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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 21, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 6b High Point Enterprise Friday january 21, 1972 the Jacobs on Bridge hog goes to Slaughter North 21 k96 �62 a qj76 q1096 West East 485 41072 a a j to 9 5 a kq83 a Kio 9 43 a 5 43 4a7542 South d 4 aqj43 �74 4 a82 4kj8 none vulnerable West North East South 14 2 a 24 4 a 44 pass pass Dale past pass pass opening lead�?4 3 by Oswald amp James Jacoby there is a Wall Street saying that the Bull gets a Little the Bear gets a Little and the hog gets nothing. East was a hog. He decided to double four Spades because he thought that South was defending not bidding to make. He was right about that. When West opened the three of clubs there was a Nice set for the taking. All Hast had to do was to take his Ace of clubs give his partner a club Ruff and Hope that his partner would under Lead the Ace of hearts. East would take his Queen give West another club Ruff get in with the King of hearts and Lead the five of diamonds. The defense would have five tricks in and would be sure of a sixth. Furthermore if South made the mistake of playing a Low Diamond West would he Able to give East a Ruff and be set four tricks. All this Nice profit was waiting there for a modest individual but East was a hog. He wanted to Slaughter South and decided to go after a Cross Ruff. East returned his five of diamonds. South did t say thank you but he was mighty Happy. He went right up with the Ace of diamonds Drew Trumps and proceeded to discard one heart on Dummy a fourth club. Then he spread his hand conceding one heart and one Diamond. A Mem served cafeteria style a Pirn. No waiting Teri a sol the 5 most 888 to a a a tee movie Mathus for parents and Tours Kow the ii ism to in ii a Irnel atm a a Ltd a Tov a iwo acc la 1 a a a a a a a Hiim a lid 9 to a in up All Ages admitted a All Ages admitted a it r restricted i to event i Omi vim o no oni Uno i item fetid i a a nah i Hui atm Nini o a m a i him in mgt the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise a a a cum pm Al Thea Tell calling All the gang1 it s our Mcdonald s saturday morning a 9 30 til 11 30 free with a ticket from Mcdonald or 50 at Bor office. Under 14 yrs. Of Oge Ham burgers for prizes beatles in a the a pm hired help a a nor be previous Pence is across i woman servant 5 butlers assistant 32 golfers Helper Var 13 near East principality 14 operatic songs 35 natural gifts 16 hebrew letter 17 through comb form 18 sever 39 edible Root 21 similar 24 son of prefix 27 turkish dignitary 29 swoop Down like a Hawk 32 islands in the East indies 33 pharmaceutical Honey 34 son of osiris myth 33 Small error 37 presidential nickname 39 hostelry 40 glowing piece of Coal 41 Indian weight 42 Span of years 43 and others latin a. 45 Landing boat 47 indonesian of Mindanao 49 sick 51 roman Dale 55 radio inventor 58 French River 59 ancient greek Painter 60 horse stable servant 61 Domestic Helper 62 Black substances Down i female horse namesakes 7 lubricate 8 town co Mush prefix 9 Region in China 10 Aleutian Island 11 Birds Home 12 taxi Coil 17 Library employee 20 judge s private office 22 doorkeeper 2 mine Entrance 23 Pigeon sound 3 Northwestern 24 masculine state 4 bad prefix 5 wine and Dine 6 persian poet and 25 biblical country 26 servant usually Royal 28 unfortunately 30 chinese dynasty 31 Anglo Saxon slave 36 coterie 38 boy 44 Irish Export item 46 papal Crown 47 Candle nut Trees 48 recording device 50 items enumerated 52 Portal 53 biblical patriarch 54 semester a 1 6 155 roman 57 Palm Leal Var 58 sergeant a i i 3 4 5 6 8 9 of to 12 13 14 15 16 a 11 18 i 20 a. I 23 24 25 in 28 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 j i 43 43 44 a 45 46 4�?T 46 49 50 a 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 re 61 62 21 High school equivalency test planned Lexington a class to prepare adults to take the High school equivalency test ged will begin on monday at Davidson county Community College. The classes will meet from 6-9 on monday and wednesday. In a similar class held last fall at the College 90 per cent of the students taking the ged were successful and received their High school certificate from the North Carolina Board of education. Persons must be 19 years old or older to enrol and must be a resident of North Carolina. There is no registration fee and materials will he supplied. The test is designed to measure a persons knowledge and skill in five areas a ability to use Correct and effective English ability to read understand and interpret mat Eirmal in social studies natural science and literature and the ability to solve problems in mathematics. Instruction will Center around the areas covered in the test. The instructor for the class will be Sullivan Welborn of Greensboro. Persons wishing to enrol May Contact the adult division of the College