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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 31, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Up fax. January 31, 1939the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point North Carolina Page three Oey to make Appeal to general Assembly tonight for diversion believe it or not by Robt. Ripley life Story of hypothetical hype Case Vernor will t precedent Gas fight Aynick. Editor of i he Enterprise Leader of anti diversion forces Oday reprise Bureau. Sir Walter hotel by Henry Averill Kaleigh Jan. 31, r. Hoey tonight will e the first special Ruberna Ial address to a general As ably on a controversial sub since his predecessor j. C. Ehringhaus made a dramatic Cal on March 21, 1933, that general Assembly enact the is tax As an a a emergency sure. He governor will doubtless r hts accustomed Lapel flow he will speak with his usual Day and eloquence. But for first time since his primary pain in 1936 he will be coing in a real Knock Down out raw head and bloody is political Battle. Or his excellency will be King largely on the defensive in rebuttal to the blistering Lek made this afternoon on Tho tone of his administration s j policy diversion of $7,000,-of Highway funds to balance it Rose Yetive general fund Deuce of that sum Over the next Niue. Vii k and Jesih toss the attackers included two her Highway commissioner men Capus m. Waynick of Point and e. B. Jeffress of Sboro a Well As numerous tentative of determined is of anti diversion lists. I Advance of the Gubernator utterances there has been no Ling of the text of his address All signs Point to a reaffirm of his belief that a map Pulca of the sales tax to gasoline Tot. In truth diversion and Durance that the Road funds be a a Safe under his regime. Here Are also apparently Cele indications that governor will Challenge the anti i zionists to offer some Concrete. Lite plan to balance the Bud without diverting the $7,-000. Addition to the 170 leg Islain of practically an of whom arc Salaam the Saracen hero a who lived and died on the government $55,636�?that s government stake in hype when accounts Are wound up during an entire lifetime ail individual might draw ids income from Public Fonds under the National Security and Relief program. This Story last of three concerns Federal and state Aid As distributed to a mythical individual from the age of 30 until death. By Harvey Wurtz Nea service staff writer hype Case Back at work As a Stone Cutter on a wha drainage project was extremely apprehensive about ids Job. Gov emment funds ran Short from time to time Ami it appeared that tile work might Stop. He went at it with vigor and gained a promotion a to an inspectors Job. His monthly salary was Onerea of Hebb lies hypefthbtlc4l Case u Veo Asp oreo a age 7sy always of the. Government de from $66 a month to $75. He Learned that he was one of an army of More than 3,000,000 people on spa. Once he had started to climb in the Job he sought Transfer to the More secure payroll of pwn a. Here jobs were Iet to private contractors by Tho government and inspectors wore paid directly from government payrolls but at the prevailing wage rate for similar work in Industry in hype s Case almost double his spa salary. Their was Little Opportunity to save any of hts pm a salary. Bad rv\\8 so we 6 in Good a ape single night bitters count of St Valuer was Senten by the Kane of France 15 4 Ano on that night the Brown on hair grew White in \ single night Jean Poitiers count of Saint Vainer. Ii7ft-Iasi was sentenced to death by King Francis i of France on the charge of High treason on january id 1321. On that night the hair of the count Brown on the eve mined completely White he was not executed but after spending a few Sears in prison was released and died in exile. A Uncle rays Corner in Ted to be present the gov a will have for his audience a Sai Adin Lany of the state s citizens As to turn on the radio and hallo him. He will speak Over a Wilde Hookup. Tils afternoon s hearing was ked by a vigorous presenta of the Antl diversion Conten or Waynick acted As Field Hal of their forces in Preng the Case. Furton opposed Nong those speaking strongly the Antis was a candidate eel. In fact almost candidate fitted j. M. Broughton of a who appeared As represent of