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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 22, 1926, High Point, North Carolina High Points population u. S. Government census 1923 22,279 High Point Enterprise c High Point the growing Industrial City of North Carolina has a total of 125 manufacturing plants weather forecast fair and much colder tonight freezing temperature to coast saturday fair and colder vol. 34�?no. 105 full associated press. High Point. N. a Friday afternoon january 22, 1926 i i pages today Price five cents chairman of the operators inquiry May be broadened committee however has agreed to the plan Scranton pa., Jan. 22.�? apr president John l. Lewis of the United mine workers today accepted a basis for Nego to include the whole Coal business Washington Jan. 22.- apr investigation of charges of Coal profiteering Washington with the possibility that it May be broadened to include the whole. ,.Coal situation has been undertaken tation the plan advanced by by the Senate committee having the Scranton times for Settle-1 a or the affairs of the ment strike. Of the Anthracite Coal District of Columbia. The inquiry was ordered by senator capper Republican Kansas w. W. Inglis chairman of the i chairman of the committee As a Anthracite operators negotiating result assertions recently by committee already had favored j a the he could Quot a the plan As a basis for negotiation. Or. Lewis said he was willing to join or. Inglis another meeting attempt to agree a settlement that will Send the 158,000 Pine workers Back to work. The plan provides that the miners resume work immediately and that there be a five year contract with the same wages As effect under last contract unless changed by negotiations. After two years elapse either operators or miners could Call a conference for consideration of wages. If such a conference failed to agree changes the miners would remain at work under the five year contract. The plan also provides that one year before the contract expires a conference shall devise arrangement for continuing work after the expiration of the contract. President Lewis after a Brief conference with e. J. Lynet publisher of the times made known that he would meet the operators another conference and said he would Issue a statement later the details of conditions under which the meeting would be held. Or. Lewis favourable attitude doer not mean the strike will end at once unless the Union has changed its policy. Or. Lewis and other leaders said there would be to return to work until agreement is reached. The mine workers Leader was conference with or. Lynet less than hour. He expressed a desire to communicate with w. W. Inglis spokesman for the operators with a View of having Alvan Markle Call both sides together again. A the miners stand ready to reenter a joint conference with the operators a or. Lewis said. Or. Lynet made efforts to reach or. Inglis after or. Lewis announcement but at the Glen Alden office it was said or. Inglis was new York. The situation 13 somewhat Tho same As at the beginning of the recent new York negotiations. Both sides met at the time with the understanding that plans offered could be considered. None was accepted and the conference broke up january 12. The differences Between the situation new York and that developed today is that the present action gives More Hope of Early agreement. Objection raised Philadelphia Jan. 22 map a Anthracite operators announced today that the Scranton times plan to end the Coal strike did not meet any requirements of the situation. The following statement was issued a a regarding reports that the Anthracite operators had accepted a strike settlement plan proposed by e. J. Lynett of the Scranton times the Philadelphia office of the Anthracite operators conference states that or. Lynette a plan of did not meet any requirements of the situation and had not been accepted by or. Inglis or the operators. Mrs. Myrtle Mahaffey Dies at Hospital Here mrs. Myrtle Harnett Mahaffey died at a local Hospital last night shortly after 7 of clock following illness of five weeks. She was the wife of j. Mahaffey and came of High Point Over a year ago with her husband bom Elkin. Deceased was born Wilkes county. C., june 189 5. She was a daughter of r. And Nettie Harnett who survive Aud live at Elkin. She is also survived by her bus band and three Brothers Pink Barnett and Walter Barnett of Surry county and Bascom Barnett of Winston Salem two Sisters mrs. B. Woodruff of Danville va., and miss Mamie Barnett of Elkin the body was removed from the Hospital to Yows funeral Home to be prepared for burial and was removed to Elkin this afternoon for funeral and interment sunday. Brought Here from the Maryland Pennsylvania Fields for $6 a ton was Selling at from $14 to $14.50. Lewis accepts papers plan furniture people police get a clue As basis for settlement of optimistic about Asheville Case Anthracite strike protested big show Resul operators Quot assert Coal profiteers of it fails to me tithe capital under any part