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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 30, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Inlay. January 30. 1039the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page three pedal hews of interest to Farmers averred to. C. From Texas l. C. Whitehead to take charges of predatory animal control in Raleigh College station Raleigh. I. 30. A l. A. Whitehead has a transferred to Raleigh from Antonio Texas to succeed orge b. Lay As District agent in Irgy of rodent and predatory Mal control for the biological Ivey it was announced today or. I. O. Schaub director of state College Extension serv. Whitehead will work with the pension service and will main in his Headquarters at state Liege. He will have charge of irk in five state North and nth Carolina Virginia Georgia d Florida. Upon his arrival Here from peas where he was in charge of Cut control work in that state ice 1921, Whitehead said More Phasis will he placed on Pillory animal control working in operation with the division of me and Inland fisheries of the c. Department of conservation development. Whitehead said Andy Ray. Jely known trapper and Hunter the biological Survey who red for Short periods in this to in 1937 and 1938. Will he is feared from Texas to this Biset for extended work in control predatory animals. He will 1st game wardens rangers and ugh supervisors in restoring life to farms and Public for a by eliminating predatory nails and trapping species not opted to the localities. Or. Schaub said Lay gave extent service while associated the Extension service for it three years. Lay was moved the new England states last Mer to become rodent control it in that District. Searcher for youth horizontal i pictured discoverer of a u. S. A. State. 10 bad. 11 bridle straps. 12 to sow again. 14 to rent. 16 those who prune. 18 to recede. 20 fodder vat. 21 Rhode Island. 22 toward. 24 floodgate. 26 obnoxious Plant. 27 Morin in Dye. 29 Pitcher. 31 wrecks. 33 turkish officer. 34 in bed. 36 annoyed. 37 contest for a prize. 38 superiority in rank. Answer to previous Puzzle 41 rowing tool. 42 to decay. 44 social insect. 45 pig pen. 47 humor. 50 to grow dim. 52 Church parts. 54 rocks containing metals. 56 he discovered 57 he was by birth. Vertical 1 he sought the Fountain of a youth. 2 above. 3 an Effort. 4 having a spasmodic motion. 5 doctor. 6 snaky fish. 7 falsehood. 8 grafted. 9 Bone. 13 water holes. 15 Genus of Pines. 17 More spacious. 19 fancier. 23 Eye. 25 not cold. 26 at what time. 27 since. 28 farm. 30 fiber knots. 32 lower parts of dresses. 33 Era 35 one who drones. 37 deed 39 to Dine. 40 at this time. 43 opposed to on. 44 stir. 45 Mineral Spring 46 Aye. 48 three. 49 to strew with ashes. 51 Dye. 52 advertisement 53 Spain. 55 electrical unit Mckenney on Bridge leading opponent into error makes fair Means of saving contract by we. E. Mckenney Secretary american contract Bridge league a serial Story no time to marry copyright f 939, Hea service. Inc. When Harry Coldwater of new York saw his Dummy the North hand shown today he knew that it would require both skill and Lurk to fulfil his six club contract. There was one distribution that might give him a Chance West had o hold Tho operative Lamb i ments planned o la egg station Raleigh to 30�?cooperative Lamb ship its Are planned in May and be from Tarboro Plymouth Aworo and new Bern it was noun cod today by l. I. Case. Mal Husbandman of the state Mega Extension service. A meeting was recently held new Bern to discuss the matter grading Lamb and Selling them punit ively by grades among it be who attended were John to and Albert Venters leading up growers on Onslow county. County farm agents from veil Jones Onslow and pain counties. Carteret county 0 will be included in the ship its. Use said the group decided to to get off at least one deck of is this Spring. The time of shipment will depend upon Way the lambs develop but in 1 be made in May or june Peris shipments will be made in h months. M proved production methods re discussed at the conference As a result the Extension Ani Husbandman has prepared instructions for care feed and management of lambs toilet with internal parasite con i. These suggestions Are Avail of through county farm agents upon request directly to Case slate College. N the preface to his Sugges is Case says Quot some lambs already Here and Many More i be coming soon. The Lamb p is the sheep Man Harvest i it pays to ave As High a Portage As possible and to grow i fatten them rapidly up to Rueting time. Of first importance in feeding is is milk and plenty of it. That the ewes Are fed for k production. Creep feeding Lamb usually pays. Partition a Bright Corner of the barn or i and leave a Small opening to that will admit the lambs exclude the ewes Quot part. I a by a q j 7 4 3 a 109 8 3 a k 2 10 3 a Kab n 1095 a kq7 4 w e s do Al re j 8 5 2 a 10 7 4 3 a