the associated general rectors. He was acting in his City As attorney and advocate there is no doubt that More risks to pow for in the year 1164. Egypt was in the hands of the so called the fat mites were named in Honor of Fatima daughter of Mohammed. And they claimed to be descended from her. They believed in the teaching of Mohammed hut their Faith Vaa not quite the same As that of other moslem they had held Power in Egypt for nearly a Century hut had not taken Good care of the country. Their ruler Tould not feel sure of their lives. In fact they did Well if they lived five years after taking the chief office. B tier feeling existed Between. Richard the i Ion hearted. Safety program makes strides Chicago. Jan. 31.�?<7p>�?the National safety Council announced today the nations accidental deaths were reduced by 10,200 in 1938. The greatest improvement Ever recorded in a single year. Last years fatalities totalled 95.000, the Council made known the lowest aggregate since 1933 and a to per cent decline from the 1937 figure of 105,205. The greatest previous decrease was in i 1919 when the total was 9.600 below the figure for 1918. The safety experts disclosed further that 700,000 fewer persons were disabled by injuries in 1938 than in 1937, and that the economic loss from accidental deaths and injuries was Cut by $400,000,000. Last years disabling injuries totalled 9.200.000, and the economic loss was $3. 200.000.000, the Council said the improvement was general in every class on spa he was promoted to inspector. Weather was an enemy now but when the weather was Good he i worked regularly. However he was now considered by social workers to he making a living wage and his Mother was no longer entitled to Relief or assistance of any kind. Demotions come with age hype grew older less Active private contractors expected More of him than spa foremen did despite the fact that lie was still on the Federal payroll at last lie was demoted to watchman a year or two later he was truth 1 demoted to night watchman. It was a lonely Job and As his 65th birthday Drew near Hope began to look Forward to an old age pension. There were the usual formalities to go through he must establish his need for the Benefit of the county welfare Board a in most states. He could not Havel More than a Small Home in property nor More than a Small amount of Cash. Hype qualified on that score and Bis first Check i was on its Way to him before the month was up. The welfare Hoard had raised a question about his Mother now 85. If she lived with him. The two persons would be entitled to a monthly Check of $45. If they liver apart she could now qualify for a $30 Check and he. Could qualify for the same amount. So vim a Riding la it pets Ost his 65th birthday seemed to hypo a Good time for recapitulation. He had Cost the govern mein $13,736 from the Day of his birth until lie left spa at the age of 26 to join his Uncle on. The farm. In tile 3s years since lie Lefi the farm he had earned approximately $700 a year on spa for his first yeat. Then $1800 a year for five years on Twa and five years More at $1500. That mean that at 37 years of age lie had Cost the government $30,236 in maintenance and salary. To be sure he had worked for the Money in his years on spa and j pea. At 37 he was Cut to $1200 a year and stayed there for to year another $10,000 or a total of $40,236 on his 47th birthday. Then his income began to slip so that he earned Only $600 to $700 a year for the is years Lett. To his working life. That meant approximately $1 1,700 additional j o a total of $51,936 for the of years he had spent on the pay Roll. It sounded like a lot of Money Aho lived for a full to years to but he had worked for it and ii. Final years of his life he received $360 a year or a total of $360o 10 lie added to the figure of $51.-936 for a total of $55,536. The a or fam a amps a cd i the government books. Close the in 111 u needs. 