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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 30, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page four tite High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point Rorth Carolina High Point Enterprise r b. Terr president d. A. Rawley y and treas. Hammett a. Cecil. Gen. Mgr. Published afternoons and sunday mornings a a ii j. P. Rawley. Publisher a a a 1915�?1837 Capus m. Waynic editor subscription rates Dally and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby town twelve month. Six months. Three months. One month. Tine week. $10.40 $ 5.20 $ 3.60 .90. .20 carriers in nearby towns Are not permitted to collect for More than one week in Advance. Carriers in City Are not permitted to collect for a period of More than five weeks. If a subscription for a longer period is desired payment should be made direct to office. The associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation entered a second class matter at the Post office in High Point n. C., under the act of Congress of March 8. 1872. National adv. Representative the John Budd co. 420 Lexington ave. New York City monday j Anga Rylo 1939. It Jyh Nushi anti King Solomon passed All Tho King of Tho Earth in Riche and win chronicle 9 2$. A the Wisest Man is generally he who thinks himself the least . Man remains his own worst enemy among the ruins of a City in it South America men Grovel today for bodies of their kind in the ruins of Spanish and chinese cities the same sort of groveling has been going on for years. In Chile the slight irregular and lenient of Mother Earth swallowed ant like men in unavoidable irretrievable ruin. Are we to conclude that Man is so constituted that he must have his tragedy even if it be necessary to fabricate it for himself a surely there is enough natural opposition to mans secure and pleasant occupation of the would to give him the stimulus to action and the self preservative caution he needs. After centuries of a a civilization humanity should in1 ready to identity the enemy with forces outside of his Small species. But wars go on making a More horrible mess of human affairs than earthquakes storms droughts and famine Ever made. The helplessness of men in the clutch of natural forces ought to warn him to control his own destructive impulses and to learn cooperation As the Way of Lite. The four deadly horsemen most to be feared Are those bred stabled and fed by Man to turn Loose on Man. Not far w Rong the mayor of Raleigh evidently believes that there Are certain no Cennies of taste which should foot be violated in Public performances even in these modern times and that the police still have some responsibility in Gross commercialized assaults on conventional sensibilities. He has refused to permit the showing of a tobacco Road in a Raleigh theater. The liberated spirits Are fluttering around the mayor and denouncing his action. They object to the Alcalde a censorship. They Are protesting against him As the keeper of the morals of Raleigh and pointing out that a tobacco Road showed in Chapel Hill without apparent impairment of Village morality. Ordinarily we might string along with the free spirits. Wre believe that censorship does More damage than Good in most cases. But As Long As we tolerate Laws against indecent exposure we cannot find great fault with the mayors squeamishness about him in part for the role and if Hie keeps constantly in mind that a discretion of speech is More than eloquence a we would not undertake thus Early to discount his influence. But at the Start of the senators career As an internationalist authority he draws the deliberate withering fire of one of the worlds great revolutionaries. Perhaps senator Reynolds May deem it an Honor to be denounced by Leon Trotsky. But Trotsky hits hard and with the Fine precise English which always establishes his rapier like skill in the language. In Brief Trotsky Calls Reynolds a liar beautifully and accuses him of exercising his talents for misstatement at a dangerous place. If w a comes to England if War comes to England the British lion will not be caught napping. For a while it looked As if prime minister Chamberlain was destined to become the great pacificador of Europe but now it appears that he is losing patience with the dictators not to the Point of nagging them but More and More recognizing the fact that it is Best not to expect too much of them or yield the Honor of Britain simply to keep War from English shores. This Means that if chamber lain is to retain his place As prime minister he must have the Empire ready for any eventuality. There comes to mind now the swiftness with which he put England to work in getting ready for War during the czech crisis. He works