of Issue Senate scrutiny manufacturing company offi j witness asserts that dead vials say sales Are surpassing expectations woman told of threats against her life biggest history buyers continue to come Here from All sections of country to attend More space is needed Market no longer a speculation but now operating sound basis says Fred Tate of Continental manufacturing to. Various furniture company officials who have display space the Mammoth furniture exposition building during the present show Here Are All optimistic about the results and express themselves As Well pleased with conditions. Perhaps the most optimistic of them All is a. W. Brooks president of the Southern furniture Market salesmen association and official of the Lothes stove com inquest is continued Coroner will hear More of the matter sunday morning session of Omen conduct raid Moonshine distillery absence of men Folk Waldron ark., Jan. 22.�? apr thro Scott county women taking the Law their hands during tile absence of most of the men who were at Muling court conducted a raid a Moonshine still seized it and turned it Over to officers. Tim women decided to take a look Over the Countryside. They found a Large still ready for a run. Unable to turn it Over they punched a Hole it and emptied its contents. Then swinging the boiler Over a pole they took it to town and turned it Over to a Deputy sheriff. E extends its hold Southern Field Day is Over great Power merger strengthens the Southeastern Power and Light co Martin is president her Mother testifies William Davis brought into the Case by witness who tells cd alleged threats made against mrs. Burgess announcing the beginning of i Panfu hem a Beautiful display the sixth floor of the Leviathan building. Or. Brooks was one of the original boosters for this Market and has watched closely its results and Progress. He contends that everything Points to Success and says the present show will surpass anything the history of the Market a new buyers Are coming Here for each show and they Are Here from All sections of the country a a says or. Brooks adding a a the Market has grown to the Point now where it is necessary for Lucre floor space to be or. Brooks declared that it was not just the sales the floor Here that counted but that it was Tho sales derived from the showing after the exposition was of no each year he said after the show Here they have noticed increased business. The buyers he said Corno Here look Over the show then return and Send their orders. A if we did not make a Sale during the show i would feel we were Well repaid for our output for space the building and time spent Here. We have always since showing first opened derived wonderful results and prospects so far Are better during this show than they have Ever been before a not Only that a continued or. Brooks a a but the furniture people the inquiry the Kansas senator said there was indisputable wide spread the Cost of the necessities of life from the time they left the producer to the time they reached the consumer. A senator Reed a he said a says that the Case of Coal the local dealers Are making a profit of around $8 a ton. This would seem to be Bur Opportunity of nailing the responsibility source for the wide spread of Coal at Coal dealers of Washington and citizens generally were asked by senator capper to present their views. Special efforts will be made to gather evidence from those who have engaged group buying Here during the Anthracite suspension thre me Are of or. Anti mrs. B. Smith Well known Here Hurt w Hile route Home or. And mrs. B. Smith route from this City to their Home at Burlington were painfully but not seriously injured last night shortly after 7 of clock when the Lincoln Sedan which they were Riding collided with a heavy Transfer motor truck near Glen Haven according to advices received Here this morning. Or. Smith Wras High Point yesterday to attend the furniture show. Mrs. Smith accompanied him the trip and while the City visited friends. Both she and her husband Are Well known Here. Mrs. R. Hutchins and son r. G., jr., occupants of the truck were also painfully injured the Accident. The truck was loaded with the Hutchins household effects and was route from Charlotte to Raleigh. A mrs. Huchins and her Little Eon were taken immediately to the Rainey Hospital where it was reported this morning that their condition was not believed serious. Mrs. Smith according to reports reaching this City was seated the front seat of the big Sedan with her husband who was driving. The right Side of the car was worse damaged from Windshield and broken. Asheville Jan. 22.�? a testimony was Given at a coroners is officers elected Alabama Man Heads great organization now covering several states plans Are announced change of control marked by the issuance of new Stock to All stockholders of the merging Georgia company Atlanta ga., Jan. 22.�?