1 Molly enough to inc his Mother died a of months after hype retired but when re paid t his grave $10 at 65 a night watchman and Trad for pension. Account was closet funeral x pen sen w hype Laid away in the age of 75. Caily 2.000.000 person 1,780,700 at the last county a a on the old age assistance Rolls where hype found Refuge in it Mast Days. The number is growing. There Are 20,000.000 people on tin Federal payroll today. J against this staggering figure must be placed a total of 2 s6l-108 who paid income taxes in 11937. Those on the Federal payroll under various Federal emergency and Security programs outnumber the income tax payers by approximately ten to one. Work of Art a Little political significance j the farm fee a cd the sell pfc be Given his appearance in j turks. This led the fat mites to capacity. I join forces with the Christian b Caldwell master of the Palestine. Range r p. Raleigh win-1 the a Ler of the seljuk turks Ilem president of the state hot it 8,1 army into Egypt and Elers protective association i up a step it won Power Over �?�cs.,. of Willard. A my a it turi.7h Niue a a. Homo Ono Odood the number of one of his Young officers was died. Paladin quickly left for i Nohew Paladin Syria where a revolt Nad broken Paladin fell heir to a great out. The rebels hailed Saladin As stole of wealth in Egypt and to their Leader and he soon won one of the finest palaces of i Complete Power Over the Saracen time. He did not however care Empire. Much about riches. He gave away j when Saladin was 50 years some of the Money and used old he had to most of the rest of it for Public the christians in Palestine. The works. He would not even live trouble led to warfare which last in the Palace he turned it Over de several to his officers. He himself lived Large Ai Nile in a Small House in Cairo and the English King. Richard that lion hearted was the most a Tivious Christian Dent and ii. A. Capps of y mount Secretary of the h Carolina Rural letter car association and numerous s protested vigorously St any policy of the state to t Highway funds to general orcs. Ley particularly objected to Stablish mint of diversion As a remanent policy and argued to permit the diversion of 0,000 for the avowed pin of balancing the coming Alum s budget would he in of just that. Insorsi of the a Good roads in both houses submitted a ment in which they contend at the proposed diversion of 50.000 is not As alleged on product. Worked Long and hard to find ,. Ways to make Egypt a better a Lon of axioms except the country to live in. Domestic one. Foi the first Tim ten years after Saladin re acc in to years accidental deaths in Hail i traffic fatalities except for 1932 and 1933, last years accidental death rate of 73 for 100,000 population was the lowest since 1922, and Only six years the Council reported had lower rates since National records first became available in face trouble i900. Those years were 1919, r,�?o1 1920, 1921, 1922, 1932 and 1933. The chief Factor in the coun years. And brought la yug exceptional showing was a from Europe to per Cpl reduction in traffic horizontal 1,9 famous pointing pictured Here. 5 the pictured lady a a makes it outstanding. 12 Sailor. 14 yellow skinned fruit. 16 North Britain. 17 digit of the foot. 18 to sink. 19 above. 21 Over. 23 to scold. 25 encountered. 26 professional golfer. 27 snare. 28 native african Village. 30 god of the sea. 32 Ozone. 33 Reddish Brown. 34 Grain. 36 wore shoe. 38 senior. 39 rubber tree. Answer to previous punt 40 to skip. 41 powerful Snake. 42 go on music 43 perennial Plant. 45 to soak flax. 47 to Emit vapor 48 to grasp. 51 fish eggs. 53 pretence. 55 officers assistant. 56 inn. 58 Market. 60 artist who painted it vertical 2 Ambrette Bird. 3 North Africa. 4 work of Genius. 5 prying spy. 6 myself. 7 Pound. 8 artists Frame. 9 to loiter. 10 within. 11 Long beaked fish. 13 electrified particle. 15 Wood Demon. 16 negative word 20 it was painted As a -. 22 Sun god. 24 Furnace Basket. 25 morass. 26 to handle. 29 sloth. 30 youth. 31 this painting hangs in the 33 child s game. 35 wings. 37 throng. 38 Sun. 41 to make mean. 44 ragout of game. 46 stepped upon. 47 Ovule. 48 Cravat. 49 stir. 50 cognizance. 52 Indian. 54 part of a Circle. 55 Morin in Dye. 56 hour. 57 musical note. 59 Liliace Ous tree. Iron Inch on too Many Trumps is rare Handicap that requires skill to overcome by we. E. Mckenney Secretary american Contra t Bridge league having Joe Many Trumps is not a common complaint with Bridge play s. Hut it sonnet Mea happens. In today s hand South had Leader in the by the application of a 3 per cent i Hird crusade. His deeds from Les tax to gasoline sales hut is in fact the equivalent of a Sale that time Onward were to be important in the life of Saladin. The it 0 Bloo tax of at least 6 per cent on the in Europe Richard was almost As much of a hero As Saladin was i among the Saracens. For history or biography Section of your scrapbook if you wish a copy of the leaflet a flying machine of a pioneers. Just Send a self addressed. 