on two fronts being Active at Home in trying to get the army and Navy prepared for War and at the same time displaying a readiness to talk face to face with any european agitator in trying to secure peace and Freedom from the threat of War. The changes made saturday in the English Cabinet were in the interest of preparedness and Unity of spirit in caring for the needs of the far Flung Empire. To a remarkable degree the prime minister has had the Confidence of the British people but there Are quite a number of parliament members who have not liked his bartering spirit in trying to stave off War. They have Felt that he has yielded too much. English to the Bone chamber lain looks upon both peace and War in the Light of their possible effect on his own nation. But he has not lost sight of Britain a traditional honesty and respect for pledges and however insular his acts May seem every Liberal nation May expect to reap benefits by his standing four Square for England a Security and perpetuation As a nation. De out on him. Hines faces the court Dewey the with the removal of George Weinberg self Slayer key witness in the famous trial Dewey faces a much heavier task. Dead men Tell no tales. Those recorded in the former trial of Hines were from a Man who contradicted himself and the defendant now will bestir himself in giving the lie to those which in Dewey a eyes seemed authentic. With Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people a you men of business you be worried about something within the last 24 hours Haven to you did it do any Good of course not you wives and mothers Arentt you developing ugly wrinkles in what we Ould otherwise to be a Lovely face from worrying Over trivial matters that can be More readily overcome through cheerfulness than through worry ? let one of the greatest experts in the United states Tell you How to keep a from needless worry. He is or. Arthur Frank Payne the famous psychologist and author of a a mental diet for mental Here Are his Quot six Golden rules for worries a 1. Make time your Best Friend. Learn to relax in the face of trouble. Recuse to worry about it. Things you worry about often do not come to pass. 2. Done to talk about your worries. People Are not interested in your troubles. If you talk about them you will merely magnify them in your own mind and bore the people who Are listening to you Tien you will begin to worry about that 3. Figure out where thought ends and worry begins. Worriers Are not really thinking a All they Are doing is worrying. Thinking is constructive a worrying is destructive. There is a division line Between constructive thought and destructive worry. Find it and get on the right Side. 4. Do not make Tho mistake of never expecting to make a mistake. Do not think that you will always make the right decisions. It monday january 30, 1939 where Are we now c<7rtgk�. In my Waller on in i or ii Al i Bic Hawaii paging father time of Trad Mark festered copyright 1931. Dally Mirror inc. Is much better that your decision Lead you to a poor solution than that you make no decision at All. 5. Decide either to do something. Or else decide to do nothing. If you Are worrying about something you can do nothing about a forget it if you can do something decide what you will do a then do it 6. Do not expect perfection in anything. Nothing in the world can possibly be perfect. Do not expect perfection for yourself for other people or for anything at All. When you fully realize this some of your worries will fall away. You will see you Are striving for the unattainable and will accept something less and not worry about its flaws. There that s the end of or. Payne a six Golden rules. If you know someone who is prone to worry too much Why done to you clip this out and Send it to him Man about town attorney general Frank Murphy a favorite person is general Parker a daughter Ann with whom he goes cantering almost daily. They met in the Philippines. The Jack Oakes left town Friday. Mrs. Oakie wore a Beautiful Shiner. Oakie Soakie. Lila Lee is at the hotel Lexington where she probably wont deny she is plotting another marriage. Helen Winthrope Weyant the actress who inherited All that col. Ruppert Coin Wasny this sweetie pie according to intimates. One legend is that she is Kin a another that she is a Divorcee. Arturo Ramos once the Groom of Millicent Rogers the mint has lost his heart to a commoner. She is Evelyn Shannon a Brooklyn Beauty now at Palm Beach. The United states has a bomber that can Fly to London and Back non Stop there Are twelve Minnie Smiths All living in the same apartment House at 601 West 110th different phone numbers. Of min _ will be stitched soon. Fairchild the plane maker Sherman and Gay Hayden the Model have cancelled the whole