a965 954 87 a62 a a a q j 8 akqj62 duplicate both Vul. South West North East i pass i pass 3 pass 3 pass 4 a pass 5 pass 6 pass pass pass opener a k. 30 would have to lose a Spade trick and must find a Way to discard his three diamonds. He led a Low Spade thus giving West a Chance to make a mistake. West not suspecting the trap returned the heart Queen hoping to Cash the setting trick. Coldwater ruffed Laid Down the club Ace then entered the Dum by with the club ten and led he heart ten. East refused to Over. South discarded a Diamond and returned to his own and by ruffing the last heart. Now it was easy to draw Trumps and discard the remaining diamonds on the Long Spades in Dummy. Opening Lead gut Spades but not the Ace if diamonds. North s second hid should have been three no Trump so that South would not rely on a Strong Spado suit. As it was. South thought that the Spades were solid and old the diamonds to discourage West from leading that suit. After winning the opening Lead. South cashed the Ace of Spades to self the King would drop. He realized then that he contract problem solution in next Issue South playing the contract at six Spades has too Many Trumps. To make his con tract he will have to get rid of two of them a double grand coup. How it can he do 98 a a k 2 k q j 5 4 a k j a n q432 �76543 w c s a j 10 9 a 103 982 108 7 5 932 4 Dozier k j 10 7 6 5 a q 8 a76 q6 rubber a both Vul. One Nero 5. 30 by Elinore Cowan Stone Dean Schaub named Man of year for n. C. Agriculture by farm Magazine College station. Raleigh. Jan. 30.�?dr. I. O. Schaub has been named Quot the Man of the year Quot for service to the agricultural interests of North Carolina by the progressive Farmer Magazine. Or. Schaub served in 1938 in the three fold capacity of Dean of the school of agriculture at state College state director of agricultural Extension and ailing director of the North Carolina Experiment station. A native North carolinian he was born in Stokes county of an old moravian family Long settled in the Region. Entering state College. He graduated in 1900 As a member of the eighth class specializing in agriculture and chemistry. Then took advanced work at Johns Hopkins University. After spending several years in agricultural work in the West or. Schaub returned to North acro Lina to become state boys club agent. In 1918 has was appointed Extension regional director for the Southern states and in 1924, at the insistence of or. B. W. Gilgore then Dean of agriculture at state College. Or. Schaub accepted the Post of director of the state College Extension service. He a been Dean of agriculture since or. Kilgore s retirement in 1926. And has been acting director of the Experiment station about a year and a half. In announcing the Honor. The progressive Farmer says of or. Schaub Quot he has taken a keen interest in the problems of soil saving live at Home farming and United family Effort for better to living during his entire serv a a to North Carolina masked Man ravished nurse and robs patient in Murphy Hospital sunday Murphy Jan. 30�?up a a officers said today they were without a clue to the identity of a masked Man who entered a Hospital Here before Dawn yesterday ravished a nurse and then forced a patient to whom a baby had been Horn a few hours earlier to hand Over her pocketbook containing $90. Police chief Fred Johnson said the Man entered the Hospital through a rear door at the time when the nurse was the Only one on duty in the maternity Ward Cut off the electricity severed the Telephone line and held a knife against the nurse while he gagged her and bound her hands behind her Hack with Gauze and adhesive tape. The officer said that after assaulting the nurse the Bandit j went to the patients bed. And forced her to give him her pocket Book. Which she had hidden under the Bede overing when he first entered the room and threatened to kill her of she made an outcry. I before the Bandit left he eau i honed both women against Mak i ing an outcry until an hour later. Police said they believed the ban Dit was a Man from this Section j since he asked for another nurse when he entered the room the Nurry he inquired about was off duty. Cast of characters Janet Dwight heroine she was engaged to handsome Young architect Lance Barstow hero. Lance had great dream for the future. So did Cynthia Cantrell orphaned granddaughter of great aunt Cantrell. Still another dreamer a Barnea Mcknight Newspaperman. But Barney was More than a dreamer. A saturday Barney Mcknight returns shortly after aunt Mary Dies and Janet tells him How much she need him. Then he tells her what aunt Ary once said to him about Janet a future. Chapter xxx Quot i remember a very word aunt Mary barn a put a big hand Over her tightly clasped fingers. Quot she said. Manet does no to know her own mind now Ramey. But if anything should happen to me. I think you will be the first one she will turn to. Of