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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 23, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The weather occasional rain More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 23 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon january 23,1974 52 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads.885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25< Nixon asks clean easing reduced tax break for big Oil asked by Stan Benjamin associated press writer Washington a president Nixon asked Congress today to reduce the tax Breaks available to . Oil companies operating overseas and to ease the demands of present clean air Laws. The president sent Congress a new Energy message urging passage of the emergency legislation previously proposed and adding some new proposals. Nixon also announced he was ordering the leasing of to million acres of Federal offshore lands for Oil and Gas development beginning in 1975. This would be about to times the leasing rate of 1973 and More than triple the previous expansion plans. And he said Federal Money for Energy research and development will total some $1.8 billion in fiscal 1975, almost double the level of one year ago Nixon s new measure would. If adopted a eliminate the 22 per cent depletion allowance granted . Companies producing Oil abroad a reduce the amount of foreign income tax which . Oil companies can credit directly against their taxes in the United states. A extend for two More years the emission standards now applying to 1975 automobiles. A remove the present requirement for a 90 per cent reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions in 1976 cars. A extend the Legal deadline for meeting clean air standards in metropolitan areas which otherwise would need a unreasonable transportation a permit temporary relaxation of clean air deadlines and Arab Oil will not end . Crisis israeli soldiers dismantle wire fences in Suez City monday in ��2��n for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Consumer claim q. Turned a claim in on our Mobile Home to the insurance company and we Haven t heard a thing and i have to keep calling and they say will Check on this and Send us a Check but we Haven to received it. Is there something we can do to hear from the company b. A. If you have still not heard from the company write the commissioner of insurance John Ingram Raleigh . 27602. Have an Avocado q. What is the Best Way to Root an Avocado seed mrs. Anon. A. Plant the pit Broad end Down in a Well drained pot of porous soil with the upper tip of pit protruding above the soil level. Keep the dirt moist but not saturated and put it in a Light place but out of direct sunlight until growth starts. The Stem usually grows 8 to 12 inches tall before the first leaves appear. No eggs options q. I read in the n. Agriculture review of violations of the n. Egg Law in which some stores in this area and other cities of n. Are guilty of not refrigerating their eggs for Sale. Is this a. Health Hazard thank you. Anon. A. County Extension chairman John Crawford says the temperature and environmental conditions control the maintenance of Quality in eggs. Research indicates that a Grade a egg can drop to a Grade b in three Days if the temperature is held to approximately 90 degrees. The desirable holding conditions for eggs is 55 degrees with a relative humidity of about 85 per cent. Under these conditions most eggs will maintain a Grade a Quality for about 30 Days. Stores Are required to refrigerate their eggs. Here Are a few More tips Quot eggs Laining what Quot eggs perts a recommend they May be wiped but be washed until ready to use. They Are covered with a soluble film which protects the porous Shell against bacterial entry. They should be kept in their Carton in the refrigerator and away from Strong smelling foods As they can easily absorb doors. Egg Whites should be closely covered and kept no longer than four Days in the refrigerator. To store unbroken egg Yolks cover them first with water which is drained off before using then refrigerate covered no longer than four Days. If you can to remember whether an egg is hard boiled or not twirl it on its pointed end. A hard boiled one will wobble like a top in its final gyrations an uncooked one will just topple Over. We suggest you demonstrate to yourself with two of known conditions so you la recognize the difference Between wobbles and topples. They did it Ltd. Please Tell me w hat to do to get High Point to fix things they have torn up. We have tried for two or three years to get them to repair things they Are responsible for being destroyed. Now the Council is condemning houses that Arentt that bad forcing people to do what they want done and they wont do what they Are supposed to do. Is there no Justice a Reader. A. Sounding off at an All inclusive a a they May