matter. Her new love is in Florida. The Duncan Mcmartin expected their heir this week. The former Pauline settles is in the Hosp now. The editors of the nation have cheeked and Learned that their recent blast at ambassador Kennedy for being anti this or that was too per cent wrong. The parents of that Bakeley boy held in a society Gem theft have parted Over the disgrace. Continued on Page six this min ten years ago local news a Yale puppeteers will stage a show at High Point College sunday school Institute will open at first methodist protestant Church tonight. A. B. Homey was presented a jewel last night by re Piton Lodge i.o.o.f., in recognition of his membership of 25 years standing. About people John r. Peacock has returned from a Hunting trip in the Charleston . Area. Mrs. Insurance Ingram has returned from Elizabeth City where she visited her parents. Or. And mrs. Wilson Hollowell. Miss Willie Davis . Student will arrive tomorrow to spend a few Days with her parents or. And mrs. W. A. Davis. To by Howard Merrill this particular show. Reynolds arouses Leon the advice always riven the fledgling statesman in Washington is that he choose some specially and make himself expert in it. Many great men in the Senate have scattered their interests to such extent As to be credited with greatness in no one direction. Tho Junior senator from North Carolina apparently has resolved to make himself a Force in International affairs. His travels equip in the news Congress by no Means has an easy task in handling Relief matters. Conservative members considerably stirred up by the presidents huge spending program have Power enough to Block Bot ii Wise and unwise legislation. Some fear that they have already gone too far in curtailing proposed appropriations for Relief. To let the several states of the nation face shortages in their plans too suddenly might have a disastrous effect upon the already acute unemployment problems. Viewing the nation As a whole the Asheville citizen times presents this View a one is Safe in saying that there is no important sentiment in the United states just now which favors a return to pre Roosevelt times in the handling of poverty and unemployment. Yet there is a widespread notion among the Middle and upper classes that the same results could be attained As we now have and with a considerably reduced outlay of Money if the administration just set its mind to Plutarch said Quot Good things Are he was right. It is hard to think of others when All the instincts of self preservation Are urging us to think Only of ourselves it is hard to be tolerant and sympathetic toward another a Point of View when our beliefs Are challenged. It is so easy to condemn others and so hard to criticize and Correct our own shortcomings. Yes Good things Are hard hut striving for them is the Only known Way to build character a one of life a most priceless assets. A c v a i Smith favors death penalties the Rocky mount Telegram believes that James j. Hines and District attorney Thomas e. A Dewey Are both on trial in new York a for Hines conviction will mean heavy fines or imprisonment or perhaps both. For Dewey conviction will mean restoration of a great Deal of prestige lost last september when Hines walk editor. The enter pulse we have organizations in our midst whose purpose is to bring about the abolition of capital punishment. There Are governments and states that have such Ulm Ted to their Type of propaganda and abolished capital punishment. Thus they Are violating a direct command with the result that violence and crime have increased in their midst. Those opposed to capital punishment declare when a state takes life it is As guilty of murder even though it be the life of a murderer As the individual who murders. If this argument were True they would have a Strong Case against capital punishment but it is not Only not True but the government that Falls to execute criminals who Are guilty of murder comes under divine condemnation. The jews of our lords Day were confusing the Laws of personal conduct with the Laws of lust ice As administered by a nation. They dealt one with another according to the hard and fast rules of National administration. Jesus said. Quot but i say unto you a command to the individual not to the government judges or nation in their administration of the Law that be resist not today no City state or nation will allow an individual to take the Law into his own hand. One continued on Page 6 Howard Hughe has comply d plans for another amazing flight. Tomorrow Norma Shearer will give 15 is to of dry a infantile fund a and All her radio earnings hereafter�?