3c stamped envelope. Address to me in care of this Neap age r. Uncle Ray. Tomorrow capture of Jerusalem. Aft or Many a a Are of operation the famous 6th Avenue elevated trains Are no More. Herald Square is now As peaceful As a pasture or almost. And every room in the hotel Mcalpin is a restful room. This is of course still another reason for you to stay Here when in new York. Big Beautiful new rooms with Bath single from $3 a double from $4.50 i Block from Bonn Slaton 7 a Mufti to grand control 8. Amp o suit top of door h a g re at hotel a with 2 popular priced restaurants Otel Mcalpin Broadway at 34th Street. New York Lader Knott John j Woelfle non age special meeting there is to he a meeting of he commercial league tonight Ai 7 of clock at the y. A a. Each team is expected to have deaths a saving of 7.640 lives and a drop from 39,643 in 1937 to 32.000 Iii 1938, occupational fatalities fell from 19.000 in 1937 to 17,000 in 1938, a reduction of la per cent. Deaths in Public Capri fonts not involving motor vehicles declined eight per cent from 1 8,000 in 1937 to 16,-500 last year. In the Home however accidents increased two per cent from 32.000 in 1937 to 32,500 in 1938. Outrunning the National traffic toll by 500. A the traffic death decline was not due to less travel a the safety Council said a for motor vehicle mileage was As great in 1938 As year before xxx a accidental tails As heretofore were responsible for More deaths than any other cause except traffic Accident. The total was approximately 25,000�?lugo fewer a 98 v a k 2 a a a j 5 4 a k j a q 4 3 2 v 4 109 a 982 a 93 2 a k j to 7 6 5 v q8 a a 7 6 aq6 rubber both Vul. South West North fast pass pass i a pass 1 a pass 3n.t pass 5 a pass 6 a pass opener�?4b 5. Is and allow e with the spat South then the Dummy then he Cai King of Hea it to win a Queen. Fore led n and ruffed a led the Queen to. And ruffed a Tahti club to Dun Ace of hearts. He posed of i two the Ace of Diann Lowed by a Low had now Dis extra Trump my was Fol Diamond Anc when West discarded the Hai was Safe. East followed and the Lead of a Diamond at t twelfth trick he was forced tuft South overruled Audet lured the Queen of Spades w the Kine on the last trick. That he did not need rid of them a Dou coup a he made his six Spades. In two Trumps by getting Hie grand contract in the opening Lead was won Dummy. The Spade nine was led. West won with the ice and shifted to a Diamond. Declarer won in Dummy with the King Aud led the Spade eight the ones a held hut revealed that East held the Queen still guarded. Now the hand could be made Only of South could dispose of two Ion Trumps otherwise lie would be forced eventually to Lead Trump contract problem solution in next Issue South has the contract at four Spades. The Success of the contract depends on the play of the three of Spades. Why a q5 4 a 10 7 3 a a 9 8 5 3 Aki a 8 2 a k j 8 2 Imi a j 83 2 n w e s dealer a a j to 9 7 a a 4 a j to a q 6 rubber neither opener a 2. A k 6 a b 6 5 a k q 7 a a to 9 it 5 r3 Vul. 31 Guilford count realty transfers dancers go until Early morning in fight against infantile paralysis notre City of High Point n. A foot Bridge Beamon St. A representative present As mat than in 1937. Burns caused about if is of Vitul importance Are ,000 deaths drownings 7.000, be discussed. A he got there in time for Roll Call but just did Raleigh. Jan. 31.�? 