classes will be held in the administration class room building. To your Good health giving water to Small children by George c. Thosteson . Dear or. Thosteson i Hope you can Settle a debate among some of us Young mothers about giving Plain water to infants and children. From the first Day Home from the Hospital i gave my children water. Now. As tots they drink it by the Glass and most of the time a Glass of water and Glass of milk at each meal. They have never been constipated and their general health is excellent. Children of my friends often suffer from constipation but my friends contend that they a a done to believe in giving children i cannot seem to convince them that every living creature needs some water daily. A mrs. D. L. Id quit arguing with them a but also Hope that their kids will manage some Way to get enough water. The body is 80 per cent water. It is perfectly True that All living things need water. Even Plant life. So far As that goes. A human being deprived of water will die in a few Days hut can usually survive starvation for several weeks. To a lesser degree inadequate water can cause All sorts of lesser troubles and constipation is one of them. I certainly see no harm in giving water to infants and Small children. Neither do i recommend forcing it. And water As such in t the Only water a person or baby gets. Milk contains a great Deal of water. Fruits and vegetables Are particularly High in water Content. And soups. Even meat contains More water than most folks realize. When you get right Down to it there is no better Way to gauge the amount of water we need than our thirst and whether we slake the thirst with water milk soup fruits or whatever the important thing is to get enough one Way or another. It is possible of course that the constipation of your friends youngsters is from factors other than Lack of water although if i were in their shoes i would at least give your suggestion a try. As Long As a child has no problem with urine control there is no reason Why he should t have As much water As he wants. It will be Good for him. In Early infancy naturally giving too much water can fill a child up so he May not drink As much milk As he should. Malnutrition would result a except that thirst and hunger Are natural automatic forces and if you tried to give a baby water when what he wanted was food milk head get pretty Cranky about it. Anyway no i Don t go along with the idea that theres anything wrong with giving Plain water to anyone at any age. Dear or. Thosteson i Hurt my knee playing Ball and a big Lump came below the Kneecap. The doctor took a rays and put a cast on it for six weeks. He called it something that sounded like Oscar Schlatter s disease. What exactly is it a j. 13. That s a pretty Good try a it s Osgood Schlatter disease. And it keeps popping up in Guys your age and thereabouts. Briefly there a a temporary derangement of circulation to a Section of Bone sometimes from an injury and sometimes there a no Way of knowing exactly what caused it. If the Bone is protected by a cast or other Means of keeping Strain off it the circulation resumes and there a no permanent damage. Sometimes though a fellow has to Wear a cast much longer than you did. And some even have to stay in a wheelchair for a time. Ask Andy Andy Sands a Complete 20-volume out of the world Book encyclopedia to Tobin Hinton age 7, of a Ltd to Vancouver b.c., Canada or Bio que option what Doe a Seahorse eat this stately Little creature belongs to the sea. And the sea provides All the things he needs to stay alive and healthy he needs streams of Salty sea water flowing around him. He needs lots of floating seaweed. The seaweeds hide him from his hungry enemies. And while he is hidden he Hunts or his own food. Seahorses live where the warm water has just the right mixture of Salty chemicals to shares his sunny seas with lots of larger fishes and Many Many other creatures that Are much smaller than he is. He looks like a miniature horse though he has no legs or flowing mane so you might expect him to live on a Horsey diet of vegetable food. Perhaps he eats the seaweeds where he spends most if his time not at All. The Seahorse refuses to eat greenery or vegetables of any kind. The Little fellow is a meat eater and his snacks Are almost too Small for your eyes to Sec. He shares his watery world with lots of tiny creatures called crustaceans. They Are midget cousins of the lobsters and the crusty crabs. You May meet some of them on the Beach in the Sand or at the Viator s Edge. We Call them Sand fleas that belong Iii the world of insects even these tiny crustaceans have crusty Coats. So you would expect the Seahorse to have Strong Teeth to chomp them. But actually he has no Teeth at All. All he has is a Small round Mouth at the end of his Long Horsey nose he Hunts for crusty snacks among the seaweeds and swallows them whole one by one. Sometimes he catches