provide some therapy to the frustrated or disgusted but it does no to offer a clue to the problem Speed a solution or balance the Scales of Justice if its out of Kilter. If you will please write Back and explain which department of City government destroyed what and where Well bring it to the attention of the person in whose hands the Buck stops. A Cone of your own q. What Are the chemicals you soak Pine Cones in to make them Burn with different coloured flames anon. A. The chemicals which you can get at chemical Supply houses or some Hobby shops Are Copper sulfite Blue Calcium Chloride Orange Lithium Chloride purple strontium Chloride red potassium Chloride Lavender Copper Chloride Green. Dissolve the chemicals at the rate of one Pound per gallon of warm water. Put Wood chips or Cones in mesh sacks and let them soak several hours then drip dry. Wear rubber gloves to prevent possible skin irritation. A wire photo withdrawal by Israel started by the associated press israeli troops and tanks began pulling Back from the West Bank of the Suez canal today two Days ahead of schedule military sources said. The israelis withdrawing to lines about 12 Miles East of the canal also began digging up thousands of land mines and communications lines from the Sands of occupied Egypt proper. The desert Road from Cairo to the City of Suez at the Southern terminus of the canal was opened to the egyptians the sources said. The Road has been closed since last october Sarab israeli War when israeli forces occupied almost 1.000 Square Miles West of the canal. Cairo newspapers published reports from Israel saying helicopters and convoys of trucks were moving the israeli equipment off the West Bank. The withdrawal was scheduled to begin Friday at the latest in accordance with the egyptian israeli disengagement agreement negotiated last week by Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger. By Stan Benjamin associated press writer Washington apr an end to the Arab Oil embargo whenever it comes will not bring an immediate end to the United states Energy problems. Erie r. Zausner an assistant administrator of the Federal Energy office said in an interview tuesday that a nagging Oil shortage could drag on for months or years after the embargo is lifted. Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger indicated tuesday that the Oil cutoff begun last october would end before Arab and israeli troops Complete their withdrawals from their confrontation lines in the Middle East. Kissinger did not say when the Oil might Start flowing again but his prediction seemed to suggest within a few months. Asked How this would affect the Energy crisis Zausner the Feor a data watcher pointed out that improvement would be As slow to arrive As was the Impact of the embargo. Considering the travel time of Oil tankers from the persian Gulf it took almost a month for the october Start of the embargo to reduce Oil imports at . Ports and the full Impact was not reached until this month. Zausner said it probably would take at least four to six weeks or More for persian Gulf Oil to begin reaching the United states once the arabs release it. He said it could take longer depending How rapidly Arab Oil production returns to past Levels. A it could stretch beyond four to six weeks before we even get Back to last september s import level a said Zausner. From an All time High of 7.1 million barrels a Day in Early november the embargo has Cost the United states a drop in imports of about 2 2 million barrels a Day and the loss May still be increasing. Even if the arabs restored previous shipment Levels the United states still would not be gelling enough Zausner said. A we have to get More Oil than the pre embargo Levels to meet our rising demands a said Zausner. Over the past year alone . Daily demands for Oil increased by 1.5 million barrels All of it furnished by foreign Oil. The longer the embargo goes on the larger will be the demand for increased imports and the longer it would take for Supply to catch up with demand. No new . Obligations embargo end expected very soon by Kissinger by Endre Marton associated press writer Washington a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger has predicted that the Arab Oil embargo will be lifted before the projected 40-Day disengagement of israeli and egyptian forces is completed. A we have had every reason to believe that Success in the negotiations would Mark a major step toward ending the Oil embargo. We would therefore think that failure to end the embargo in a reasonable time would be highly inappropriate Quot Kissinger said tuesday at his first news conference since returning from the Middle East. Asked whether he believed the embargo would be lifted after the 40-Day disengagement period Kissinger said Quot i think in More ambitious then he was asked whether he thinks it will be ended sooner and Kissinger replied scoff