- apr Tho Southeastern Power and inquest this morning into the. Purpose is to promote socials Light company of new York has of a of b ref of pcs a Antn Mon la ii r Srnec i i Ana Good Fellowship with a Quot to Quot 5 1 a biding the. South Quot 1 1 to four states by acquiring the other masonic orders Georgia railway and Power com i Pany. The merger of these companies was announced late yesterday who was found dead at the intersection of two prominent residential streets yesterday morning tending to show the murdered woman stated some weeks ago that William Bill Davis who is being held by the police for investigation made threats against her life. At the same time the witness stated Davis threaten a new masonic club was organized Here last night by members of after special meeting of the Board the Numa f Reid Lodge and will of directors of the Georgia rail be known As the masonic club. The w Power company Here. a i Purpo so a the Quot new organization i a Side of Ket Ovila rail Way and witnesses called today were mrs. Henry Townsend Mother of the deceased mrs. Maggie Lee with whom she was staying at the time of her death Olson Revis a companion of Davil while the latter was serving a sentence the Buncombe county Chaingan for keeping a disorderly House Lloyd Ward a Friend of the murdered girl Bonnie Ledford who found the body Caleb Ingram employee of the City who discovered the pipe with which the woman was struck the head and her Slipper at the scene of the crime the night before the body was found Lynn Mcchone first Cousin of the woman and chief of police Messer. After taking evidence from these witnesses Coroner John s. Carroll continued the inquest until sunday morning order to allow More time for the police investigation. Before the jury was released they viewed the body of the woman at the request of the Coroner. Mrs. Burgess Wras struck Over the right Eye with Iron pipe about five feet length wednesday night. The murder occurred under a Bright Street Light a thinly settled Section of the Clov Between Raleigh ice is Cut Price without decree of courts ire manufacturers aet Roluti warily during Progress of the oui t proceedings no it line i compare favourably it till other charges for tee . Practice state Lacy starts North treasurer does courageous thins setting out for new York to sign Bonds for state that Are needed Quot so to a to the cute leg Raleigh Jan. 22.�?effective february i Raleigh gets a Cut ice and the retail Price drop from be to fit cents the Hundred with. I a still further fall to 30 cents the 300 Pound lots i More history is written this i Little paragraph than almost anything that has come from Raleigh i h o be the capital ice company. It was explained is to promote so Power company will receive sex vials and Good Fellowship All Chane o 3.633 shares of cumulative masonic organizations. Participating preferred Stock and the meeting last night was for j one share of non value com. A a a Mon Stock of the Southeastern the purpose of electing officers and a a. T. Lug a Power and Light company. Making preparations for future j the Southeastern Power and meetings. The club rooms will be ought company was incorporated the masonic building. Maine 1924 As a Security Lipold directors of the club will meet. Eng company. It took Over the for the first time monday night at j Alabama Power company octo-7 30 of clock. Ail master masons or 1924. The Southeastern according to officers of the Iii controls also the Gulf electric com Are eligible to become members of Pany operating properties non the masonic club. _ pm Florida and Southern Alabama j. H. Jennings was elected Presl Quot Jand the Mississippi River company Dent. Other officers elected were l. J which has properties Gulfport e. Hayes first vice president e. L Meridian Hattiesburg Biloxi and Briggs second vice president Ltd other Mississippi cities. Gueth Secretary treas i or. Southeastern fuel company members of the Board of directs j and Grifton Coal company Are ale j. H. Jennings c. E Lay other of the South l. Briggs j. H. Dobbs m l e. Eastern Power and Light company Don or. O. B. Bonner and d. A. Dou Cly. No change charge against aluminium co. The five of clock whistle has blown a and Here a Cal. Coolidge wending his Way Home just like any Washington clerk. Episcopal Chii Washington Jan. 22.�? apr the complaint upon which the aluminium company of America is the hours of to and 10 30 of clock j to be brought to trial next month at night. After striking her the As. J before the Federal Trade commission sail ant grasped her Throat with his i is the same which the depart get More Good sound publicity out j fingers to stifle her screams and j ment of Justice refused to act Sev of this show than they would be i carried her Toa Patch of Woods fifty Seral yearn ago the Senate judiciary Able to buy with three times the Yards away where her body was. Committee was told today by Trade lines up against control birth joins the catholics Iii opposition to spread of information same amount of Money e. A. Nourse of the Haywood Wakefield company which company incidentally is celebrating its one Hundredth birthday said the show so far has been a wonderful Success and surpassed anything by any of Bis