you can persuade her to marry you then done to wait a even if i should still be lying in state out of a mistaken respect for convention. I Don t worry about Cynthia now. She a shown More tense than i Ever gave her credit Tor. And if i know that Janet is with you. I can stretch out in my grave and take a Good Thia from aunt Mary who never meddled with other Peoples lives she must have known Janet thought touched beyond words. Something must have told her. Aloud she said. Quot but Barney All along it has seemed to me that what you and i have is something so much finer and saner and less complicated than the feeling people seem to mean when they talk about love and Quot now done to Tell me. Ramey interrupted with a Flash of something like his old humorous impatience Quot that you be been kidding yourself with that old tripe about platonic Friendship. There Isnit any such Quot but i never thought Quot Janet began again. Quot Well begin thinking about it when she Only continued to actual presence Here. It showed in shake her head helplessly he took the Way she had come into the his hand from hers. Room a he Tom of voice Quot All right forget he said 11 w�8 not exactly that she seemed Quot i suppose after All. Thinking a War if anything. Janet thought does t do much Good about things i Cynthia was for perhaps the first be Worth my while to pay someone to take a be spots at me Quot already the District attorneys office had ordered an investigation into the facts of the Story and High police officials were angrily calling the paper to demand what the shooting was All about and Why they Hadnot been let in on this before it was made Public. As if Barney said the police Hadnot known All the facts for months without making a gesture towards doing anything about them. Janet was deep in the Page of Quot letters from readers Quot that afternoon looking eagerly for further comments on Barneys articles when a key turned in the lock of the Hall door and someone came in and Down the hallway. Quot Why. Barney you re Early Quot Janet called. Quot i Hope you re not playing but it Wasny to Barney. Cynthia paler than usual came quietly into the room. She smiled her twisted Little smile took her hat a Little wearily from her head and Flung it on a Low table Quot Well Jan Quot she said Quot Here i am Quot Cynthia Darling Quot Jan cried and ran to throw her arms about her Cousin in a warm Rush of gladness. Cynthia said Quot Jan Honey you poor kid Tell me everything a and they sat Down together of aunt Mary a Gold brocade Empire sofa. When Janet had told her everything. Cynthia said Brokenly Quot i should have been Here. We did change our plans As soon As we got your message about the Accident but it had followed us for Days. We were just Lucky in making connections to get Here even this Quot i tried so hard to reach you. Can. It was you she wanted really. She always loved you Best Quot Janet said entirely without jealousy. She had always known that. She was thinking. Cynthia has changed. She put her Finger on the exact difference but it was As unmistakable As Cynthia s like this. You either know or you done to. Forget it Guilford Farmers for celebrates to hold meetings 57ih birthday pasture is paying to Catawba grower la examine All hogs ripped to Baltimore Tarboro. Jan 30. All hog lipped from Here thin ugh the Ige Combe Mutual livestock sedation will be examined by verment inspectors for soft a and oiliness on the a 111-Dro Market during february Felts farm agent j. C. Powell directors of the association Reed to this plan. Which was tested by h. W. Taylor state Liege Extension win specialist an attempt to work out a do file solution to the soft and oily re problem of the trial works Esa fully it can be continued. Tighter supplies of Grain fed Are expected to increase hat More than seasonally c the next 4 or 5 months it be larger than a year ear sports the it. S. Bureau of i Tural economics. Ake Cal tabs to help nature throw off colds millions have found in Cal tabs a most liable Ald in the treatment of colds by take one or two tablets the first by and repeat the third or fourth Gilt of needed How do Cal tabs Helt nature throw off cold first Cal tafts Are one of the just thorough and defendable of All in spinal Elim tenants Trius cleansing the test Nal tract of any virus Laden mucus d toxin. Second. Co Iota is Are diuretic the kidneys promoting the Elimina a of cold poisons Frrtz the blood. Thus lot Abs serve the double purpose of s Ergative and diuretic both of which y be needed in the treatment of colds. Cal tabs Are quits economical Only Enty five cents for the family package cents for Tbs trial adv Newton of the a Yin done Quot say Lien Catawba cd discussing a four started in 1937 a recommendations Farnham Dairy Jan. 30.