disputes claim Dean s Story stands up by Carl p. Leubsdorf associated press writer Washington a Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott today strongly reiterated his claim that the White House has information refuting some of the charges made against president Nixon by former White House counsel John Dean Iii. Talking to reporters the Pennsylvania Republican disputed a report that the White House tapes available to the special prosecutors office Back Deans Contention that Nixon knew of the watergate coverup. Scott said Over the weekend that he had seen material that would prove Dean lied to the Senate watergate committee this summer when he said Nixon knew of the watergate cover up. Scott apparently was referring to transcripts of White House tapes of the conversations. A source who said he believed he was familiar with the material Scott had cited earlier said tuesday night that the gop Leader May have been mistaken. The source also said the j special prosecutors office has no plans to charge Dean with lying to the committee. A what i said to you is the truth and what is attributed to the faceless source is false a Scott told reporters. Scott said his information is Correct Quot unless All documentation available is completely false and i think that All documentation is he said he saw enough to support a in my judgment several indictments against or. Scott said in response to questions he thought indictments could be brought on grounds of perjury the Only grounds on which Dean could still be prosecuted under an agreement with the special prosecutors office at the time he pleaded guilty in october to a single charge of conspiracy in the watergate cover up. It also is known that Dean is continuing to cooperate closely with the prosecutors. He was seen entering their offices within the last couple of Days. A source who said he believed he was familiar with the material Republican Senate Leader Hugh Scott said contradicted Dean suggested that Scott May have been mistaken. Scott said sunday the White House had information that could prove Dean was wrong when he said the president knew of the watergate coverup before March 21, 1973, the Date the president has said he first Learned of it. The prosecutors office declined comment on the reports. Scott could not be reached for comment. Dean pleaded guilty in octo Ber to a charge of conspiracy to obstruct Justice. The prosecutors agreed not to seek further charges against Dean in Exchange for his cooperation. Last july the prosecutors office subpoenaed the tapes of nine presidential conversations. The demand was based largely on Dean s testimony before the watergate committee. On oct. 23, the White House agreed to give the tapes voluntarily to . District judge John j. Sirica who subsequently turned Over the watergate portions to the prosecutors. The White House had notified Sirica that two of the conversations sought never were recorded and that a third contained an a minute Gap that had obliterated ail references to the watergate break in. Last week Sirica referred those three cases to special prosecutor Leon Jaworski with a recommendation he present evidence to a grand jury. Jaworski a staff began presenting the Case to a grand jury on monday. According to a memorandum filed in court last August in support of the subpoena issued by the prosecutors the crucial meetings involving Dean occurred on sept. 15, 1972, and be Scott on 2 a Kissinger stressed that the United states did not commit itself to new obligations in the Mideast talks. A both sides found it easier to accept a . Proposal As to the limitation of their forces than to accept limitations which seemed to be demanded by the other Side a Kissinger said. This a does not constitute a . Guarantee it was a device by which the United states made it possible to convey to the other their acceptance of certain limitations on the armaments a the Secretary of state said. However Kissinger acknowledged that the United states will be involved in the Middle East if the agreement Breaks Down. While Kissinger explained in his usual scholarly fashion the . Role in the Middle East he was obviously irritated when asked what he knew about the activities of the plumbers the White House intelligence group. Kissinger denied that he misled the Senate foreign relations committee when he testified about the plumbers last fall. But he said he was aware that David r. Young jr., who worked for him at the White House before he was transferred to the plumbers investigated the leak at the National Security Council which Kissinger still Heads. During Kissinger a Middle East trip newspapers reported that Young investigated in 1971 a leak from the National Security Council to the joint chiefs of staff. Kissinger acknowledged that he listened to a tape recording be embargo on 2a Exxon s 73profits up sharply by Josh Fitzhugh a business writer new York