$5,000 per show if a major War Breaks Dick Merrill the Pilot will Fly film via Quot sky ferryboat Quot service for Fox movie tone. The German Consul general s Shack on 77th Street Between Park and Madison is now guarded by twice the number of detectives since the column published the locale. And he Isnit even in town. Runyon wears $1 Gold pieces Tor dress shirt studs and his cuff links Are $2.50 Gold pieces. Quot Damon Jim Runyon wot. That new plane which goes ten Miles per minute and planes that go a Little slower can to handled for Only 20 minutes. The Pilot then is bedridden 3 Days sir Horace Wilson the j. P. Morgan of England is the Man behind Chamberlain. Roosevelt has never seen the Quot special Lindbergh report that and in last weeks life titled Quot four ladies with five Nickels used two different pictures of the same Dame the Douglas Leighs he a the big Broadway electric sign Genius Are treeing. In 60 Days maybe. Naughtiest Chassis in town is g. Nei sen s at Versailles. Ward Morehouse s new Book "45 minutes past eight dial press wont spare first fighters a feelings. An april release. Laura Laplante the sex screen Star and her Groom Are inf anticipating. Random House is Rushing Quot the american Way Between covers. Five waiters at the Mandalay we Cre caught stealing and were fired. Those flow ers telegraphed to Andrea i eds East for the for Ball came from Charlie Mccarthy a Bossy Edgar Bergen. Intimates say Hope dare and Dixie Davis Are secretly married and that she wont have to testify against him now. the new race horse named after j. E. Hoover the a Man looks like a coming Char a says Damon Runyon w to saw him we Ork out Guy Howell of Tho Fri in Washington and Adele Broussard of the Federal housing outfit to Erc the word Yon Are about to look at in the split seconds that they hit your Eves form a new kind of reporting. This will take sixty seconds to read. While you Are Reading these facts the events they describe Are actually taking place. What happens in one minute on Eaith a world is in motion. Destiny unfolds itself Start Fra Ding there a a machine just invented by mathematicians that solves problems in one minute that would take the average human one week to do the United states produces half the we Orlds feldspar used for Glass enamel porcelain every time the second hand of your watch turns around once this nation makes Over eight Hundred pounds of feldspar. America makes 320 dollars we Orth of milk bottles a minute. Helium the Gas that recently created an International difficulty because we would t sell any of it to Germany is produced Here at the rate of twelve cubic feet every sixty seconds. Visitors to new York state Parks give 1700 dollars a minute to Concession holders. This minute the u. S. Is producing Over too tons of Anthracite goal an amount equal to More than Gold Silver Lead and aluminium production together. Walter Winchell attention America buys 45 pairs of baby shoes a minute while you were Reading this column american factories made Over eight thousand pounds of wrapping paper. Stop Reading. New Brief a Edward Prince of Wales was moved by the scenes of suffering in the huts of miners which he visited today. He did not seem to big Able to say much. He just looked around and his voice sounded broken like. Navy appropriation Bills Are being considered in Congress. Opposition is seen for the workmen a compensation Law proposed for this state. Twenty years ago local new the Board of directors of the new chamber of Commerce met last night to discuss the choosing of a permanent Secretary. The High Hunt furniture Market association is now going at full blast according to the secret Ary. T. V. Rochelle. This City a products Are being advertised in four of the leading Trade journals of the nation. About people miss Margerie Kirkman has returned to Davenport College after an enforced vacation due to the influenza epidemic. L. B. Williams is attending Superior court in Greensboro today. Mrs. M. Quot Towson is spending several Days in Washington. Charles Driscoll new Yor by Day new briefs the nation will be legally dry january 16, 1920. Victims of Tho High Cost of living May now breathe a Little. Butter has drop of Broadway Temple remarking u new York Jan. 30. A diary morning at my publishers Maki corrections for a new edition of n Quot life of o. O. Mcintyre a and am met and More impressed with the Imp Sivility of writing an errorless by lunch with Bernard Sobol motion picture Man Long celebre As the Only pres agent on Broadw who can read greek and Sanski and indeed i chanced to hear i speaking French As rapidly As a pal Inna stroll with Albert pays Tribune who with his truly Chan ing wife has come to town for t cold weather the opera and pos site a go at radio. The Gigantic Laird sunny Bank is always impatient we the City but glows with warmest cd venation Al friendliness Over a std of Beer at Luchow a in fourth