to mate penalty it also said the Laws must provide some method such As a separate trial on the penalty Issue by which the individual criminal and the circumstances of the crime Souid be considered. On this basis it struck Down measures in Louisiana and North Carolina that made he death penalty mandatory Tor several kinds of murder by a separate 7-2 vote the court ruled that the death penalty is not in itself Eon Stit Tiona by prohibited i specifically upheld capita punishment Laws in Florida Georgia and Texas which Are not mandatory and do provide standards for the penalty s imposition an associated press Survey my Lea Ted that 25 states have some kind of Mandator death penalty Laws. There also is a Federal Law making death mandatory Lur fatal air plane hijackings the measures vary widely however and the court said Laws making death mandatory Tor an a extremely narrow category of homicides might be permissible the example Given was murder by a prisoner serving a life term Texas atty Gen John Hill said in Austin. Tex a we Are not going to see executions carried out anytime soon. By Calif atty Gen Kivelle younger commented. Quot i Hope we can get Down to where there is an order in carrying of of executions in ships to stage Bicentennial Salute in new York Harbor new York a with the romantic tall ships of another Era in the fore an Armada of nearly jog sail and naval vessels massed in new York Harbor today for a Gigantic Salute to the nation s 200th birthday the first of 16 tall ships around which the Panorama revolves arrived off Sandy Hook in the lower Bay late Friday afternoon their sails glint in the rays of the slowly sinking Sun. The Parade of ships begins Tull a in. Sunday from the verrazano Narrows Bridge connecting Brooklyn and Staten Island with the tall ships in the Lead followed by other sailing Craft and 53 warships from 22 nations the warship flotilla comprising the International naval review steamed toward new York through the night in a 30mlie Long single file each vessel 1,000 Yards apart Frank Braynard who has been planning operation sail since 1971, described it As the greatest gathering of sailing ships since the 1827 Battle of Navarino when British rus Sian and French natives wiped out the fleets of Turkey and Egypt. President Ford was to Fly by helicopter from fourth of july ceremonies in Philadelphia sunday to the deck of the uss Forrestal to View operation sail vice president Nelson a. Rockefeller Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and some 3.000 guests also were to be on the Forrestal. As the vessels prepared Tor the Celebration authorities prepared for what Thev said could be an event marked by tragedy a we smell disaster com ing a a said i oderal aviation administration spokesman Frank Puglise who warned sightseeing private pilots to stay out of the commercial airspace around Kennedy Laguardia and Newark airports with 5,000 to to he Spectator Craft expected to further crowd the Harbor Post office is bombed Boston a an explosion that authorities said was touched off by a bomb caused extensive damage to a kist office in Seabrook. N less than 24 hours alter three other bombings in the Boston area. There were no injuries in the lost office explosion Seabrook fire dept. Chief Ernest Sanborn said the department received a Call about a bomb shortly before the blast late Friday night he said the caller also said the blast a is connected to Newburyport about 40 Miles North of Boston and five Miles South of Seabrook. Is where an explosion Early Friday ripped through the Essex county courthouse the two other bombings ear in Friday occurred in Boston no injuries were reported in the three blasts Sanborn said the caller was a male who told him he was a member it a militant group but Sanborn said the Iller was talking so last i did t catch the name Quot of the group an Fri spokesman in Boston said two Fri agents were assisting postal inspectors. Hut that the Fri had not formally entered the cast one of the blasts in a Ion destroyed a truck and a id tank parked outside a National guard armory Iii the Dorchester Section the other explosion gutted a vacant Iii plane at i n an International Airport a Telephone Aller claim my to represent a militant anti using group told the news Media Friday that his organization the South Boston i Flentse league was responsible for tile Airliner and truck blasts the caller did not claim responsibility for the Newburyport blast Waters coast guard port Captain James Fleishell told reporters we expect All kinds of accidents medical emergencies capsizing. Some collisions some drownings it s going to happen with that number of boats in the water five million people Are expected to be jostling for viewing space along the route of the maritime Parade a atop buildings on rickety Hudson River piers from the new Jersey Palisades on the Heights of Brooklyn and on the escarpments below the George Washington Bridge. What s Iri Side amusements. Bridge. It falsified ads comics. Crossword. Editorials obituaries sports. Television. Weather. 10-11a 12a 13 Isa .16a 12 a .4 a a h-9a Section it .7 a the near Charlotte. N c. Prosecutor Jot Freeman Britt predicted North Arolina would a go under whatever rules they be set up and move in that direction Anthony Amsterdam an a act l Egal defense fond Homey who argued against Lite death penalty in the High court said the fund would ask the court to reconsider the court said the a const Adonai in of Ruanda to death sentence St tules is Lac k of focus on the Circum dances of the particular of tense and character and propensities of t he offender ii also said the Louisiana and nor til Carolina Laws had failed to eliminate the Stan Ardless jury discretion Quot Cha i the court condemned in its 1972 decision striking Down the capital punishment Laws then in effect. Chief Justice Warren k Burger and justices Byron r White. Harry a Blackman and William h. Johnquist dissented Contact made with hijackers Kampala Uganda a a special israeli crisis team was reported in a direct Contact today with the hijackers of an air France plane who have been holding 110 hostages mostly israelis Tor five Days the hijackers who claim to be members of the Popup o front for the liberation of Palestine have set a 7 a in Fri sunday deadline for release of 53 extremists jailed in four countries 40 of them in isl aet they have threatened to blow up the plane and the hostages if their demands Are not met tin israeli government has imposed tight secrecy on its indirect negotiation with the nickers key ministers of Premie Yitzhak Rabin s Cabinet were meeting round the clock. Israel which has no diplomatic relations with i Ganda is being represented at the Entebbe Airport where the hostages Are being held by t Rench ambassador Pierre Pena re Rena re and somali ambassador Hasta obd Ellafi Are handling the direct meetings with the hijackers israeli officials agreed to be. Of de on the guerrilla s of. Manus a departure from a Long standing israeli policy of refusing to Grant any demands by terrorists the captives remained in an old terminal building at the Entebbe Airport sleeping on benches and the floor the 12 Crew members arid 98 passengers rom the air France Airbus hijacked Sun j Ltd on a flight rom Tel Aviv to in Aris have reportedly been treated Well by the half dozen Arab palestinian and German hijackers the guerrillas released 148 passengers in two groups wednesday and thursday nearly All were flown immediately to Paris some rep it red three heavily armed arabs a re wailing at Kampala when four hijackers one a woman forced the plane to land there Sun Day

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