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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 22, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The weather sunny mild More data on Page 3a 90th year no. 22 tub High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., tuesday afternoon. January 22,1974 18 pages Call us circulation. 8821719 classified ads.885-2177 All other departments 8852161 daily 10c, sunday 25c worst in 27 year consumer Price increase for 7973 Washington a with fuel prices leading the Way consumer prices jumped sharply in december and closed out 1973 with the worst inflation record in 27 years the government reported today. The Bureau of labor statistics said the consumer Price Index Rose by five tenths of one per cent last month seasonally adjusted. Although the Rise was less than the eight tenths of one per cent increase in each of the previous two months it was still High by Normal standards. Unadjusted the increase was seven tenths of one per cent Matching november a Rise. December a increase pushed consumer prices up 8.8 per cent for the year the largest annual increase since the removal of world War ii Price controls. With prices rising faster than income the Bureau reported that real spendable earnings a weekly after taxes pay stripped of the effects of inflation a fell one tenth of one per cent in december the third consecutive monthly decline. Over the past year real spendable earnings declined three per cent with about half of the drop caused by inflation and half by tax increases. The governments Index of consumer prices Rose in de before disengagement completed Kissinger expects lifting of embargo Washington a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger said today he expects the Arab Oil embargo against the United states to be lifted before egyptian israeli military disengagement is completed along the Suez canal. Speaking at a news conference Kissinger said a i have every reason to believe our Success in negotiations Marks a major step toward ending the Oil he was not specific about dates. However Kissinger said a i think in More ambitious terms a when he was asked if the Oil embargo would be eased after disengagement is completed. For answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Help for handicapped q. I have a daughter that is handicapped and could you Tell me any organization that would be willing to help and would like to know As quickly As possible thank you. J. S. A. Since we done to know her age or Handicap Well list several groups working with the mentally and physically handicapped and you can Call the one that seems most appropriate a or any of them As they Are All familiar with services available. The High Point kindergarten for the handicapped with centers at Forest Hills presbyterian Church and Calvary United methodist Church on e. Green drive. They work with mentally retarded children from preschoolers through age 8. The High Point Assn. For retarded children. Harold White who works at Craven Johnson Pollock is president of this group. The High Point sheltered workshop at 302 n. Hamilton St. Helps persons unable to work because of temporary or permanent disability. The Guilford county dept of social services the health department. Salvation army Urban ministry and ministers of churches would All be equally willing to help you get the services your daughter needs. It s Fig Plantin time q. When is the Best time of year to Plant Fig Trees mrs. . A. Any time from now through february. Figs require mild Winters ample moisture and Good drainage. They do Well planted next to a House which provides Winter Protection and should be mulched heavily during the Winter. Making Mayo q. How do you make homemade Mayonnaise. I do a lot of Canning and stuff and would like to know How to make Mayonnaise. Or. . A. This recipe comes from the Book Quot lets Cook it right a by Adele Davis Combine and beat Well or blend in a liquified two egg Yolks one Teaspoon Salt four Tablespoons vinegar or Lemon juice one to three Teaspoons sugar v4 to one Teaspoon dry Mustard v4 Teaspoon freshly ground Peppercorns. Add very slowly beating constantly one and one half to two cups of salad Oil. Store in refrigerator. Soy safflower Corn and Peanut oils Are nutritionally Superior to Olive Oil so if you use the latter she suggests combining it with equal amounts of one of the others. Cleaning the rings q. If a woman has arthritis in her left hand and can to get her rings off her fingers How could she get her rings cleaned anon. A. You can Brush diamonds and other precious gems with toothpaste and rinse in cold water to make them sparkle. Sudsy water with a few drops of ammonia in it is a Good cleaning solution too. Reverse the charges q. If a person made a Long distance Call from overseas and the person he was calling accepted the Call could he be made to pay the Bill. If a person makes a Long distance Call can he be made to pay for it if the person he is calling accepted it . A. A collect Call can be made from certain foreign countries to the United states. The party accepting the Call is responsible for the charge which will be billed to the called Telephone number. The operator handling the Call will always make certain that the party called agrees to reversing the charge. According to the pact signed by Egypt and Israel last week the separation of their forces must be completed Quot not later than 40-60 Days after it the Start of the disengagement has not been an a 0 u n c e but diplomatic sources have indicated the process May begin As Early As this coming Friday. Kissinger also was questioned extensively concerning the Transfer of secret information from his National Security Council office in 1971 to High ranking military officials. Reopening of canal foreseen by David Lancashire associated press writer Tel Aviv Israel a the disengagement agreement separating israeli and egyptian forces on the Suez front should Lead to the reopening of the Suez canal Premier Golda Meir told the Knesset today. It should also end egyptian naval blockades of israeli shipping mrs. Meir said. Israelis new cease fire line in the