company officials a your sales a he said a have been far greater than Ever before and buying continues at a rapid Pace. Ordinarily a he continued a the mid summer Market proves to be Best but i believe the showing this times will even surpass that of last summer when All former records were or. Nourse said his company had a big display at the furniture show Chicago which has just closed and declared that show proved a great Success but not As great As the one Here would develop if sales continue As heavy As they have been so far. A the show Here is becoming More popular annually and the time will come when it will take twice As much space As we have at present to accommodate the peo found thursday morning. Pie that will come Here for the the Impact. The i showing a declared Fred. Tate door Glass was i of the Continental furniture Cora a Pany who have a Beautiful display or. Smith told officials who con second floor of the ten Story ducted investigation that he did building with it8 Gix acre8 0f floor not see the truck time to avoid Accident. He said that Auto Mobile travelling the opposite direction blinded him and that the first time he saw the huge truck he space. A this Market a continued or. Tate a is a real Market and Well established. It is no longer was within 25 or 30 feet of it and Experiment but a sound and solid it was impossible for hoi to avoid i Mare As Lens a amp a parsed the crash. He said the truck did through the Experiment not have a Tail Light burning at the time. Storm warning Washington Jan. 22.-�? apr advisor 9 30 a. M., Northwest storm warnings ordered Atlantic coast we Ilmington. C., to Eastport Maine disturbance Over Nova Scotia of great intensity. Buyers continued to come Here last night and this morning Large numbers from All sect log is. Every train was loaded and hotels continue to report a capacity House. Cafes Are crowded throughout the Day and until a late hour at night with the buyers. J. H. Bryan. Henderson furn. . ., Henderson o. To Blackley Hen extra support will be sent to Peru Washington Jan. 22.�? apr recent conferences Between secretaries Long of the state department and Davis of the War department gave Rise today to reports that arrangements for Send there is and has been a physical connection Between the Alabama Power company Alabama the Georgia railway and Power company Georgia the Southern Power company North Carolina and South Carolina the Tennessee j Power company Tennessee the i Central Power company of Macon i ga., and the Columbus Power com Pany of Columbus a. Before announcement of the merger yesterday reports and rumours had been circulated that negotiations were Between the Southeastern Aud Georgia companies Tennessee and the Carolinas. Denial however has bet a made of these reports. The Georgia railway and Power company and the Alabama Power company will continue As ind Epen operating companies. The of the Georgia commissioner Thompson. Or. Thompson who is one of the minority the commission said the competitor of the aluminium company presented its Case to the Justice department 1922, charging a monopoly Sant castings. After j Dent investigation under the direction Bunting program of Herman j. Galloway and Assis i company involving r expenditure Tant attorney general he said the of approximately $4,000,000 a year department held there was no Case t for the next Tiree years will be the company then appealed to the parried out. Federal Trade commission with the the officers of the Southeastern Tacna Arica to assist supervise result a hat complaint was a a a a be Power and Light company Ara against the aluminium company Thomas. Martin Birmingham which Secretary Mellon is interested president of the Alabama Power and a trial ordered. Company president Lawrence Mac or. Thompson said he could not j Farlane vice president w. J. Hen disclose the name of the complain Derson vice president Secretary ant under a Rule of the commission and treasurer Robert Mac let Chie assistant treasurer ing the plebiscite preparations there Are under Way. The Light of these reports it was expected that a detail of officers and non commission a officers now duty the Pema department would be ordered it proceed to the South american province the near future to report to general William Lassiter designated Neu Stephen a. Bailey assistant Secretary and treasurer Jown Muir auditor. The directors Are Thomas w. Martin w. H. Hessinger. A a. Daugherty arraigned new York a Jan. 22.�? apr Harry m. Daugherty former actor trial Bead of the plebiscite commis Ney general of the i United states Sion. Such a step it was thought i a arraigned before Federal judge i Yates. Oscar Wells Birmingham would carry out a. Possible decision Thacker today for failure to answer i Laurence Macfarlane k. Mon by the commission under which j questions and to produce records Treal Canada Sidney z. Mitchell c. E. Groesbeck. Nicola Wethers j. Henderson Stephen a. Hawley new York sir e. Mackay Edgar London England and John b. White Philadelphia. The general offices of the company Are at 120 Broadway new York. Its capital Stock is Given at authorized 500,000 shares common and 100,000 shares pref rred cumulative at the rate of $7 per share per annul outstanding 3-4-0.000 shares of common and 14,375 shares preferred both of to value. General supervision of the Plebs a under subpoena the recent incite would be placed Neutral j vesti gation concerning the Arneri hands. Lean Metal company. Vote world court assured by its supporters petition today Washington Jan. 22.