-�?"it i a a St things i have j. J. Love a p linty farm on Ever Mill in Arete pasture he s the result of made by f. A specialist of the state College Experiment service. Earle Brintnall county farm agent recently arranged a demonstration meeting at or. Love Home and the Farmer described to a group of neighbors the system he used in making the excellent pasture. The land a first diced. Ground Limestone was applied together with acid phosphate Uriate of Potash and stable manure. The area was then sowed to a mixture of Bluegrass Herd grass Orchard grass alike Clover White dutch Clover and leaped a. At the rate of 40 pounds to the acre. A Good stand was obtained and everal head of cattle and Brood sows were grazed luring the summer of 19 37, Only about five months after the pasture was started. The lot a again covered with manure during the Winter of 1937-38 and More superphosphate was spread. Seven head of milk cows and a few Brood sows were pastured in 1938 until about the Middle of August. Or. Love is following the same process again this year. Lie has shown that Good pasture can be started quickly and maintained easily. E. L. Moose whose farm is about 2 1<i Miles East of Conover is another Catawba Farmer who has found the use of manure with superphosphate valuable in building a pasture. Or Moose started with what might be railed an indifferent growth of Bluegrass that had come voluntarily from a Small seeding of Bluegrass sometime in the Distant past. By using manure with super Nophaie he now has a Fine Bluegrass turf that will improve with age. Reorganize four a clubs in Cleveland completed Shelby Jan. 30.�?reorgani-zation work with All 4-h clubs of Cleveland county has been completed and the 1939 program started reports Roy e. Drye assistant farm agent. At the first ten meetings of the year 6 46 boys and girls were present. The Lattimore club with 107 present claimed the attendance record. Planes a get now being shaped rapidly for a club at Polkton Drye said and about 75 members will be enrolled for the first year. Large number in Rockingham to comply with conservation program As it now stands j a e n t a o r t la. Jan. 30.�? i farm agent f s. Walker est i i mated today that 50 to 60 per cent of Rockingham county s i Farmers will comply with provisions of the agricultural conservation program As it now stands. he declared Quot if it could be made just a Little More attractive perhaps 7 5 per cent of our Farmers would cooperate in this voluntary dozen of inquiries concerning Les Pedreza seed and the planting j of red Clover have been answered for growers recently the farm agent said. Poultry shipments profitable from Martin county this year Williamston Jan. 3b tin first cooperative shipment of poultry from Martin county this year brought grower $2,137.95, according to j. P. Woodard assist farm agent. A poultry car was run in and Sellers paid 15 cents a Pound for their heavy hens. Arrangements have been made to have another car Here in about two weeks. Woodard also reported that Large shipments of Sweet potatoes have been moving from local markets several car being shipped each Day. Tobacco seed plantings increasing in Onslow Jacksonville Jan. 30. Tobacco seed bed plantings in Onslow county have increased at least 30 per cent Over the plantings of 1938. Hugh Overstreet farm agent of the state College Extension service declared today. Quot if nothing happens to prevent an increase Quot Overstreet said a most Farmers predict a Rise of approximately 35 per cont in acreage Over last year. A number of new curing barns Are going up this year and barns Idle last year Are being Guilford county Farmer will hold a series of four discussion meetings during the next ten Days of discuss plans whereby through he cooperative manufacturing and distribution of fertilizer they can save themselves hundreds of dollars during the Spring sea on. The meetings Are being sponsored by the High Point fax service in conjunction with the statewide Farmers cooperative Exchange and All banners and their wives Are invited to attend and take part in the discussion. At an organization meeting recently held leading Fanner from Cli sections of the county planned tile meetings in various communities and have arranged with at least 25 other leading Farmers and their wives to take part in each Community meeting. The Date place and chairmen of the various meetings Are As follows an. 30, new Market school. W. B. Ridge Jan. 31st, deep River Church Henry Davis feb. 2nd. Trinity High school p. B. Frazier feb. 9th, Allen Jay High school i. M. Davis All meetings will be called at 7 30 p. In. In addition to discussing the Quot Tost of service Quot plan of saving Money on fertilizer purchases which will be explained by e. W. Bundy manager of the High Point fax service entertainment and contests will also be on the program. Rowan county to attempt artificial Breeding Salisbury. Jan. 30.