Street. A Brief glimpse of Bill be gel. The literary agent who is As by a Man As the town knows these i a Telephone Call that Mary Gell Webster. Of Kansas is in to with greetings from Home Folk Anc must contrive to see her. Daught Pat took a heavy spill while sled i at Scarborough and suffered Sor bruises. But she a a game one and fused to quit school for the Dayi met a lot of the Farrar and Rii Harts at a party at the Frank Al Bori a Case s apartment and Obs i de again that the men of the put to ing House marry Only the most Bel i cartoonist in for a moment with Tio oar Mutual Friend ail Schultz originator of foxy grandpa who passed to the other Side after a in lifetime of friendliness note to Frank Crowninshield. The Magazz publisher is no More Bald nor old to he was ten years ago and still pm sides wittily at luncheons when cled upon that Percy Waxman cosmopolitan editorial Man does drink and is always prompt in ing engagements. That Clay Gan. Who handles Public relations n. B. C., has rare qualities of go humor and forbearance that make possible for him to act As foil wits of others he Kung willing to pm Grade Allen in order to make the Happy met Rube and Irma go Berg on a recent afternoon and of Irma looking younger and pretty than in several years though she two strapping sons taller than Thi dad and i observe that it is Oft thus. A woman who is Happy in husband and children May Bloom gorgeously As the youngsters a ppr maturity. Saw Harry Silvey broker for a few minutes at to lambs and we talked of Maybell Intyre away on a cruise that May la four months snack at the and Rose restaurant with i n Markey where we often meet Riley. And i Hope that Riley Start an eating place of his own Manhattan for he has had some ones in France and America in time i learn that Loraine lash the poet from Charlotte s. C., been in town and am sad to 1_�?z misled her. For her conversation Lively and tinged with that Delight accent of the South Ham Fisl originator of famed Joe p i rushes in to say hello and that i Ward to a mighty interesting life. certainly going to Hole lot of interest and maybe Surpri for those who Are babies now�?T.�?T, by i saw Sumner Blossom editor american Magazine get up and Lei in the midst of a Boring address Lack nerve to do that but and those who wont waste their time i on my memo pad to Call upon i Burton formerly of Cleveland a big Magazine editor. But Burton i Long Good friends by Telephone i never met. And it does no to seem to we Are Likely to for he is a shy Low and we Are both Busy about i serving. A note Here from or. Cai ton b. Mcculloch of Indianapolis it the Friend and physician of be Tarkington and other Celebrin whose names and works have me so much to me. I have asked Himl beg for me a few minutes with Kington when hat Genius again col to Manhattan for i am convinced to no writer of our time will liw Ion in English letters than he a note too from Rev. Christian Reb Ped in Price from three to four cents potatoes have declined five to ten cents a Bushel. There Are indications that president Wilson will have to make a second trip to Paris to attend the peace conference. He will be in Washington in february and will remain there until after the close of Congress. Copyright 1938, by Esquire features Lur a recent verified outburst of my and i resolve that i must meet know this celebrated preacher. One of those sudden urges. I Rush i to the Bachelor apartment of met fort Amory the ship artist in m son Avenue and find him Home shows me a painting of the Wand at her berth. I pull out of my by Case a Calendar i have just Receil from a new Bedford dealer in Fisl gear. There is is photograph of wanderer in Dock and. To the go Delight of the shift minded Amory painting proves Correct in every Estial at the ambassador a Little at seeing Clare Trevor Register John Ford cashing a Check and Flye the airways tycoon clout. A a off on a Little prowl in my co plane a he says Quot and will you me one of these plays a Quot As soon As Long As you hike a say i for feeling the urge flt a r a bit of Advent after Long weeks of strict attend work and i not that Rayu. The Way i figure it now you either Moley professor and we Riter once do or you done to and there a no use official general manager of the u. Worrying. Bob Feller Pitcher for the accomplishes Muon with a soft Cleveland indians. And gentle manners. It looks like a Man has to be Defeated for office these Days in order to get a Good Adams p., colo., referring to the presidential appointment of Thomas r. Amlie Defeated new dealer appointed a member of the interstate Commerce commission. I eat All the Best ice Cream i can get hold Robinson explaining w by he is the worlds Best tap dancer at 62

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