�? i administration leaders arranged Apt a for today Long session after the. The question Revaj craps failed to agree dates or limiting debate the world i which votes Tho two Mea court was assured when the aures would be taken. Court adv courts supporters secured Morel Topky Efre 0,,f i a a i die the tax Bill first if a definite than enough signatures to a petition asking for such a vote. New Orleans Cotton new Orleans Jan. 2 2.�? subsequent Date could be set for tap the Cotton Market opened the court vote but the opponents slightly easier owing to unfavourable held out for indefinite delay set cables and first trades showed Ashington Jan. 22.�? a thing that Issue. Losses of one to five Points. Prices a i he Senate settled Down today to beginning of the wearing out gradually eased off further after endurance contest involving the process was left today to senator the Call continued liquidation fortunes of the world court Issue Reed Democrat Missouri and sen Advance of the ginnings report due and the tax reduction Nye Republican North dakota.1 at the opening tomorrow March with a seven hour session sched a senator Reed had not finished trading Down to 19.53, May 19.00 used today and longer hours his address when recess was taken and october 17.62 or 4 to 8 Points Prospect for succeeding Days and yesterday and the North Dakota under yesterday s close. The mar locates of american adhesion to which has been both criminal and Chil courts voluntarily cuts its rates and makes them As Low q.9 they Are anywhere North Carolina. One municipality alone excepted. The capital ice company is owned by the three manufacturing corporations. It delivers for Powell and Powell Johnson Coal and ice and Wyatt Anc Burrus. Twice it has gone into the courts As a Trust a corporation restraint of Trade. Its criminal prosecution failed and brought a verdict of not guilty. Its defense a civil suit alleging Tho same state of facts ended a St rial. The company a defense both actions was that it sought a Way to save the deliveries. The company hauled the ice. The rates under the competitive arrangement were much lower than they it it re or Der the capital company a delivery. Attorney general Brummitt thought the company was violating the Law. He and solicitor Evans by it ought it into court. It was indicted by the grand jury but it was acc pitted its reduction of ice rates now is voluntary. It makes a further Concession to its patrons by putting White Drivers All wagons. It bases its 19 26 prices its experiments 19 25. It discovered that it could save thousands this system of delivering and the Consumers will get their Chance this year. The company having won its first Case and tied its second Btu the prestige of moral positions Tho reduced rates. There was no attack it when it conferred yesterday and agreed the scale mentioned. It is probable that there never could have been a conviction criminal or a dissolution the civil for the Good reason that the trial judges were so Uncertain of the meaning of the Law. But the voluntary reduction would seem to Settle the Issue for the future. There is not Likely to a any further procedure As the rates announced cover that multitude of sins which the Selling corporations had committed legislators who have been listing to Weir per diem As part of their income Are advised by attorney general d. Brummitt that they Are not required to income taxes these moneys. The state attorney bases his ruling the most recent supreme court opinions wherein the court holds unanimously that a salary May not be diminished by taxation if that compensation is fixed. During Tho Revenue administration of col. A. D Watts the Superior court judges As Well As the supreme were sent Blanks to use filing their incomes. Judge b. F. Long declined to his and put into the w courts chief Justice Slaty whote g ,.n e the courts opinion the ugh he was legislative program of at that t m not he e it a i a a j Justice Walter c Ark conc of la carolinians announced new York Jan. 22. Map a the episcopal Church has taken a stand with the roman Catholic Church against the dissemination of birth control information. The National Luthern Council however Bas refused to a meddle birth control matters a a holding that it is out of the Clr a Chi a province. The decision followed receipt of duplicate letters from Rev. John j. Burke c. S. P., general Secretary of the National Catholic welfare Council which he stated the churches must be ready to fight legislation that would be proposed the present Congress. A a a attempt will be made a said the letter a a to