�?cattlemen of Rowan county will launch a program of artificial insemination in the near future d. H. Sutton farm agent announced today. Some of the Best Herd sires in the county will be used in this artificial Breeding work. F. R. Farnham. State College Extension Dairyman will assist with the program. Work will Start As soon As the american Guernsey cattle club makes provisions for registering the offspring. Nation solidly behind infantile paralysis measures Washington. Jan 30�?</p> a a nation eager to stamp out infantile paralysis helped president Roosevelt celebrate his fifty seventh birthday anniversary today. Dimes poured into the White House from individuals in every part of the nation while movie and stage tars gathered in the capital and other cities to a ear at birthday Ball where millions will dance tonight that others May walk. Mrs. Roosevelt invited More than a dozen movie celebrities to a White House luncheon. Tonight she will meet them again As she briefly visits a Ach of seven balls in capital hotels. The president will have the visiting actors around him when he broadcasts to the nation at 11 32 p. In. E. S. To Bis thanks for the far Flung activities sponsored in his name for aiding Pai Iysis victims. His talk will he broadcast Over three major networks Columbia National and Mutual. Among the actors Here for the Celebration Are George Brent Errol Flynn. Luise Rainer lilt Damita Bruce Cabot Ralph Bellamy Frank Fay Jean Hersholt Eleanor Powell Annabella Mitzl Green and Andrea Leeds. Before the broadcast the president will Dine with a group of close friends and advisers Many of whom have been associated with him since his Campaign for the vice presidency in 1920. For the second successive year since 1929, farm real estate holdings of leading mortgage lending institutions have shown a reduction according to the farm credit administration. Illinois meat Consumers have become so discriminating in their Purchase that More than one fourth of the dealer interviewed in a Survey said they ii handling either government graded or Packer branded beef exclusively. Davidson votes in favor of soil conservation Lexington. Jan. 30.�? up a Davidson county voters have balloted. 438 to 115, in favor of proposed establishment of a Middle Yadkin River soil conservation District county farm agent p. M. Hendricks said today he said other counties proposed for the District included iowan Davie and Cabarrus. A recent study of the u. S. Bureau of agricultural economics showed that the Dairy Industry has grown from fewer than 11,-000,000 cows in the 1870�?Ts to about 25.000,000 at the present time. Square pieces of Wood Bone or brass with notches for three months on each Side. Were among the earliest forms of calendars. Writers headline seminar Greensboro Jan. 30, Southern writers historians novelists critics and dramatists will headline the fifth alumnae seminar to be held at woman a College of the University of North Carolina March 3-4 on Quot Southern announcements from the alumnae office today list. Stark y Oung dramatic critic and novelist author of Quot so red the Rose Quot Paul Green. North Carolina playwright and pulitzer prize Winner or. B. B. Kendrick head of the department of history at woman s College and author with a. M Arnett of Quot the South looks at its past Quot Caroline Gordon Short Story writer novelist and member of the English department at woman a College and Allen Tate poet critic biographer and novelist also a member of the English department of the College. North Carolina has been allowed 588,500 acres of tobacco under the 1939 agricultural conservation program announces e. Y. Floyd aaa executive officer at state College. Farmers planting within their individual acreage allotments will he eligible for Benefit payments. Janet who had found in the belter of Barney s arms the first real Comfort and rest she had known for weeks Felt newly bereft Sod deserted. Quot Barney she began Quot Why can t we go on just the Way we always rut he had got abruptly to his feet. Quot us run along now he said. Quot you re too tired for this. You get yourself some rest. Iti have some supper sent in for you. And come Hack later to see if there is anything i can rut Janet a hands had found boat sleeves and were dinging with All her strength. Quot Don t go she Erie sir inst i shoulder. Quot please Den t ave in a Ever n Ain. It rest to just to have you Here. I need you o terribly he stood for a moment looking Down at her then he took her quickly in to his arms and kissed her. Quot i wonder a he a Aid half to him Elf. Quot Well that a something Janet and Barney were married he Day after aunt Mary s funeral. I the morning before the Cere a l Mony she went through an hour of a terrible misgivings during which r a. I r time in her life really Beautiful and at the same time less aware of herself. Something Bas happened to her Janet thought. To in continued Vinson suggests Cohon for arms propose $ 75,000.000 Worth of Reserve material re bought w till Cotton Washington Jan. 30.