a Exxon corp., the nations largest Oil company estimated today that its profits in the final three months of 1973 were almost 60 per cent higher than the same period of 1972. Profits for the final Quarter of 1973 were $784 million compared to earnings of $493 million in the same period in 1972, a spokesman said. The International refiner said its profits for All of 1973 also showed an increase of almost 60 per cent at $2.44 Ilion or $10.89 per share of common Stock. J k. Jamieson Exxon chairman. Said the company earned about 1.9 cents for each gallon see Exxon s on 2a requirements for Power plants and other sources which cannot get an adequate Supply of clean Energy. A Speed the licensing and construction of atomic Power plants by encouraging standardized Plant designs establishing an inventory of approved locations for future Power plants and separating the questions of site approval from reactor licensing. Meanwhile at the Capitol the Senate s investigating subcommittee chaired by sen. Henry m. Jackson a was continued into a third Day its hearings on the Energy crisis. Executives of seven leading Oil firms were witnesses Jackson became angry at one Point when Exxon vice president Roy a. Baze was unable to provide some figures on his firms fourth Quarter earnings Quot these Are just childish responses or. Baze a Jackson said adding Quot i guess we re going to have to Start slapping subpoenas on some of you a Jackson reported earlier that the administration is considering rolling Back prices on Domestic Oil production. Jackson one of the most influential Congress members in the Energy Field emerged from a meeting of Nixon and bipartisan Senate House leaders to report a Price Rollback As a possibility. The Nixon message was expected to include a proposal to tax excess profits by the Oil companies a matter of growing congressional interest. William e. Simon the administration s Energy policy chief was reported by Jackson to have authority to order the Price Rollback on new Domestic Oil production which the senator termed essential. Jackson conceded legislation would be needed to Cut the prices on output from stripper Wells producing no More than to barrels a Day. Meanwhile. The controversial issues of gasoline rationing and Energy conservation were taking a temporary Back seat to growing congressional demands for a change in tax Breaks Given big Oil. A your tax policy instead of encouraging Energy development in the . Has made the Arab nations Jackson said tuesday As his investigations subcommittee wound up its second Day of Sec reduced on 2a Price of beet begins new Rise what s inside amusements. By Bridge. 12d classified ads. Comics. Crossword. 14c editorials. 4a financial. Obituaries .2d sports. Television women a news weather. By Louise Cook associated press writer it s budget stretching time again for millions of americans who Are finding beef prices on the Rise after a Brief spell of stability. An associated press Survey shows beef prices at the retail level Rose to and 20 cents a Pound on most items in the past two weeks. The boosts reflect higher wholesale costs a up about 25 or 30 per cent since the beginning of december. People in the Industry say the higher wholesale costs Are the result of production cutbacks that stemmed from last years freeze. The Bureau of labor Statis tics reporting on the consumer Price Index said tuesday that retail food costs during 1973 Rose 20.1 per cent. The december boost was three tenths of one per cent. A glance at the meat counter was All it took to confirm the bad news. At shawls supermarket Chain in new England lean hamburger was Selling for $1.29 a Pound this week. Last week the Price was $1.09 a Pound and a year ago it was 99 cents. That san increase of about 30 per cent Over one year. Eugene Owens the meat buyer for Shaw a blamed wholesale Price rises. A it s been nothing but up every Day for six weeks a he said. A we held As Long As we could. And from what we can Tell it looks like prices will hold at the higher level for the next two or three a spokesman for Fisher foods inc. In Cleveland Ohio said that in the past three weeks ground beef went from 88 to 98 cents a Pound. He said the wholesale prices levelled off this week but added a everything we be heard nationally is that prices Are going to go up until Spring. A the Price rises weren to really unexpected some Consumers had been lulled into a false sense of Security by beef sales in the last three months of 1973, but Industry spokesmen predicted All along that prices would Rise Early this year. The lower prices last year were because cattlemen withheld livestock from Market during the beef Price freeze. When the freeze ended there was lots of beef available. Now however that beef has been eaten and supplies ate Down because fewer cattle were placed in feedlots during the freeze

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