4 a rep. Sealed bids will be received by j Fred Seeley of Carteret county the City Council of the City of j reached Here for Roll Call in the High Point North Carolina in House but it was doubtful for til to a. Til. On wednesday feb i a time. Mary 8, 1939, for the construe Enro Ute from Beaufort his ear Hon of a foot Bridge Al Beamon overturned at Greenville a out Street. Skirts and pinned him and a proposal forms plans and ape companion underneath Eif cations May be secured at the or. Epp Spence of Morehead office of Hie director of Public City Enro Ute Home helped sex a works. A certified Check in the treate Seeley and a Blind Compaq amount of 2% of the contract i Ion identified As Page. Seeley reprice must accompany ail bids. Quire Hospital treatment hut a the City reserves the right to re Rived in time for the legislature Jet any or All bids and to award i a 1 a tile contract in any manner might deem advisable. E. M. Knox. City manager or. C. S. Grayson mayor s. Ii. Strickland director of Public works. Nazi Hanges Berlin. Jan. 31. A Joseph Buerckel. Commissioner for Austria and the Saar District re placed Odilo Lobo Erik today As Vienna District Leader in a nazi party administration shakeup. High Point township Henry Eccles and other to Mckinley of tvs tract on Price Street. Louise Eccles and others to Henry Eccles and Alma Eccles Rouse tract adjoining property of j. A Lindsay. High Point savings and Trust company to b c Harmon trustee tracts on eat Green Street Extension. Prospect Street North main Street and in Brentwood subdivision. Morehead township Orton a. Boren and we the to Capus l. Roberson and wife tract on Northridge Street. James b. Neuse and wife to Frank u Smith and wife. Tract on Worth Avenue w. T. Keeae and wife to James b. Neese tract on Worth Avenue. Gilmer township Harry w Schuffman and wife to Milton Watson tract on Percy Street. John. L. Johnson to John William Johnson tract on East Market Street. F. L. Paschal and wife to Carl Vest and wife tract on Elizabeth Street s j Stern and wife to f. A. Euvi and wife tract in the s. J. Stern i Church Street Extension subdivision. F. L. and wife to Robert a Merritt tract on Whitley Street. Madison township w. J. Wicker to a e Apple Aud wife tract adjoining the Rumley property. Oak Ridge township Pernella c. Browning and others to Robert Moore and wife tract on Flat Rock Road. Rock Creek township w g. Boon and others to Charlie j. Howerton tract on Church Street. Greene township William Wollmer Patterson and others i to a c. Neese tract adjoining property of Catharine reason. License revoked Monroe a. Yarborough 30s East Guilford Street. Thomasville a among those listed today by the state Highway safety division for revocation of his Drivers ii Cense. The License was revoked after conviction for driving drunk Washington Jan. 31 a i pm far into this morning dancer and diners Over the nation carried on their Celebration of president Roosevelt is 57 ii birthday anniversary in the interest of stamping out infantile paralysis. A dozen movie stage and radio actors who gathered in the White House just before last Midnight to hear the president broadcast his thanks to celebrants at 25.-000 parties were Honor guests at seven capital balls. They ended their Complex schedule at 2 a in. At a $25 a Gold plate a hotel breakfast which several members of the Roosevelt family attended. Franklin i. Roosevelt. Or. Lieut Over to whisper Iii the eat of mrs. Evalyn Walsh Mclean owner of the Hope Diamond As she took her place As hostess of a party of 26. Her guests included score org. Wood ring attorney Murphy and Secretary cars with police escorts whizzed the celebrities through the streets. Mrs. Roosevelt in red with a White Fox fur made the Hest Tim around Hie circuit. Beginning late at 10 30 p. Rn., she attended seven Dames Cut a Birt inlay cak1 at tile last one. And was bark at the White House at 12 20 a. Rn., to Greet guests after the Broadw hot h she Iliad listened v at Lier last Stop. Brief talk the president cast to attentive in his said Quot infantile Paialii a that neither is is an Slu in hers Alie nor neuritis pains j unveiling i Salisbury. Jan 31, opt a i file Robert f. Hoke chapter of j tile United i Cohle is of the confederacy announced plans today i for unveiling a Monument Hose i in the Spring to Che it Tian Reid. Noted amp aul Ziy author. I tary and general Perkins t Betsy president a laughing where Bruce j was a gut St. Several thousand others danced at the seven balls which were highlighted by lit from or. I go amp amp a Felt Aud Iii amp Alluisi <4 Roosevelt wife of tile is eldest son James was with friends at a Taide Cabot movie actor to cruel nerve rack my tem. Al Neu Rili yield promptly to the time letter Quick acting kit a ban _ _ Inge Dentt. Alto relieve pain. Of , a Lumbago and sciatica sold at Ait drug Torea

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