�? of a a proposal that the government buy $7,500,000 Worth of Reserve War materials in Exchange for surplus Cotton was advanced today by chairman Vinson a a of the House naval committee. Vinson completed drafting a Bill which he said would eliminate a far As possible this nation s Quot dangerous and costly dependence Quot on foreign countries for its supplies of tin. Manganese Tungsten and Chrome. He predicted that this Bill would take 1,875,000 Bales of surplus Cotton off the government s hands Over a three year period. At the same time he said it would enable the Navy to acquire a Reserve Supply of minerals and other essential War time materials. Vinson a committee renewed today its inquiry into the Navy Pland to expend $5,000,000 improving the tiny Pacific Island of Guam. The chairman invited Charles Edison assistant Secretary of the Navy to outline tomorrow the Navy plans after some committee members expressed fear that the project described by naval official As a Harbor improvement program actually might be be initial step toward fortifying the Island. Guam is less than 1,500 Miles from Tokyo. A House appropriations subcommittee meanwhile began consideration of president Roosevelt s request for an immediate appropriation of $50,000,000 to give the army air corps More than 500 new combat air plane with necessary armament and radio equipment. Townsend convention Salisbury Jan. 30.�? in an announcement Here said. A adherents of the Townsend old age pension plan would hold their first state convention Here february to. The principal speaker will be Jerry w. Carter of Tallahassee fla., chairman of the Florida Railroad commission. High winds fatal to three new Orleans Jan. 30.�? a three death one each or Louisiana. Mississippi and ten no see were listed today As the toil of wind and thunderstorms which lashed widely separated sections of the South yesterday. Cold Relief hint to Mother every Mother wants to know How to relieve her child s cold discomfort. Rub with stainless Snowwhite Enetro. Extra medicated Vapours tend to relieve congestion of respiratory mucous membrane. Enetro eases the Chest muscle tightness. Enetro Sale she wondered whether or not she were bringing to the new relationship anything that Barney had a right to expect.,. Except for a great need for his companionship and a genuine affection for him. She had so Little to offer. It seemed to be All taking and no giving did Barney really understand after All. Just How she Felt but when he came for her. He was so completely the Good Comrade she knew so Well that to of her doubts vanished. They were is Fried in Sylvia Grant Home with Only one or two old friends present. Afterwards. They would go to aunt Mary s apartment until Cynthia and Timothy Benton returned and she and Cynthia could arrange about the disposal of amount Mary a cherished possessions. Quot after that i naturally can to Promise to support you in the splendor to which you be always been Barney said. J Quot but at least Well eat from time to miss Parsons the society editor i of the news ran an announcement of the ceremony with the j Brief comment that it had been \ the brides recently deceased aunt mrs. Mary Cantrell who had specifically requested when she knew of her impending death that the wedding should not he delayed on that account. This the other papers eagerly reprinted As an item of sentimental interest using Janet photograph when it was available. It was in turning Over the pages of the news that she happened to glance at the Story of the Moat recent financial disaster. A nationally known Oil company had gone into a receivership it meant very Little to her at the time and hardly engaged her attention for she was looking for Barneys second article. His first one had appeared the Day before. Already the news had received a flood of comments some cordial letters of approbation. Some attacking the policy of the paper in exposing the scandal As Quot muck raking Quot and some i Crank notes one an Anonymous threat which the paper gleefully j published. Barney laughed at Janet a concern Over that. Quot when a reporter gets Well enough known so that people be j Gin threatening him he a made. I Honey Quot he said. Quot it might even i a a i a a a a a a a a a a a a i a a i a a a a a a a a a a i a a a a a a a a a a a a 11.645 pieces Ohio _ pottery run it the Kiln i new shipment goes on Sale tomorrow downstairs. Many of last Sale s favourites that sold out in a few hours. Also i Many new shapes and styles. See hic window display and w be Here when the doors open tomorrow morning at 9 a a in o clock. In three lads lot i Tuuri lot 2 Choice lot 3 Choi a 12c e 19c Hia la Kolh ii if of if As san in Vogue native Flowers that Herald Spring. To Herald your smartness Fine touch for the pocket of sober Quot Little girl Quot suits. Melting new shades Sheet Irish Linen. \i\<4 each Vav \ _ i i a a it i a a a Iii in Marlier

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