Sinai desert Quot does not constitute a permanent Border for time of and the government is prepared to negotiate the return of More territory for a permanent settlement to the Middle East crisis mrs. Meir said in a major policy statement to the israeli parliament in Jerusalem. Official statements from Cairo Quot show that the government of Egypt intends to Start Clearing the canal and fitting it for shipping and to work for the population and rebuilding of the abandoned towns and the restoration of Normal civilian life in the canal area a she said. The disengagement agreement negotiated by Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger also Means an egyptian commitment Quot to refrain from blockade and obstruction of sea reopened on 2a Cember to 138.5, meaning that it Cost $138.50 to buy a variety of goods that Cost $100 in 1967, the base period. The government said higher prices for Energy products a gasoline heating Oil electricity. Natural Gas and Coal a accounted for More than a third of the increase in december a prices and reflected the tax Bill sent Back to House effects of the Arab Oil embargo. Food and mortgage interest costs also contributed significantly to the Rise. The Bureau said but the increases were moderated somewhat by Price declines on some food items used cars and property taxes. Food prices Rose three tenths of one per cent last month seasonally adjusted and were up nine tenths of one per cent unadjusted. Commodities other than food Rose seven tenths of one per cent Matching november s adjusted Rise and six tenths of one per cent unadjusted. The 8.8. Per cent jump in consumer prices last year compared with the increase of 3.4 per cent in 1972. The Nixon administration Early this year had hoped to hold inflation to under three per cent in 1974, but abandoned its forecast As food prices soared last Spring. The forecast for this year is for More of the same Sharp inflation As in 1973. Quizzed by senators Anwar Sadat Sadat hints embargo will end Algiers. Algeria apr president Anwar Sadat of Egypt praised the United states Middle East policy today and hinted he thought the Arab Oil embargo on the United states could be altered Quot i can now sincerely say that the United states has adopted a new policy that there is a significant though not total change a Sadat said at a news conference in Algiers. Asked if he thought the ban on Arab Oil shipments to the United states should be modified he replied Quot for every change in the american position it is necessary for the arabs to make an identical change toward the United Sadat said that three months ago the . Position in the Middle East was Quot fundamentally pro israeli under pretext of a balance of forces in the he implied today that the military disengagement agreement concluded last week with Israel under . Auspices represented the significant shift in . Mideast policy. Sadat arrived monday in Algiers As part of a tour of Arab states to explain Why he agreed to disengagement. Despite Sadat s stand that the arabs should reciprocate in some Way for . Policy. Arab newspapers were reporting that the arabs apparently were not budging from their Oil embargo. Sadat came to Algeria after talking with King Faisal of saudi Arabia the ruler of Kuwait and leaders of other Oil producing countries. Algeria another Oil producer has joined the so a Sadat on 2a by Robert b. Cullen associated press writer Raleigh a the North Carolina House finance committee voted 33-15 this morning to again approve a $50.9 million tax reduction package and sent it Back to the House floor for debate. The full House which returned the Bill to committee last week will probably take action on it again on wednesday. The finance committee action showed an erosion in support for the Bill from the 44-2 margin it had when the committee first approved it last month. The defections included most of the republicans and a few democrats on the committee. Voting was by hand and individual votes were not recorded. The Bill s sponsor rep. Art Thomas a Cabarrus revealed during debate today that the december Revenue figures just announced show no shortages caused by the Energy crisis. General fund collections for last month were up 14.94 per cent Over december of 1972. Thomas said citing figures confirmed afterwards by the state department of Revenue. Those figures appear to undercut gov. Jim Holshouser a opposition to the tax Relief Bill which is based partially on fears that the Energy shortage would cause a Steep decline in the rate of increase of state revenues during the next fiscal year. The growth rate for the first six months of the current year has been More than 13 per cent almost twice the 6.8 per cent predicted in the Holshouser budget Thomas said. The Economy would have to practically Stop growing in the next six months if the administrations estimates Are to be accurate he declared. What s inside Oil executives deny Bonanza in profits by David c. Martin associated press writer Washington a Oil executives told Senate investigators today Quot there is no Bonanza in profits the statement by Harry Bridges president of Shell came in response to questions from sen. Abraham Ribicoff d-conn., As the Senate investigations subcommittee opened a second Day of hearings into the Energy crisis. Ribicoff also asked the panel of executives from the seven leading Oil companies How they could possibly justify Quot preferential tax treatment which he said allowed Texaco to pay Federal taxes last year at a rate of 1.7 per cent. Annon m. Card senior vice president of Texaco said Ribi amusements. Bridge. Classified ads. Comics. Crossword. Editorials. Financial. Obituaries. Sports. Television. Women a news. Weather. Wholesale gof defeats predicted by Coldwater by Lawrence l. Knutson associated press writer Washington a sen. Barry Coldwater says he has a private poll showing that watergate will cause a to per cent loss of votes for All Republican candidates this year. He said that without a virtually magic change for the better the loss will be enough to spell the wholesale defeats for cop candidates for governor and the Senate and House. Quot i want