secure amendment to the Federal penal code Aud Tariff act to make it lawful to transmit through the United states mail and to import into our country information explaining and encouraging the practice of contraception. This is a Amienee to the patriotism of every True american. It faces our country with a moral crisis of great magnitude. No one can be Blind to the ultimate unhappy results of such a formation and practices especially the minds morals and health of the younger citizens of our country to whom we look for future growth and up building of the United states. The National Council of the episcopal Church upon Reading the letter yesterday recommended that a the president of the Council is hereby authorized to make such protest the name of the Council that he May deem the roman Catholic Church has Long been opponent of birth control. Continue i Durh Charlotte Jan. 22.�? apr Laws limiting the working Day of children under 16 years of age to Eigle hours institution of the australian ballot system for the entire sta�?~3, and a statute providing that two weeks notice must be Given before marriage Are thro measures j that will be sponsored before the j be Quot state legislature by the league of women voters. This is the declaration of mrs. I Mary o. Cooper of Durham who twin City five and girls i is Here the interest of the league. Highs double header tonight will move northeastward and Derson furn co. Henderson j. B. Cause Strong Northwest winds this i Satterwhite Henderson furn. ., afternoon and tonight reaching j Henderson a. A. Hardee Asa a. Gale Force at times Middle and Hardee Henderson w. W. Gregory i american adhesion to senator was ready with his Maiden Ket became quiet soon after to North coast. R. E. Quirand co. Rocky mount i the court waited and hoped that its speech. Other opposition senators Start and at the end of the first a i o. W. Stevenson r. E. Quinn and opponents would talk themselves Are being held readiness of carry j half hour prices continued to rub Queen is 111 j co., Washington no re. It and permit a vote thu bring j the argument. At the Zariv Low Points to Brussels Jan. 22.�? apr a Quinn jr., r. E. Quinn and co., mg4"p<a heav7 Fos that Lilied the sen a weather map show d very cold and t to sup Poi be one f a. And girl Iller Bills that will receive j of the league. She said will o provide for a farm col-1 rom offend is older than j by her for the state to take be reformatory for negro i boys it ill like i tit Strong i git it five and it meet Reidsville a Loub Tiara Baev will he big i i for school id Able a Gills Queen Elizabeth was forced to re Durham r. E. Quinn a e. Quinn i. Anti court forces the other ate chamber yesterday failed to of main indoors today by a severe and co Wilson c. Sandlin r. E. I assembled More argument text the warmth of the fight. Van cold which she contracted while Quinn and co., Raleigh d. O. Sand Matena �?o�pin8 to rce Hie court Ous explanations of the Mist were relieving suffering regions recently. e. Quinn and co. Raleigh the flooded he. R. Friday january 22, 1026. 8 00 to business suspended 10 00 a. Paris Jan. 22.�? apr bust a mrs. H. I. Coffield Coffield furn. Ness the Paris bourse was com co. High Point Fred l. Ingram Petely suspended today pro Welborn furn. High Point a. Test against the proposed increase j taxation bourse operations. Continued Page a advocates to Call quits and to agree offered including one of rather to first dispose of the Revenue Bill., doubtful scientific value that heat both factions desire Early a of the opponents of the Issue com tion the tax measure but pro ing Contact with the coolness of ponets of the tribunal Are unwell a the proponents had produced the ing to give it priority the Calen-1 atmospheric condition. It was Hadar at the expense of indefinite de-1 ally determined however that the Lay reaching a decision the ventilating system was pumping protocol As desired by court of a the fog into the chamber from the Ponena Vicinity of peace Monument wet weather All Over the Belt. 20 000,000 blows. London Jan. 22.�?John Andrew Ford has been presented wit a chiming clock recognition of 50 years work As proof Reader and stereotypes at the National Institute of the Blind. Or. Ford has written the whole of the Bible braille by hand a process which involved erne 20.000.dh0 blows with a Hammer a Bot dead rash Pion West Palm Beach. Fin. Jan. Both 22.�?two Are dead. Ross Evans i Vil a and unidentified woman As him la result of automobile crash near j fan Boynton at 3 of clock this morning and three others Are seriously Jurod. All were brought to w Beach. Evans the dead j cd s v Anil id furnish excitement for Cage fans. Wins of Oil u and remains Are kit of the is. And a .r of bitterly Ai Tesis Are sex p cot up to de i West Palm Beach a Rolman. Tim girls will take the floor i first swinging into action promptly Palm at 7 30 of clo it. Following a Shote is a j intern after the girl s game. E boys will occupy the spotlight i he remain Lee of Tho Nenin

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