himself a tiny baby crab or lobster. Newly hatched from its egg his watery world teems with the tiny crustaceans he likes to eat. They cling to the seaweeds and float through the water. There is always plenty of his favorite food right where he can reach it. This is Lucky because the Seahorse cannot Gallop around to catch his dinner. Most of the time he twines his Graceful Tail around the seaweed and grabs a snack As it swims a larger fishes fan their fans and swish their tails to swim through the wafer. The Seahorse glides very slowly along with his Tai coiled under his Chest. He seems to swim without moving any part of his body at All. Actually he uses tiny fins that Are almost As Clear As the water. They Are them to and fro about 35 times hard to see because he fans a second but he cannot Glide fast enough to Chase his dinner. There Are about 50 different seahorses. All of them Are at Home in warm sunny seas where the water is not very deep. Most of them Are a Little longer than a 7-year-old�?Ts fingers. The midget of the family measures about two inches. He has a giant Cousin dear or. Thosteson what is the cause of hives and the cure a mrs. A. T. Almost always allergy a and you Arentt Likely to make much headway with the problem until you find out what the allergy is. You can lose weight if you really want to or. Thosteson s Booklet a lost secrets of tells you How a naturally and without gimmicks a to the level that Best suits your individual needs. For a copy. Write to him. In care of this newspaper enclosing 35 cents in Coin and a Long self addressed use zip code stamped envelope. Or. Thosteson welcomes All Reader mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers questions Are incorporated in his column whenever possible. Who May grow to be 12 inches Long. Growler gets top rating Thomasville the 1971 a growler a yearbook publication of the Thomasville senior High school has received top honors in judging by the Columbia Scholastic press Assn. Of Columbia University. The school recently received news of the honors according to principal Elmo s. Allgood. The annual ranked in the first place category of yearbooks which were judged this past year. The growler received a Grade of 917 out of a possible 1000. Geeky Armentrout and Martha Bowers co editors of the annual for 1971, were praised for their unique theme a bulldog impressions a and for the general layout combining new ideas and traditions. Merit also was cited for full representation in the class sections the Complete coverage of school sports and the Tsas activities Section. Also cited was the advertising Section. This Section received a special recognition because the Chou Mia Scholastic press Assn saw and realized the splendid cooperation that the people of the Community gave the 1971 growler staff. Brenda Mclain and Gloria Welborn co business managers arranged this Section. Of course this award also showed the guidance and untiring efforts of mrs. Joanna Cameron advisor for the visit sir pizza % 2000 n mom St a Southgate shopping Conter o 516 National Highway Thomasville saturday night dance members and guest informal dress coot amp tie 9 . To i a m. Featuring Bill Williams a the Star lighten american legion 529 Crook Ridge re. Groont Boro Rott no s3 Pepsi kiddie show sat 10 am admission 15�?T and 3 Pepsi Caps sat. Show the magic sword Pepsi Coia Register for k Mort super Bike Wong s cwne5e restaurant 2872 n. Main Tai. 885-8862 open 7 Days week Sun. Thru Fri. Tenth served 11 30 til 2 00 dinner served 5 00 til 10 00 sat. Dinner served 5 00 til 10 00 orders to go Call 885-8862 Mem children a matinees allays meet to eat Here enjoy our cheerful setting Fine food and prompt service. Ail at Thrifty or pcs too. I <6 o Ven Hulsem Stu ram mom floor Sheraton hotel her scrappy Pup becomes a hero metro Goldwyn Mayes presents of Jessie Peter Mord my Crisp m june Lockhart technicolor a Lebruce Only times shown at 1 00 . Center theatre a seat 7s last night somebody put i Mary out of business shows 7 00 9 00 a him no killed Mary Vraa Tser Namer hew he they Cese Many Hie ohm murder intrigue. Espionage. An adventure of Southeast Asia today. Kiss kiss bang bang a / rated in under la requires parents not for children big Jake. A legend of a Man. John Hayne Richard Boone at 7 06 Kab big Jake Patnock Wayne Christopher Mutchum Bobby Vinton Bruet Cabot a Glenn Corban John Doc Cut Maureen of Hara plus starting at 910 Jack Lemmon and Catherine Deneuve Are Quot the april fools with comedians. Harvey Korman Thi Man that makes t a cart _ Burnett show so funny a Jack Weston Myrna Loy j Sally Kellerman 2 giant hit All in color both rated nuts to Hist a0uits\�? la to rat drive in theatre a Shaft Quot is next a play misty for me Quot is coming i in technicolor scope a Scotia International show open 6 30-show 7 00 i 21 Pointer High Point s i drive in theatre f j

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