to Tell you ifs going to be goddamned Tough for any Republican to get re elected including myself and i look in pretty Good shape a the Arizona Republican said in an interview. Coldwater said that As late As two months ago his polls showed watergate disclosures hurting democrats As much As republicans in a kind of general Public disgust with All politicians. Quot now the poll indicates watergate is going to Hurt Only republicans a he said. Quot Well lose in the Senate no sen. Barry Coldwater question about it a Coldwater said. In the course of a pessimistic political analysis he said the cop is beginning its Campaign for Senate seats by losing three and perhaps four sure bets a through retirement and resignation. Coldwater said he has seen no evidence to indicate that president Nixon should either be asked to resign or be forced to face the impeachment process. But he said that if or. Nixon were to step aside vice president Gerald r. Ford is the Best possible person to succeed him. Coldwater said the True dimensions of the problem facing Republican candidates Are made up of the watergate disclosures Nixon a 27 per cent standing in National polls and the chances that both the Economy and the Energy crisis so a wholesale on 2a sen. Jackson listens to Oil executives map wire photo coff was looking at Only Quot a portion of the tax pictures and claimed that in 1971 Texaco paid worldwide taxes amounting to 51 per cent of net income Ribicoff called for the elimination of foreign tax credits which he said allowed Oil companies to deduct their investments in foreign countries including those nations which have embargoed Oil shipments to the United states from the taxes they pay at Home. Z. D. Bonner president of Gulf Oil. Said that without the foreign tax credit Oil companies would be paying taxes of Over too per cent in some countries. Meanwhile Senate leaders made plans to Force a vote on emergency Energy legislation stalled by a controversy Over excess profits. Senate leaders said monday they would Likely file today or wednesday a cloture petition to Cut off an anticipated filibuster by republicans and senators from Oil producing states. Sen. Henry m Jackson d-wash., chairman of the Senate permanent investigations subcommittee. On monday asked representatives of the seven leading Oil firms How shortages could exist when their own figures show fuel inventories running More than 5 per cent above last year s Levels. Members of the panel of Oil executives pointed out that shortages also occurred last a a Oil on 2 a president not involved in erasure says Ford by Carl p. Leubsdorf associated press writer Washington a vice president Gerald r. Ford said today that president Nixon has told him he was not involved in the erasure of an 182-minute of a subpoenaed White House tape. Ford said that on the basis of what Nixon told him Quot the president was not involved in the erasure of a segment of a conversation Between Nixon and former top aide h r. Hal deman. Quot i do not believe the president was involved at All a Ford said of the erasure. Quot i do not know who was involved. I do know the president was not Ford said that he spent time monday discussing watergate with Nixon and said Quot i know from these conversations that the president had no prior knowledge of the watergate break in took no part in the cover up and was not part of any of these allegations that have been made by . District judge John Sirica has asked a grand jury to investigate circumstances surrounding the erasure to determine if it was deliberate. A panel of technical experts testified last week that the erasure involved at least five separate erasures and could not have been the result of a single accidental erasure As originally suggested by the White House. Speaking at a news conference Ford also repeated his claim that a Small group of anti Nixon partisans is behind the move to impeach Nixon and said the president is Gerald Ford innocent of any wrongdoing in connection with watergate. The vice president said he told Nixon at a one hour 45-minute meeting monday that there is Quot a coordinated Well financed skillful Effort on the part of some organizations to Force the presidents ouster. Ford said Quot the president would be very unwise to resign. It would be a very wrong for him to do so particularly since i believe he is not Ford also said Quot it would be unwise and improper for the White House to release transcripts of conversations Between the president and his chief accuser former White House counsel John Dean Iii even though he feels these would prove the presidents innocence. Ford said the White House should not release the material because the matter is before the grand jury. Asked if Nixon shares his be Lief that there is an organized Effort to Force his ouster Ford said Quot i think he is fully cognizant of the various polls he is fully cognizant of what some members Are saying Quot and what some organizations Are doing. A Ford noted that he had not said Quot there was an organized Effort within Congress to impeach Nixon and declined to say if he thought the House judiciary committee was stacked against the president. Asked about criticism of his hard line defense of Nixon at last week s american farm Bureau federation convention in Atlantic City n j., Ford said Quot i have not received any complaints from my Republican Ford also said president Nixon demonstrated at mondays meeting Quot he is in Good health mentally and a the Energy crisis is the no. I concern of americans. A the Energy crisis is Quot painfully real but there is a Dang e r that unsubstantiated charges that it is contrived May undermine voluntary efforts to meet the crisis. Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield told reporters in a separate news conference that he did not think president Nixon should resign but said that is up to Nixon to decide. Mansfield said he thinks Quot the facts should continue to be Laid out Quot and that the Senate watergate committee should end its hearings Only after completing its work even if that requires an Extension of time

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